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  1. I will check in from time 2 time to trash you and the state of this board due to your mental state if that's ok with you?
  2. Jungle clearly fucked Lits mom. And yes...this guy is a complete nutjob that keeps this site a dumpster fire due to his own deficiencies. What a tragedy this is.
  3. I joined the other board because of this type of non stop trash from the same fucktard. This place is forever destined to be the worst Bills site because of this person and how he operates here. Best of luck to those of you that are decent posters. This just isn't 4 me
  4. What don't you understand here? They admitted the play was for Brown once he saw Cover 0. Just because he looked left once the ball was snapped doesn't mean a thing. Your not supposed to stare down your receiver. It doesn't prove your point whatsoever. Are you saying they are full of shit and you know what the read was? Lol Allen did what he's been drilled to do by the staff. Enough from you tonight.
  5. GTFOH Those guys aren't anything special whatsoever, but they make QB'ing look easy. What a joke! Those dudes aren't winning games, but they make it look easy. LMFAO. You're off your rocker, bro!
  6. Wrong. Allen was to go to Brown if it was Cover 0, and he did. Allen didn't have time to look anywhere else as he got immediate pressure from the his left side. Just another post from you proving exactly what myself and others know...that you think you know more than you really do. Back down into mommy's basement, son!
  7. You could literally do this with any QB in the league. Not the crisis you are making it to be, but not a big surprise that you are.
  8. Not on Allen. I was fine with his play today. He even drew a PI on a deep ball. It needs to improve, but I think it will. I have alot of resentment towards the coaches for this game.
  9. I don't see why we would do such a thing if you go off of today. He got a PI on his deep ball, no turnovers, ran for two scores, and drove the team for the go ahead score in the fourth along with giving them a chance with a good drive with less than 2 minutes to go. Hauska makes his kicks or we convert on that failed 3rd or 4th down and we win. I wouldn't be looking to blame Allen today. He was good enough. Run game was trash and he faced a ton of pressure with guys coming free numerous times. Coaching needs to be better. Oline needs to be better. Defense needs to keep teams from marching down the field late when we have a 4 point lead. Kicker needs to make kicks.
  10. I'll agree here. I also think they bungled clock management on the final drive as well.
  11. This. He will get figured out sooner than later. And that's if he doesn't get hurt, which looks like a pretty safe bet with that style of play with his slight frame.
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