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  1. You've had some good posts in the past, this might be your best. At least the best one I've read.
  2. The NFL is littered with teams that had great QB's, but never won it all. Tell Jungle it takes a team ...
  3. You're under the impression that the only reason he won was because of Brady. I would argue that you need more than a good QB to win a Super Bowl.
  4. Doesn't matter. He had success, and Cleveland has had none. They would welcome him back with open arms. Plus, they had more than Brady. You don't all those trophy's with just a good QB.
  5. I will bet the house that Cleveland owners, as well as their fans wish that Belichick was still coaching the Browns. If they had the opportunity, they'd bring him back.
  6. Man, you make me laugh. However, with the economy CRASHING HARD, the media will be doing their best to lay the blame securely at Trumps feet. If Biden is able to keep his mouth shut, he may have a slim chance. That being said, I doubt the dark side want Biden. Trump just put his signature on 6.2 trillion more debt.
  7. Looks real to me, and I can best be described as being pretty skeptical. Just look at his eyes, and listen to him talk ... The question is, why does it go unreported?
  8. With their lineup, they could wind up being mediocre, or good but not great. They may wind up being bad, end up with a high draft pick and draft their next Brady.
  9. What I meant was, what is he going to do with that lineup? He has an opportunity to prove something, and he doesn't need to win a Super Bowl to do it. If he can win 9 games with that lineup, and make it to the playoffs, I will tip my hat to him. I'm not saying they will stink it up, but they should be mediocre. Wouldn't be surprised if Josh Rosen eventually finds his way to New England.
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