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  1. This could be our second loss of the season but I give us way more of a shot than most of the people in this thread. Philly just hasn't looked that great and Wentz was especially atrocious last night in a game that their coach guaranteed a win in.
  2. Apology accepted bro. Sorry for posting your pic. Let's keep it civil and go Bills!
  3. Do you use Bowflex? I work out with bands 6 days a week.
  4. That would be nice but I wouldn't trust them. What's likely to happen is your taxes go up and you only save a negligible amount leading to a net loss.
  5. I don't even think that is true. If he WANTED to be a dictator he would be making moves to change the Constitution to favor him running for an extra term or keeping him in office permanently which has not happened nor will it. I heard the same shit when Dumb Cowboy Bush was in office. As for guns, I do favor background checks (already in place) and training classes teaching the proper use and handling of such weapons (we need work on this). Clearly if you're an ex-mental patient with a history of violent thought or actions you should not be licensed to have a firearm. Back to the Socialism topic I read a great article about the costs of such a system. In order to reach the lowest possible tax bracket of European "Socialist" countries you have to make over $500K here in the US as the tax system currently stands. Here are some tidbits: The High Cost of Scandinavian “Socialism” Scandinavian “Socialism”: The Offerings It must first be clarified that Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) are not socialist. They are capitalist countries that impose excessive levels of taxation on their citizens to fund a wide array of social programs. Those programs include: “Free” government funded healthcare through single-payer healthcare systems Generous government funded maternal and paternal leave Heavily subsidized higher education, free of tuition to all students (and in Norway, to international students as well) Generous paid sick leave Scandinavian “Socialism”: The Cost The large welfare states of Scandinavia are not without their cost. In 2017, all three countries had levels of taxation exceeding half of every dollar earned. Taxes as a percent of GDP are: 50.7% in Sweden 53.5% in Denmark 54.7% in Norway For reference, in the U.S. taxes at all levels of government averaged26% of GDP in 2016 (and have sincebeen cut). Listen to Bernie’s rhetoric and you’d get the impression that it’s “millionaires and billionaires” ponying up most of those funds – but they aren’t in Scandinavia. While theTax Foundation found that in 2017 the top 10% of American households paid 70.6% of the taxes, there is no Robin Hood in Scandinavia. In America, an earner isn’t subject to thetop tax bracket of 37% until they earn over $500,000. While an American would need to earn eight times the average income to be subject to our top tax bracket, the figures are only 1.5 times average income in Sweden, 1.6 in Norway, and 1.3 in Denmark (source: pages 30-31). And to add a cherry to this sundae these countries are now raising the retirement ages to pay for pensions and freebies given to immigrants! Folkökningen skenar – då kan pensionsåldern höjas (Translated) Sweden's population is increasing at a furious pace, and this development means significantly increased costs to manage. This is stated in the Swedish Municipalities and County Council (SKL) in the "Financial Report" which presented on Tuesday . - From 2018, we expect the need for welfare to increase significantly faster than tax revenue, states Annika Wallenskog, chief economist at SKL. In the report, SKL warns that a number of measures are needed to close the gap between costs and revenues, which is likely to rise to 59 billion in 2021. The rapid population growth as a result of the large refugee reception last year and a childbirth approaching historically high levels are putting great pressure on the municipalities and county councils. Higher retirement age is already being discussed in the Pension Group (where most of the parties are included) and may, according to the Minister of Finance, be an important step towards balance in the economy. Several associations, such as the SPF Seniors and PRO, advocate a higher retirement age. - If you look at those who start working at 30, there should be opportunities to work longer than 65. Then you must not forget that many of those who have worked from 20 are worn out as they approach retirement age, says Magdalena Andersson. She believes that there must be a change in attitude about the elderly in the labor market. - Those who are high up in their age should have the opportunity to work longer, says the finance minister.
  6. Ok, first you're making the assumption that this happens in one great upheaval instead of slowly eased in throughout the decades. You say I make a paranoid argument and cap off your post with a statement about Trump becoming a dictator. Taking corporations and the wealthy at a FAIR rate is not Communism but common sense and so is reducing the costs of an out of control health care system. As for guns - they first want a registration, limits on ownership, and then confiscation which Robert "Beto" was proud to announce effectively nuking his presidential aspirations since that's the Code Red you're not supposed to talk about. This country poses many difficulties to fully swing over to Communism with that wretched Constitution and gun ownership in the way and that's why Civil Wars are fought internally through clashing ideologies creating a divisive atmosphere.
  7. I'm onboard with that but we spend so much on social services as it is. Check out this infographic. How much more can we spend on it? I'd like to see more of that money going to research and infrastructure to get us back on top again amongst 1st World countries.
  8. You do realize that Socialism is the first step towards Communism right? Do you think they're just going to stop at Socialism and not keep going?
  9. I can somewhat agree here. Inflation and cost of living have far outpaced wage growth/minimum wage rates which is a damn shame considering that decades ago households could survive comfortably on one sole income. The problem now is that once wages go up hours get cut because our companies are far too driven by Wall St stock returns and shareholders which I feel is never good for the long term health of companies. Even Bernie Sanders balked over paying his staff $15 an hour and then cut their hours when they got that rate. Our current system of Capitalism does have faults but Socialism is not the cure.
  10. Many of the programs they posit I could get behind on a TEMPORARY basis ala social services.
  11. In short, yes. Their whole platform is based on Communism whether they realize it or not meanwhile they're taking big dollars from the corporations and the rich while thinking they'll be completely immune from the switch. Just look at what everyone is running on and tell me it's not. Plus they go further in taking it to cultural and societal changes.
  12. Hey, admitting it is the first step so good on you for that. We're at 85% right now. When we get in I don't expect a lot unless the offense turns the corner.
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