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  1. It's a lot easier to improve his deep ball placement than improving his short and intermediate ball placement.
  2. I can have a different opinion of the team than yours. Buffalo hasn't had a QB as good as Allen in a long time, I'm kind of amped about that. The team isn't there yet to challenge for the AFC East but they are getting very close. If Beane can fill the holes on offense this team will threaten the Patriots next year for the division.
  3. Exactly. Rosen has played for 2 teams in 2 years and will likely be on a different team after this year. Mean while Josh Allen has been the 2nd best QB of the 2018 draft class.
  4. Lit has an unreasonable hatred of Josh Allen. Nothing that Allen does will ever be good enough for Lit.
  5. Allen has owned the Miami Dolphins. In 4 games Allen has the following stats: 72/ 118 for a 61% completion rate, 913 passing yards , 10 passing TD's , 3 interceptions, 318 rushing yards, 3 rushing TD's So the Miami Dolphins fans want to say Allen sucks but he has 13 total TD's in 4 games vs the Dolphins.
  6. There were people claiming Allen hadn't improved from last year, being named AFC offensive player of the week means Allen is improving.
  7. Josh Allen has improved compared to last year. He can improve more and he hasn't reached his ceiling yet. The people that complain about Allen's production want to compare Allen to Watson and Mahomes but Watson and Mahomes were further along than Allen entering the draft, and progression is not linear. Every player in the NFL, no matter the position develops at a different rate, some faster than others. Allen has improved compared to his 1st start, but can improve a lot more. Adding more talent on the offense, specifically a WR #1, RB and RT will help take this offense to the next level. The fact that you can argue that Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are currently the best QB's out of the 2018 draft class when at the time of the draft they had the most question marks shows you how much they have improved.
  8. IMO the Ravens and Chiefs are the best teams in the AFC. Don't get me wrong the Patriots are good but not as good as they used to be. Brady is aging and not making the throws he used to. Brady is off target on a lot more throws than usual, especially if he has to make tight window throws. Matt Waldman mentioned this on his podcast saying Brady can make throws that are college open but struggles with throws that are NFL open, meaning tight window throws. Brady has always benefited from smoke and mirror's of his OC's scheming WR's open for him, but his play is clearly declining now. The Patriots are beatable but you still have to play a near perfect game, don't make any mistakes, play penalty free football and excel in all 3 phases of the game. I'm not sure if the Bills will beat the Patriots this year but the gap between the two teams has shrinked and the AFC East will be up for grabs in 2020.
  9. I thought he had a broken bone, I'm pleasantly surprised it isn't. Hopefully he can heal up in a couple of weeks to a month and come back to help the team near the end of the season.
  10. I didn't like the rotating of the RT's all season long but the good news is that Ford has had reps at RT and will be better prepared than if Ty Nsekhe started at RT all season long like I wanted. Von Miller is a a nightmare match up. You have to think the game plan to stop Miller will include sliding pass protection to his side, using FB's or RB's or TE's to chip him, keeping a TE or FB in to double team him and establishing a running game and running at him to wear him down and then using the play action pass for the passing game.
  11. For a reasonable amount of money I would consider bringing him back. Lawson has improved a lot and I like his effort level but I need more pass rushing ability form my DE's. IMO Beane has to explore all of his options including trade, free agents and the draft to see if there are better options to improve the team with a pass rushing DE. I can see Trent Murphy being cut in the offseason and Buffalo going after a free agent like Dante Fowler or Bud Dupre or Matt Judon or Emmanuel Ogbah or Yannick Ngakoue, etc.
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