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  1. If we do not allow the blocked punt for a TD and make the fg at the end of the half we win that game. A lot of reasons we should have won that game. I still like that we are making strides and now have the Patriots thinking about us and scared the shit out of them. Go Bills!
  2. I also agree we had the Patriots and should have won that game. It was a very frustrating game being a 50 year Bills fan. It was our best chance to beat them in Years. I like that we are making strides and catching up to them. Go Bills!
  3. Patriots defense is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Dabol's terrible play calling killed us in the 1st half and the missed fg at the end of the half hurt. If Barkley starts we do not win and they sack him 10 times because he is not mobile. Josh is our QB and that is it. I think we might have won if Josh came back in the game. On the Int's Josh could have thrown the balls away for sure but were the WR's getting open? No they were not. Still think we need another WR like a healthy AJ Green. If he comes back healthy in a couple weeks I would think seriously about trading for him if we want to make a run at the payoffs and maybe further. We have a Championship caliber defense to do it. Go Bills!
  4. No doubt we score a TD on our 1st drive and continue throughout the game. I will bet our O-Coordinator has held back a few tricks just for the Pats. I think they can be beat deep and expect to see us take 3-5 shots deep. Go Bills!
  5. SAS and ESPN can kiss my ass. They hate the Bills and always have. The only one who loves us the Boomer. SA had it wrong when he said Kawhi Leonard would go to the Lakers and he went to my Clippers along with PG13. Go Bills and F SAS!!
  6. So if we have our own opinions as American citizens and you do not agree with them, then we are all stupid fucks and do not know what we are talking about..lol..I live the situation every day living in San Diego with all these illegal law breaking immigrants around me. They have a choice to become US citizens just like my family did when they came over from Italy. My family did it the right way and the legal way and were proud to become American citizens. You have illegals here for over 25-30+ years and cannot speak a word of English and could give a rats ass about becoming American citizens and do not ever try. Why the fuck should these people still be in our Great Country. Deport these lazy ass people if they do not want to do it the legal way. Remember this is a Law and if I break a law I get arrested and so should they. USA USA USA!!!
  7. F This!! They should all be prosecuted and deported. It is breaking the law. What don't people get. It is breaking the law. WTF. Keep the illegals out at all cost.
  8. Lee Smith is not a terrible TE. He is one of the best blocking TE in the NFL and this is what he will be used for. He does what is expected of him very well. We will be a ground and pound team and he will be in there to block.
  9. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports new Seahawks DE Ezekiel Ansah (shoulder) "could miss the first month of this season, at least." No big deal losing out on him.
  10. I would take pick 25 and the Eagles two 2nd round picks. This would leave us with a 1st and three 2nd's . Get 4 quality starting type players. Might still get one of the top TE and #25 then go best available at OT, DT, Edge Rusher or LB in the 2nd. We can really build this team if we did this. Or we can even trade back in to the 1st round with all the picks we would have.
  11. Neither. Do not want a WR at #9. Need to take DT, Edge Rusher or OT. Would love to trade down and pick up an extra 2nd and take one of the Iowa TE's mid 1st with the trade down.
  12. This to me would be an excellent first 2 rounds of the draft and pretty much the way I would want it to go with a trade down. If TJ is not available at #15 then Fant will be. I would take either of the Iowa TE's. The 2nd round pick Tillery is a stud three technique DT and Tytus Howard they say is a 1st round talent that can play LT/RT. Go Bills!
  13. I would take Ed Oliver at #9 because he can be a game changer. He has the tools to dominate the middle of the line. Just need sto stay healthy and this is the biggest factor and where he will get picked.
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