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  1. I always seek to improve whether it's through fitness or learning new things from books and teachers. Despite how I seem here I do not have a red MAGA hat or framed picture of Trump in my living room. Actually when I voted for the Dems I was never as passionate about politics as I am today with the awakening I had a few years ago in many aspects of life. Now I'm just sick of the lies propagated upon us and taught to the future generations of America. Trump isn't perfect but he's the best we got right now.
  2. Exactly, why even have an impeachment proceeding when he's not even charged with a crime?
  3. That's right and you know where I REALLY disagree with him? On his plans to bring in more H1B visa fucks to take tech jobs away from our college students. Laura Ingraham pressed him on it and his answer to me was UNACCEPTABLE! (Skip to 3:20m)
  4. Just look at the past videos of assholes like Schumer and Nadler during Clinton's impeachment to see what scum-sucking hypocrites these people are. I can't believe I voted Democrat all those years.
  5. I disagree with Trump here. While impeachment for perjury was probably the least of his crimes they made the mistake in pursuing that over Clinton's other misdeeds which were many going all the way back to his time in Arkansas. Since the Clinton Dynasty Presidents in general have only gotten worse in their abuse of powers as evident by Bush and Obama. If you ask me, all of these guys are just plants from larger organizations that are really running the show.
  6. That's right and we're playing by his impeachment rules too. Chuck Schumer agrees!
  7. Hmmm, well why are they persecuting Trump then if Ford was accurate in this quote? "And if after having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear of "scandals" and "investigations" and "impeachments" for the removal of the disobedient." Also, Solzhenitsyn is the man... All of the Leftists on here need to read his Gulag Archipelago books to wake the fuck up.
  8. That list sucks ass, Oliver and Singletary should definitely be on it somewhere.
  9. I saw that article yesterday on The_Donald. It's unfortunate because this guy helped his bum, broke ass best childhood friend by giving him a job AND driving him to work everyday and this is the thanks he gets. Also, notice how it's never the Trump supporter killing anyone?
  10. Totally Bernie because I feel it's my duty to give more of my earned income to people who can't or won't work, support government controlling all planning of society moreso than they do now, detest the fact that I may purchase a gun to defend myself, consider infanticide a sacred right, believe that Caucasians are the root of all evil globally, and I've always wanted to experience what some of my ancestors did and spend time in a gulag.
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