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  1. lol ... I saw your response, and thought I crossed over to another dimension. NO, NOT AGAIN!
  2. Are the media, or politicians using white people being shot to create division, or is it those other people? No. I'm talking about intentional division. Things to keep us all focusing on, and fighting amongst ourselves. While those at the top plan our demise. All Lives Matter! Don't compare me with Fredo. Although I can only assume that is Fatally Flawed.
  3. The intentional division doesn't stop until people of all colors wake up and make it stop.
  4. Just more divide and conquer? Be ready to much more of this in the near future
  5. To many people out there not questioning anything pertaining to covid, and to me that's insane. You're all grown ups, and you can do what you want. If you want to get the shot, go for it. But there's a reason dissenting voices are being removed from youtube and facebook at an alarming rate. Why don't they allow room for debate? Why aren't they talking about our immune systems, and the role it plays in viruses and flu's? Why a shot for something that is 99% plus recoverable?
  6. He didn't win, he was selected ... By any means necessary
  7. I can only assume that everyone here is a grown up, and capable of making their own decisions. If you feel that getting a vaccine so that you can go to a football game is a small price to pay, then go for it. I respect your decision. But at the same time, you need to respect mine. If this goes through, and at the end of the day I think it will, then the Bill's will not be getting any more of my money. I'll still cheer for them, just not live, hats, t shirts, etc. It might not mean much, but at the end of the day I will vote with my money.
  8. I'll take a look. Take a look at Timeless. They have a time machine, go back to certain time periods to get rid of Rittenhouse (freemasons) and save the world.
  9. From his conversation, you would think that I watch a lot of tv but I try not to. If I find something I like, I binge watch it. I like documentaries. it's called television programming for a reason right?
  10. I find that they do that with a few shows that I like. Anything that hits to close to home, can sometimes get axed. I will check it out. Have you seen "life on mars?" The British version is better
  11. I'm not pro Fraudchi, but I will check out utopia anyway. I like Timeless, because of the subject matter.
  12. Man, I wonder what they would have done if they didn't support the black community?
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