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  1. Tennessee or Houston will end up being the 4. KC likely won't lose again this season, NE has an easy schedule too, so they'd lose at most 1 game.
  2. Yes it will. They don't have a running game, teams have success against the Bills D with a good running attack, they don't have one. What playmakers? JuJu? He's about the only one, and Sutton and Cooper are having better seasons and the Bills did well against them.
  3. I was thinking about this earlier too, I just don't see how they put up points against our D. The QB reminds of Denvers, has had some success but hasn't played a top D. I think we win convincgly, maybe not a blowout but don't think the game will ever be in doubt.
  4. I get the feeling if we play them again, we'll beat them. All week it seemed the coaches and players really weren't focused on this game for some reason. Same with the Bronco game, only they were able to handle Denver, not so much the Ravens. Seems to me they've been focused more on the Steelers, hopefully they win that one.
  5. I think they'll get in even if they lose out. They'd need the Raiders to lose once more, they play in LA and in Den still, the Browns to lose once more, they play in Bal. The Colts to lose once more, they play in NO next Monday night and the Titans to lose twice, still play Houston twice. That happens and they're in at 9-7, I think they win next week. Not only would they clinch the playoffs they clinch the 5 seed at minimum, no need to go into KC.
  6. When on 90% of the pass plays your running for life it makes the 10% where you have time think you better hurry and throw it or the pressure is gonna be there. He didn't play well for sure, but that game is completely on the line.
  7. Bills struggle in the 1st half, luckily they catch the Ravens sleeping and keep it close...Defense plays better in 2nd half but Ravens still win by more than a score even though it'll be closer than that all game Ravens - 27 Bills - 17
  8. I don't like them, however they always seem to win wearing them. Didn't think they'd wear them 2x in one season but whatever, didn't like the blue on blue but they won that one too.
  9. They'd be fine, still in Buffalo and as much as players and people complain about him, they would be like the Redskins used to be in FA. Players would love to play here because he would pay them and is a household name as an owner. People tend to forget how much this guy was liked by many people before he ran for president. I don't think McDermott would be coach, maybe Gruden or Cowher would have been given enough at the time to come out of retirement, I think they'd have had some success in the short term.
  10. Defense plays the way it has the last 3 weeks, I think they beat either team. KC less likely but still think they could beat them. Buffalo's also really good on the road 5-1 so far this season, don't remember the last time this team went above .500 on the road
  11. Couple problems with this 1. Pitt at night sucks for opposing teams. The Ravens even requested when the schedules were being made to not have to play at night in Pitt 2. The following week we play the Pats, on Saturday. I know it's a short week for them too, but now it becomes even shorter for the Bills, in what might end up being the most important game the Bills have had in years, I'd like to go into it being done in Pittsburgh 7-8 hours earlier That being said I will be very excited for the game and a guy like Allen so far seems to want to play in the bright lights.
  12. I'd say Miami but Flores has done a good job there for what he's been given. The Giants make a lot of sense though
  13. All it takes is one, hopefully he's got some confidence now in throwing the deep pass. Two weeks in a row where he connected with Brown on long TD throws.
  14. This game could one of two ways, Dallas is pissed and come out playing with a lot of emotion. Or they come out not caring cause they're still upset about this past Sunday. I like the Bills chances much more than I did a few weeks ago. I still they the Cowboys win, but thought it would be a blowout, now I think with our D playing better it'll be close all game.
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