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  1. Okay, I realize this is a bot, but who is remaining optimistic for a corona hoax vaccine?
  2. Not really about the bot JC. It’s about everybody that comes here and mouths that same garbage. Hey wait a minute, does that mean that jungle is a litbot?
  3. I cannot believe that I’m replying to this. But anyway, we are more than halfway through 2020, and stupid fucktards like yourself are still going on about racism.
  4. Or leave. N.Y. should be left to the socialists, and it should be a pay per view television event, with all the proceeds going to those that were screwed over by Cuomo and his band of merry thieves. I would pay to watch that, as long as I knew the money was going to a good cause.
  5. When Eichel is a free agent, he will go to a better team, and he will be the player Buffalo thought they were getting. Will he be McDavid? No. Or, maybe he will. Either way, we will have to wait and see. When you have one legit player, it's easier for coaches to devise a game plan to make sure that one legit player doesn't beat you.
  6. You didn’t blow up anything. I don’t have a problem with you, or anybody else disliking Trump. What I have a problem with is the amount of people who just blindly accept the system of the two parties, where all we get is the lesser of two evils. Do you really believe either party represents the people? This country is hanging by a thread. I see what Democrat controlled cities look like, and I see how the media continuously gives them a pass. The media, the democrats and the rino’s have come out against Trump. Therefore he must be doing something right. That’s why I will back him. I know you’re going to attack, but that’s okay, I have wide shoulders.
  7. And you’re quite sure he’s going down the drain?
  8. So let me get this straight, the President, without the help of Congress, the Senate, the Governors, the judicial system, local politics and the media, is burning this country to the ground? All on his own? Wow! You Trump haters are ridiculous. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. They better have a strong running game, because that will make the passing game better.
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