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  1. Fauci later clarified his remarks about that interview. He stated the President took his recommendations when he and other members of the team offered them. When he said push back he said he meant people said there were going to be consequences with whatever they decided. I dont think he is sabotaging the Pres. I just think he isnt media savvy. He should stay away from these interviews and stick to the press conferences with the team. The Southern poverty law center is a hate group itself. It is a left wing organization that declares anyone or any group that goes against its agenda a hate group.
  2. I am not sure if people pushing for socialism really know what it means. Socialism is the total control of production or means of production and distribution of those products by a community (government). Charitable Organizations like the Shriners raise money(donations from private citizens) to be able to offer their services. These donations came from people all over the world even those evil rich people that the socialists like to malign all the time. When government offers free stuff they dont ask for donations they compel payment from the citizens( taxes). One is charity( donations) the other is forced compliance( taxes).
  3. You do know that the liberators were also the french themselves. You make it seem like the Allies went in without a care for the french or their people. You cant rewrite history to your viewpoint. Remember along with American, British and Canadian soldiers there were 177 french troops that landed on D day. So yes there was more destruction but it was welcomed by the french to expel their peaceful occupiers as you call them. I guess the Blitzkrieg was just a carnival ride.
  4. The Titans were a 9 & 7 team before. The hired vrabel. So they weren't a team on the decline or a team with a losing record. He had more to work with. This staff had to deal with bad policies from the previous staff. Cap space was a high issue. So now let's see what happen with two years were we can spend money.
  5. Hey guys since I live in Texas no stores carry Bill's Jerseys. Been looking online and cant find a site I trust to order a #58 Jersey. The NFLshop, fanatics were out. Anyone have a place they order from. Thanks.
  6. I dont care about any stats. I want Houston for only selfish reasons. If it is in Houston it is only a three hours drive for me( If I can get tickets without selling my first born). The only snag is we maybe skiing in colorado that weekend
  7. Thanks for this post and the follow up. Getting tired of reading so many negative posts about this team . Dissapoinred by this loss but this team keeps you on the edge of your sit. Fun to watch. We just need a better oline to give Allen some time.
  8. I still have a box of Flutie Flakes. Found them in a crate in my attic.
  9. I think the Bill's lose. I hope not cause I live in Texas and I am surrounded by Dallas fans today.
  10. There is always a chance. Is it likely no. But that's what make watching sports fun, The unknown
  11. Since I live in Texas I listen to the games as I get work done on my ranch. Murphy mention Beasley throwing his helmet after a third down play where Allen went deep and overthrow the receiver. Than it wasnt mention again until Beasley caught a TD.
  12. I hardly ever post because everything is so negative. You would think we are tanking or getting killed each week. We have a young qb that has to get his need for a big play under control. Just relax in the pocket and let the game come to him. I think he tries to hard for the big play. But that being said I would rather that than throw a two yard pass when we need 15. The team is still sloppy and beats itself on drives but that improvement comes with maturity and time. We are 5-1 and haven't played our best ball yet. I am not expecting the superbowl but a run for a playoff spot will be fun.
  13. I dont know of you like to use soda as a mixer. There is a drink call zevia it is carbonated but no calories. It pretends to be soda. Has some good flavors. Just a thought.
  14. Did you see the play. Dimarco had two men to block. If he choose the outside one the inside guy would have blocked it.
  15. Great comeback. Very frustrating first half. They need to clean that up and play like the second half the whole game. I am optimistic that they can do that. Old Bill's would have given up a field goal that 2nd to last Jets drive. Awesome win as myson says a win is a win.
  16. It's addiction. Money doesn't help until he is really ready to get help. Look at Josh Hamilton( baseball). He couldn't be in charge of his own money and had someone around him all the time. Just sad but happens to so many people. Drugs dont discriminate.
  17. I was there two years ago. It was amazing. I am relieved that a good portion was spared.
  18. We took Torrel Troup DT UCF one spot before Gronk was drafted
  19. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://larrybrownsports.com/football/nfl-apologize-blown-call-cost-saints/481714&ved=2ahUKEwilt866gv7fAhVM1qwKHdeJCu8QqOcBMAB6BAgGEAQ&usg=AOvVaw0nvZRGUGRrF2eb81A42iby What good does it do.
  20. It was incredible. So many third and long conversions, made it so much more unbelievable.
  21. After the KC field goal to send it to over time I thought it was over. Didn't think he could do it again. He just proves you wrong every time you doubt him.
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