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  1. LOL, you are hilarious. It's convenient you and Lit are back peddling on your Stidham stances now that Belichick signed Newton.
  2. Does Belichick go out and sign Newton if he is fully confident in Stidham? Stidham has never started an NFL game and was sacked and threw a pick 6 in the 4 reps he had at QB in relief of Brady in a blow out win over the Jets.
  3. This is an antiquated way of thinking. What teams in the NFL have great linebacker depth? NFL offense are in 3 WR sets 60 % of the time so defense take a linebacker off the field and depth and the need to have quality depth at linebacker is less of a need than it was 15 or 20 years ago when NFL offenses were in base offenses with a TE and FB on the field. You can question the linebacker depth of every team in the NFL. What happens New England if Dont'a Hightower gets injured? It would be a waste of resources to invest high draft picks on back up linebackers when NFL teams play base defense for only 30% of the time. Vosean Joseph can step in for Milano or Klein in the base defense if either player gets injured. Klein can play MLB if Edmunds gets injured. Obviously an injury to Edmunds or Milano hurts Buffalo's defense but the same can be said of literally any NFL teams 2 top linebackers. You have finite resources with a salary cap and draft picks and can't put everything into the linebacker position to have excellent starters and excellent depth when the NFL is a pass happy spread offense 60% of the time. If this was in the 1950's and teams had a run heavy offense than LB depth would be a bigger issue. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2019/2018-defensive-personnel-analysis
  4. Yeah you were crowning Stidham because Belichick hadn't addressed the QB position.
  5. The analytics people that criticize Allen for being under 60% completion don't criticize Newton. Newton has a career completion rate of 59.6%. IMO Cam is not inaccurate he is just not as accurate as Brady or Brees. He also had to change his throwing motion after he had shoulder surgery to repair his right rotator cuff.
  6. This move also shows that Belichick isn't comfortable with Jarrett Stidham as the starter. I said Stidham was over rated and got criticized for it.
  7. Kraft enables Belichick to cheat and the NFL refuses to seriously penalize the Patriots. All of that is beyond the control of the Buffalo Bills, they just have to go out there and impose there will on New England and win the AFC East.
  8. Or Belichick will run Newton into the ground and Newton will be put on the IR.
  9. The Buffalo defense held Carolina to 9 points that game. You should win any game your defense holds the offense to 20 points. Tyrod Taylor's performance that game was beyond embarrassing.
  10. NE only has $1.8 million in free salary cap space so they will have to trade/cut/restructure existing players contracts in order to fit Newton under the cap.
  11. Defenses evolve every year. Team self scout to change tendencies and look at analytics so they are not predictable. Both DC Leslie Frazier and HC Sean McDermott are known for their extensive tape study and making adjustments to the defense.
  12. In a 9-3 game where Tyrod Taylor was 17/25 for 125 passing yards , 0 TD's, 0 Interceptions and he was sacked 3 times. Taylor also had 55 rushing yards on 8 carries. The 2020 version of Josh Allen is a better QB than the 2017 version Tyrod Taylor. The 2020 Buffalo are a better team than the 2017 Buffalo Bills.
  13. No doubt that Cam Newton is a better QB than Jarrett Stidham but Buffalo still has a more talented roster than New England.
  14. Cam Newton is no where as good as Tom Brady and is more injury prone. The AFC East is still up for grabs and Buffalo can get pay back by winning the AFC East.
  15. McDermott was the DC in Carolina when Newton was playing at his best, and saw him in practice everyday so he know his strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. Newton still has to come back the surgery to repair a Lisfranc fracture. Lisfranc fractures are notorious for having slow recovery times and some athletes re-injure and require anther surgery like Sammy Waktins did.
  16. New England has a history of cheating and they should have lost multiple 1st round draft picks and should have been banned from the playoffs for multiple years.
  17. I don't get triggerd. I dislike Trump because of racist past and racist rhetoric he says currently.
  18. Milano is under rated but plays a big role in McDermott's defense especially on 3rd downs as a nickel LB. IMO Dawkins is a priority to re-sign because he protects Allen's blind side, but Milano is the 2nd priorty. Both players can be re-signed.
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