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  1. Trump is giving bad medical advice that may kill people. Please don't listen to Trump.
  2. 3,321 people are talking about this Although Buchwald did not order Trump or Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media, to unblock the individual plaintiffs in the case, she did announce that a declaratory judgment should be sufficient. "Because no government official is above the law and because all government officials are presumed to follow the law once the judiciary has said what the law is, we must assume that the President and Scavino will remedy the blocking we have held to be unconstitutional," she wrote. Gu, however, is uncertain whether Trump will ever comply with the ruling. "I think that Trump doesn't care about these matters and the rule of law. I don't think he'll unblock me," Gu said. "The president thinks he is above the law, as you can see from him always denigrating the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA, all the law enforcement agencies because of the Mueller investigation." Gu added, "Trump thinks that he doesn't have to even care about a little matter like a federal judge telling him what to do." "I highly doubt that he will unblock us. In fact, I think that this judgment will make him want to block us even more. If he could double block us he would do that." U.S. President Donald Trump announces his decision on the Iran nuclear deal in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House, on May 8. Eugene Gu told Newsweek that Trump still hasn't unblocked him on Twitter despite a court ruling issued on Wednesday.GETTY RELATED STORIES Trump Cannot Block Twitter Users, Judge Rules Trump Has 15 Million Fake Twitter Followers Following the ruling, Gu revealed that the plaintiffs have already discussed next steps with their legal team. "One option is to ask the judge to issue an injunction which would, in essence, force the president to unblock us," Gu said. The lawsuit against Trump was filed last July by the Knight First Amendment Institute of Columbia University on behalf of seven people, including Gu, who were blocked by the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account. "This case requires us to consider whether a public official may, consistent with the First Amendment, 'block' a person from his Twitter account in response to the political views that person has expressed, and whether the analysis differs because that public official is the President of the United States," Buchwald said when giving her verdict. "The answer to both questions is no." Trump blocked Gu June last year after the surgeon posted a tweet ridiculing him for his infamous Covfefe post. "Covfefe: The same guy who doesn't proofread his Twitter handles the nuclear button," Gu wrote. 533 people are talking about this The White House did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment about whether the president will comply with the ruling. https://www.newsweek.com/trump-ignores-court-ruling-he-cant-block-critics-twitter-president-thinks-hes-943315
  3. Do you think America may have a small issue with police brutality and racial inequality? What would have happened if there was no video evidence from a 3rd party person's cell phone? Would the police been fired with out video evidence? The people police recruit has to change and the training of police has to change if we want to prevent senseless deaths like the one George Floyd suffered. He is no angel, he allegedly committed fraud by using a forged cheque. He should have been allowed to stand trail for his charge and not been executed. There a lot of other black and brown and white people who have been the victim of police violence and some have them have survived to talk about about but most of them have died.
  4. I'm glad you have a rich civil rights activism record, but that doesn't mean you are always correct in your opinions and that you are the authority on civil rights issues in America. Police officers didn't have to use lethal force when dealing with a black suspect. This is an issue of how they are trained and the people they are recruiting to become police officers. If want automatons that never de-escalate a situation and always use extreme force instead of using critical thinking, and logical thinking skills to defuse a situations than police will continue to kills blacks.
  5. That is fresh coming from you. You hate all gangster rap because you cherry picked specific lyrics that you didn't like. So you inferred I can't like rap because all rap promotes violent lyrics towards woman. But at the same time you want to control woman's bodies and if they can have abortions.
  6. I'm saying if you don't believe in abortion than your entitled to your opinion. If you and your wife or girlfriend don't believe in abortion than no one is forcing you to have one. But you can't control other peoples bodies. Your hypothetical situations is a loaded question. A woman should not have the government telling her what she can't or can do with her uterus. If a woman was raped should she be forced to have the child? if a woman can't financially afford raising a family, should she be forced to have the child? If it was an unplanned pregnancy, should the woman be forced to have the child? This is all about a woman's right to choose if she wants to have a child or not. She absolutely has control of her own body.
  7. I agree with your points. Investing in education, healthcare, childcare pays off in dividends in the future with less crime and poverty and a higher standard of living.
  8. Exactly. Trump has dictator envy. He wants to control the media just like his buddies do in the countries you named. If you criticize the govenement in North Korea, Turkey , China or Russia you will get thrown in jail if you are lucky. If you are not lucky you will get killed. This is what Trump wants, absolute dictator power and no freedom of the press and no freedom of speech.
  9. Trump only cares about rich billionaires who can help him out in business deals, he could give a rats ass for the middle or lower class. Trump is a snake oil sales man pretending to care about middle class and lower class Republicans.
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