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  1. I watched it. But being a Liverpool fan, and it hasn't been clinched, we will have to wait and see
  2. I agree, he should keep his mouth shut. But his health is still his business, and his business alone.
  3. Bass had a good year. They won, and now it's time to move on
  4. I hate City, and I hate United. Whichever team is doing better, is the team I hate more. lol Seasons a long way from over. :-)
  5. Brady is the Michael Jordan of the NFL. He can do no wrong, and gets way to much help from the league. He's not the goat, he's just a good QB that the league decided to hang their hat on. And the same can be said of Belichick. He's just a recipient of the NFL hanging their hat on Brady. For someone called the goat, Brady gets way to much help from officiating and in general, the league. I'm going to do my thesis on this topic. lol
  6. He plays for the Bill's, and can be counted on to make BIG receptions when needed. That is the only reason he should be playing. His health is his business, just like your health is your business.
  7. It was great, but it's one game. They have to turn around and do it again next weekend, and most likely in KC. I want to see Frasier have this defense ready to play even better, and then a home game against the Bengals for a berth in the Super Bowl.
  8. Both Daboll, and Frasier were auditioning for head coaching jobs last night.Best they've played all year. But it's a two parter, 2nd part is next weekend.
  9. For me, it was the defense. They came out swinging, punched Belichick in the gut and never stopped.
  10. Directives is a great way to put it. Week in and week out, I see lots of what could be considered directives. Don't have to go all way back to 2000. Chargers calling time out when the Raiders were more than happy to just let the game end and both teams going to the playoffs? Said he wanted to make sure he got the right personnel in. That's his story anyway.
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