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  1. Trump strikes back! "Probably the only thing Barack Obama and I have in common is that we both had the honour of firing Jim Mattis, the world's most overrated General. I asked for his letter of resignation and felt great about," President Trump tweeted. "..His primary strength was not military, but rather personal public relations. I gave him a new life, things to do, and battles to win, but he seldom 'brought home the bacon'. I didn't like his "leadership" style or much else about him, and many others agree. Glad he is gone!" he added.
  2. In utter humiliation, WHO forced to resume HCQ trial as the study by The Lancet found questionable WHO, the criminally incompetent organization, has restarted the HCQ trial after the study which was the basis of stopping the trials was “questioned” by scientists across the world. A study published in The Lancet, one of the world’s most respected medical journals, whose credibility is now under question after publishing the sub-standard study had claimed that consumption of HCQ actually increased the death rate among COVID-19 patients. Later, it was found that the study authored by cardiologist Mandeep Mehra, Desai, and Zurich cardiologist Frank Ruschitzka has serious data discrepancies. And now WHO has decided to resume the HCQ solidarity trial after it halted the same on May 22, day after study was published in The Lancet. Based on available data, the #COVID19 Solidarity Trial Data Safety & Monitoring Committee recommended there are no reasons to modify the trial protocol. The Executive Group endorsed the continuation of all arms of the Trial, including the use of hydroxychloroquine. https://t.co/r88DVEvZ3j pic.twitter.com/cYITShxcE7 — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (@DrTedros) June 3, 2020 “On the basis of the available mortality data, the members of the committee recommended that there are no reasons to modify the trial protocol. The Executive Group will communicate with the principal investigators in the trial about resuming the hydroxychloroquine arm of the trial,” tweeted WHO’s infamous director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. An investigation by British newspaper, The Guardian, revealed that the tiny US firm, Surgisphere, whose “handful of employees appear to include a science fiction writer and an adult-content model,” analyzed the data quoted in the study which claimed that the death rate increased among patients who were given HCQ. It is shocking that The Lancet published this study.
  3. Love how Crazy Greg keeps going with this Trump attacking Americans narrative he got programmed with from TV. Video already shows that behind the protestors were people throwing frozen water bottles and other projectiles at the police.
  4. Not horribly racist but I want to know what kind of friend he has that releases them to the media?
  5. He can't use her because in her own lawsuit initiated from OAN her own lawyer admitted that what she says is an extremely hyperbolic interpretation loosely based on facts. At least Carlson uses actual data in his monologues.
  6. It is pathetic and you know why? Because those white people are being judged on their skin color not the content of their character. Chances are they have no relation or benefited from any slave masters in the past especially if their direct line traces back to the great European migrations here in the 1900s like many of us. So how can they apologize for a dark spot in human history that has been practiced by every race, creed, religion, and color? They can't. The sad thing is that even this is not enough. If a riot were to occur later that day anyone of those people are liable to be injured or killed because no one knows that they were "one of the good whites." As many people know, once you jump through one hoop they get progressively more challenging until you can get through them anymore and then you're toast - that's PC culture in a nut shell. So let's look at why race has become such a huge issue in this country still with all of the progress we made from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. In past societies everything was setup in a caste system in which upward mobility was nearly impossible. If you were a peasant working a farm you would always be and your children and their children would always be peasants as well. That was your lot in life and you just had to accept it or migrate somewhere else. The Communists specifically targeted the grievances in these caste systems in every country they've ever gained a foothold in. Enter America. Now in this country we don't have a caste system. If you grow up a poor black boy in a ghetto you have the possibility to move up in society whether you go to college to become a lawyer, operate a small business, or hit on one of those long shot chances and become an athlete or entertainer. With such a system in place how can Communists ever gain a foothold in convincing the masses that they have no hope for utopia and leisure without them? Easy, you have to find something immutable, unchangeable about a group to convince them that this is why they aren't making it. Enter skin color. Unless you're Michael Jackson you're always going to be some other shade than white. So the narrative now becomes that there is a system of supremacy operated by the white people (most of which are lower or middle class and obviously can't change their skin color) and this is holding back anyone who isn't white. Now, the motivated POC who have worked hard and made a nice life for themselves generally won't buy this line but they are far outnumbered by the ones who haven't done jack shit with their lives and will gobble up that line like candy and those are the ones you want. The Useful Idiots. The ones that cause riots and dissension opening the door to the new system which will happily discard them once everything in place. That's what we're seeing right here with these riots. This isn't about Mr. Floyd. This is a well planned attack on Western Democracy that only needed one tiny spark to set the 20 foot high pyre ablaze. It's an attempt to subvert Democracy and American values under the guise of the new Fascism which holds false values like white supremacy, rampant racism, sexism, and other rapidly evolving isms as bonafide truths. Remember, utopia can never be achieved on earth so anyone selling you a utopic vision of the world where none of this exists and we all live in unending bliss singing Kumbaya is only using another method to control you. The world is a rough place and there is a lot of injustice out there. We can't fix it all but we can within reasonable measures try to balance it out a little. What's being proposed now is totally unreasonable and just selling you another pie-in-the-sky that inevitably makes situations worse. Sack out, be safe out there.
  7. Well I guess this diatribe sheds some light on why Mattis was fired by both Obama and Trump. At least Trump gave him a phone call before he gave him the boot unlike Obama.
  8. I guess Hipkat never heard of Waco, Ferguson, Baltimore, and this one from 2013: Police Clear Protesters Outside White House Before Obama's Speech I guess that's selective amnesia for you. I'm glad he doesn't see this because, well, he can't handle losing on a daily basis.
  9. Rosenstein agrees that by August of 2017 there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein conceded on Wednesday that by August of 2017 there was no evidence that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russians to sabotage the 2016 election, even though the investigation into that allegation would persist for another year and a half. The jaw-dropping admission came during a contentious hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is actively investigating the F.B.I.'s Crossfire Hurricane investigation that sought to uncover whether Trump campaign officials had colluded with Russian agents to sabotage the 2016 election. Addressing Rosenstein during the hearing, committee member Sen. Lindsey Graham asked him: "The whole concept, that the campaign was colluding with the Russians, there was no 'there' there in August of 2017, do you agree or not?" "I agree with the general statement," Rosenstein replied. The revelation was just one of several bombshells the former deputy attorney general delivered before the committee. Rosenstein in many cases appeared to be admitting that he himself was significantly in the dark about the F.B.I.'s early Russian investigations. At one point he claimed that former F.B.I. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe “was not fully candid with me” regarding bureau proceedings. He also told the committee he was unaware that an F.B.I. field office had recommended that Gen. Michael Flynn be dropped from the investigation. Rosenstein was asked by Graham if he knew that "in January of 2017, the F.B.I. field office said, 'we recommend General Flynn be removed'" from the F.B.I.'s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. "I did not," Rosenstein responded. "Would that have mattered?" Graham asked, to which Rosenstein responded: "Yes." Rosenstein also told senators that he would not have signed the renewal of the FISA warrant for Trump associate Carter Page if he had been aware of exculpatory information withheld from the FISA court. "If you knew then what you knew now, would you have signed the warrant application?" Graham asked him. "No, I would not," Rosenstein said.
  10. Feds investigating alleged armed disruption attempt at U.S.-Mexico border in December: Report When federal law enforcement officials last year began collecting dossiers on mostly American journalists, activists and lawyers in Tijuana involved with the migrant caravan, one part of their investigation focused on an alleged plot by a drug cartel to sell guns to protesters, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report. A Dec. 18, 2018, document from the FBI, obtained by the Union-Tribune, specifies an alleged plan for activists to purchase guns from a “Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander,” or Ivan Riebeling. The protesters wanted to “stage an armed rebellion at the border,” the FBI reported to dozens of federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Mexico. The unclassified report was provided to the Union-Tribune on the condition the person providing it would not be named, and with the request that the entire document not be shared online because of the ongoing nature of the investigation. The document warns of “anti-fascist activists” that “planned to disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border.” Two additional law enforcement officials confirmed the investigation is ongoing, although no one has been charged. “Unclassified” means information can be released to people without a security clearance, but the document was also labeled “law enforcement sensitive,” which means it was intended to be seen only by those in law enforcement. “This is an information report, not finally evaluated intelligence,” the six-page report states. “Receiving agencies are requested not to take action based on this raw reporting without prior coordination with the FBI.” The FBI sent its report with “priority” to the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Administration, among other agencies. Two people named in the report, Ivan Riebeling and Evan Duke, said the accusations are untrue and illogical.
  11. I saw a couple of videos today similar to that one. In the one video a black girl is telling the vandals to please stop because black people will be blamed for it and the other had a white lady saying to stop because their actions are only going to get Trump re-elected. Clearly the mobs don't consider the consequences of their actions.
  12. I had a co-worker named Lionel once who used to get a ton of interviews and then the employers were shocked when he showed up and was a tall white guy.
  13. Well it was addressed in the late 80's and early 90's by popular rappers at the time but it clearly didn't go anywhere.
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