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  1. In other words, what happens when the stoppable force meets the movable object?
  2. Ouch, that left-aligned B I L L S text on the goalpost pads is beyond ugly. :greatjob:
  3. Obviously, the Bills very likely would have taken completely different players at these two spots in the second round. Then again, with the Bills supposed "affection" for Defensive Backs... #53: Buccaneers took M. J. Stewart, Cornerback, North Carolina #56: Patriots took Duke Dawson, Cornerback, Florida So, even picks traded away by the Bills lead to DBs being taken... :D Using these players as reference to assess what the Bills gave up to move up to draft their QB -- well, if it's the right QB -- I'd say the price is quite marginal...
  4. But will it be enough to out-tank the Jets? Could be a close one...
  5. When an off-duty cop snuck up on him from behind Out in front of the club tip top they slapped the cuffs on -- LeSean 25
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