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  1. You can beat the blitz by hitting the long ball or hitting short to intermediate passes. The screen pass to Singletary that resulted in a big game was brought back because of a holding penalty. Knox dropped a catchable ball that would have resulted in a 1st down and put Buffalo at the 18 yard line. Beasley dropped a catchable ball that would have resulted in a 1st down and put Buffalo at the 50 yard line. So people can criticize Allen for not hitting more deep ball passes, which he must improve. But Allen did hit short and intermediate passes that would have extended offensive drives if there weren't drops or a holding penalty.
  2. No self respecting OC is going to allow a HC to limit the production of his offense and limit the scoring of points. You have to have the ability to score points in bunches if you get into a shoot out or are down 2 or 3 TD's in a game. This is not the 1950's anymore where coaches are scared of passing the ball and want to run the ball 50 or more times a game.
  3. Allen had a bad day vs the high percentage of cover 0 blitzes Baltimore used. But he didn't throw 3 interceptions like he did versus New England earlier in the year. That shows that he is making some better decisions when under constant pressure, but obviously he needs to make more plays with his arm. I agree yesterday will be a learning experience, and will be a teaching experience for Allen when he reviews the game tape with his QB's coach Ken Dorsey. You can beat cover 0 blitzes with deep balls or you can beat it with short quick hitting pass plays like slants and speed outs or screen passes. Once Allen hits a WR during a cover 0 blitz and it results in a big play defenses will think twice about doing it again.
  4. Robert Foster plays on the punt coverage and kickoff coverage teams as well as WR. Foster offers more than Duke Williams does. Duke Williams is a big physical WR, but he was timed at the combine with 4.72 40 yard speed which is very slow for a WR and comparable to TE speed. The way I see it the reason Duke Williams isn't getting more playing time is because he doesn't play special teams, doesn't have the speed to consistently separate from coverage. He has the ability to make contested catches but Isaiah McKenzie and Robert Foster offer more options to the coaching staff.
  5. Daboll had on of his worst games of the year as a play caller. Daboll should not be left off the hook for his bad coaching, bad game plan, bad play calling and bad in game adjustments.
  6. Allen has the leadership, toughness, work ethic, intelligence, good character, great arm talent, willingness to improve & learn, and above average athletism for the QB position. Allen has increased the ball placement on short and intermediate throws. Allen has improved his completion rate throwing from inside the tackle box from last year to this year. Allen has overall improved his completion rate by nearly 10% from last year. Allen does hit deep ball passes but at a lower percentage than I would like. This is an area of his game he needs to improve. With that being said the refs missed an obvious pass interference call on Jimmy Smith when he was covering Robert Foster on a deep throws last game. The offensive production will improve when Beane brings in a#1 WR in the offseason which will allow John Brown to move to his natural #2 WR position. Allen needs to continue to improve in his pre snap reads particularly when defenses show that they may blitz. Allen needs to improve going through his progressions when reading defenses post snap. And Lastly he needs to continue to improve on making anticipatory throws. Allen is not nearly as bad as you think he is. He was the biggest project QB of the 2018 draft class, and even though he has improved from last year he needs to continue to work on the weak area's of his game. He has helped lead Buffalo to a 9-4 record and Buffalo is set to make the playoffs which will be a huge boost in confidence to the young QB.
  7. There were plays left on the field. If Beasley, Singletary and Knox make catches than drives get extended and Buffalo is in the redzone with a chance to score. Yes Allen needs to connect on more deep ball, but the offense under performed as a whole. If the refs did there jobs and called the pass inference on Jimmy Smith than the offenses drive is extended and Buffalo has a chance to score more points. If Daboll does a better job with play calling and in game adjustment than the offense has a chance to have more extended drives that finish with points being put on the board. Of course Allen needs to play better and connect on deep balls but there is more than enough blame to go around for the offense under performing.
  8. It sucks for New England that Brady is not the QB he used to be and they don't have a match up night mare in Gronkowski. New England is going to struggle a win a playoff game with brady at QB
  9. Daboll had 10 days to prepare a good game plan and the offense was unprepared to face Baltimore, that's a failure in coaching. Daboll failed to call screen passes until way too late in the game. In the press conference he was making excuses for the screen passes, but guess what screen passes work for every other team including for Baltimore in that game. Execution is important but so is good play calling. If you see Baltimore is being very aggressive and blitzing heavy, you have to make the right play calls anticipating blitzes by calling quick hitting passes and screen passes. If Daboll does his job and prepares the offense after a 10 days than I won't criticize him. If Daboll has good play calling and makes in game adjustments I'm not criticizing him. If Buffalo has even an NFL above average scoring offense than I won't criticize him. The offensive production is not acceptable and Daboll has to do a much better job as an OC if he doesn't want to be fired in the offseason. It's laszy analysis to blame the QB for all of the offenses problems and not question the terrible play calling and inexcusable lack of in game adjustments by Daboll. Buffalo has the 30th ranked offense in terms of points scored last year and has the 20th ranked scoring offense this year, but you want to defend him. Maybe Daboll needs to do a better job as an OC, maybe he has to be held accountable. Buffalo under utilizes play action passes, under utilizes screen passes. But please continue to make excuses for Daboll who has never coached an above average scoring offense in the NFL as an OC.
  10. Buffalo's WR's have struggled to consistently be open vs Man coverage this year. Teams are starting to pay more attention to John Brown to try and take him away from Allen by rotating coverage towards Brown or using bracket coverage. I haven't see Isiah McKenzie consistently beating coverage all year long. Buffalo can do better than McKenzie at WR and Robert Foster should be getting more reps. The talent level at WR needs to be upgraded in the offseason through a trade or free agency or the draft.
  11. Allen hit Knox on a 27 yard pass, and there should have been a pass interference call on Jimmy Smith on the deep ball to Robert Foster. 2 consecutive dropped balls by Singletary and Beasley would have resulted in a 1st down around the 20 yard line of Baltimore. On other offensive drive Knox dropped a pass that would have resulted in a big game. Allen also missed some deep ball passes that he has to hit but there is enough blame to go around and it's not just Allen's fault.
  12. I like to make sweeping generalizations all the time to push your agenda. On some plays the WR were open, on other plays the WR's were covered.
  13. Daboll needs to do a better job with his play calling by using TE screens, RB screens, FB screens and quick hitting pass routes to the recievers. Daboll needed to make in game adjustments to the heavy percentage of cover 0 blitzing that Baltimore was doing. Instead Daboll made a bunch of excuses in his press conference how it's hard to run screen passes and it's hard to beat blitzes. That is a terrible job of leadership and a terrible job of accountability. I'm not sure why Daboll is getting a free pass on having his team unprepared to face Baltimore despite having 10 days to prepare for them.
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