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  1. After watching Risto this year, I find him moving to my "don't trade" list. He's played with passion and heart and really brought his best this season. I don't see anyone on this defensive roster that could replace him at the moment, ended up in a net loss on D. Montour/McCabe - those are two that I would be OK moving. Bogo could fill one of those roles and Pilut the other.
  2. My eye test has him on the he’s going to be very good track. I appreciate his confidence with the puck and desire to have it on his stick. He’s a player that believes in himself. Confident with the skills to back it up.
  3. With Trump’s bailout of the farmers he’s been the most Socialist president in years. The Republicans are Corporate Socialist and have been first in line when it comes to subsidizing and industry - Oil, Coal, Agriculture, et al. All big beneficiaries of Government handouts. The Republican expectation is the hand out will trickle down to a benefit for the people and all it does is trickle up.
  4. If I have to choose between a Corporate Socialist and a Democratic Socialist, I'm quite comfortable choosing Bernie.
  5. At least he's keeping the GDP down while running up a deficit.....His administration has yet to crack 3% as promised.
  6. So more states like CA and TX have turned into welfare states since Trump took office. Interesting.
  7. ... And thinks a TBI can be cured with Aspirin. That reminds me, for a guy who says he loves the troops so much, the POTUS sure has been quite about the deaths this weekend in Afghanistan.
  8. All that spending on Welfare and California still contributes more to the federal government than it receives....Quite the opposite of most of the Traditional Republican states that are a net drain on the federal government.
  9. So who is going to pay for those without healthcare? Does the Nation start denying healthcare for those without insurance or ability to pay? It’s either one way or the other and the other is getting increasingly expensive as more Americans decide they can’t afford Healthcare Insurance. So if it’s not Medicare for all, then what is the solution?
  10. Maybe what we really need is a parliamentary system? Remove the cadence of the 4 year presidential election, bringing in the possibility that it could be shorter than 4 years if you don’t follow the will of ALL the people?
  11. 3 Coaches, 3 of the same results There is something significantly wrong in the culture of this organization.
  12. Whomever the whistleblower is and what their relationship to Schiff is unrelated to whether or not what the Potus did is an impeachable offense. Who is more important, they bank robber or the person that told the police about the robbery.
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