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  1. Better than what it would cost to get the #1 TE in the draft....would rather get someone like Henry or Smith at TE and keep the picks it would cost to get Pitts
  2. I'd rather just sign a FA TE, instead of giving up an extra 1st to move up to get the #1 TE in the draft.
  3. Makes sense, they want more black coaches to get hired, well there was a good chance that two of them weren't hired because their teams were still playing late into the playoffs
  4. For $10 mil I'd pass too. Shaq Griffin is someone that would be a nice fit, as is Conley, both coming off injuries but both would be nice sized upgrades to what the Bills have now
  5. The kind of guy I expect the Bills to go after, add him with Rudolph, both guys were cut, which means they wouldn't count against the cap when it comes to comp picks next year, both would be cheaper than alternatives and both fill needs.
  6. The three in the middle, now that Watt is gone...Lawson, Okwara and Hendrickson, Hendrickson would be my first choice but he might be too much....Fowler Jr has a contract where Atlanta can release him without much consiqunece, so that's another name to keep an eye on, if of course he is released
  7. I expect a vet, Sherman or Rhodes both make sense....I wouldn't be surprised to see Boyue either, a guy that was released, Bills seem to prefer looking at guys that won't cost anything in terms of comp value, which if he signs wouldn't cost against any possible comp picks next year
  8. For that price they can land Lawson or Okwera plus someone like Smith or Henry for TE
  9. Either one works for me, I like Carl Lawson and Trey Hendrickson a lot too...Watt does bring that player/coach attitude with him that the others wouldn't though
  10. I like Rondale Moore a lot, if he's there at 30, he'd replace Roberts this year, replaces McKenzie this year and next year or two he replaces Beasley.
  11. Of those four, Vera Tucker, I don't care if they sign both Felicano and Williams, I still take him.
  12. AGTC has made me quite a bit the last two days, SENS has too, both are expected to reach around $20 a share, AGTC I bought at little over $4 and SENS same, AGTC is around $8 right now and SENS is around $5
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