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  1. They'll definitely find someone who will be classified as a sleeper, maybe another smurf (they like smurfs). And best of all, it will be a late, throw away pick. When you get into the late rounds, you're looking for the best available player. :-)
  2. The game isn't as physical as it once was, so Simmonds isn't really needed like he once was.
  3. In order for him to do that, he would have to have the full support of the American people. That goes for any politician. Can't ask a politician (any politician) to do something like that, unless we have his back.
  4. You're not going to get that point when you have a fiat currency backed by nothing, and politicians that spend spend spend You act like we got to this point by accident.
  5. You know what this country needs? A dollar backed by silver or gold, and Politicians who spend money like it's their own, and not taxpayers.
  6. Don't kid yourself ... Don't kid yourself, this country has been chipping away at the Constitution, towards socialism (communism) for a long time. But of course you already knew that.
  7. 3,134 people are talking about this As currently constructed, the NFL postseason features six teams, four division winners and two wild card teams. The wild card teams play on Wild Card Weekend while the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds receive a first-round bye. Under the possible new system, which Schefter reported could take place as soon as next season, there will be seven teams making the playoffs from each conference rather than six and there will only be a single first round bye given to the top teams in each conference rather than two byes per conference. Players on a team receiving a first round bye would receive postseason pay for that week, something that is also different from the previous CBA and certainly got players behind the changes. The change of the overall NFL playoff field to 14 teams would mean instead six wild card round games rather than the current total of four. 1,875 people are talking about this If the new, proposed playoff format was in effect last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams would've been the last two teams in, while the Bears would've been a mere one game back of a postseason berth. While the playoff changes would take place swiftly, there are additional items that could be added to take place at a later date, including a 17-game regular season. According to Schefter's report, there was little-to-no disagreement among NFL folks when it came to expanding the postseason and seeing how last season went for the Bears, there certainly won't be many complaints about the playoff field expanding in Chicago either. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/report-nfl-expected-expand-playoff-field-14-teams More greed, just what this league needs (sarcasm). If more money is involved, the owners will vote yes every time, but they will say it is for the fans.
  8. Heavyweight division is a joke! Probably a nice guy, but Fury is a lumbering dolt. His saving grace? He is a BIG lumbering dolt; 271 at the weigh in. Which means probably close to 280 at the fight. His skill level is a little above Butter Bean What happened to the sweet science? If either of these guys got in the ring against someone who can actually jab, move and set up a right, they wouldn't sniff a title. For the 4 rounds that I watched, Fury's left hand never left his waist. If he ever fights against anybody who can actually box (slugging is not boxing), he would be eating lefts and rights until the end of the fight. But that doesn't seem to be a priority for team Fury. IMO, Jarrell Miller has the best skill and punching power I've see from a heavyweight boxer in a long time. Would love to see him in the ring against Fury.
  9. So far, Boosie is one of the few with the courage to speak out against the transgender plague that is sweeping through the African-American community. Perhaps his bold words will inspire others to take a stand. https://bigleaguepolitics.com/boosie-badazz-goes-h-a-m-on-dwayne-wade-and-his-trans-kid-you-gone-too-fkin-far-that-is-a-male/ Ain't nothing in this world is free Straight knows what I'm talking about
  10. What I've learned is, do not put to much faith in your government ... both sides.
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