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  1. I don't care because I"m not a Cleveland Browns fan. It looks very bad for the Cleveland organization. The QB is supposed to be beyond reproach, and the face of an organization. When Cleveland's face of the organization has sold out to be in multiple commercials, is cheating on his wife with multiple women it kind of embarrassing for the organization.
  2. NFL talent evaporators are paid a lot of money to due their due diligence and research about a prospect before drafting him. Bake Mayfield had a lot of red flags in college and he has shown to make bad decisions in the NFL. The Flag spike is not a big deal taken on it's own, but when you start to put together all of Mayfield actions on and off the field you start to get a picture of an immature, unprofessional athlete with issues. You may not be a fan of Hue Jackson and rightfully so, I think he was a terrible head coach, but a talented OC. But you don't bad mouth your former HC in the media, you take the high road and keep it classy. Do you remember when OBJ took shots at Eli Manning? What was Eli's response? That's the way you handle questions by the media. Mayfield has a big head and thinks he made it because he had a successful rookie season. He went out cheating on his wife with multiple girls instead of training and working to improve and it showed on the field.
  3. The history books will not be kind to Trump and his followers.
  4. IMO Beane will sign Dawkins to an extention. He is not an elite LT but he is a good LT and I think he should be paid around $15 million/year. If you look at other OT's in the NFL, Donovan Smith is paid $13.75 million/year, Nate Solder is paid $15.5 million/year, Jake Matthews is paid $14.5 million/year, and Joe Staley is paid $14 million/year. The highest paid OT in the NFL is Lane Johnson $18 million/year.
  5. I don't hate Mayfield. I think he has displayed terrible judgement in his past, for example when he ran away from the cops well drunk and was arrested for public intoxication. Mayfield also displayed terrible judgement when he spiked the Oklahoma flag in the center of the Ohio State field after a win. Mayfield also criticized the Browns Medical staff in the treatment of OBJ's injury. Mayfield also criticized former Browns HC Hugh Jackson. There is a clear history of Mayfield making bad decisions. Everyone in the media was praising Mayfield after his rookie season, a lot of people were crowning the Cleveland Browns a playoff calibre team. But if you look at his production after his 2nd season it raises a lot of question marks. PFF recently said that they graded Mayfield as having a better season than Allen in 2019.
  6. My issue with Mayfield is not him getting head, it's him getting head well he was married. If you want to sleep around, then by all means do so but don't get married. That's what Derek Jeter did for many years.
  7. I'm not defending her actions to come public but I think the younger generation values being famous and getting likes on social media more than they should. I am not surprised or shocked that Baker Mayfield allegedly got head well married. He has constantly displayed bad judgement with taking on a lot of endorsements before he has accomplished anything in the NFL, constantly thrown people under the bus ie the teams medical staff, done a terrible job of taking blame for loses in press conferences like a good leader should. There were a lot of red flags and intangible issues pre draft about Mayfield, then Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey drafted him anyways and Dorsey has a history of drafting talented players with issues, ie Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, and Baker Mayfield, etc.
  8. I wonder what everyone of the Trump supports would think if an Iranian drone murdered a military leader on US soil?
  9. This should be a surprise to no one. Trump idolizes dictator and glowingly speaks about the dictators Recap Erdogan, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin. Trump even wanted to throw himself an expensive military parade like they do in North Korean for Jong-Un.
  10. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/tom-brady-4619/ New England has $13.5 million in dead cap no matter if Brady plays for them in 2020 or not. So if New England were to somehow get Brady to sign a 2 year $60 million contract, they still have to pay the $13.5 million in dead cap space. If Brady signs with the Las Vegas Raiders, he will have a hard time making the playoffs with the Kansas City Chiefs having a strangle hold of the AFC West. It doesn't matter where Brady signs he is a shell of his former self and only looks good the past couple of years because of the play design and play calling of Josh McDaniels and the game planning and scheming of Bill Belichick.
  11. Trump failed as a Casino owner. The Trump steak company failed. Trump airlines failed. Trump University failed and it was a pyramid scheme. Trump mortgage failed. Trump Vodka failed. Trump the board game failed. Trump magazine failed. Gotrump.com failed. Trump has been involved in a lot of failed businesses.
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