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  1. Wow, let me get all in a huff over .04% of the population.
  2. Not for nothing but healthier food is cheaper than the garbage they put in the snack aisles. I can get 1lb of Beef Round Eye steak for $5.69. A 12 pack of Cheez-It crackers are $5.19. A 32oz tub of plain yogurt goes for $1.99 and a dozen jumbo eggs (nature's perfect food) is $1.79. Which one do you thing is a better financial and health choice?
  3. I'm going with the consensus that Edmunds and Milano aren't 100% but also they are both still a little big green out there. It seemed like the D line was crashing hard every play leading to those huge holes in the middle.
  4. I had to stop myself from calling on the aid of any supernatural spirits including our God and probably lost a few pounds in the 2nd half while suppressing my urge to scream at the Negative Nancys in the chat box. Man that was rough. If I still drank I probably would have easily downed a 6 pack.
  5. They are and that's why it's important to take out the ringleaders and revenue sources. The little cockroaches then just scurry and hide behind the walls.
  6. Because they have a bead on the agitators, a lot of them will go away to Federal prison for a long time and hopefully for sedition.
  7. Yes and no. If Trump wins there will be a violent flare up that will be diminished in about 3 months. If Biden wins it will continue until they get ALL that they want.
  8. It's totally relevant. The food guidelines are bogus. I know because it affected me personally but I brought myself back from pre-diabetes and hyperlipidemia while significantly improving my health. The system is broken and relies more on corporate influence than real science.
  9. NFL Week 3: What we learned from Sunday's games Buffalo Bills 35, Los Angeles Rams 32 1) We might never know what a technically sound Josh Allen looks like, but who cares? Now in his third year, the Buffalo quarterback's play is at once exhilarating and exasperating. Never was it more evident than Sunday, when he led four consecutive TD drives to open a 28-3 lead, then unraveled long enough to help the Rams engineer a furious comeback, then snatched the win with a three-yard TD pass to Tyler Kroft with the final seconds ticking away. His unorthodox style only gets more fun to witness. One sequence in particular drove that truth home when Allen, on a second-quarter TD drive, slung a 39-yard completion to Gabriel Davis while on the run, throwing off balance, and with no pressure from the Rams pass rush anywhere near him. It would've been easy to set his feet, but doing so couldn't have placed the ball in Davis' hands any more accurately. A few plays later, Allen burrowed into the end zone on an option keeper for the Bills' second TD. 2) If the rib injury to Rams rookie RB Cam Akers hampers him on an ongoing basis, the L.A. rushing attack should still hold up just fine. Darrell Henderson shredded the Bills defense with decisive cuts that got him into the Bills secondary on numerous runs. Credit the Rams offensive line for opening some nice lanes, but Henderson picked up plenty of yards on unblocked defenders with a quick, slashing style. What was expected to be more of a platoon between Henderson and Malcom Brown ended up being Henderson's show: He finished with 114 yards on 20 carries and a touchdown. 3) The Bills are for real. After knocking off less impressive foes in the Jets and Dolphins to start the season, the Rams were supposed to have been a far stiffer test. For nearly three quarters, they weren't. But in taking the Rams' best second-half punch – Los Angeles took its only lead of the game late in the fourth quarter to cap a remarkable comeback – Buffalo regrouped and managed a game-winning TD drive despite incurring a 12-yard sack and a 15-yard penalty on the possession. The Bills defense struggled mightily in the second half and wound up allowing nearly 500 yards, but until further notice, consider this Buffalo offense good enough to carry a winning team.
  10. I don't know how you got that from my statement. No one "deserves" to die but it's a fact that the American diet is absolutely horrible and leads to these chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and others that could be avoided with a solid nutritional regimen.
  11. That sounds more like an indictment of the slothful junk food chomping land whales most of America has become.
  12. And I thought Hip had turned the corner and committed to being a better poster after his apologies earlier this year. Really is a tragedy.
  13. The violent intolerant Left at it again. You notice in the video that none of the Trump supporters were beating on the car and trying to rip the driver out of it like what we've seen with the Left criminals?
  14. They can only win through fraud and heavily populated, mind controlled coastal elite cities.
  15. Mostly comorbid conditions. Only 6% dead solely from COVID-19. The media has done a hatchet job on the stat but saying that if they had it the virus is still a killer but that's bogus. We all know that if you have health issues whatever infectious disease you catch whether it's COVID-19, the flu, meningitis, tuberculosis, or anything else it can be the final straw to break the camel's back. COVID-19 Primary, Not Only, Cause of 94% of Deaths (WebMD) September 1, 2020 -- About 94% of people who have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. also had other contributing conditions listed on their death certificates, according to new data released by the CDC. On average, patients’ records had 2.6 additional conditions. Only 6% of deaths listed COVID-19 as the only cause. The phrasing in the report has caused confusion on social media, according to The Miami Herald. The data doesn’t indicate that 94% of deaths were caused by other conditions, but rather, that 94% of people who died from COVID-19 had at least one other health condition when they died. The vast majority had conditions such as respiratory failure, blood clots and stroke, which can be caused by the coronavirus itself. Others had underlying diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, sepsis and diabetes, which may have been preexisting conditions. “Those saying ‘only 6% die from COVID-19 alone,’ or some derivation thereof, don’t understand how infectious diseases work,” Ryan McNamara, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a virologist who studies HIV, wrote in a Twitter post. With HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, certain immune system cells are depleted and can’t prevent other infections. Pneumonia and cancer are often listed as contributing conditions and causes of death in patients who have HIV, he explained. “So things like cardiac arrest, renal failure, liver failure, sepsis, lung scarring, etc. can all occur post-infection with SARS-CoV-2, leading to death,” he wrote. In the CDC database with 161,000 death certificates, all list COVID-19 as the cause of death. “Reports like this help us get more understanding of what increases your risk for having a bad outcome from COVID but it doesn’t change the fact that COVID is more lethal than other viruses,” Amy Edwards, an infectious disease specialist at University Hospitals in Cleveland, told Cleveland 19. “Sometimes you can have multiple — four, five, six contributing factors — but there is still that primary cause of death,” she explained. “And in 95% of COVID-related deaths, COVID was the primary cause of death but there were contributing factors.”
  16. 200K are dead, no doubt. If that was SOLELY due to COVID-19 is in dispute.
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