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  1. According to Shifty Schiff's own rules exculpatory evidence is not allowed. Have another drink Nancy.
  2. Every school should have 2 armed guards and not like that asshole down in Florida who ran away. Get some of our finest vets out there. Also, this will be a convenient distraction in the media since the impeachment inquiry is not going so good for the Democrats.
  3. It was a great angle to try and tie Jordan to a pee-pee toucher but just like Kavanaugh it was totally bogus.
  4. Leaked Bank Records Confirm Burisma-Biden Payments To Morgan Stanley Account Documents allegedly leaked by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor's office to CD Media have shed light on payments from Burisma Holdings to Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC, a corporation controlled by Hunter Biden partner (and fellow former Burisma board member) Devon Archer. Devon Archer (far left) is pictured with Joe and Hunter Biden. (Screenshot from Twitter) Archer was Yale roommates with John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz - the two of whom opened investment firm Rosemont Capital with Joe Biden's son, Hunter. Rosemont Capital is the parent company of Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC - the entity which receive the Burisma payments and in turn aid Biden. The newly leaked records show 45 payments between November 2014 and November 2015 totaling $3.5 million, mostly in increments of $83,333.33. The payments correspond to Morgan Stanley bank records the New York Times reported on earlier this year - submitted as evidence in a case against Archer who was convicted in a scheme to defraud pension funds and an Indian tribe of tens of millions of dollars. Archer's conviction was overturned in November by a judge who felt that he may not have willingly participated in the scheme. What's more, there are several payments from "Wirelogic Technology AS" and "Digitex Organization LLP" in the amounts of 366,015 EUR and $1,964,375 US based on credit agreements - while $1,150,000 went to Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. Via CD Media Looking through the Rosemont Seneca Bohai bank records reveals that it was essentially a slush fund used for payments to Biden, expensive toys, an investment in the ill-fated Indian tribe scheme, and other miscellaneous expenses. $104,000 to Mecum Auction Inc. $142,000 to Schneider Nelson Motor, $30,000 to Hampton Watercraft & Marine $1,580 in toll road violations Indian Scheme On September 25, 2014 a wire of $15,000,000 was received from Florida attorney, Clifford A Wolff. It was subsequently used to buy a $15 million bond from Wakpamni Town Center - the scheme linked to Archer's overturned conviction. September 2014 statement October 2014 statement November 2014 statement It is unclear why Rosemont Seneca had so much skin in the game. Via the Wall Street Journal:
  5. So foreign countries get their aid packages as soon as they ask for it? Wow, I need to declare myself a foreign country to get those sweet tax payer dollars for free. Also, another thing overlooked here is that Trump did not ask Ukraine to investigate a political opponent. He wanted them to investigate Burisma and Hunter Biden. Creepy Joe didn't even declare himself in the race until the new president of Ukraine won the election. It was a slick move but probably won't work for him.
  6. So he's making a profit off of this right? Wait, you're saying he wanted an investigation done? Uh, that's not personal gain.
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