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  1. They don't want to open the economy. If they wanted to, they would. What they want is to destroy the dollar, and bring in their own brand of digital currency. One that can be tracked and traced. And they will blame it all on the corona hoax. I'm sure they're doing other things while the sheep sit back and moan and groan about those who refuse to wear a mask, but that's the big one. Doesn't mean that I don't think there is a virus, there is. But everything else has seemed to disappear. And they've ruined businesses and lives in the process, and all with no conscience.
  2. And all thanks to the mainstream media, who are just doing their job. Selling fear ...
  3. It can't spread if you're sitting down, that's why the Bill's only scored 17 points.Think about it, if they had scored twice that, more fans jumping up and down infecting there neighbors. Tyler Bass did a pretty unselfish thing by intentionally missing two field goals. And all based on science. Yup, 17-3, it's a score we can LIVE with.
  4. And what exactly did you expect? Sense of normalcy in a pandemic? Tugging at the heartstrings lol
  5. Not mine. The only reason I know anything about him is that Sean started putting out posts about him. He's branding himself as a douche, getting face time and making money. It's scripted, and he's a joke. He doesn't even read his lines that well.
  6. As far as closing out the games, you're right, but Allen doesn't call the plays. Should they have run the ball more? Yeah. Two score game, 5 plus minutes to go, the clock is your friend. They should have used it. But a wins a win. That was playoff football ...
  7. I only know of this guy because of this site. But from what I've seen (links from this site), he's just a piss poor reality show actor. However, I'm sure he's laughing all the way to the bank.
  8. Aren't you the guy that felt Barkley should be the starter?
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