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  1. I think we need to make a snowflake rule that bans sissy posters that can't handle the internet Who's with me?
  2. That family has some serious issues. Serious issues means lots of dirt and corruption amongst other things. Who the hell knows how deep in this they are!? Joe has been in this game nearly 50 years and is tied to so many including Kamala. Blackmail and bribery are almost guaranteed at this point. Coons has to be in deep as well. I have no words for what Joe and Hunter have appeared to have done to his daughter. Anything to be part of that swamp, huh Chris? As our president likes to say...these people are SICK! And people like Hip want them to be our leaders. Think about that
  3. You know how you are deserving of the presidency? If you actually do your job and get things done. Trump checked that box, and he did it more than any of the guys you probably declared were more deserving. He kept more promises than any president I've seen and proved more people wrong than you could probably count. Ignorance doesn't excuse you if we lose this great country, and what we say to you now will forever haunt you should it come to be. I don't wish that on anyone, but there is a price to be paid for actions or even inactions that lead to horrible things.
  4. This should concern everyone regardless the outcome. This POS clearly wants to implement his deep state agenda NOW and not a minute later. They probably bought Biden long ago to do whatever the hell they want. One thing I can promise is that if America falls, it will be with tens of millions of us fighting like nothing they've ever seen. Hip and his buddies can live in the FEMA camp until they decide they have no value and are exterminated. Pray for a different outcome
  5. Deny up until the point it's no longer possible. Then just say who cares Loser Dem tactics
  6. You're butterball looking ass would get stomped out easily if I ever felt the need. But since your just a pathetic, brainwashed middle aged man living in mom's basement, I feel no such need. Not even a warm up for me, my man🤣😂
  7. This really says everything you need to know about this bozo and Biden supporters in general. Fools that don't even care about who they vote for...as long as it's not the boogeyman they have been brainwashed into believing exists when in reality he's been great for the country. No belief in their candidate...no logical thinking ability, no legitimately research into the issues...really just stupid, lazy, and filled with rage and hate. These people simply don't care about America...at least not enough to see past the bullshit and look at the man's record...a man that was an outsider that had little knowledge of how things were on the inside, and he's done incredible when you take this into account along with not being treated fairly or even with respect in many cases. Trump showed how much can be done in office in one term while being viciously attacked and without any help from Dems, and it literally blows away anything any other president accomplished in recent memory. Obama failed miserably in 8 years vs Trumps four. Only a jackass would take back corrupt, career politicians over Trump. Sad thing is there are quite a few like him out there that hold this awful view
  8. You're buddy Hip is already trying to get me banned, so I'll choose not to take the bait here in case you are a co conspirator. I'm more of a lover as opposed to a fighter anyways...
  9. They want a one party system. That is exactly what will happen if they achieve their goal
  10. I can tell you what side wins this battle if it comes to it. Part of me kinda hopes it does...
  11. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/coyotes-dawg-liberals-unfamiliar-with-term-mock-trump-for-using-coyote-to-describe-smugglers-at-border I'd bet anything Hip and Frawk reacted similarly🤣😂
  12. The brilliance of Hip and Frawk Memes is their greatest form of attack The difference between them and children are negligible
  13. And for someone who is so concerned with Covid and what it's doing to people, don't ya think we should put these new green ideas on the backburner? I would say let's get everything back on track like it was before China sent the virus over, and then we can try to figure out these complex issues that could disrupt things again and hurt the economy worse.
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