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  1. Just read through this entire thing. Meathead is bang on and completely served just about everyone else here, and I'm glad he did, just as I'm glad he says the things that many are unwilling to say but is TRUTH. Jungle...I used to think you were a good poster, and I could be ok with some of what you have said here, but when you carry on about Trump (not the topic whatsoever) it pretty much negates any point you tried to make. We get it...you despise Trump. Leave it the fuck out of every convo. I would state my own personal feelings, but Meathead did a much better job than I ever could, so I will just echo most of what he said. Blacks that hold onto these feelings that they have been wronged and deserve or are owed something by others are only holding themselves back. It's a useless mindset, and in this day and age most of us have moved past racism and have nothing to do with how they were treated. Blacks that wanna act out with violence and criminal behavior regardless of the situation are holding themselves back and only reinforcing what many believe which is that blacks are more violent and cannot act properly...especially when in groups. Blacks are also afforded immunity when it comes to being racists themselves. How many times have you heard the word "white cracker" thrown around? Use the N word and all bets are off. Bad cops are prevelant in America. Many things need to change...not only in regards to law enforcement, but to the justice system as well. It's a major problem that hurts us as a country. The media continues to create a divide between us because we are strongest together united as one. Playing the racism card is the oldest and apparently the most effective trick in the book. I haven't seen or heard a single person defend the cops in this thing...not one, not anywhere. Yet here we are back to blacks are being killed and it's because THEY want to kill us. It's a damn shame we keep getting suckered by those in power over and over again, and it ensures the demise of society so long as this continues.
  2. They should've explored bringing in someone that could really push/possibly beat out Josh for the starting QB position. I think Allen will show much more improvement again this season, but we shouldn't rely on simply Allen...not only because he's not a sure bet, but because he could also go down with injury, and we don't have anyone that can win a game behind him. And as far as McDermott goes...he better worry about not coaching like Dick Jauron in games and play to win instead of to not lose.
  3. OP is a simpleton of the highest order. Moronic takes run rampant around here...
  4. More stupidity again by you, Sean. More draft capital in rounds 1-3 has been used for offense than defense since McDermott and Beane have arrived, and the same with free agents. You are completely off base, and are parroting a narrative that just isn't true. The Bills need to get better offensively, and I think they are headed in that direction, but whether or not they succeed in doing so it will not be because they have put more resources into defense. Time to retire your awful take
  5. There's no way I can believe that this was the best offer...it's doesn't matter what the Texans say. This trade has been universally laughed at everyone. Any team would've offered just as much if not more. Then they claim it was a money move, but they took back a RB making 10 mil? Complete BS The whole story will come out eventually. I suspect BoB did a friend in the Cards organization for a favor for a player he was at odds with.
  6. What's this "rich" package of picks nonsense? It's nothing of the sort. We gave up a late first which probably wouldn't have been enough to get a true difference maker (Diggs is that). Then we gave up a late 5th and a 6th...not rich at all, especially when you got those picks from fleecing other teams and you still have a 5th and two 6ths. And a 4th next year is gonna be a late 4th which equates to a 5th since it's a year out. The only pick that hurt to give up was the 1st, but that's a fair price for a top 5 wideout in his prime.
  7. So you wanted to dive right in like those model franchises like Miami and Cleveland? Such a bad take by you
  8. Using the Clowney play as an example is kinda stupid. It really wasn't an egregious tackle. Wentz is running which makes him a RB, and as he's diving headfirst, Clowney starts to go down to make the tackle. He comes down with shoulder to his back and his helmet contacts Wentz, but it wasn't anything vicious. It looks worse in slow mo, but even then it's not bad. The call on Ford was clearly worse and to fine him after they made that shit call and killed the Bills drive in OT takes some serious cahones from these clowns.
  9. "Fans" like you are the absolute worst. There's absolutely no reason to have a take like this...especially after seeing improvement from year one to year two. The kid is super intelligent and a tireless worker who wants to do everything possible to win, but yet you claim this is "who he is", and will not get better. You've already been proven wrong, so I'm glad you are at least sticking to your terrible opinion. With that being said...real fans will be cheering on a kid who's given us glimpses of being great that he continues to trend up while turds like you will bang the drum of negativity. Shameful, really
  10. McDermott has a LONG way to go before he's a great coach. He's simply average in my opinion at this point in time.
  11. I don't see Trubisky in Allen at all. The comparison is moronic, really. Get back to us after next season
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