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  1. Pretty sure these games were decided last week Refs are just there to make sure the decisions go as smoothly as possible.
  2. Cost of living is going up because of a certain thing everybody in the know likes to call a fiat currency And it's going up everywhere, as well as incredibly fast. In fact, this is something everyone should know about, be concerned about and understand how it works. Funny how the lamestream media doesn't seem to focus on this ... Just maybe, they are a bought and paid for media ...
  3. So you think California is an attractive place for businesses?
  4. Eventually, someone will come out with a ladder from behind the bench, hit the QB over the head, cause a fumble that the ref didn't see because he was knocked unconscious by a blind side block.
  5. See that's a big part of the problem. Why are some of us fine with giving politicians the okay to decide what they can do with the money we've earned? Something very wrong here ... And how do we really know what they are doing with the money they've decided to take from us. Because they always need more ...
  6. I realize the games aren't fixed However, it's amazing how a flag thrown, or not thrown has the ability to decide games. League doesn't even try and hide the fact that the nfl (intentional lowercase), has become the wfl. And the losing teams? They get it ... And the owners on down to the players on the field, get a hell of a paycheck. That's why coaches say "We absolutely did not lose because of officiating today" They enjoy their BIG paycheck. As for the fan? Well, I think we're beginning to wake up. Thank god we can at least buy squares on super bowl Sunday
  7. I hate when I see these posts, because nobody ever discusses why we're at this point, just that we are. Well, why are we here? Where did it start, and what do we need to do as Americans to dig ourselves out? It sure as hell should not be putting our faith into politicians. And I mean both sides of the isle, not one side over the other.
  8. Ronny the younger, has always been kind of a dope. It's been his way of keeping his name in the media. And do you naysayers of Donald Trump actually know the man.
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