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  1. Great additional reporting @DannyBoy, this is going over as great as when Dan Rather had those GWB military records.
  2. Everyone has equal rights in this country, everything going forward are just special privileges.
  3. So let me guess... your take is that since it's a privilege and voting is a right then government IDs should be free right?
  4. Did you pay for your driver's license or was it free genius?
  5. The way people vote now I'm thinking the Founding Fathers had that one right too.
  6. But if a man is a moron how does he con people? Is he a paradoxical conman who somehow manages to persuade people with no semblance of intelligence? He is somehow the dumbest man in the world while simultaneously being a criminal mastermind.
  7. And they're right. It actually should have been Illegal Contact which would still have given the Bills a 1st down just a little further back from the end zone.
  8. I'm thinking week 10 or 11 when they're out of playoff contention.
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