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  1. Don't hold them accountable Also Don't be surprised when things like this are unleashed onto the world.
  2. But, remember...it's all a conspiracy, and our government officials care about us and would never do us wrong. Says idiots like F8 and Greg the flaming faggott
  3. But you know about other sources? LOL Sheep
  4. Predictable response, and completely worthless, as usual. Moving on...
  5. If Hipkat can say project Veritas and the federal employee who identified herself is corrupt, then it's fair play to discredit other sources as well. When people stop attacking the source and rebutt the information instead, then maybe we can actually get somewhere. Still unlikely since it's you we are dealing with, but that's where we are at here.
  6. There's plenty of evidence to support what people like myself are skeptical about. You'd be better served questioning things, but my guess is you are scared your fragile brain wouldn't be able to handle such inconvenient and harsh truths, so you choose cognitive dissonance instead. The definition of a coward is what the majority of you folks are now.
  7. The whole point of this thread is that places like the nurses union are corrupt and not doing what they should be. And I have seen many nurses and doctors retire or quit due to these mandates. I think that should raise some eyebrows in itself, but I digress.
  8. Ironically enough...Joe brought himself to say these words.
  9. This is what sheep that have no legimate retort do, and you do it every single time. I take it as you conceding the point, to be quite honest. Oh, and the irony of you claiming Veritas as corrupt as fuck when they have been exposing corruption is not lost.
  10. I don't know what to say to people that can't see what this is and has truly been about. Everyone should be on the same page with this, but we are not, and that is why we are still stuck under this tyranny and corruption. I guess as long as your political party is the ones in charge of the corruption and tyranny, it's ok.
  11. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/knw63MFWgIYA #CovidVaxExposed Must watch video with Federal employee showing how her hospital is covering up the reporting of adverse events from the vaccine.
  12. LOL Let's start with the last sentence. My vaccine won't work unless you get one, too. The logic of idiots. As for the flu...they stopped testing for it, knucklehead. Masks didn't play any role in it whatsoever...try again. As for data...what data is there that shows the long term effects? Is there a control group like there is supposed to be? The answer is no to both those. And when I compare those factors against my 99.7% chance of survival, I think I'd stick to what I know, plus I'd rather have the more robust natural immunity should I contract C19 (might already have). And as far as long term symptoms...we could have long term side effects from the jab...nobody knows at this point in time. The last and best part of all is saying I'm a bitch and to "nut up". Of all the things I've dealt with in my life, to even suggest that I'm scared of a fucking needle stick is pure gold. I grew up in an area where you wouldn't even dare to drive through, pumpkin. I have spent time with people in places that would make you wet yourself just being there or in the presence of these people. And I won't even speak on the things I did in my life before my family, but rest assured I've seen and done enough living than most others. You my friend are a fucking clown and I get great laughs from reading your clown posts. Later
  13. The Big Lies are that Sippy Cup got 81 million votes and that C19 didn't come from the Wuhan lab. You're gonna be crushed once those things become indisputable, and they will in time.
  14. Did you care about the flu? The numbers have been on par with C19 at times, so have you told people to get vaxxed or mask up so you won't die? Rhetorical question...don't waste your keystrokes. Here's something I think you might have not figured out yet...people die. There are diseases, sicknesses, murders, drugs, alcohol, abortion, and yes, viruses. This is unfortunately part of life. It has always been and always will be. Nature will run it's course, and you must learn to accept the fact that millions die every year. We mourn those that die, but we understand that you aren't promised tomorrow and we live life in accordance. Nut up, motherfucker! I've posted why I'm not taking this "vaccine" and until someone provides me with the facts and data that supports me and my family taking it, I will decline. I see no need to take unnecessary risk when someone of my age and health will likely be fine. I've spoken with numerous people that regret taking the vax and they haven't felt the same since they took it. This is my choice and my right. Fuck all the way off with telling myself or anyone to take that shit.
  15. That's actually not what the CDC has stated, but ok LOL And FYI...masks don't work. The data is and has been there to support that. Properly worn N95 masks are the only thing that has any real effect. And remember, survival rate still stands at 99% for people under 70. You and the media's fear porn is pathetic and speaks to the agenda I told you about in my previous post. You're not nearly as bright as you'd like to believe, kid.
  16. I know you are a sheep who chooses to believe in masks and unproven gene therapy that hasn't lived up to what they originally claimed and has no long term data, so your health is already jeopardized. Un American is someone saying they will dance on someone's grave. Un American is saying take something or else. Un American is watching your corrupt government and media operate as such and shilling for them because it suits your political agenda. I didn't threaten anything...I'm simply telling you what the people have done before and will do again if their liberties and freedoms are infringed upon past the point where they can turn the other cheek. If you feel threatened, then maybe you have a guilty conscience. Such a shame
  17. Americans like myself that watch what they put in their body and take care of themselves in all aspects will outlive chumps like you every time and we'll also live better. So the reality is we'll be the ones watching you get put in the ground because you were foolish and didn't use your brain to take care of yourself and make decisions that actually make sense instead of letting a completely corrupt government that hates you influence life decisions only you should make. Plus I would never be as scummy to say I'd dance on people's graves or wish ill on other's...that says more about you and your libtard cohorts than anything. It bears repeating...leftist homos aren't true Americans anymore. They have devolved into terrible people that are fueled by misery, hate, division, and a need for power at any cost. Enemies of the people will be dealt with accordingly. Not because we want to, but because that will be what is required to ensure liberty and freedom. Tread lightly is my message to those people
  18. 45 and tens of millions of Americans believe the election was stolen and that Sippy Cup is illegitimate. Leftist homos continue to fail to prove it was not and therefore continue to let the country be divided and for the Biden regime to have tremendously low support and enthusiasm. More evidence to support the stolen election is incoming as well, so expect things to keep plummeting until we get answers.
  19. You were all about masks not too long ago. You play politics. I use my own logic, research and thinking skills to make my choices. LOL @ anyone that thinks someone makes poor health choices cause of their political beliefs. Only someone as dumb as Greg the flaming faggott would even consider such a ridiculous notion
  20. People wised up and decided not to fall into another FED trap. Well done, Patriots! As for MAGA waning? LMAO Wait and see
  21. I've known more people that have gotten covid within a week of getting the ahot this past month than I have people who got covid that were unvaxxed in the past year. Believe what you will, but I know the media is unreliable by and large when it comes to C19.
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