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  1. So, people being safer on the streets in Republican run cities doesn’t count? If it came down to it, and it might, I would rather live in a broke Republican run state, than in a broke Democrat state ... it’s safer. This country is in a severe debt crisis, where all they want to do is break the back of the dollar. Does it really matter which state is in more debt, when they all have the same goal?
  2. Conditions are better because BLM, and Antifa are not getting a free pass to march through the red states like they do in the blue.
  3. I know you are. And calling yourself a progressive doesn’t change that fact. Just another name for the same damn thing. So yeah, let’s give more control to the state, then everything will be better. lmao
  4. They all distract, both sides, It's the system. What do you think the corona hoax was/is for? And then there's 5G thing, that they conveniently slipped through the cracks without any testing. And all under the convenient cover of KAOS. Thanks to both sides of the isle, this country is broke. And they continue to spend money that we don't have. Where's that going to get us? And why don't the majority recognize this? Because they are easily distracted, and have no clue what a fiat currency is and what it does to a country. These people do not work for us, and they don't represent us. And that includes Ruth.
  5. What people really need to understand is that dollar is collapsing fast, and they better prepare. How many politicians from either side, are talking about this?
  6. Oh really? How did we get the federal reserve (not really federal, and no reserves), or the income tax? How about property taxes? or the death tax? I know there's more, but to tired to go on. I'm going to have to take a look at the communist manifesto, and see just how far these progressive/marxists you're so enamored with have gotten.
  7. Upholding a woman's right to abort an unwanted baby, does not make her a great person. If you want to call her a great person, go right ahead. I'm just not going to agree with you.
  8. I'm not a republican. However, I would have to say that republican led states are in much better shape than those led by democrats. As I've said countless times to you, the system as a whole is the reason this country is in the shape it's in. And it is that very system that made it possible for someone like RGB to serve on the supreme court until her death at 87 years old. She wasn't there to uphold the Constitution, she was there to dismantle it. Just like countless other Judges and politicians that came before her.
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