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  1. The funny thing is that you think IGAF about this place. I've said it before, and this is now the last time...I was only here because I had more freedom to discuss shit I wanted to discuss. This is a trash board for Bills fans, so it has little else going for it. There's a few posters that are quality, but they are a rare breed here. I wish them the best, and I encourage them to let the demented losers like Hip and Hal 🤣 to destruct on their own...they deserve their pathetic lives. But for me, banning me over a VERY suspect interpretation of threatening another poster is a deal breaker for me...especially when the person that enforced it has an agenda and has made his personal feelings about me very apparent. I will simply move on before I subject myself to having to tiptoe around someone that has a burning desire to feel as if they are relevant on a message board, and uses me as their whipping boy...nope, not a chance. I witnessed this person and many others attack me after they knew I was banned where I couldn't respond. To all of those posters, you're a bunch of weasels and cowards. But that's expected given the state of this place and the clowns that reside here. FTR, I am pretty much the antithesis of a redneck as I was raised in a very diverse community and school system, so yeah...idiots that know nothing have solidified their status with that one. In closing...everyone that was against me can blow me. You're all what makes this place the trash site it is.
  2. This is exactly the personality that has been missing from this side Bravo!
  3. They have abandoned logic and common sense, and have turned their back on their country and real Americans because of TDS Imagine somebody that you don't even know being able to inflict that much mental damage to you?! These clowns are some of the weakest, most emotional and easily triggered people on the planet to allow such a thing to dominate them and their life. They will fall like domino's when the time comes
  4. Spoken like a true HOMO Keep those things between yourself and the clown car posse.
  5. It came out yesterday And it's fraud...plain and simple. Whether a court determines to take further action doesn't make it less of a fact that this is clear evidence that the dominion machines cannot be counted on to provide election results.
  6. https://newstalk1130.iheart.com/featured/common-sense-central/content/2020-12-14-dem-state-senator-claims-indefinite-confinement-is-not-confined-to-home/?fbclid=IwAR2PDfd8UN6ehheflfLqSb01hFvas-HvJwxanpLWHoCA8wY5vasErIbxSXg Wisconsin Senator that is one of the electors actually lied herself like 250,000 others that broke Wisconsin law regarding how to vote. So much fraud
  7. Go read this forensics report that the Governor was withholding until yesterday and tell me there was no fraud and that we shouldn't be demanding the forensic analysis on all Dominion voting machines. It was a fraud, and once you guys admit it, I will start taking you seriously as giving a shit about our country.
  8. Joe Biden would not get a top level security clearance at this point. He's neck deep in corruption along with his entire family...and it's with our greatest enemy the CCP which sent us the virus...you know, the thing that all these clowns here talk about and make such a fuss about. Where is there outrage against them and that the Bidens are clearly in bed with them? Is it ignorance? Is it TDS? You guys can't avoid answering these questions forever. Banking on Beijing Biden burying it might be a bad bet. Time will tell
  9. If you question who's on the side of the president and our country, then you probably missed this You must think our military is also wrong if you take that stance. As I said...TDS morons are enemies of the state and should be treated as such...ignorance and stupidity be damned. Not a good enough excuse
  10. I play him like a fiddle finely towing the line and expose him as the little baby/tattletale/snitch that he is. Chess vs Checkers when dealing with the TDS clown car posse 🤡
  11. You can try and make up threats that were never said, but that doesnt make it true. I simply accepted Fraudks challenge and said meet me at a Bills game. This guy wants to challenge me and my character also, so I also invited him. Meathead may eventually ban me because he is a TDS junkie like you and can't handle posters that go against his beliefs...just like those Dems that don't respect someone else's POV and believe there should be punishment for opposing them. I'm here until I'm not...it's of little consequence to me at the end of the day. I must however laugh at how desperate you are to run to your big brother and beg him for help because I bully the shit out of you here. Fingers crossed that you get lucky
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