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  1. What i didn't miss, and what you and your gay lover failed to realize is the little dig you threw in mocking how "sad" you were that stimulus wasn't coming, and that it was too bad. Trump has the money and said he'd put it up himself if he needed it. His rallies are huge ad buys that are likely more effective. The real story is you guys happiness over the countries misery. You're sad individuals that deserve a good bitch slap like the hoes that you are
  2. So Frawk is happy that people that are suffering aren't getting help because "oRanGE mAn BaD" The Democrat party is one of unity and decency 🤣😂
  3. Yeah...because the career politicians like Biden give a damn about you. Dumb as dumb can be
  4. Weird how Biden has no rallies and gets lots of money. And they do sell merchandise and take/set up donations there, so it does produce money
  5. Nothing worse than a weasel that looks to profit over a tragedy that he played a major role in. New Yorkers know this and they won't forget.
  6. This is true, sadly. I honestly believe he's compromised and is a threat to our national security. We must put our faith in GOD and trust his plan...even if it doesn't make sense to you or me.
  7. You will be celebrating a man that sold his service to our country out to enrich himself and his family should he get in office. You will also celebrate a man in the white house that has been bought and paid for by foreign nations. A national security threat at our highest position in government. This country will change for the worse and may never return, but you'll be happy. You're a disgrace to this country and in a just world you'd be dealt with appropriately for betraying your country and fellow man. I really wish you were right, FTR. I'd happily be wrong and a complete fool if it meant this country remains the proud and free land it is supposed to be. I've done the research and I've listened to both candidates over and over and I've checked their plans. One is real and you can see it and feel it. The other is hiding, repeating falsehoods, flip flopping, and not giving answers on vital issues. I'm truly sorry that your TDS has made you oblivious to this...it's one of the saddest things that can happen to a person to be blinded to such things. I will be able to live with myself with my choice because of all these reasons and more. The side of history you choose to be on is something that matters alot to me, and I stand on the side where we respect the flag, condemn the division and crime, and where our liberties and freedoms are respected and honored. I pray for everyone that in the end America chooses the best option for the people. Career, corrupt politicians are not for the people.
  8. It's actually less in battleground states from what I have seen. I'm feeling good about it
  9. Not a chance, bud. Maybe your disability is more detrimental than you realize
  10. They will do whatever they feel necessary to never relinquish control again...that is their aim, and this is why nobody should support loser Dems anymore.
  11. Well said, sir! I sometimes forget how screwed up this place really is
  12. His plan is awful and will kill the economy and hurt families in the pocketbooks with an average of $6500 per family lost. No worries for China Joe and his buddies though...they'll keep profiting off of us whether here or in foreign countries. Vote for Biden and you deserve the pain that will follow
  13. The Bills broke Sean long ago. The poster you now know is too far gone to post good material
  14. Hipkat is for fudge packing...especially with that gay Frawk
  15. Russian disinformation and interference 🤣😂 Maybe the third time will be the charm?🤔🧐 When will you guys realize you've been played and were taken for fools? Can you own it now and do what's right, or will you carry on claiming the next piece of bullshit?
  16. You are as desperate as Adam Schiff and his buddies in DC that are going down in flames. Trump has run a great campaign on the ground registering new voters, while many have left the loser Dem party because they don't believe in law and order and have proven to be hateful and divisive as well as the not believing in GOD or respecting the flag. The number is well over half a million in Pa alone. Loser Dems lose. We keep winning, winning, WINNING!
  17. https://ussanews.com/News1/2020/10/19/hunter-bidens-laptop-is-not-some-russian-disinformation-campaign-dni-ratcliffe-slams-schiff/ DNI says no evidence laptop isn't authentic and not Russian disinformation. No escape for loser Dems and their puppets on this board
  18. Fake news! Russian disinformation!🤣😂 It's actually spot on, but loser Dems are gonna do what they do and look stupid in the process.
  19. Meat, Hip, and Frawk have trapped themselves saying this is conspiracy theory. They are done now because it's absolutely true, and this means they were the fools that believed what they were fed by the mainstream media while mocking others. It's standard practice for Hip and Frawk to swing and miss, but Meat has now joined the loser Dem club. They're all shot...just like Sleepy Joe
  20. https://dailycaller.com/2020/10/16/joe-biden-touts-trade-union-boilermakers-endorsement-town-hall/ This guy comes on national TV and says shit that has no basis in reality. Kinda like his supporters that keep claiming the other guy is the liar while getting caught at every turn Loser Dem tactics
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