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  1. Using the Clowney play as an example is kinda stupid. It really wasn't an egregious tackle. Wentz is running which makes him a RB, and as he's diving headfirst, Clowney starts to go down to make the tackle. He comes down with shoulder to his back and his helmet contacts Wentz, but it wasn't anything vicious. It looks worse in slow mo, but even then it's not bad. The call on Ford was clearly worse and to fine him after they made that shit call and killed the Bills drive in OT takes some serious cahones from these clowns.
  2. "Fans" like you are the absolute worst. There's absolutely no reason to have a take like this...especially after seeing improvement from year one to year two. The kid is super intelligent and a tireless worker who wants to do everything possible to win, but yet you claim this is "who he is", and will not get better. You've already been proven wrong, so I'm glad you are at least sticking to your terrible opinion. With that being said...real fans will be cheering on a kid who's given us glimpses of being great that he continues to trend up while turds like you will bang the drum of negativity. Shameful, really
  3. McDermott has a LONG way to go before he's a great coach. He's simply average in my opinion at this point in time.
  4. I don't see Trubisky in Allen at all. The comparison is moronic, really. Get back to us after next season
  5. Just get upgrades to WR, and get a RT. Also another back to spell Singletary. That will be good enough to give Allen everything to see what he can do in a crucial 3rd year. If he improves like he did from year one to this season, we've got a franchise QB. If not, then tough decisions must be made
  6. It hurt them all year, and McD did it again in the wild card game. At least Allen has stones. Coach is not what he says he is and what he tells the team to be.
  7. First time I agree with you Game should've been over at halftime
  8. Coaching was bad after the first few series. The conservative playcalling that bit them all year bit them again. Should've been over by halftime
  9. You got what you have been calling for all season Congrats
  10. Lit is the worst poster on this board...and it's not even close. We may be able to re-visit this in a few days and laugh like many of his other shit posts.
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