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  1. It's an alternate, but at least he's the first alternate and didn't have like 4 others bow out before him
  2. There is not a single person in politics that isn't corrupt, so you can blindly follow whoever the hell it is your voting for and go eat a fucking bullet for following someone corrupt. Im not a fan of Trump's but if your that blind and dumb to think that even someone like Bernie has someone else in his pockets your an ass
  3. I take Armstead, better vs the run than Ngakoue...then I either take Green on a 1 year deal or like you, Conklin
  4. I think they spread it around again, I personally think they need to go all in this year but assume they won't. I think they'll spend some money on some defensive guys, Bradbury IV from Carolina makes a lot of sense, a good #2 CB that won't break the bank. I could also see them going with vet DE if they don't bring Lawson back and then still draft one. I see RB and possibly a TE as being targets in FA, assuming Kroft and Smith are gone.
  5. Giants, if not there possibly Dallas if Jerry Jones lets him have control. Be something they let Dak walk, pick up Brady and Dak goes to NE as a FA
  6. This has to be the off-season the FO goes a bit wild in FA and trades. It almost has too. They don't know what they have yet in Allen and after next season they will have to decide whether they want to continue with him after his rookie contract is up. No excuses, so go get him a top WR in either FA or trade, go get a guy like Hooper for TE and sign either a HB or T and draft the other in the first round. This way if they do all that and Allen doesn't get any better, they will know not to pick up that option, if he plays lights out then pick up the option and extend him. Knowing the GM and coach though, they may make a nice signing in FA then focus on D
  7. I don't see them paying a WR in FA, have a decent amount of money tied into CB and JB. A trade is more likely, and there you have to look at who may be available. The only guy that I see as likely being available that would be worth getting is Keenan Allen. Good thing there is I don't think he'd cost a whole lot either, maybe a pair of mid rounders, bad thing is he has a history of injuries.
  8. Unless your talking about a different play, no it wasn't, if it was it would have been overturned and the announcers would have said it was, they were all over the Texans jocks all game so it's not like they wouldn't have said so
  9. I don't see them paying a WR in FA, maybe trade for one, but not singing one. They could go pay a T like Conklin and move Ford inside, that would likely mean they don't bring back Spain though. I like Knox a lot but if they can go out and get Hooper, I sign up for that all day. They could pull a Rams, go out and trade a pair of mid rounders and bring in Keenan Allen, they sign Austin Hooper and Jack Conklin, then go draft Jonathan Taylor. Use the rest of the draft to fill out depth. They won't though
  10. I still don't understand why not 1 run call was called in OT. It's like they forgot the game is tied and thought they were playing from behind with little time remaining.
  11. They will be, but other than us playing the Steelers and Titans, they have the same schedule too. New England is finished, at least as far as Brady goes, reminds me a lot of the Broncos when Manning left, I see the same thing happening to New England
  12. He ticked me off all game, his bread and butter defense not only allowed 22 points in the 2nd half and OT they also allowed two 2 point conversions. Also, why in OT did we not run the ball once we were beyond the 50? They do realize they were tied right? Got so ticked, be different if Singletary wasn't running so we'll.
  13. Won't matter much, New England won't be the same and they will have an even tougher schedule. Next year maybe the year to win the divison, even though they may only win 8-9 games
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