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  1. I've had plenty of rebuttals, go back and take a look. Now I'm done with this conversation ... enjoy
  2. We're done. I allowed myself to be dragged into this stupid conversation, and that's on me. It won't happen again. I'm not telling you what to believe, believe what you want. I don't trust them, so I won't willingly join that camp. Have fun ...
  3. lol, this is pretty much all that I expect from you. And sadly for you, it's all we seem to get. You don't prove anything, you just take the word of these acclaimed scientists, and pass their opinions off as your own. And are shocked, and dismayed that anybody would disagree with you, because this is science. All the while ignoring scientists on the other side who are skeptical. Why? Because you're a narcissistic blowhard, and it doesn't fit your narrative. Get over yourself, you're not that special
  4. Funny, I never really thought you were this indoctrinated. And how is this anything like miles driven, buildings built or fire put out? It's not, so stop. And yes, that's stupid.
  5. That's right, you're not a climatologist, and what you're doing is accepting someone else's general opinions. And their are a hell of a lot more than 12 And nothing like Germany and WWII
  6. Did you alert the scientists and climatologists? Unless you get their opinions (yeah opinions), how would you know for sure?
  7. And just what does this evidence look like? You and the blowhard never seem to be able to tell us. All we get is "I get my information from scientists or climatologists, and they all agree that the world is getting warmer and if we are to survive it will take more and more of our tax dollars." As for the skeptics, well the blowhard needs to see a citation. Yeah, that ole gag ...
  8. Prove the science right, show everyone some real facts. Not somebody else's, yours. Plenty of scientists have come out and said it's all nonsense https://electroverse.net/the-list-scientists-who-publicly-disagree-with-the-current-consensus-on-climate-change/ If Donald Trump had been the one who had come out and said that the climate is changing, and not for the better and that we need more of your money to fight this thing in order for the world to survive, you'd fight him tooth and nail. I like you, but this particular topic is B.S.
  9. 99.99% of scientists? You're delusional And if it's something you somehow can't wrap your head around, it's a conspiracy.
  10. See that's your problem, you think that it's all about the QB and that he can do it all on his own. At the moment Josh is playing on an inferior team, yet he is winning. Of course you don't see it because you're under the impression that it's all about stats. Winning is the biggest stat of them all. If you can't see that Josh will do everything in his power to win, then there's no hope for you
  11. Ah, but was he a franchise QB when he began starting, or did he have to learn at the NFL level? Yeah, I went there ...
  12. I'm not a right winger, and I think it's all nonsense. And because you believe it to be true, those who don't are stupid?
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