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  1. https://fullpresscoverage.com/2019/10/22/bills-start-preparation-for-philadelphia-eagles/ After a scare in the first half against the Miami Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills (5-1) tighten it up and played smash-mouth football in the second half to secure a victory and 5-1 record. Josh Allen played an amazing fourth quarter and the defense played lockdown which included a crucial interception by Tre’Davious White in the third quarter and an onside kick recovery for a touchdown by Micah Hyde to seal the deal. If you were watching the Hyde touchdown on repeat, who could blame you? Will watching it more time hurt? Not to Bills fans. Just like we drew it up. #MIAvsBUF | #GoBills pic.twitter.com/gTIhfcno41 — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) October 20, 2019 With the Bills at 5-1 for the first time since 2008, they have positioned themselves to make a run for a wild card spot but they must overcome the pressure of potentially breaking. They will host the Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) this Sunday as part of their October home schedule. The Eagles have only won a single game on the road this year against Green Bay. After a blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys, there are concerns for both sides of the ball on the team. The Eagles’ offense has had struggles and the defense does not look organized, especially in the secondary. The biggest story about the Eagles defense this year was the destruction that was done to them by Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings. The Bills offense has the opportunity to do something that has not been seen for some time now. Pass the ball early, effectively and win through the air. Allen and passing attack are ranked 21st in the league in the passing game, averaging 225 yards a game. The Eagles’ defense is near the bottom of the barrel against the pass, ranked 27th overall giving up on average 270 yards a game. Carson Wentz and Company This will be Wentz’ first time in his career going up against the Buffalo Bills defense. Wentz is having a decent year this season, throwing just four interceptions and thirteen touchdowns and completing over sixty percent of his throws. So what exactly is going on with the Eagles offense this season? When it comes to running the ball, the Eagles are above average, obtaining over one hundred yards a game. Although, the passing game is confusing. With the different weapons that Wentz has around him, the Eagles cannot get the ball moving though the air, especially lately. Currently ranked 20th in the league in the passing game, right in front of the Bills, this offense has shown inconsistency and can either blow it up by lighting the scoreboard or be shutdown. Wentz will be facing a Bills defense that is only allowing just over 200 yards a game through the air and has a shutdown secondary. Six interceptions on the season, they are averaging a pick each game which can cost a game. The Bills’ defensive line could overwhelm Wentz due to an inconsistent offensive line. The important factor is not letting Wentz get out of the pocket. He usually makes magic happen under pressure. Potential Game Plan Get the passing game going and continue to play shutdown defense. The Eagles have struggled on the road this season and their secondary is not a threat. Leslie Frazier must come up with a plan to contain Wentz and the running game. Brian Daboll needs to open up the playbook more and get his weapons involved. There was not a lot of action from Isaiah McKenzie or Duke Williams (before his injury) against the Dolphins. Getting those weapons involved puts pressure on the Eagles.
  2. Check out where we are on the chart! We are never going to see this level of statistical dominance by a pass defense again. That’s a pretty bold statement from a pretty conservative blog focused on football history. But 1 passing TD allowed and 18 interceptions in a 7-game stretch? That will never happen again, and frankly, we may not ever see anything all that close to it happen again. In 2018, the NFL finally exceeded a 2-to-1 ratio of passing touchdowns to interceptions, and the long-term trend is clear: more touchdown passes, fewer interceptions. This season, the 31 pass defenses in the NFL outside of Foxboro have allowed 319 passing touchdowns and forced 155 interceptions, a 2.06-to-1.00 ratio. But the Patriots have forced opposing passers into a 1-to-18 ratio. Include New England’s pass defense, and the NFL’s TD/INT ratio drops to 1.85-to-1.00. That. Is. Absurd. Yes, the quarterbacks have been bad. Really bad in some cases (Luke Falk, Josh Rosen), but it also includes games from Ben Roethlisberger, Sam Darnold (coming off a dominant performance), and occasionally competent passers like Case Keenum, Josh Allen, Daniel Jones, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. But it doesn’t matter: if you would have asked me could the best defense in the NFL produce a 1-to-18 ratio against the worst quarterbacks in the NFL for a 7-game span, I would have said no. This is obviously unsustainable but it is so far to the right tail of comprehensible that you just have to look at the stat line in awe. And know that something like this will never happen again. New England’s defense has posted a passer rating of 35.6; if you throw an incomplete pass on every plat, that’s a 39.6 passer rating! New England is allowing less than 1.0 ANY/A over 7 games! If a running back had 1,000 yards on his first 100 carries of the season, that would be unsustainable, too, but it wouldn’t make it any less remarkable. It might make it more remarkable, because this transcends any notion of what we would think possible. The graph below shows the TD% (on the X-Axis) and INT% (on the Y-Axis) for each pass defense this year. To make “up and to the right” the good part of the graph, I have plotted the TD% in reverse order. As you can see, the Patriots pass defense stands alone. How Rare Is It To Allow Just 1 Passing TD Over 7 Games? It hadn’t been done since the 2005 Bears, who pulled that off late in the season. Before them, the 2002 Bucs were the last team to do it, and the ’01 Jets, ’01 Bears, and ’00 Titans (including playoffs) are the only other teams since 2000. How Rare Is It To Intercept 18 Passes In 7 Games? It hadn’t been done in 10 years: the 2009 Bills, who allowed just 3 passing TDs and forced 18 interceptions, were the last team to pull off this trick. And it’s only been done a handful of times since 2000. How Rare Is It To Have a -17 TD/INT differential? In the decade of the 2010s, the best differential prior to the 2019 Patriots belonged to the 2011-2012 Bears, who allowed just 6 TDs and forced 17 INTs over one 7-game stretch. The last team to be at -17 or better was the 2002-2003 Bucs, who allowed just 2 passing touchdowns and forced 20 interceptions over a 7-game stretch that spanned the Super Bowl run. Before them, the 1989-1990 49ers (also spanning a Super Bowl) were the previous team, with a 1 TD/18 INT ratio matching the current Patriots. Prior to that team, the ’84 Broncos were the last team to pull this off (4/22), and the defense-happy decade of the ’70s only had two teams do this: the ’69-’70 Chiefs (5/23) and ’70-’71 Cowboys (6/23), with both of those spanning the postseason as well. That, of course, was an entirely different era. What New England is doing now is something we would have assumed impossible in the modern era. When the Legion of Boom dominated in 2013, the NFL’s TD/INT ratio was down at 1.60 to 1; yes, even that was a different era. And the best those Seahawks ever did was -10, in the final 7-game stretch of the season ending in the Super Bowl (6 TDs, 16 INTs). To be at 1/18 in this era? I would have assumed that to be impossible.
  3. The Texans will meet with cornerback E.J. Gaines on Tuesday afternoon, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter) hears. Gaines, who has 38 starts to his credit, is finally healthy and ready to play. [RELATED: Texans Acquire Conley From Raiders] Gaines returned to the Bills for a second stint in March with a one-year, $2.1MM deal, but his Buffalo return didn’t work out. In August, they were forced to place him on IR with a groin injury. He started 11 games with the 2017 Bills and was a first-stringer in the team’s wild-card game. Gaines signed with the Browns last season but only played in six games, landing on IR there as well. For his career, the 27-year-old has made 38 career starts. The majority of those starts (25) came with the Rams. The Texans just recently bolstered their CB group by trading a third-round choice to the Raiders for Gareon Conley. Conley is there to help fill the void left by Bradley Roby and Phillip Gaines’ injuries. The team may also be in store for and a lengthy Johnathan Joseph absence, so a vet like E.J. Gaines would be valuable.
  4. No way, he looked worse. At least Allen had a QBR in the double digits (24) where Darnold couldn't even get to an even 4.
  5. Yes, and there are rules like no hits below the belt, no hits on the opponent's back (especially the neck), no biting, no head butts, and no hitting the opponent once they're on the mat.
  6. I would trust that story more if it weren't coming directly from Facebook as we know where Zuckerberg's loyalty lies. He's been blowing up Conservative pages on bogus ToS violations for the last year and has even taken it further by deleting some pages I used to be on promoting memes mainly directed towards pop culture films like the Disney Star Wars and Marvel franchises. I looked at the article for any kind of screenshots or examples of what exactly was taken down but none were included. In my experience the majority of memes are user created and not the result of some Russian psyop.
  7. Well he should focus on actually CATCHING the ball when it comes his way!
  8. Damn, are they giving up on the season too? Everyone is trading so many players for picks that you'd think the 2020 Draft had all Hall-of-Famers guaranteed in the 1st round.
  9. Does this grown man have the ref in his pocket deducting points from the 7 year old for rule violations that aren't there?
  10. Thanks for tipping your hand in a game that was already over. I'm sure now teams will be aware of that for the playoffs.
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