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  1. The MSM has gone into full on boot licking mode telling us how amazing Biden is after, at this time, 9 and a half whole hours in office. They will actively hide all of his blunders as well but this time they can't say we're racist if we don't like him because he's an old white man.
  2. Whaley should have tried that strategy with EJ Manuel instead of dropping two 1st round picks on Sammy tWatkins.
  3. It's already going under. The only time I've had Fox on since Election Night is to watch football. That's it.
  4. I think he's learned from that and has put the pedal to the metal with a lead recently.
  5. It's President Xiden. Please spell his name correctly or it's off to a re-education camp for you.
  6. Hilarious. He's officially President Xiden and none of the Range Leftists will escape the fury of what he will bring soon. Get your popcorn ready.
  7. He stopped being funny when he had to give up the Steven Colbert persona as part of his deal to leave Comedy Central.
  8. Dominion might not want to pursue any suits considering that there's a discovery phase to the process and plenty of right leaning lawyers would love to take shots at them pro bono of course. Plus, you know, judges would have to actually accept the cases as well instead of covering their eyes and ears like they did last year.
  9. Meanwhile no citizen saw Biden's installation live except for some celebrities like Lady CaCa and thousands of military members. Fucking weird.
  10. I'm hearing these media clips like Wallace where people are claiming to have the tingles and seeing rays of light over DC as some messiah has just descended on the country to save us all from something. What something? I don't know but he's saving us from... the Orange Man? A whole lot of people are going to be awakened like Jim Jones disciples in about 6 to 12 months when they realize that, well, nothing changed for them except that the focal point of their unending hate is no longer there and they will need a substitute for that. In that aspect Trump is like the Goldstein character from 1984 who was a necessary distraction to keep the masses focused on while the Party kept people in perpetual slavery. A new Goldstein will need to be conjured up and it can't be someone like Graham or McConnell since neither is in charge anymore.
  11. A) I've bought all of my My Pillows direct from the website. B) Bed, Bath, and Beyond Gay and Kohl's both suck. Why? Because their prices are sky high and then they give you those massive coupons to make you think that you saved all of this money that you didn't actually save. I don't shop at either. C) Who gives a shit?
  12. Why The Buffalo Bills Can Win The Super Bowl To ask most NFL pundits and fans (outside of Buffalo Bills fans) this year who the favorites for the Super Bowl are, you would hear the usual suspects. Those would be the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers, and even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, a name that has emerged from the pack has been the surging Buffalo Bills. The Bills amassed a 13-3 record, winning the AFC East. Also of note, is that the Bills went undefeated against the AFC East. In comparison to how the Bills won games last season, leaning on a strong and gritty defense, the 2020-2021 Bills have shown a more complete game. The offense has dominated games while the defense has come through in clutch situations. Why The Buffalo Bills Can Win The Super Bowl Josh Allen It’s fair to say that when Josh Allen began his career in a Bills uniform, there were concerns about his mechanics and ceiling. The criticism was based on mechanical issues that caused Allen to overthrow his targets, with an arm that rivals the best in the league. Allen’s decision making when under pressure was unrefined, leading to interceptions or fumbles. However, in 2020 Allen’s game has fully matured, even putting him in the MVP conversation. Allen’s two-way quarterback style gives defenses fits with being fifth in rushing touchdowns and seventh in passing yards per game. Allen has broken Jim Kelly‘s single-season passing yard record with 34 touchdowns, making him the best quarterback in Bills history. This season Allen has, stat-wise, put himself on par with Patrick Mahomes II, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. There is no reason to not consider Allen one of the top quarterbacks in the playoffs. Stefon Diggs The acquisition of Stefon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings for four picks, including a 2020 first-round pick used to select wide receiver Justin Jefferson, was originally seen as both a boon and a gamble by fans and media alike. However, the incredibly talented receiver has given the Bills and Allen a true number one option down the field. Diggs has ended the season leading the NFL in total receiving yards (1,535), first in receptions (127), and second in the receiving yards per game (95.94). The connection that has developed between Diggs and Allen has created a trust that allows Allen to throw to Diggs consistently. Diggs has also brought a leadership quality that has brought positive energy and confidence. Offensive Depth Not only Diggs, but Allen also has two other wide receivers who have made a mark on the Bills franchise as well, in Cole Beasley and John Brown. Beasley has been Allen’s second based option behind Diggs, with a combination of speed and experience. Beasley has broken the record set by Darren Sproles of receiving touchdowns caught by a player 5’8 or under with 33. John Brown’s quickness and elusiveness on the field have giving defenses problems. Beasley and Brown provide the perfect complement to Diggs as secondary options. On the running side, tight-end Dawson Knox and backs Devin Singletary and Zack Moss have given the Bills effective options. The Defense Is Healthy Sean McDermott’s Buffalo Bills are built through a blue-collar work ethic that is especially represented through the defense. The Bills have spent the last 5 years drafting and focusing on high-end defensive talent. With the likes of Tremaine Edmunds, Ed Oliver, and Tre’Davious White, the Bills have terrorized quarterbacks with hard-nosed defense. Multiple injuries to the defense during this season have led to a temporary shuffling of players to fill in the gaps; however, presenting a “next man up” attitude has led the Bills to a 13-3 record. The defense has shown that once healthy, they resemble the defense ranked number two in the league last season. The 2020-21 Buffalo Bills have a chance this year to make history for their franchise. Bills Mafia has long awaited this chance at greatness, with finally having the stars align. The construction of this team has the capability to come out of the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills can win the Superbowl this year.
  13. I'd expect McDermott to put the team into total monk mode so they don't go out partying and/or doing dumb shit. With the COVID lockdown it's probably not much work for him to do that anyway. No doubt the media will bring up those questions but the last time the Bills were in the Super Bowl was 27 years ago on January 30th, 1994. Asking them about that is about as retarded as asking a Vikings player, should that team get back to the Super Bowl, if they'd still gotten over the losses in the 1970s. None of the players, coaches, and probably few executives and staff are left from those runs. It just surprises me that people still talk about them like they were 5 years ago. A lot of us lived through them but there is a whole generation of new Bills fans who either weren't alive during it or still waddling around in diapers shitting their pants. I would expect the sports media to do better than keep bringing up wide right, calling out you Al Michaels, or talking about losses from nearly 3 fucking decades ago.
  14. Once Biden kills that Keystone pipeline what's the over/under on if gas gets to about $6 - 7 a gallon while food prices skyrocket due to transportation costs?
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