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  1. What I've learned is, do not put to much faith in your government ... both sides.
  2. And while this charade is allowed to make the news, and the people are focusing on it (distracted), what doesn't make the news, gets passed in the early morning hours that we never find out about until a much later? That's how Washington works.
  3. How is that waking people up? To be honest, that's pretty alarming. "Wake up people, wake up. I''m here to tell you that we're fucked, but we'd be a little less fucked if we could just get rid of the worst case example." Do you not understand that he's there for a reason? Don't you find it strange that whenever election time rolls around, our choices always seem to come down to the lesser of two evils? That right there Is what I find alarming!
  4. Straight, this was a very good response. I am amazed at the people who continue to set the bar just low enough to be able to reach the crumbs, so as not to hurt their back bending over for them.
  5. Dude, you don't have to have to say it slowly, I am familiar with your thinking process. If it will never change, why do you continue to run your mouth about the crimes of Donald Trump? After all, he's part of the system that will never change.
  6. I'm going to say this slow, in the hopes that you will understand. They are all part of the same system, so going after one politician does nothing. If he or she leaves, they just shuffle someone else in to take his or her place and the wretched system survives. Don't you want to do more than just survive?
  7. And that's exactly what those behind the curtain would prefer. McConnell exits stage left, someone else comes in to take his place, the system survives.
  8. Not Mitch McConnell's senate. He doesn't work for us, any more than Nancy Pelosi works for us. They have people they answer to, and it's not us. If you must, attack the system, not a certain (fake) politician. He's an actor, playing a part, doing his job and nothing more. We should be defending the Constitution, not certain politicians that do nothing more but piss all over it. Two party system is bull shit, just like democratic socialism.
  9. The biggest con happens every time someone runs for President, Governor, The Senate and Congress. We're in the mess we're in because the only options we get are the bought and paid for lesser of two evils
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