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  1. I’m old enough to remember when the President said he’d be to busy running the country to play golf. I’m also old enough to remember when he tweeted about President Obama only paying at 20.5% on $790k https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37535643
  2. 20+ years voting by mail in Oregon. It works, it’s safe, and sound. For those without vote by mail, there needs to be a verified paper receipt and enough locations to vote so that no one location has over an hour wait. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/christopher-wray-fbi-election-interference/2020/09/23/e93d4230-fdea-11ea-b555-4d71a9254f4b_story.html
  3. Thank you. Well put. The mask also helps to keep the infection rate down giving the Dr's and medical professionals more time to learn how to treat this disease more efficiently, bringing down the mortality rate. The mask reduces the viral load in both directions, reducing the severity of Covid for some that become infected. Thinking about the herd approach? It sounds great until you do the math on how many people will die and then there's also the long term effects. If you've had Chicken Pox, then you're more likely to get shingles later on in life. We don't know the long term implications of having Covid. I for one do not want to be the lab rat for Covid. I wear a mask for those around me, their families and friends.
  4. Corporations are People Too! This only solidifies this idea.
  5. And if the Senate flips and the new Senate expands and packs the court, so be it. It will be what it is. I personally would like to see a larger Supreme Court. As it is, there's too much riding on each pick for both sides. Expand the court and you'll minimize the outlier influence on both the far left and far right.
  6. It also comes down to the integrity of their word. Do Mitch and others mean what they say? If not, why should we ever trust them? When Lindsey Graham emphatically goes on the record that he will not push through a pick in 2020 - was he lying or did he mean what he said?
  7. There were GOP Senators who argued directly against this in 2016 and said it would not be a problem having 8 Justices during an election.
  8. No Preseason practice. That was today and thankfully it didn't hurt us today.
  9. The previous admin left step by step instructions. Oh and did role play Training too
  10. So where should we go from here? There still is no comprehensive National plan other than get a vaccine and let the states and citizens fend for themselves when it comes to testing and PPE. Testing is an important part of the equation. I think it was March or April when the POTUS brought out the Abbott lab test and pharmacy (CVS/Walgreens, et al) CEO's regarding drive up testing. Those programs fizzled and the rapid testing is limited to Professional Sports leagues and those that can afford it. Want to get a handle on this virus? Roll out massive rapid testing across the country. Allow Free Testing for all schools in session on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Test, Contact Trace, Quarantine with support and do this until you have a vaccine and you'll start seeing the spread slow.
  11. Yes. It reduces the transmission rate and slows down the spread. It’s not 100% foolproof, but does enough to keep the transmission rate down to a level that’s manageable
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