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  1. Big Mike is depressed cause his gay lover Barry is looking at high treason and crimes against humanity charges
  2. It's called delusion and obsession. This fella clearly suffers from both these things, and I fear that he may go over the edge come November. Keep him in your thoughts...
  3. Want me to really enlighten you and wake you up from your zombie state? This one's really gonna sting. Barry changed the rules of engagement for our soldiers so the Afghans didn't take as many casualties and therefore killed more of our men. That's right...Barry was bought and paid for. Go look it up, Mr research! And BTW, Trump changed them back and has been bringing our troops home and has maintained peace throughout his presidency while under attack from idiots like you and your idols that invited wars to profit, you moron! Go watch the videos of the soldiers and the soldiers families shaming him for what he did to our soldiers. Fuck you and your bullshit research and Trump hate. You are a complete fool that has absolutely ZERO idea of what's really going on.
  4. Yup...still not showing any of that supposed wisdom from your "research"🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  5. It sure doesn't come across that way with your posts. I'll leave it at that
  6. We have no choice but to go by these shitty ass elected officials until proven to be fraudulent. Which is what this Durham report is supposed to be about. I guess we'll have to see what comes of it, but we've already seen declassified documents showing a bunch of corruption from the FBI and it's likely Obama and Biden were fully aware also. At least you came with a sound response...appreciate the respectfulness!
  7. What a fantastic response! Completely worthless. Can't say I expected anything better from you. What a sad state of affairs when this is the type of person one must encounter when trying to educate. I'm afraid of what's gonna become of you when you are shaken to your core because you live in a completely different universe. Prayers up for you, HipKat!
  8. The info is out there if you're willing to do the research. Which is why I feel sorry for those who choose not to and back those who are complicit in helping destroy this country. I don't believe they are bad Americans...they're intentions are pure, but they have been misled and have to wake up.
  9. It shows the depth of how low they are willing to go to get back control of the white house. Not that we already haven't seen new lows with allowing criminal activity and federal buildings monuments to be attacked/destroyed. Barry has alot of skeletons in his closet that have been protected by his family (George Bush), but that protection may be going bye bye really soon. That Durham report will also reaffirm trumps statements made that Treasonous actions occurred.
  10. I'll let you in on a little secret...Trump won last election by a much wider margin than was reported due to all the corrupt mail in voting by democrats. A number of them have been caught to this date, but I'm sure there's plenty more out there. The fact that anyone thinks mail in (not absentee) voting is not a bad thing because it's easily manipulated is a problem. We should be striving to make the process as legitimate as can be, and there is alot of proof out there that it's not. President Trump is correct, and the fact that Barry had the gall to not only say we need to vote by mail in to avoid big lines and people getting sick (while in a packed church), help further push a divisive narrative, and do this all during a funeral for a true Patriot is despicable, but Barry did lots of despicable things during his presidency. Trump would crush Biden again easily if we reigned in the mail in voting fraud.
  11. I just took up arms this past week. Never thought I'd feel like I'd need to in this country, but how things have changed.
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