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  1. Looks like the woman kicker Kareem Hunt will be playing when Buffalo plays Cleveland. I still think that is a very winnable game for Buffalo.
  2. Josh Allen has more 4th quarter comeback wins, 5, than Tyrod Taylor who had 4 in Allen has played 17 games and has 5 4th quarter come back wins. Taylor has played 46 games and has 4 4th quarter come back wins.
  3. Sadly yes. Lit hates Josh Allen because he thought Buffalo should have draft Josh Rosen on draft night. He has an irrational hatred for Allen and makes about 10 anti Allen threads after each Buffalo win.
  4. The Eagles defense looked very bad yesterday in a blow out loss to the Cowboys. Now they have released Scandrick who started that game.
  5. Did Josh Allen sleep with your mom? Seriously, why do you hate Allen so much. You are by far the worst poster on here. You consistently have stupid hot takes. You consistently lie and bend the truth when trying to push your agenda. Do you still think Sean McDermott is a bad head coach?
  6. This is the best job Lit has done of trolling so far. Fucking hilariously bag hot take.
  7. The Dolphins were playing press man coverage in the 1st half. You need WR's that can beat press man coverage. Foster should be on the field at the same time as Brown. Allen has to execute his deep throws better, but Foster is faster than Roberts or Williams and will have a better probability of tracking down deep passes.
  8. Lit is nailing it in with shit post after shit post after shit post. We get it you hate Josh Allen.
  9. Robert Foster needs to be active vs the Eagles and needs to be targeted at least 10 times. Having Foster and Brown on the field at the same time will open up the deep passing game for Allen.
  10. It'a all about the ability of the coaching staff to develop young players. Allen is a work in progress and shown signs of improving, but still hasn't reached his high ceiling. QB coach Ken Dorsey has done a great job of helping Allen improve his lower body mechanics. OC Brian Daboll has done a good job of coaching up Allen and making him a better pocket passer. Allen has improved his accuracy which is one of the main talking points by the analytics crowd and draft twitter about why Allen couldn't succeed in the NFL.
  11. Fletcher Cox is a beast and Daboll has to game plan minimize the damage he can do. Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert are the players Frazier has to game plan to stop.
  12. Kansas City also has Sammy Watkins , Mecole Hardman and Travis Kelce. You always imply that Mahomes is throwing TD's to nobodies. BTW Waton throws to Will Fuller, DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Stills and Keke Coutee. Beane needs to add more offensive weapons for Allen this offseason.
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