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  1. Well TBF...the poll you cited sampled nearly double the amount of Dems as opposed to Republicans. Also, Quinnipiac was really bad on their polling numbers for the previous two elections, so there's that. Factor in that the WH website has disabled comments on Bidens videos, and YouTube removed high numbers of dislikes, and all indications are that people aren't very positive on Sleepy Joe. I'll go with common sense on this one and say the 59% approval rating is BS
  2. One thing we can agree on. I'd argue his partisanship is simply valid criticism of that side of the aisle, but I'm not really interested in that debate if I'm being honest.
  3. Ok...what's your point? You didn't go on record saying you agree or anything stating your position, retard. Show some actual brain activity and I'll give you credit. Haven't seen it yet
  4. I am good with anyone that makes legitimate points and he's done his fair share of it recently. Posters like Hipshit could learn something from this guy, but TDS has them completely off the rails.
  5. Looks like McCarthy is gonna push on this, too. Anyone that took exception to Trump and what they claimed was inciting an insurrection (falsely) is a complete fraud if they don't condemn her and call for her removal. And she's done this before as well, so she's a repeat inciter that is fanning flames where riots and division are at a fever pitch. What a disgrace this lunatic is
  6. A halfwit is a half more than your empty noggin, chief. Can't wait for your canned response calling me a pathetic MAGAT The work of a true genius
  7. Shitposter is shitposter to me They all land in the dumpster at the end of the day
  8. They closed gyms, closed legitimate places to eat, told you to stay indoors...all while keeping fast food open. These people have been working against the best interests of people in terms if health. You've been played
  9. He does have some quality posts on the racial stuff. It's quite unfortunate he fails to get it with everything else. Me thinks the TDS got the best of him and has clouded his brain on other matters.
  10. Was grocery shopping today, and I lost count of how many people were fidgeting and adjusting their masks. Meanwhile in places like Texas, they are enjoying no mask mandates and the numbers are at record lows since the "pandemic" started. I've read the best info for and against the masks. That combined with the evidence in places open vs locked down lead me to conclude masks make no difference and may actually be making things worse. But losers like Hal will pretend they know better and try to shame you here. Fuck sheep
  11. This variant business is to keep you under control so they never have to go back to normal. Sheep will led to slaughter
  12. You can literally read articles from the Spanish flu that proved masks didn't work back then...this was over 100 years ago πŸ˜‚ Only sheep buy into these lies that were pushed on the people at this point, which is why Hipshit is still on board.
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