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  1. Kaepernick outfoxed the Fox. This is all about the NFL pretending to care and defending their brand.
  2. And why doesn’t the president want to ever answer questions in any forum. Rumor has it he’s against any type of debate in the primaries as well.
  3. She’s worked under 4 Republican and 2 Democratic Presidents over her 30+ years in govt service.
  4. The intimidation doesn't stop with her, but is designed to also influence those that are still to be questioned.
  5. Hearsay works very well especially when it comes from the President, his Chief of Staff, and his personal attorney.
  6. Interested to see Lazar play. He has something to prove and he definitely can't be any worse than Sobotka.
  7. Sooo...open up another investigation on Hunter. While you’re at it, let POTUS finally open up that investigation on Hillary. In the meantime the POTUS screwed up this time and crossed the line. There needs to be consequences
  8. Two separate issues. If you want to investigate Biden's son, then you officially do it. Trump was leveraging US foreign policy for dirt on a political opponent. Bringing up what Biden's son did or didn't do is a "but her emails" defense. I'm still waiting for Trump to go down the Hillary investigation rabbit hole like he said he would do on the campaign trail. He tried the back channel route "Wikileaks, if you have...." with Hillary and he tried the same thing here. The big difference is with Hillary, he did it as a private citizen and here he's doing it with US Foreign policy. Separate the two issues and then investigate and hold each accountable.
  9. 100% Healthy going into their 10th game of the season at 6-3. If they miss the playoffs it's time for a new coach. No excuses at this point.
  10. Since the usual defense is "Her emails", I like to play the "what if this was Obama?" game. The Trump supporters/Fox News crew would be going bonkers. ...And this is really the crux of it. There's no discussion on whether or not he did it. He's admitted it, Rudy's admitted it, and Mulvaney's admitted it. The story here is that if there's no repercussions, then this becomes the new standard for our Presidency and all future President's will have a green light to behave in this fashion.
  11. Here are Kelly's stats from his first two years with the Bills..... GP CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG SACK FUM RTG 16 285 480 59.4 3,593 7.5 22 17 84 43 0 83.3 12 250 419 59.7 2,798 6.7 19 11 47 27 0 83.8
  12. Makes Allen look pretty good. Especially when you add in his Rushing TD’s
  13. It’s time to make a move. Especially since there will be cap issues once all are healthy. Be bold JB.
  14. What's next for this Sabres team. Scoring Depth continues to be a problem. Additionally, they aren't able to play a heavy game when needed. I'm not sure on Sobotka's status, but whether he's healthy or not, he's not contributing at a top 6 level. Move him to the 3rd line and move up Mittlestadt or Sheary? If you want grit, try Okposo in his place? Go all in on the top line and swap Skinner for Olofsson? This team needs to find someone that can finish and more scoring depth. I understand the cap constraints but once this team is 100% healthy, they will need to move some $$ to get under the cap, why not make the shakeup now.
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