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  1. By the time he Sanders got by the Safety, the pressure was coming...in the freeze shot, he certainly looked like he had time, and agreed last year would have been a TD
  2. Thanks for that, when he threw it I had a feeling it would have been a big play, was mad they didn't give a different camera angle
  3. I liked the pick when they made it, thought he was a guy that could be a starter in a few years, felt the same about Teller, hopefully for the Bills Anderson isn't the next version of Teller
  4. Except, that the secondary markets are also paying the NFL for advertising, so if there market is getting chopped, they aren't going to be willing to pay as much. I can also guarantee that the NFL buys its own tickets and sells them on the secondary markets as well, so they are losing money there.
  5. Raiders had a record number of people cancel there season tickets after the imposed the same rule. Ticket prices on third market sites were also selling for less then half of what they were going for. Example, before the mandate in Vegas, he bought tickets through StubHub against the Bears , paid $700 per ticket, tickets in that same section after the mandate was put in place those tickets were going for $200 Could cost the league a lot of money
  6. They wouldn't, with that much traffic, I'm sure they don't inspect it....if they did, they could tell, but again, you got 70k+ people entering a building, they aren't inspecting the cards
  7. I thought he was pretty good in Washington, I like that there at least looking into the position, shows they know it's a weakness
  8. I think he'll be fine, eventually....next week could be another tough week with that defensive front...but he has incredible work ethic, so I see him getting better as the season progresses
  9. Yup, watching him today, he's gonna have quite a few pints blocked with how long he takes to deliver the Punt. He also can't punt for crap, I hope cutting him doesn't cost them anything cause he can be replaced with almost anyone
  10. He's moving around like he's got pressure on ever play even though there isn't any
  11. I think he's a guy they're gonna basically red-shirt this year, which is odd considering most felt he was the most pro ready guy they drafted
  12. If they do explore it, depending on the money situation and if they keep losing, James Bradberry from the Giants makes a good fit. Played in the system with McDermott in Carolina, so he wouldn't need a whole lot of time to adjust. The Giants may just blow everything up at some point too, so they might be able to get him for say a 3rd and a 5th, or something like that.
  13. Was he afraid he'd be penalized for illegal man downfield? He's still behind the line, I would hope he just had a brain fart lol
  14. Gave Davis would be felt, he and Diggs don't drop the ball, unlike the other two. Star, who cares at this point, he has played in what seems like forever
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