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  1. Will you still complain if Josh Allen takes the next step in his development in 2020? Mahomes was far from a blue chip QB that everyone thought would be an all pro from day one. You can go through any draft class and play the what if game. What if John Butler drafted Tom Brady in the 6th round instead of Leif Olve Dolonen Larsenin in2000? What if Tom Donahue drafted Bryant McKinnie in the 1st round instead of Mike Williams in 2002? What if Doug Whaley drafted Derrick Henry in the 1st round instead of Shaq Lawson in 2016?
  2. If Cian was this wrong about Patrick Mahomes, imagine who wrong he will be about Josh Allen. It's almost like Patrick Mahomes had to be developed, here is Cian's take: " Mahomes made some impressive out-of-structure plays including some long passes that converted plays where the offense was well behind the down-and-distance. Those were the exceptions. His actual interception might not have ranked in his 10 worst plays from the first half alone. The question then becomes: what is the upside? What is the value of a strong-armed passer who can’t throw deep or take advantage of the velocity he creates on shorter throws. The inevitable comparisons to Colin Kaepernick or Tyrod Taylor will be used but both Taylor and Kaepernick show off more discipline with their feet and better accuracy. Both are better decision makers who break down coverages faster too. You have to have a vision with a quarterback that you draft. Drafting Mahomes means drafting someone who needs years of work that history tells us won’t work. It apparently also means investing a first-round pick."
  3. Mahomes was a gunslinger QB that needed to be developed. Farve was a gunslinger QB that needed to be developed. It doesn't mean that either QB didn't have talent, it that they needed the right coaching to reach their full ceiling. This is not that difficult to understand. Farve and Mahomes don't become the players they eventually became unless they sat for a year to learn the game, and were developed by great offensive minds.
  4. You are a fucking joke. LOL, at random fans. Admarc know 1000 times more about football than you do, I respect Admarc's opinion. Admarc is not just some fan, and the fact you are tying to diss him shows how insecure you are. Admarc was here before you were and before you turned this place to shit.
  5. There were a lot of people questioning the Mahomes pick, Mahomes was not the great player he is today with out Andy Reid developing him.
  6. Lit has frequently cited Cian when criticizing Allen's struggles as a QB or if Allen has a bad play. Well it looks like the "QB evaluation guru" Cian was dead wrong on Patrick Mahomes. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one.
  7. The Chicago Bears traded up to take Mitch Trubisky, they passed on Watson and Mahomes. Buffalo got a very good CB in White and a very good MLB in Edmunds. Looking at it from that perspective doesn't look as bad as Lit is trying to make it out to be. Buffalo got 2 pro bowl players on defense.
  8. It's far too early to look at the Mahomes trade and declare winners and losers. What if both teams won in the trade? What if Mahomes, Edmunds and White become perennial pro bowl players and hall of fame players? Edmunds is a prototype MLB who is built for today's game because of his speed, ability to play in space and coverage ability. White is a prototype CB for McDermott's defense, physical CB that loves to come up in run support, excels at playing cover 3 and cover 4 coverage but can also play man coverage and has good ball skills and is everything you want in a player in terms of character.
  9. Who is a better head coach Andy Reid or Sean McDermott? Which head coach has more playoff experience and playoff wins? Josh Allen was more raw than Patrick Mahomes as a draft prospect. All NFL QB prospects do not develop on a linear time line, some QB prospects develop fast or slower than other. There are a lot of factors why Kansas City is playing in the Super Bowl, but they have a terrible salary cap situation that they may not be able to return because they are going to have to lose alot of talent to sign Mahomes to a $40 million/ year contract. So wither Kansas City wins or loses the Super Bowl they will have a hard time returning. One of the Kansas City's best player DT Chris Jones is a free agent and they may not be able to re-sign him in the offseason. It's a flat out lie to say that Mahomes didn't have to be coached up or developed. If Mahomes was NFL ready than you claim then there would be no reason to sit him. Alex Smith is a game manager QB, you do not sit an all pro QB if he is ready to play as a rookie. The important thing to remember is that Mahomes was not ready to play in the NFL as a rookie. Mahomes had flaws to his game that had to be fixed, Mahomes sas absolutely not a plug and play starter in his rookie year. " WEAKNESSES Can be inconsistent in his approach. Needs to play inside the offense and show more discipline. Too eager to go big game hunting. Ravenous appetite for the explosive play can also bring unwanted trouble. Willingness to default to playground style appears to limit his ability to get into a consistent rhythm. Needs to improve anticipatory reads and learn to take what the defense gives him. Decision making can go from good to bad in a moment's notice. Operates from a narrow base and allows his upper body and arm to race ahead of his feet. Has a dip and wind-up in his standard release. Explosive delivery and follow-through causes some throws to sail. Needs better touch on intermediate and deep balls. Carries ball a little low in the pocket. Impatient. Will leave pocket prematurely rather than standing in and winning in rhythm. Better as a scrambler than pure runner. Looked a little less mobile in the open field this season." " Weaknesses: All that said, Mahomes does indeed face the steep learning curve that comes with a transition from Texas Tech’s system to the NFL. He will have to adjust to working under center, at least on occasion, while digesting reads and coverages. There should be a limit to how much his next team wants to clean up his mechanics—pushing Mahomes to be too bland would take away his improvisational skills. However, Mahomes’s mechanics can be scattershot, which is why he will thread a needle one play and then fire an easy pass into the third row the next. On top of that, Mahomes offers the decision-making that comes with the gunslinger label. In other words, he will turn nothing plays into huge gains, but he’ll also try to strong-arm passes into nonexistent windows. His 2016 interception total of 10 could have easily been higher. NFL player comparison: Matthew Stafford" Mahomes as not safe pick, even though he had a high ceiling as a QB he still needed to be developed to reach that potential. "Steven Ruiz of USA Today gave the Chiefs a C-minus for picking Mahomes. He wrote: “Calling Mahomes a project is a major understatement. He’s nowhere near ready to play in the NFL. And, honestly, he may never be. Between his inconsistent accuracy due to poor mechanics, his tendency to bail from clean pockets and his lack of field vision, he’s going to leave as many big plays on the field as he creates. This was a risky pick.”" "The Chiefs got a B-plus for picking Mahomes from NFL.com’s Chad Reuter. He wrote: “ Patrick Mahomes has all of the tools to be a great quarterback. Chiefs GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid saw Brett Favre in Green Bay, and they have to see some of that gunslinger attitude in Mahomes. There is a risk factor here given his penchant for throwing the ball anywhere and from any arm angle (which will turn into interceptions in the NFL), and they have up a future first-round pick to get him. But if anyone can get Mahomes to adjust and succeed, it’s Reid.”" " Dan Kadar of SB Nation gave the Chiefs a C. He wrote: “My grade on what Kansas City did in this draft is due to my opinion that they gave up way too much to trade up for quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the first round. Again, if he works out, I look dumb and it doesn’t matter. But to give up pick Nos. 27 and 91 this year and a first-round pick in 2018 is a lot."" "Mel Kiper of ESPN gave the Chiefs a C-plus. He wrote: “(T)his class will hinge on Patrick Mahomes because Kansas City bet big that he’s the successor to Alex Smith. Giving up a third-round pick and next year’s first to move up 17 spots was a ton for a team with immediate needs elsewhere and some defenders getting up there in age. Mahomes has a high ceiling, but he’s going to have to learn how NFL offenses are run, and the Chiefs are going to have to rebuild his mechanics from the ground up. Andy Reid and John Dorsey know what they’re getting (and know what they’re doing) and see some Brett Favre in Mahomes. And they have a capable quarterback in Alex Smith signed until 2019. This is a pick — and grade — that could look like great or silly in five or six years.”" So it is a fallacy
  10. In year 1 Mahomes had Andy Reid as his head coach, Matt Naggy as OC and Brad Childress as assistant head coach. If Mahomes was in Buffalo he would have had Sean McDermott as his head coach, Rich Dennison as his OC and David Culley as his QB coach, Culley is a WR coach who hadn't coached QB since 1988 at Southwestern Louisiana. Which scenario is better to help develop a raw but very talented QB? There is a reason Why Reid sat and developed Mahomes for 1 year.
  11. Even the best GM's like Ozzie Newsome have missed on players. All GM's miss on players. I doubt the combination of Dough Whaley and Sean McDermott who were making the picks in 2017 trade down if they knew how much upside Patrick Mahomes had. But Mahomes was still raw coming out of Texas Tech and still needed to be developed to reach his full potential. It's impossible to say with certainty whether or not Mahomes reach his potential in Buffalo with OC Rich Dennison in year 1 and Brian Daboll as his OC in years 2 and 3. You also have to consider the abundance of talent that Kansas City has at there skill positions compared to Buffalo lack of skill position talent. Lastly Buffalo got Tremaine Edmunds and Tre'Davious White for Patrick Mahomes, it's not just White for Mahomes. Both Edmunds and White are ascending players and will play an important role on a dominating defense for a long time.
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