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  1. And I should have said who else will attempt it. These are the types of things that need to be discussed among the people, and not politicians (puppets) ... But we're to busy with our everyday lives, so we let the politicians (puppets) handle it. And here we are ...
  2. Since when is this about radical countries? Lets get to the root of the problem, why is this a broken system? Who broke it, and why?
  3. So that government (the puppets) can once again step in and fix something they broke.
  4. Will plos medicine take any of the responsibility when the numbers explode? And for one reason or another, when it comes to healthcare, they always explode.
  5. Why do they have to get rid of it, when it will probably implode on it's own. Look at Sweden and Finland, and I'm pretty sure Britain (not the people) is caving in on itself. Of course you probably haven't heard about any of this, and you probably haven't looked. And the mainstream media won't report on it, because it does nothing to further their narrative. Free Healthcare for all. Of course taxes will have to go up, and there will be long waiting lines, with less doctors and nurses, and the coverage won't be as good, and in most cases we will just send you home with a pill ... but it will be free
  6. Haven't met all of them, but some are that's for sure. As for the others, I'd say misguided. When you honestly believe that you will be getting something for nothing, and that a guy who lived at home until he was in his 40's will be the one to craft it, something is wrong. There will be no utopia ...
  7. Do some homework on the guy. At the very least go find the free pdf "Bernie is Wrong I'll save you the trouble https://bernieiswrong.com/ However, I doubt you will go get it, and read it Think about it, If universal healthcare is so great, why isn't good enough for the politicians who want to shove it down our throats? Nope, not for them. They want all the bells and whistles, and all on our dime. And you would know this, if you would do just a little bit of research.
  8. Any source I put up here you would say "That's not credible" But seriously, would it matter? We've have come to a point in this country where people on the left (maybe you) believe communism is fantastic. I would love for them (maybe you) to be shipped off to North Korea for a couple of month's, just to see their response when they get back. Oh what the hell ... https://nypost.com/2016/01/16/dont-be-fooled-by-bernie-sanders-hes-a-diehard-communist/ https://matthewvadum.blogspot.com/2015/07/bernie-sanders-is-communist-and.html
  9. Trump and his campaign managers would have had a field day with Bernie's communist past, and the democrat party just wasn't ready for that. Pssst ... He's a communist you know. Honeymooning in Russia would just be the start ...
  10. If the war on drugs is profitable to those at the top, good luck ending it.
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