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  1. Because if he punched him back he'd probably face a civil lawsuit and it's just not worth it.
  2. No way, in fact states should have their own electoral systems. Can you imagine what NY could be if we did that? A retard like Cuomo would never get in and live off of the NYC vote like he's doing now. I imagine there are counties here that he's never even been in and that's not representative of a true Governor.
  3. Yup, they haven't done shit except for promote this mock impeachment. They won't do a vote and now the "whistleblower" doesn't matter. Trump killed their new angle when he released the transcript which is in fact a transcript. Now they're on to harassing Giuliani Mueller-style by arresting anyone associated with him and trying to hype up this Syria thing.
  4. Shit man, we need that Asian masseuse on this team pronto!
  5. Yeah but that was last year with Nate Peterman at the helm, things are different now.
  6. Josh Allen becomes the first Bills QB named AFC Player of the Week in 17 years
  7. I'm seeing it here. If it doesn't pop up from the link I add in the old "" tags.
  8. This transition to the new site was anything but smooth, did you guys hire Indian IT guys based in Bangalore to get this done? Looks about that quality my friend.
  9. Denver could be tough now that their defense is starting to look better but it'll depend on how Average Joe Flacco holds up. So far he's showing why they benched him for Jackson.
  10. After the Monday night game he may be Goat of the Week. Good for him though, too bad his record is worse than Allen's.
  11. Let's all hope that FitzTragic/PicksPatrick shows up in the Ralph!
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