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  1. Project Veritas, also the group that has never lost a libel case or had to retract anything ever. Do your research dumb dumb.
  2. More confirmation of what we already knew as well as them being dishonest about the COVID deaths and hospitalizations. If it were really that bad you'd see it with your own eyes much more. In perspective small pox had a 20%+ fatality rate.
  3. Bzzzzzt! Fake news. No such thing happened. Those were all counted as COVID-19 cases.
  4. Just a reminder, the Range Leftists believed these lies and many other for 4 years and possibly may still believe them. In the end I think only the low level guys in the trenches are going to get hit while the higher perpetrators will roam free as usual. Where does John Durham go from here? A review of the Special Counsel's next targets Michael Sussmann has been indicted for lying to the FBI general counsel James Baker during a September 2016 meeting where he provided to Baker materials and information purported to link the Trump Organization with Russian entity Alfa Bank. In order to bolster the credibility of his claims, Sussmann told Baker he was acting on his own and not for any clients. This was a lie – Sussmann was acting on behalf of a tech executive and the Hillary Clinton campaign. According to Special Counsel John Durham, Sussmann would repeat this lie on February 9, 2017 to two employees of another government agency (“Agency-2” in the indictment; possibly CIA). The more interesting parts of the Sussmann indictment have to do with the orchestrated effort by Sussmann, the Clinton Campaign, a tech executive (identified as Rodney Joffe), their team of partisan researchers, and Fusion GPS to smear the Trump Organization – and thus candidate Trump – as having a “purported secret channel of communications” with Alfa Bank (a Russian bank). The highlights include: E-mails among the Tech Executive and the researchers stating how “it would be possible to “fill out a sales form on two websites, faking the other company’s email address in each form,’ and thereby cause them ‘to appear to communicate with each other in DNS.’” Internal doubts about the Trump Organization/Alfa Bank allegations: “we cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny.” Concerns over disclosing how they came to their conclusions: “Do you realize that we will have to expose every trick in our bag to even make a very weak association?” Importantly, there is a discussion of how they hid their doubts about their own work in order to present a more damning narrative for FBI review. Durham points to their internal e-mails stating: the Alfa Bank allegations were a “red herring” that should be “ignored”; that the allegations would “not fly in eyes of public scrutiny.” That describes a conspiracy. On another point, significant groundwork had to be laid to prepare the Sussmann indictment. This would include, at a minimum: E-mails records from the Tech Executive, the research group, and Sussmann. Perkins Coie billing records. Perkins Coie records (notes, etc.) relating to calls and meetings relating to Alfa Bank. Grand jury testimony and corresponding subpoenas for evidence. I add that the indictment’s description of the Alfa Bank conspiracy puts into context October 2020 reporting from The New Yorker, which said “Durham’s agents have summoned some of the same computer scientists to testify before a grand jury.” More interesting is this discussion that Durham’s team was: “exploring a potential criminal charge – presumably against Max and Tea Leaves [those involved in the Alfa Bank hoax] – for giving false information to the government.” The “false information” would be the Alfa Bank research - falsified by those tasked to create the Trump/Alfa Bank connections. At a minimum, there are false statement or potential obstruction charges (18 USC 1503) for the Alfa Bank conspirators. Their collective actions put them at risk for conspiracy charges as well. And as we have noted, there is also the potential for charges relating to the misappropriation/misuse of classified or proprietary government data. As to the conspiracy, we believe there is much Durham didn’t say. There were working drafts of the Alfa Bank documents sent among Fusion GPS employees and outside contractor Edward Baumgartner. Let us also look to other potential criminal charges: FBI employees, Fusion GPS (Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson), and Igor Danchenko. The Sussmann indictment doesn’t mean Durham is finished. There is still Durham’s focus “on the activities of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation within the FBI.” This would include Durham’s review of the FBI’s disclosures (more accurately, “lies”) to the FISA court in support the Carter Page warrants. Just imagine the internal discussions of the FBI personnel who prepared the FISA warrants with false information or information that had “no supporting documentation.” This chart from Inspector General Michael Horowitz from his 2019 report shows just how pervasive the lies were: With that in mind, recall this report from The Wall Street Journal on August 13, 2021, which states Durham was: “Presenting evidence to a grand jury and preparing a lengthy report expected to be completed in the coming months, according to people familiar with the matter.” “Examining potential criminal charges against several lower-level FBI employees, and people who aren’t in government, according to people familiar with the matter.” Full story at the link.
  5. I guess HipTurd missed the part where everyone was warned about this being another setup.
  6. I love Dave Mustaine, he's a born again Christian as well. I've seen Megadeth live twice and they were spectacular both times. Also, unpopular opinion, but Megadeth has a better overall music catalog than Metallicunt.
  7. Bills win in a blowout and we're hearing about all of our deficiencies today.
  8. 2021 NFL season, Week 2: What we learned from Sunday's games Easy day for Allen. Despite a blowout 35-0 score, it was a relatively pedestrian day for Bills quarterback Josh Allen. A dominant Buffalo defense and a running game that averaged 4.8 yards per carry did a lot of the heavy lifting. Still, Allen managed to flash his unorthodox style in a positive way. Remember the longtime adage that quarterbacks should never throw across the field? Allen apparently doesn't, but his violation of that rule resulted in a big touchdown throw to Stefon Diggs. After rolling right and finding nothing, he threw back left into the end zone for a score to Diggs, who had fallen down on the play and got up to find an open space in the end zone. Allen is always going be Allen, and golden rules aside, it's going to work more often than not. Pass pro woes. Given the way he was protected, it shouldn't be surprising that Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa got knocked out of the game. Things up front were such a mess for Miami, as it not only gave up sacks but allowed the Bills to rush completely unblocked at times. Tagovailoa was sacked on two of his first three snaps, and on the play he was injured, the Bills' A.J. Epenesa blew past RT Jesse Davis. It wasn't any better for backup Jacoby Brissett. Buffalo tallied six sacks, including a pair for rookie Gregory Rousseau, and 11 QB hurries. Wake-up call. For the most part, the Dolphins sleep-walked through the first quarter. Beyond the problems on the offensive line, the defense couldn't even lay a hand on Bills RB Devin Singletary on a 46-yard TD run up the middle. On special teams, the punt unit gave up a 20-yard return to Isaiah McKenzie that helped set up a touchdown. By quarter's end, Miami found itself down 14-0 -- too much of a deficit to ask of a backup quarterback in Brissett. If the Dolphins hope to improve to 2-1 next week, they'll have to do a better job of getting off the bus. Next Gen stat of the game: Bills RB Devin Singletary reached a speed of 20.29 mph on his 46-yard TD run. NFL Research: Josh Allen became just the second Buffalo Bills QB to amass 10,000 career passing yards in his 45th career start. Jim Kelly did so as well.
  9. Greg Rousseau shines in return to Miami as Bills shutout Dolphins (11 reasons to be encouraged, 1 reason to worry) It was a hot day in Miami and a hot start for the Buffalo Bills offense. Buffalo opened with back-to-back touchdown drives in the first half, but the unit struggled for the remainder of the first half. Much like last week, Buffalo entered halftime with a double-digit lead. This time, however, they did not open the door for their opponent to comeback. Josh Allen and the offense marched down the field to take a 21-0 lead on a Dawson Knox touchdown reception and later added two more scores in the fourth quarter. Despite the offense scoring 35 points, the defense was the dominant unit in the AFC East matchup. Buffalo’s pass rush made life miserable for the Dolphins’ quarterbacks. The team recorded six sacks, multiple pressures and 11 hits on Tua Tagovailoa and Jacoby Brissett to frustrate the Dolphins QBs. The end result was Buffalo’s first shutout since 2016. Following their 35-0 blowout over Miami, here are 11 reasons to be encouraged and one reason to worry. ENCOURAGED Greg Rousseau & A.J. Epenesa Buffalo’s young pass rushers did not make many memorable plays in Week 1, but they were all over the field in Week 2. A.J. Epenesa knocked Tua Tagovailoa out of the game with a perfectly timed blitz on a fourth down play in the first half, but that was just the start of his day. He added two quarterback hits in the win and multiple pressures which led to sacks for other players on the Bills defense. Greg Rousseau, Buffalo’s first round pick in 2021, was just as good. In his return to Miami where he stood out for the Hurricanes, Rousseau recorded his first two NFL sacks and recorded five total tackles. With Mario Addison and Jerry Hughes in the final year of their respective deals, it’s good to see the future of the pass-rush standing out. Jon Feliciano Jon Feliciano knew he was outplayed in Week 1 as Cam Heyward had his way with the guard. He vowed to rebound and did so in Week 2. Feliciano deserves credit for springing Devin Singletary on his long touchdown run and providing a crucial block on Zack Moss’ first TD. Feliciano has plenty to be happy about following his Week 2 performance. Taron Johnson & Matt Milano On a day where just about everyone shined on the Bills’ defense, Taron Johnson and Matt Milano may have been the Bills’ MVPs on defense. Taron Johnson recorded two passes defensed and a sack on the opening play to set the tone of the game. Johnson also had what would have been a 4th down stop on a short pass had the receiver hauled in the pass. Milano made several plays for the defense as well on Sunday. The playmaker recorded one sack, two quarterback hits and two tackles for loss. Run defense For the second straight week, Buffalo’s run defense did not give opposing offenses much to work with. Myles Gaskin and company were limited to 71 yards on 20 carries (3.6 YPC). Devin Singletary & Zack Moss Devin Singletary scored a 46-yard touchdown on the Bills’ second offensive play of the game. Those were all the points the team would end up needing on Sunday. Singletary finished with another strong stat line (13-82-1) for the Bills. Zack Moss’ 2021 debut did not start out well with the Bills back fumbling early in the game and turning it over. Later in the game, he was stopped short on a 3rd and 1 play. It’s not how you start, however. It’s how you finish and Moss finished Sunday’s game running the ball well. He found the end zone twice in the fourth quarter to help put the game away. There is still some concerns over ball security with Singletary and Moss, but the duo did more positives than negatives on Sunday. Dawson Knox Dawson Knox doesn’t have a big role in the Bills offense, but he’s hauled in almost every pass thrown his way this season. The tight end opened the second half with an eight yard touchdown reception. His only target that did not result in a catch saw Knox play a bit of defense to make sure that Josh Allen’s dangerous pass wasn’t intercepted. 4th down defense The Bills recorded their first shutout since 2016 and a lot of that has to do with the Bills’ 4th down defense. Miami’s offense was 0-for-4 on Sunday on 4th down with the defense stepping up when it mattered most. Red zone offense The Bills were perfect in the red zone. Buffalo scored touchdowns on all four of their drives in the red zone against Miami. WORRIED Josh Allen Post-game, Josh Allen admitted that he did not play his best and that the stat sheet did not look great. It was a fair assessment despite the Bills winning the game 35-0. Allen was off the mark throughout Sunday’s game and has not looked like the quarterback who set multiple single-season franchise records in 2020. It’s still too early to hit any sort of panic button when it comes to Allen, but his play has left a lot to be desired. The quarterback finished with just one interception on Sunday but could have had at least three on Sunday. Allen finished the day completing just 51.5 percent of his passes for 179 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Needless to say, Allen won’t be in the running for AFC Offensive Player of the Week, an award he had won three times in his career against Miami. If Allen can get back to his 2020 ways, Buffalo’s team could be special based on how well the defense has played early this season.
  10. Hey I was only a point off on that 34 points prediction but I never saw the Dolphins dropping a fat goose egg today.
  11. Bills’ A.J. Epenesa has breakout game, knocks Tua Tagovailoa out of it in shutout win (8 observations) Miami Gardens, Fla. — The Buffalo Bills defense swarmed and shut down whoever was playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins en route to a blowout, 35-0, win in Week 2 to improve to 1-1 on the season. The Bills pass rush was unstoppable and the offense generated five touchdowns, which was a drastic change from the opener against Pittsburgh when they only managed one offensive touchdown. The story of the game was the Buffalo defense, which recorded its first shutout since 2016. Coincidentally, Jacoby Brissett was also the quarterback in that game - a 16-0 win over the New England Patriots. The Dolphins drop to 1-1 on the season. Here are some instant observations from the game. A.J. Epenesa, Greg Rousseau flash substancial upside The Bills spent their first picks in the last two drafts - a 2nd-rounder in 2020 (A.J. Epenesa) & a 1st-rounder in 2021 (Greg Rousseau) - on pass rushers. Both of them showed how imposing the Bills new and improved pass rush can be against the Dolphins, consistently winning their one-on-one matchups and putting stress on whoever was in at quarterback. Between the two of them, they recorded three quarterback hits and Epenesa’s first one knocked Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa out of the game in the first quarter with a rib injury. Miami started 30-year-old Jesse Davis at right tackle and both young pass rusher had their way with him. Greg Rousseau had a knock in college that he fell into a lot of his sacks. That was the case in some respects today but he recorded two of them and he brutalized whoever the Dolphins tried to block him with. It was quite a return to Hard Rock Stadium for the rookie first-round pick. Veteran defensive tackle Star Lotulelei returned this week and his presence was felt. On one play early in the first half there were three Dolphins offensive linemen working together to try and block him. The Bills landed eight hits on Dolphins quarterbacks in the game, had six sacks, and six tackles for a loss in the game. Josh Allen pressing, offense erratic BUT scored points The numbers are a bit concerning. Allen completed less than 60% of his throws for a second consecutive week and, on first watch at least, there aren’t as many excuses as last week. Allen threw for under 200 yards but two timely touchdowns in the first half put the Bills up big and they never looked back. The passing offense doesn’t seem in sync like it did for most of last season when they scored more than 500 points and had the no. 2-ranked passing attack in the NFL. Allen missed some throws today and even some of the ones he made weren’t as accurate as he was last season. Miami’s defensive plan put its talented secondary one-on-one at times against the Bills talented receivers and relied on the pressure up front. Allen was often backpedaling and was forced to throw off balance several times. After last week’s loss to the Steelers, talk of Allen’s regression in Year 4 after MVP-caliber Year 3 started and he didn’t so a lot individually to silence the narrative. The Bills did score five touchdowns on 12 offensive drives, though. Miami has one of the best defenses in the NFL, too. Devin Singletary turning into big-play maker; Zack Moss experience The first big play of the game came after Allen handed it off to Devin Singletary. The third-year back exploded through a big hole created by left guard Jon Feliciano and took it all the way to the house for a 46-yard touchdown run. Singletary had a 20-plus yard run last week and has continued the momentum he built in the preseason after winning the job. Zack Moss and Singletary each had a fumble in the game off passes from Allen. Moss was out for a long stretch after his but returned later and made up for it. He rushed for two touchdowns and his first one was a bruising effort behind two blockers on a wide pitch that ended with him hit sticking a would-be tackler. Moss and Singletary combined for 108 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Leslie Frazier came out aggressive The Bills had three sacks on their first three possession and Frazier wasn’t shy about blitzing from the back seven. Micah Hyde, Taron Johnson and Matt Milano all recorded sacks in the game. Tagovailoa and then Jacoby Brissett struggled with the pressure the Bills brought throughout the game. Taron Johnson playing like Pro Bowler Johnson is having a remarkable season and earning himself a lot of money. He said before the season that he wanted to make new big-time memories to add to his highlight reel after the iconic pick-six against the Ravens in the playoffs last season. He had four tackles, a sack, two tackles for a loss and a forced fumble. He was unstoppable and a force for the Bills defense. Dane Jackson, Levi Wallace both show why coaches believed Levi Wallace had a great pass breakup and then intercepted Jacoby Brissett to give the Bills a huge turnover early in the game. He started to cramp shortly after and Dane Jackson entered the game. He had a massive play of his own with a big stop on a fourth and short, attacking the ball carrier and making the big tackle. Both cornerbacks showed why the Bills were so confident in their depth and why they didn’t acquire another veteran in the offseason or during training camp. Justin Zimmer active over Harrison Phillips, and shows why It was a surprise healthy scratch for Phillips but Zimmer has established himself as a trustworthy pass rusher up the gut for the Bills. He recorded a sack in the game and had a huge win on the Jackson 4th-down tackle to help set up his teammate. Stefon Diggs vs. Xavien Howard was worth price of admission It might have been a draw between Diggs and Howard on the game but each made a few big-time plays. Diggs had one of Allen’s touchdowns and then caught a beautiful deep ball for 41 yards on a contested catch situation against Howard in the fourth quarter. Howard had two pass breakups and an interception in the loss.
  12. The fish didn't get squished, they got steamrolled and then hit with a sledge hammer!
  13. If SJWs think I get history wrong I'm thrilled to oblige! Thanks for the thumbs up buddy.
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