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  1. I don't know if I entirely agree with the author. If anything I've seen the Leftists only double and triple down on insanity and stupidity while assuring the masses that everything is wonderful. Incredible shrinking Dems: As the left’s policies crumble, prepare for major political change Heart be still, but America is in the early stages of what could be a major political shift. On issue after issue, from soaring crime to inflation to critical race theory, Democrats and the far left are being forced to play defense because their radical policies are failing. Those policies moved to the forefront with Joe Biden’s election and the elevation of Sen. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, to budget chairman. The resulting social-justice and climate-change agenda would “totally transform America,” Biden promised. But less than a year later, the results are disastrous. The effort to reshape the nation is clashing with reality — and reality is winning. The outcome is far from certain, but developments make me an optimist. The green shoots of sanity are all around us and are verified by Biden’s collapsing poll numbers, and recent election results in Virginia and elsewhere. With apologies to Mark Twain, reports of the death of the political center were exaggerated. It is alive and well, and holding its ground against the socialist onslaught. Certainly the White House sees the trend, and is feverishly hunting for any news it can say is good. Biden called a minor dip in gasoline prices “significant” and his team released a chart showing the average price falling. True, it had — by 2 cents a gallon, after rising by more than $1.30 in the last year. The chart drew scoffs on Twitter, but the joke was lost on the Democrats’ campaign committee, which retweeted the graphic with: “Thanks, Joe Biden.” Ditto for Friday’s dismal jobs report, which the president could hail as “incredible news” only because he cited just the unemployment rate of 4.2 percent. As even Biden-friendly CNBC put it, the president “glossed over the weak” jobs total, which came to only 210,000 for November, against an estimate of more than 500,000. It was the worst month for new jobs all year–but it’s “incredible news” for a desperate White House. Under any president, there would be pushback and criticism on some policies. But Biden is taking an extra pounding because he put all his chips on extreme nostrums of the kind he scoffed at for most of his career. As a result, Calamity Joe has a staggering list of failures, and nary a success in sight. Even his vice president, Kamala Harris, is looking like a dud of historic proportions. Four people from her public relations team are leaving, as if her 28 percent approval rating is their fault. Biden is taking an additional pounding over his declining faculties. A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll found that only 40 percent of respondents agreed he “is in good health,” while 50 percent disagreed. That 10-point gap represents an enormous 29-point swing since just last year, when the same question found voters believed Biden was in good health by a 19-point margin. On that front, last week’s lowlights included the president’s tall tale about visiting Israel in 1967 and being a liaison for Prime Minister Golda Meir. Two problems: Biden was in law school in 1967 and Meir didn’t become prime minister until 1969. Not all the administration’s actions and inactions are harmless. Biden was virtually silent about the riots that rocked American cities in the summer of 2020, and still can’t give a straight answer about the continuing crime surge. Press secretary Jen Psaki even claimed Thursday the pandemic is a “root cause” of organized looting incidents. She didn’t explain how the pandemic led gangs of 30 or 40 men to use hammers and crow bars to smash windows and steal luxury dresses and jewelry. The New York Times is certainly doing its part in excuse-making. In a rush to defend the no-cash bail laws turning courthouses into revolving doors, the Times sent two reporters to Waukesha, Wis. To judge from their work, the assignment was to find an excuse in the case of Darrell E. Brooks Jr., charged with ramming his maroon Ford Escape into a Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring dozens more, many of them children. Dutifully, reporters Glenn Thrush and Shaila Dewan concluded that the measly $1,000 bail set in a previous case of violence, also involving his SUV, that put Brooks back on the street was not part of the low-bail movement, but was in fact the “result of happenstance and other factors.” With a sense of mission accomplished, the duo wrote that “The backlash raised fears that the fatal episode would set back efforts across the country geared at reducing the incarceration of poor defendants awaiting trial because they cannot afford bail.” In other words, don’t judge the policy by its failures and excesses. Only its intentions matter. Apparently the reporters never heard the maxim that the “road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Despite its obsession with race, the Times didn’t mention that Brooks is black and his victims white. Or that he previously spewed anti-white racism on social media and praised Hitler. Then again, I could find only two Times stories on the mass murder, illustrating how a story gets disappeared when the facts are inconvenient to the paper’s agenda. Fortunately, the corrupt media notwithstanding, many Americans are well-informed about the results of Biden’s presidency. Which is why I believe change is coming. Cuomo crony snooped so low Andrew Cuomo, the great corrupter, strikes again. The latest example is the story of how Cuomo cult boss Melissa DeRosa got a former aide to the former governor to secretly tape a phone call with another former aide who tweeted support of Lindsey Boylan’s claim of sexual harassment. DeRosa, according to transcripts released by the Attorney General, got Abby Collins, then a flak for the MTA, to call a woman identified only as “Kaitlin,” to see if she was allied with Boylan. Part of the ploy had Collins say she’d never heard of sexual harassment by Cuomo. “Kaitlin” didn’t know she was being taped but suspected something was up because Cuomo aides had been monitoring her LinkedIn page, she told investigators. Her lawyer, Zoe Salzman, told The Post the taping could be a crime because her client was in California at the time, which requires both parties to consent to taping. Collins now works for Goldman Sachs, which must examine her disgraceful role in the scandal, much as CNN, Time’s Up and others have done with their tainted employees. Annual ‘Bye-Bye Blas’ Day? Reader James Peaslee offers a good idea, writing: “November 25th used to be celebrated as Evacuation Day, the day when the final British troops left New York City in 1783 after their occupation during the Revolutionary War. “Maybe we should revive it and make it December 31st, to commemorate Mayor de Blasio leaving office.”
  2. In my dating life post-marriage I exclusively date female Patriots fans. Why? Because they don't care if you cheat on them! ::ba boom boom:: I'll be here all weeks folks!
  3. Could be the story going forward with the sudden resurgence of the Cheats. I actually thought it was a possibility last year but Cam Newtown sucked so hard it was impossible to give him a lift but now with the addition of their FAs and a rookie QB who isn't making many mistakes they could be in contention which screws us again. I actually think Josh Allen's popularity would be a bigger draw than Mac Jones' tiny beer belly and Belichick's curmudgeonly ways but what do I know? Also, the NFL fan base is largely sick of the Cheats after hearing about them for 20 fucking years. Are you ready for a Bucs-Patriots Super Bowl? TV execs are It may not just be chowdah-craving, Dunkin-sipping New Englanders who are rejoicing over their favorite football team’s return to prominence. The Patriots have also provided NBC executives reason to raise glasses of hazy IPA and dance along to Bon Jovi’s “This is Our House.” Thanks to a surprising six-game win streak that has catapulted them to the top of their division, the Patriots have established themselves as a threat to emerge from the AFC playoffs. That means the Super Bowl matchup that could draw the biggest TV audience this February is suddenly a realistic and tantalizing possibility. Tampa Bay versus New England. Tom Brady versus Bill Belichick. “It’s absolutely the dream Super Bowl,” said Patrick Crakes, an ex-Fox Sports executive turned media consultant. Jay Rosenstein, a former CBS Sports vice president of programming, echoed that, arguing that only a Super Bowl pitting the Dallas Cowboys against a marquee AFC team could rival Brady against Belichick from a TV viewership perspective. Brady would be seeking back-to-back Super Bowl victories in Tampa Bay and further validation that his golden arm was the driving force behind the Patriots dynasty. Belichick would be aiming to prove he can win a championship without his longtime quarterback and that his tactical brilliance was more essential. “The storylines,” says Rosenstein, “would write themselves.” When Brady’s Buccaneers bested Belichick’s Patriots in their first-ever regular season matchup eight weeks ago, a Super Bowl rematch did not seem likely. This was a New England team that was 8-11 since jettisoning Brady, was starting an unproven rookie quarterback and was behaving like a team in the midst of a rebuild. Only three days after the loss to the Bucs, the Patriots dumped two-time all-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore in exchange for a 2023 sixth-round draft pick. How did the Patriots (8-4) so quickly go from rebuilding to revival? No single player nor position group deserves all the praise. Give credit to a ball-hawking defense that Belichick has molded into one of the NFL’s best; to a two-headed backfield that has taken pressure off Mac Jones; and to a poised, efficient rookie quarterback who every week is becoming more assertive in the huddle and more confident throwing the ball downfield. New England’s plus-146 point differential this season leads the NFL. Only the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals are also above plus-100. Entering Sunday’s first of two AFC East showdowns against Buffalo, the Patriots are +450 to win the AFC, according to BetMGM. The Chiefs (+350) and Bills (+400) are the only teams with slightly better odds. As New England has climbed into the AFC title picture, Tampa Bay has entrenched itself as the favorite to emerge from the NFC. Buoyed by a high-powered offense that has outscored every other NFL team, the Bucs (8-3) have a stranglehold on first place in the NFC South and remain in contention to claim their conference’s top seed. At +240, according to BetMGM, Tampa Bay has the best odds to make the Super Bowl of any NFC team. Only the Packers (+325) and Cardinals (+400) are close. Further back are the Rams (+550) and the Cowboys (+600). Football Outsiders estimates a 14.8% chance of a Brady-Belichick Super Bowl. No other potential matchup has a higher probability. That’s good news for NBC, according to Crakes and Rosenstein, because Patriots-Buccaneers meets a lot of the criteria for an appealing Super Bowl. While another two weeks of fawning pregame coverage of Brady and Belichick might be eye-roll-inducing for fans of rival teams, the storylines and star power are likely to draw in a casual audience. “The Super Bowl is the biggest general-market viewing event in the country,” Crakes said. “To really drive big numbers, you need the casual person to be interested." “Brady is a national brand. The Patriots under Belichick are a national brand. Market size certainly matters, but these teams will attract more than enough viewers in the biggest markets. Everyone who is a casual football fan would watch Tom Brady play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.” If the NFL playoffs do culminate with a Brady vs. Belichick Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean NBC should expect to break viewership records. People have more entertainment options than ever before, from broadcast and cable television, to social media, to Netflix and other streaming services. Increased media fractionalization means that some would-be viewers may watch less of the game and others might choose to catch the buzzy highlights and commercials on their Twitter or YouTube feeds instead of sitting through four hours of football. Until the past few years, the Super Bowl had been largely immune to those issues. At least 106 million people watched every game from 2010 to 2017, according to Sports Media Watch, with viewership peaking at north of 114 million in 2015 when Malcolm Butler’s goal-line interception clinched New England’s 28-24 win over Seattle. In 2018, the TV audience dipped to just over 103 million. In 2019, it sank below 100 million for the first time in just over a decade. Last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping fans from gathering at home and forcing the game to be played inside a less-than-half-full stadium, Super Bowl viewership plunged to just over 91 million. Experts aren’t certain how much bounce-back to expect from this season’s Super Bowl, but Rosenstein and Crakes agree that an attractive matchup can only help. Rosenstein predicted some sort of Brady vs. Belichick ratings bump but admitted, “Whether it’s 1%, 5%, 10%, it’s hard to say.” Crakes said that a Buccaneers-Patriots Super Bowl should produce an audience that exceeds 100 million — maybe more if it’s a tight game with a memorable finish. “You could see it get to 110 million,” Crakes said, “but we’d need an all-time classic.” What does a highly rated Super Bowl mean to a network’s bottom-line? It’s more complicated than the idea of a Brinks truck backing up to NBC’s loading dock should the Brady-Belichick matchup come to fruition or the Cowboys return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1996. Most advertising units are sold months before the Super Bowl. Networks typically only hold a few spots until closer to game day in hopes that a particularly enticing matchup might drive up the price. At the same time, it’s not as if TV networks have no reason to hope for big audiences. If a Super Bowl is a flop that doesn’t meet the minimum viewership guaranteed by the network, the network could owe a “make-good” to advertisers in the form of future free advertising. Conversely, if a Super Bowl pulls in a massive rating, it means selling ads in future years will be easier, the network’s own promotional spots will reach more people and whatever show follows the game will also do a big number. And then, of course, there’s one more important benefit for a network whose Super Bowl brings in a bigger-than-expected rating. “Bragging rights for a week,” Rosenstein joked. “Puffed-out chests. A little ego stroking.” Indeed, TV networks certainly aren’t above a self-congratulating press release. And a Brady vs. Belichick Super Bowl could be NBC’s best chance.
  4. What the Cheats always do, rely on on the defense, running game, and timely refereeing!
  5. Then there's THIS. Bear in mind that this woman's voice is in children's movies like Wreck-It Ralph.
  6. It must be this crap movie. On another note, Paul Joseph Watson, eviscerates Rogen's latest outing. Of course YouTube deleted it so you have to watch it here. Seth Rogen in Public Meltdown Over Crap Santa Inc. Reviews
  7. Mac & Freeze: Patriots QB Jones set to play in coldest game of career vs. Buffalo Bills “Be ready, it might be chilly.” The words uttered last season by Buffalo Bills legend Steve Tasker may as well be a direct message to New England Patriots QB Mac Jones. When Jones steps foot into Highmark Stadium on Monday night, the Patriots QB will be playing in the coldest game of his career. Jones played high school football in Jacksonville, Florida and college football in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. According to 98.5 The Hub, the average temperatures in December in both locations are respectively 57 degrees in Jacksonville and 48 degrees in Tuscaloosa. Needless to say, the quarterback is not used to playing in cold weather. During his time at Alabama, the coldest game that Jones played in took place last year in a December game at Arkansas. At kickoff, the game was a brisk 36 degrees. The Crimson Tide would roll to a 52-3 win, but all of their scores came on the ground. Jones finished the matchup 24-of-39 for 208 yards. Jones will be playing in many cold games as a member of the Patriots and that began last week when the team took on the Tennessee Titans. Temperatures fell into the mid-30s during the Week 12 contest, but the cold did not seem to phase Jones much, if at all. The quarterback completed 23-of-32 passes for 310 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions in the 36-13 win. There were two passes that should have been intercepted and one bad miss to a wide open Hunter Henry for six, but it’s unknown how much of a factor the weather played into those throws. According to Jones, the weather against Tennessee was not much of a concern. “The practice helps and that was not as bad as it’s going to be obviously and it’s a mindset thing and Coach Belichick always tells us to get what you need on and be prepared and then don’t complain about it because it is what it is,” Jones told the New England media. “It’s just a mindset. Obviously it will get worse and we’ll continue to figure it out and work through it.” While Jones passed his first NFL cold weather test, Monday night’s matchup at Highmark Stadium will be the coldest game of his career if the forecast does not change. According to Weather.com, the temperature will be around 27 degrees at kickoff with the possibility of 20-30 mph winds. How Jones handles the elements on Monday night will play a big factor in determining the outcome of the primetime matchup and possibly the division in 2021.
  8. camp australia: the brochure vs reality are deceptive advertising laws a thing in australia? (asking for 25 million friends) we start here with the brochure for “everything is lovely” from claire lehmann. but these are clearly staged. these are members of the olympic team taking contrived shots and posing in (relatively) pampered happiness quite possibly because they’re told to. it is, literally, a set of instagram shots from august. believing these is like believing that everyone on a carnival cruise ship looks like ryan reynolds and not like a bacon sculpture of a bison from the missouri state fair. certain question arise such as “why would one feel a need to escape from such an idyll?” perhaps because, predictably, reality turns out to be somewhat different: the inmates sound a tad restless… reality is a creepy duck faced bureaucrat telling you you have to stay in your hutch or face fines and worse. there is no reasoning. it does not have to make sense. there just have to be lines drawn. and you’d better stay inside them. (watch the video, hear it yourself. then imagine a world 20 years ago where only claire’s take would ever see the light of day…) having had a negative test for covid is no defense. you’re sent here, against your will, for possible exposure, and held until released. those chain link fences are not for your safety. there’s no process, no appeal, not even any real standard. watching these erstwhile jailers act smugly magnanimous as though they are swell folks for not fining her for a first offense is more than a bit uncomfortable. it hearkens to all manner of dark, rotten places in the human psyche where the bad guys cast themselves as heroes. “we’re all just doing the right thing, yeah?” this is what the banality of evil looks like. “it’s not me, i’m just following the rules. the ins and out have nothing to do with me.” i mean, oh my godwin, does this remind anyone else of some notably unsuccessful past defenses on such topics? and what are we to make of claire? is she some aussie walter duranty, carrying filthy water and publishing propaganda to hide the truth about the rights records of regimes? (don’t forget, duranty won the pulitzer for his outright fabrications about soviet success and for masking their famine and oppression while cheering on political show trials as a brave defense of the stalinist state. there is a rich history of authoritarian journalism.) at least duranty was colorful. claire seems simply bland and banal in her mischaracterization, more amoral advertising intern than mad genius. it’s also possible that she was really just this genuinely gullible and mistook an instgram stage prop for reality. but it shows you how the media gets sucked into the magnetic field of powerful politicians and how, to curry favor and access, the mediocre and grand alike among them seek to toe and expand upon the party line. and the edge-lording handwaving of “this is not auschwitz therefore it’s not evil/authoritarian/a fundamental violation of rights/etc” goes on. this form of strawmanning works very well. this awful thing is not THAT awful thing therefore it is not AN awful thing. it’s a logical fallacy, but it’s great rhetoric. well, until you get called on it. the australian camps ARE concentration camps. they are just not auschwitz or belsen. (though boy are they trotting out a similar set of justifications and one might legitimately raise some slippery slope issues here…) perhaps they are more like what the US did to the japanese during ww2 or 20 other historical examples. perhaps one might argue “we’re just taking your freedom for 2 weeks!” stop me if you’ve heard THAT one before… but this hardly renders them benign and to post bikini frolic photos of them to make it look like club med seems the far more misleading and dishonest of the takes. i struggle to believe that claire did not know what she was doing. a genuine press should be hostile to politicians. they should challenge and find fault. this is the duty and the calling of the 4th estate. alas, this sort of muckracking has been deader than disco for decades. we’re seeing the late stage devolution of the media as they regress from being wolves to lapdogs. but this just opens up that portion of the ecosystem to new entrants to play the same role. media outlets are playing the propaganda game from decades ago and cannot seem to learn that they are not the only ones who get to speak anymore. and it only serves to hasten their demise as they rush and clamor to set what tattered remnants of their credibility remain on fire. the dinosaurs die as clever little proto mammals feed on their eggs and grow strong and multiply. they may stomp around all they like, but they will never catch us. we are too nimble and too quick. we are fruitful while they are barren. this is why the future is ours. help push this process along and regain a functioning infosphere because there is one thing that you can know for certain: when the state and the media start riding around in the same car, it will inevitably and always be driven right over we the people…
  9. Oh look, it's very popular on IMDB with a 1.1 rating. How many white supremacists does that equal? Perhaps Christians just don't like their traditions being shit on by secular comedians.
  10. Anyone seen the trailer for this sack of shit? It's an anti-Christian pro-feminist holiday special that kicks Santa in the balls and says he should be replaced with a bitchy, purple, female elf. last time I checked it had over 40K dislikes and the comment section (which has since been deleted by YouTube) was totally hilarious and wildly inappropriate. I don't know what kind of reaction they thought they were going to get out of this. Typically Rogen responds and says if you don't like his show you're a taco supremacist. These guys never learn. Sorry dude weed man you're not going to try and hide behind some racial nonsense to escape the Frankenstein you created. Imagine if he did one on any other religion kicking one of their saints squarely in the nuts?
  11. Oh he was no doubt fed that line in his earpiece but regardless that info came from HIS staff who no doubt go it from the "experts" like Fauci that they deal with. Either way it was just another lie to convince people to get this shot.
  12. 100% true. In fact, here's the transcript for @HipKat: Remarks by President Biden in a CNN Town Hall with Don Lemon But again, one last thing. I — we don’t talk enough to you about this, I don’t think. One last thing that’s really important is: We’re not in a position where we think that any virus — including the Delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of non — unvaccinated people — the vi- — the various shots that people are getting now cover that. They’re — you’re okay. You’re not going to — you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations. Yet another Biden lie, I feel he's far surpassed that 3 gabillion lies Trump supposedly told in office and Biden's have been big huge juicy Whopper lies too.
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