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  1. This may be what the NFL wants though...this way they can add that extra week to the season and that 8th playoff team
  2. I was always a bit surprised they traded him, not that he was great in his time here but he wasn't bad either. I believe he started quite a few games late in the year and didn't notice him, that's typically a good thing. I will say I did like what they got back and felt they got good vaule for him.
  3. Well, with it happening now, at least it's coming at a time where they can work on it, not like last year when it ended the season. They have two weeks to get their shit together, they need to make some changes, otherwise they will be a one and done again.
  4. Porter was a castoff, Hyde wasn't though. Hyde was just a really talented guy that GB didn't want to pay what he'd make on the open market. I don't see Buffalo giving Milano a big contract though. He is good, but can't stay healthy and could get a big deal elsewhere. I think they offer him a one year deal. Klein, it could just be it took time to get used to the system, cause he's been playing his best football the last two games
  5. I'll say this, the bye week comes at a perfect time. That loss sucks, but at least that's gonna longer with them for two weeks, which hopefully lights a fire under them. I also notice Allen tends to play much better after a bye week, so hopefully that trend continues.
  6. Bills should win the next two, Pitt is a toss up as they haven't played anybody outside of Ten and Bal, after that is Denver, which they should win and NE which is another toss up. They win one of those two toss up games and they should win the division. Raiders still have Indy, Miami and KC Miami still has KC, NE, LV and Buf Yeah, Miami is better than they were when we played them, but Tua in Buffalo in late December? Fitz is the reason they were in the first game and no on could have played better at QB that day than Fitz, so I'm not worried about Miami. Bills have all the tie-breakers over Miami as well, so even if they finish with the same record, Bills win the division. As bad as that loss hurts, the Bills still shoulda have won despite playing poorly for nearly the whole game on offense.
  7. Looking at Miami's schedule, I see them losing two games before they get to the Bills game. Which means the Bills need to go 4-1 in the next five and that week 17 game won't matter. The schedule could favor Buffalo if they ever get a killer instinct.
  8. I'd love to see a.someone like Kyle Pitts the TE from Florida. That won't happen though, they'll either go DE, CB or LB. There is a CB that I think is a perfect fit for the Bills though, Paulson Adebo, I think has that Bills feel to him.
  9. They played that play almost like they were afraid Murray was gonna run it, I say let him, he wasn't going 40+ yards for a TD. They should have sent at least one extra guy on a blitz, and if they're gonna call a TO there and play that type of D, at least put a guy like Davis in the secondary. Get the tallest guys out there to knock it down, instead they expect 5'10" guys to leap a guy 3-4" taller.
  10. Yup, coaching adjustments don't exist, they get a lead than play not to lose instead of playing to win. It's Marty ball and it costs them time and time again. I just think back to the last three times they've played Miami, they had good leads in all three, yet all three came down to an onside kick, its ridiculous
  11. 100% agree....he'll say he wanted to give the D rest, but that's horseshit, the offense got rest there too and there the ones that needed to run 40+ yards downfield for a hailmary. Bills defenders were playing from the 10yd line anyway, what good does a TO do there? Ridiculous
  12. Put him above Lamar? He's a much more polished passer right now, he's also gonna have more yards and TD's. I also think he keeps getting better, where as Lamar seems to have taken a step back, in terms of passing anyway. The fact Lamar won and MVP would still have ahead of Allen, but that might no be the case by seasons end.
  13. I want to see how he does after the bye, if comes out playing like he did the first four weeks, it tells me his shoulder must have been an issue. If not and he continues to struggle, then he needs to adjust and learn to beat the cover 2 defense.
  14. It's unreal. If theres nothing going on why not let someone watch over the counting? Which I thought they did anyway? Not saying he wouldn't have won anyway, but Jesus they just can't seem to stop steeping on their own feet
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