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  1. Rex Ryan was a Donald Trump supporter and introduced him at a campaign rally in Buffalo in 2016. If you have a rally then that means there are MAGA people in the area. However, Ryan disagreed with Trump on the national anthem kneeling issue.
  2. I'm shocked that someone from a warm climate area would not be used to the weather of a cold climate area.
  3. Stefon Diggs is great route runner but he is a diva WR and I don't like that in attitude in WR's. Brandin Cooks is a talented deep threat WR but he is injury prone. Corey Davis is interesting because of his height to weight to speed ratio, and he is a later bloomer so he is under valued. He is a former 1st round pick, so even though he has 1 year left on his contract, there is a 5th year club option. For a 2020 3rd round pick and a conditional 2021 4th round pick I would trade for Davis.
  4. LeSean McCoy hasn't had a carry since the week 15 game against Denver when he had 6 carries for 16 rushing yards for a 2.7 average. McCoy is now a role player, he is no longer a bell cow RB.
  5. I was one of the few people calling McCoy to be cut for his off the field issues. McCoy had 2 lawsuits, a fight with an off duty cop and his ex girlfriend got robbed and assaulted in mysterious circumstances. I was calling for him to be cut after the 2018 season. His decline in his lateral agility became apparent in 2018, but he had good 2016 and 2017 seasons.
  6. McCoy was a great player and played well for a long period of time. Age caught up with him and his lateral agility diminished his last couple of years. I still like the trade Doug Whaley made to acquire McCoy from Phily for Alonso, but Beane made the right call to cut McCoy to get save cap space and give the opportunity for Motor Singletary to get more reps. McCoy was a highlight reel waiting to happen, and had some very good years in Buffalo but Beane made the right call even if it was an unpopular move at the time.
  7. First round busts happen at every position. That shouldn't scare you from drafting players. If the scouting department does their research and due diligence on prospects including back ground checks and medical checks, communicate well with the coaching staff to know what traits they needs for certain positions and you have a coaching staff that develops players than the amount of misses go down.
  8. Income inequality is still one of the biggest issues facing America and the rest of the world. The laws including income tax laws benefit the rich and corporate greed where companies like Boeing, Nike, Amazon and Walmart get corporate subsidies. So if you are part of the rich 1% or a rich company the economy is doing well for you.
  9. Republicans point to Ronald Reagan as an example of the best President ever. Even with his flaws Reagan was 100 times a better person and President than Donald Trump will ever be.
  10. I don't care about Tank Williams or his opinion of Josh Allen, I posted that as a joke. Tank has a confirmation bias because he didn't like Josh Allen from day one. For all the love the Lamar Jackson was getting during the regular season he played terribly in his playoff game, the 2nd time this has happened. When Jackson is forced to be a pocket passer he struggles. Allen for as bad as he played at times, also made great plays and kept his team in a competitive game that went to over time. When you compare the 2 QB's, both of who struggled in a playoff game, I saw a lot more positives from Allen than Jackson.
  11. I'm assuming they were talking about Lamar Jackson shiting the bed in his playoff game. If you want to criticize Allen for his playoff game where he threw 0 interceptions and lost 1 fumble, then you have to criticize Jackson even more for his 2 interception and 1 lost fumble game in a 16 point blow out loss for Baltimore.
  12. Republicans and Trump stans are scared of Bernie Sanders because Fox News told them he is scary and wants socialized healthcare.
  13. Tee Higgins or Laviska Shenault of Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy or Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb are better than Duke Williams/Isaiah McKenzie/Andre Robert/Robert Foster. Any of the above mentioned WR prospects have 1st round talent, should be drafted in the 1st round and even if they struggled as rookies, which there is no guarantee that they will struggle, will have better production than the Bills WR's other than Brown or Beasley.
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