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  1. This remix of Alex Jones is a great beat, and is hilarious with the Alex Jones vocals
  2. Bernie Sanders is a superior person and a superior candidate than the con artist Donald Trump.
  3. Tyler Johnson is a very good route runner and will definitely be a target for a WR to take in the 2nd or possibly 3rd round.
  4. Beane could draft a WR in the 1st round or in the 2nd round, there is no way to know that he will for sure pass on WR in the 1st round. Realistically if you want Laviska Shenault or Justin Jefferson you have to take them at 22nd overall because they will not last until Buffalo's pick in the 2nd round at 54th overall. Signing a free agent WR like Breshad Perriman would allow Beane to address WR in the 2nd round instead of 1st round if a high rated OT fell to Buffalo's pick at 22 like Josh Jones or Prince Tega Wanogho or Mekhi Becton. I'm very high on Michael Pittman because of his big frame at 6'3 7/8" 219 lbs, his ability to be a physical WR that is nuanced at route running and his ability to play on special teams.
  5. Allegedly Brown refused to pay a mover and then got into an altercation with the mover, physically assaulted the mover and was throwing rocks at the truck. Brown has refused to pay for services provided by an executive chef and an artist who both were not paid for there services. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2872703-tmz-antonio-brown-allegedly-assaulted-truck-driver-threw-rock-at-vehicle
  6. Honestly I"m not sure what the fuck is wrong with you. This is an ongoing incident and police still want to question Brown in regards to an investigation.
  7. LOL, like I give a fuck what Lit thinks or what you think. I'm not the person stalking forum posters in the past or challenging posters to fights at Applebee's parking lots.
  8. Brown has a history of refusing to pay people that do work for him like an executive chef he hired and didn't pay, an artist he hired and didn't pay and now the mover he hired and didn't pay.
  9. You know it's bad when his agent dropped him and urged him to get help and his ex wife is begging him to get help for his mental health issues.
  10. Lit was one of the many people on here that wanted Buffalo to trade for Brown when the trade rumors broke. I hated the potential of a crazy diva WR like Brown coming to Buffalo, but was going to accept it if Buffalo didn't give up too much compensation and didn't sign him to a big contract that would hurt Buffalo's salary cap. Brown telling his agent to kill the trade talk was the best thing that ever happened to Buffalo. Antonio Brown was lucky he got called for a workout with New Orleans a couple of months ago. He was explicitly told not to bring and entourage. Brown proceeded to come with a camera crew and entourage. Brown has no one to blame but himself for scaring away NFL teams. Even the XFL wouldn't want to be associated with a headcase like Brown.
  11. Antonio Brown has been on a down ward spiral for a while now. You would have to be bat shit crazy to bring in Brown for a work out let alone sign him as a free agent. There is still an on going NFL investigation on him and he will likely be suspended and put on the commissioners exempt list if a team were stupid enough to sign him.
  12. I really like AJ Green but he has had injury issues the past 2 years and Cincinnati is going to want to over pay to keep him around for Joe Burrow who they will draft 1st overall and Beane will not over pay for an old injury prone AJ Green. The best value and upside at WR is Breshad Perriman who because he is a late bloomer means he will be under rated by a lot of teams. Beane can hedge his bet at WR by signing Perriman in free agency and drafting a WR in the 1st or 2nd round of the draft. Perriman has the size at 6'2" 215 lbs and the speed at 4.27 40 yard dash. Shaq Lawson improved his play last year when Beane didn't exercise the 5th year option, but Lawson is still a much better run defender than pass rusher. Spotrac has his value at $7.6 million/year, but I would go up to $9 million/year for a new contract, anything higher and Buffalo pay some more money and should go after Yannick Ngakoue. Yannick Ngakoue is the best pass rusher in free agency and only 25 years old. Spotrac has his market value at $17.1 million/year but I believe it may take as much as $20 million/year to sign him Matthew Judon and Donte Fowler are some other options at edge rusher. I would like to see Jordan Phillips return but not if he is demanding top 3 DT money. Spotrac has his value at $6.1 million/year, but top 3 DT money would be $17 million/year or more. Realistically Jordan gets paid by anther team and Buffalo gets a 3rd round compensatory pick in the 2021 draft. Ed Oliver was drafted to be the starting 3 tech DT and will play the majority of the reps, something in the area of 70% in the rotation. Re-signing Corey Liuget to a 2 or 3 year deal makes more sense financially to be the back up 3 tech DT and get the other 30% of the rotation. Austin Hooper would be a great signing at TE, but this may not happen if Beane believes in Jason Croom's ability to be TE 2. Croom is an exclusive rights free agent for Buffalo this year. Quinton Spain was a huge upgrade at LG over last years starter Vlad Ducasse, but Buffalo could upgrade the LG spot even more. If Spain wants to come back at a reasonable price like $4 million/year he should be re-signed, but he he wants more Buffalo can either draft a LG in the 2nd round like Shane Lemieux or Solomon Kindley if they believe that Cody Ford can be the starting RT. If they think Cody Ford is a better LG than they can draft a RT in the 1st or 2nd round.
  13. Mahomes is not the all pro and pro bowl QB he is in 2018 unless he goes to the perfect place where he gets coached up by Reid, leans behind Smith for 1 year before stepping in as a starter. This does not mean Mahomes becomes an all pro in Chicago, or on any other NFL team. What team you get drafted by and how the coaching staff develops you and how you fit into that system plays a huge role in if the player is successful or a failure as an NFL player.
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