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  1. Krueger had his issues. But what were Hall, Staal, Eichel teaching these kids in the locker room. There’s also some additions by subtraction that have given the younger players their chance and they are taking full advantage
  2. No I won’t like those odds if I hit the jackpot, but weighing these odds against the likelihood of contracting Covid without the vaccine, I’m getting the shot. There’s also the community benefit to getting vaccinated. The faster we can slow down transmission, the fewer variations/variants of the disease.
  3. Again, this is pure market economics, Adam Smith and the invisible hand stuff. If you don’t like what’s happening, are you advocating for the govt to step in and regulate the free market economy?
  4. The Republican Party has always been the free market/Keynesian economics party and we are seeing Adam Smith’s invisible hand at work during this pandemic. I would expect the Republican Party to want to let the market play out unless they are really closet market manipulators...
  5. I like my odds with those #'s. Had my 2nd Pfizer dose this past Monday and I hope as many people take the opportunity to get vaccinated so we can stop this virus in it's tracks.
  6. The previous administration was proud of the vaccine and said it was safe (And the former president and wife were both vaccinated) so why should any of us worry?
  7. He is meeting with the Japanese PM today to discuss an alternate to Chinese 5G and the issue of encroachment on Taiwan...
  8. Primarily because this inflation is demand driven and will ease once production and demand are more naturally aligned. It will hurt for some and that sucks. But it will also drive change in consumer choice based on necessity (Cheap beer instead of craft, Repair instead of replace, etc, Public transportation or carpooling instead of driving to work) and ultimately if the higher prices are here to stay, then it should drive wages higher as well. There's also the tariff issue keeping prices artificially high. I'm in the sporting goods industry. For products that come from China, we've adjusted our prices based on the additional tariffs (+30%). The Chinese manufacturer is still getting the same $$/unit, but the US consumer is paying the higher price and the sales chain is working on smaller margins. The products I work with from China (Inflatable SUP/Kayaks) can't be made in the USA at a price that's lower than the Chinese cost + 30% tariff. So it's basically a tax on the US Consumer who desires to purchase that product. The positive in all of this is that the economy is growing and should be able to handle inflation of goods and services in the long run.
  9. Inflation isn’t necessarily bad in an expanding economy. The real killer is stagflation and I don’t see that on the horizon.
  10. ...And the proud boys and the white supremest jerks and all the dirtbags that participated in the insurrection on Jan 6 at the capitol.
  11. We are still feeling the effects of a global economic pause from last year. Moving goods, raw materials around is 3-5x what it was in 2019. Earlier this year some of the sporting goods brands I work with had to wait close to 30 days just to get an empty CTR to finished goods in. There’s also very little back stock of anything. Once June/July hit last year, finished inventories were quickly depleted across many industries since production was halted or significantly impacted March-May. it’s going to take another 12-18 months for things to get back to normal. Until then, from Bicycles to steel to lumber, there’s more demand than availability and what’s there is getting full price. The ports are backed up as well. I have a CTR that arrive in Port (Long Beach) today. I’ll be lucky to see it by early May. March was the busiest month ever at the Port of LA https://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/news/2021/04/15/march-madness-at-los-angeles-long-beach-ports.html
  12. I like this hire. He's a hockey guy that played and is from a hockey family. He knows the game and business.
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