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  1. I think he'd be fine, and Lamar, lol, the guy needs Roman as his OC, he is someone that is dependent on the OC. Mahomes, I agree, doesn't matter. Allen, I believe would be fine, so long as the OC doesn't come in and do a Rex Ryan where he feels the system is more important than the players
  2. I agree, winner if this one goes to the Superbowl. Bills should've beat Ten earlier in the year and if they play again, I think they do, I don't care if Henry is close to 100%, he was last time and they still should've lost. I feel eriely confident going into KC, I don't know why, but I'm much more confident this week than I was against NE. Might be because I was just afraid of losing to NE. If they do win this week though, I hope that playing against either Cincy or Ten, that it doesn't feel like a comedown for them, I don't think it would, but after destroying NE and beating KC, it could happen that way
  3. My theory is McDermott wanted to save it for the playoffs, give them a whole season of basic vanilla offense then let loose in the playoffs....if true it's dangerous to do, but would have worked so far
  4. Then yeah, that would be a tough blow. My guess at that point would be he brings in Nagy as OC, I don't know if they have a connection other than Nagy working with Reid in KC. But if that's the case with Dorsey, I'd hope Dabol stays
  5. This is the most complete game I've seen this team play in a long time. Not that I expect them to go 7 for 7 with TD drives, but this is the team we've been waiting to see all season, a team we knew could dominate. Makes me wonder if they treated the regular season like the pre-season and saved some stuff for the playoffs. That's the Pats D BTW, that's a top 5 D in the league, it's not the Jets last ranked D, it's a top 5 Defense and they made them look like a pop warner team.
  6. I don't mind, I think Dorsey will be a really good OC and would be the one to get that job if Dabol leaves.....now if he decides to follow Dabol over staying, then I'd say that's a big problem, but I don't think he would
  7. Winovich is a big one on top of Wynn, plus Mills, there really is no exscuse
  8. Raiders Pats Steelers Bucs Cowboys Cards I really hope the Bills win, and they should, NE's secondary outside of Jackson is weak. They just haven't been consistent all season, it all depends on which team shows up. This would really tick me off, since I have KC losing, I would think the Bills vs Raiders would set them up for a SB run. In this scenario, I'd have the Titans and Packers in the SB. Which would really suck
  9. With Wynn and Mills out, that's two starters down for NE, plus Barmore won't be 100%, so if it wasn't BB on the other sidelines, I'd think the Bills would win in a blowout, but that guy on the other sideline is a great equalizer....If the team plays with a chip on their shoulders and don't play scared, same with the coaches, the Bills should win fairly easily. I don't know if I trust that, I don't have a feel one way or the other, I'll say Pats, because whenever I pick against the Bills, they seem to win Pats - 20 Bills - 16
  10. That's a big one, that and now Mills is out too, two starters down, no exscuses to not get pressure tomorrow
  11. Poyer makes All-pro but not Pro bowl, lol shows what a joke the Pro Bowl can be
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