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  1. Did I say Allen has proven anything? I think Lamar Jackson benefited from the system he was in, but to his credit he made throws to open WR's that Tyrod Taylor didn't make in the same system with the same OC in Greg Roman a couple of years ago. Lamar Jackson is a more dynamic athlete than Josh Allen and in Roman's spread option offense defense's are worried about defending the multiple different option run possibilities that it leaves WR's and TE's wide open in space when coverage is blown. To Jackson's credit he hit those recievers. But Jackson has shown he will struggle when you take away the middle of the field, take away the running game and force him to throw to the sidelines. This year is a huge year for Allen in his development and in order for the offense to take the next step he has to improve his deep ball passing and improve his ability to read defenses. In his rookie year Allen made 1 read and then pulled the ball down and ran if no one was open and often times had to because of the terrible OL in front of him and them not giving him enough time in the pocket. In year 2 Allen started to go through his progressions better from option 1 to option 2 and sometimes option 3, before throwing the ball away or running but he would occasionally miss open receivers. Allen greatly improved on his ball placement on short and intermediate throws. Allen has a long way to go but he is headed in the right direction and shown improvement each year. If you compare Allen's college tape in the Iowa game to the game he had versus Dallas last year you will see huge improvements as a pocket passer.
  2. I may not agree with Sean, who is also negative, but he doesn't go out of his way to constantly attack me like Lit does. Lit is a an asshole, he always has been an asshole but for some reason people want to make excuses for his asshole behavior. Look at what the title of the thread he calls me out if you need evidence. Allen isn't where he needs to be but the same thing can be said of every QB from the 2018 draft class. Lamar Jackson had a great regular season in 2019 but he chocked in the playoff game and has now lost 2 playoff games in dramatic fashion. Allen has shown some amazing ability running and passing and can be described as a mix of Steve Young ,John Elway, Cam Newton and big Ben. Allen was the rawest QB of the 2018 draft class but the QB with the most upside. He is still developing and year 3 will be huge for him. Obviously he needs to improve his deep ball accuracy, but he did improve his short and intermediate accuracy last year when a lot of experts said it was impossible to do. Allen is a hard worker and will put in the time and effort to improve his deep ball accuracy. The probability of connecting on deep balls is lower than short and intermediate throws for all NFL QB's, some NFL QB's are better deep ball throws than others, but Allen has the physical tools to be able to connect on a high percentage of deep balls than he has his 1st 2 seasons in the NFL. As he gains more trust in Dawson Knox, John Brown, Stefon Diggs he will start to make back shoulder throws and put balls where only his receiver can catch the ball.
  3. I'm triggered because I'm calling you out on your hatred of Josh Allen? Allen isn't perfect but he has improved each year he has been in the NFL and unlike you I actually cheer for him and want him to improve. All you do is post negative threads about Allen and have negative posts about Allen. You are the biggest Allen hater here and are still made that your preferred choice Josh Rosen hasn't done shit in the NFL. It's almost like you are triggered that Rosen is garbage and Allen has proven to be the 2nd best QB of his draft class behind Lamar Jackson.
  4. Buffalo has a very good scouting department that has scouts that have traveled and seen prospects play live and scouted prospects on tape. Not having Pro Days is a disadvantage to every team, but teams with good scouting departments can over come it.
  5. Visits and meeting are also used to compile a database of players ratings so when free agency happens the GM and scouting department can look at the scouting reports and meetings to see if that player will be a good fit in the system Buffalo runs. Buffalo met with Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Roquan Smith, Fred Warner, Leighton Vander Esch, Rashaad Penny, Mason Rudolph, Denzel Ward, Donte Jackson, DJ Chark, Josh Jackson, Jaire Alexander, RJ McIntosh, Uchenna Nwosu, Kalen Ballage, Duke Dawson, DJ Moore, Josh Allen, Rashaan Evans, Dorance Armstrong, Corey Thompson, Harold Landry, Anthony Miller, Ian Thomas, Dorian O'Daniel, Sam Darnold, Frank Ragnow, Dallas Goedert, Luke Falk, Kamathi Holsey, Alex McGough, Keison Crossen, Kendrick Norton, Chad Thomas, Marquez Valdes Scantling, Brandon Parker, Harrison Phillips, Jaylen Samuels, Ryan Izzo, Jaryd Jones Smith, Lamar Jackson, Will Hernandez, Kolton Miller, Dante Pettis and a lot more names in 2018.
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