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  1. Run the table, but may not get out of the first round playoffs? Who knows! Enjoy the run Trump 2020
  2. F U calls all day long Not the bills, not whining. No Fun League wanted Cleveland win today. Just sayin and f--k any thing you say to the contrary. 🙂
  3. I really hoped Tryod would develop into our QB of the future, didn't happen. I wish him well but NOT while playing agains't the Bills. MAGA!
  4. MAGA blow the whole political crap up! Muller has nothing and by the way who is leaking which is a crime?
  5. Where were the LB's and not beating the crap out this POS. Oh wait...
  6. LOL pansies are pansies, NFL kisses the Brady and Belichick ass show. Just watch the officials and it will tell the story.
  7. Got me a Talley jersey (not available in nfl merch) I will be wearing to the Raiders game!
  8. Prayers for all of Florida and those in the storm's path.
  9. Your in my prayer's brother, get well quickly. The range is not the same with you! Don't forget to pray for your own healing!!
  10. When you have Savior in Jesus Christ you have a support system. You pray and seek strength knowing we will be together again.
  11. Enforce the Many laws already on the books, get rid of gun free zones so law abiding citizens can conceal carry, teach gun safety at home and in schools. Part of the reason for the second amendment was to protect citizenry from tyrannical government. More guns in the hands law abiding citizens less crime. This is MY opinion and not for discussion.
  12. There is different attitude with this team may not be the same in prime time which this game isn't. We will see , the O line needs to get a little nasty. Go Bill's!
  13. Mr Wilson took a lot of crap from a lot of fans for years, in the end he had the best interest of Buffalo all along. Thank You Mr Wilson!
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