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  1. They got the OC from Alabama, and they signed him REALLY early. I think McDermott is just beginning to find out that run left, run right doesn't pan out in the NFL
  2. I do want Darnold to do well now. Except againt the Bills of couorse
  3. there has got to be someone better sitting on a practice squad-
  4. I know what your point was, and in some ways you're right. But compare the running calls in Cleveland and Buffalo, Cleveland actually makes it easier for the running game to be successful. Buffalo it's just hand the ball to Singletary, and hope that he can find some room through a sea of defensive lineman. Under Daboll, this offense blows.
  5. Doesn't matter, need to get the RB's involved. And anyway, why does that matter? So unless a RB is a high draft pick, , you don't find ways to give him the ball?
  6. I don't think Daboll can adjust to a more run oriented, shorter approach. If there was a game where Allen needed to take what the defense was giving him, yesterday was it. They had the ball at the 24 yard to start the game, and went 3 and out because they refused to just move the chains. I didn't want Daboll here from the start, and I haven't changed my mind.
  7. If you can run the ball from time to time with some success, defenses can't just sit back waiting for you to throw. You have to have balance on the offense, so that the defense won't know whats coming. And I don't buy that with the OL. Daboll just doesn't do it enough, or has no ideas how to do it. Also, the RB's don't always have to run the ball, they can be used as receivers out of the backfield. You want to beat KC, you pound the ball, when passing take what the defense gives you, use some clock and keep their offense off the field. That's not boring 70's football, that's smart football.
  8. But the Browns OC is able to get his RB's involved in the game. Why can't Daboll do that? Daboll is overrated
  9. Early on, just hit the short, easy passes. Just taking what the defense gives you can go a long way in developing the confidence of your QB.
  10. Lets be honest, he made it easy to be out-coached.
  11. He wasn't taking what the Steeler's were giving him, that's for sure.
  12. He should be pissed. And him being pissed should carry over to Miami, where they win big, not survive. And as for Daboll, McBeane brought him to Buffalo very early. I don't think they interviewed anybody else. Not sold on him, never have been.
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