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  1. Is every single white person great? That is what you are implying. There are a lot of great white people. The majority of white people are great. But not every single white person is great. If someone has the misguided thought that every single white person , or as you put it "every whitey" is bad they are obviously wrong. But at the same time not every single white person is great. You are literally getting upset because I am saying not every white person is great. Are white serial killers great? Are white corrupt politicians great? Are white pedophiles great? Are white rapist great? Are white murderers great? Not every black person is bad. But the black people that are rioting and steal are bad. The black people committing crimes in gangs are bad. But they are not a representation of black people as a whole. A majority of black people are great. A majority of white people are great people. But that is not a representation of ALL WHITE PEOPLE. There are bad white people, despite a majority of white people being great. This is not complicated but you want to push your agenda, so you are not reading what I am typing.
  2. Anyone that criticizes the dictator Trump must be a bad person. All hail the might dictator Trump! We should be forced to idolized him like the North Koreans do Kim Jong Un.
  3. No, I never said most whitey are bad, you said that. What is a person supposed to think of a poster like yourself that is lying and trying to twist my words to push their agenda? Are you saying all white people are good and innocent? And all black people are bad and guilty?
  4. That's a loaded question, and I wont' answer it. You make every excuse possible for Trump. You can get fake upset because I am criticizing your idol. Trump is a coward that has deferred service during the Vietnam war because of made up bone spurs but had the gale to criticize a war hero in John Mcain, because he was jealous of someone having heart to go serve his country. Trump is a fake tough guy, a war hawk who has never done anything to help his country with out an alter motive to stuff his pockets and his friends pockets with money. Trump knows the only reason he got elected was by lying to middle class people that he would clear the swamp and by empowering racist, rednecks and white supremacists with a slogan like "America First" which was used by the KKK. Who has he "made America great again" for? The New Nazi's, KKK, and white supremacists are enabled by Trumps speeches and tweets and no longer scared to be seen in public because Trump has normalized them. Trump refuses to release his tax returns. That is a huge red flag. What is he scared of? When his tax returns are released, we will see who is Trumps daddy and who he has been doing political favors for because of money owed, which is a conflict of interest.
  5. If a police officer has to defend themselves because their lives are being treated than I can understand using lethal force. That has not been the case in a majority of deaths caused by police and the the asshole cop who put his kneed on a suspects neck for over 8 minutes.
  6. Not every single Whitey is bad. And if someone has that point of view than they are racist. But certain Whitey's are bad, like David Duke the former Grand Wizard of the KKK and a white supremacist. Donald Trump is also bad because of his history of racist behavior and his statements promoting racism.
  7. https://thereformedbroker.com/2017/01/29/to-my-jewish-irish-asian-and-italian-friends/ We are all immigrants. The only true North American's are indigenous people. The lack of skin pigment doesn't mean you are morally superior to someone with skin pigment. Having an excess of skin pigment doesn't automatically make you a bad person. There are bad people with and with out skin pigment. There are also good people with and with out skin pigment. When you can't have sympathy and empathy for a person being killed because they look different than you that is a you problem and you are contributing to the race relations issues in society. Everyone should be upset when a police officer kills someone by using excessive force well in police custody no matter how much skin pigment they have.
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