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  1. Buffalo is not 1 player away from the Super Bowl like the Patriots are. Josh Allen is an improving QB and you are wrong in your assessment of his play.
  2. The Patriots were blitzing with cover 0 coverage all night long and offensive genius Adam Gase couldn't find a solution for it. This is on Adam Gase for not adjusting to what Bill Belichick was doing.
  3. Allen connected with Foster on deep passing routes with Foster last year. The throw in the Jacksonville game and the Detroit game are good examples. Allen connected with Foster on intermediate passing routes with Foster last year. Foster opens up the short passing game because CB fear Foster's speed and give him huge cushions. There are alot of benefits of having Foster on the field. You can have Foster as the X WR and Brown as the Z WR or Brown as the X WR and Foster as the Z WR.
  4. If it's the play I'm thinking about, Josh threw a nice touch pass to Duke Williams.
  5. Robert Foster is better at tracking the deep ball than Duke Williams and Andre Roberts. Robert Foster has more speed than Duke Williams and Andre Roberts. Robert Foster has 4.4 40 speed, is a good route runner and CB's are forced to give him a big cushion because of his speed and route running ability opening up bubble screens, quick outs, hitches and slant passes. Having Robert Foster on the field opens up the short and intermediate passing game. Having 2 fast WR in John Brown and Robert Foster on the field at the same time will cause spacing issues for defense and stretch the field vertically.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly. Both Foster and Yeldon should be on the game day active roster and getting targets .
  7. Buffalo has a player better than Sanu, Robert Foster who they badly need to involve in the offense ASAP.
  8. https://thebuffalofanatics.com/2019/10/22/robert-foster-needs-to-be-unleashed-immediately/
  9. Do yourself a favor and watch this hilarious story about the Iron Sheik drawing serious heat from a crowd: [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J2-KqnSXso[/VIDEO]
  10. John Elway was very good at 4th Quarter come back wins. Elway had 31 4th quarter comeback wins in his career. Allen is still a young QB that is developing but having some traits that are similar with Elway is a positive. Daboll and Allen need to work on having the offense be more consistent through out the entire game and not struggling in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.
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