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  1. Fascist or Democratic Socialist? It’s an easy choice: Bernie
  2. One of the big promises that Mexico would pay for the Wall is a complete farce, especially now that he’s stealing the money from Veterans and the military instead
  3. Addendum 1.0: “And the President has never met any of these people, therefore he’s in the clear”
  4. Also a heavy dose of sea foam at the end of the season helps quite a bit too. I have a small 2.3HP outboard that is used infrequently and the difference between E and non-E fuel is night and day.
  5. Now Parnas has text messages and communications with Nunes’ staff. This is getting more interesting every day.
  6. I appreciate how the POTUS and VP et al are claiming they don’t know this guy. Parnas seems to be deeply entangled in the Trump/Rudy circle of shadow diplomacy.
  7. Yup. Once again the POTUS was involved in something shady. Shocking.
  8. So you’re against all govt subsidies or just the ones that don’t directly benefit you? Pay per incident with the fire department? Drop all farm subsidies? Dairy? Medicare? Medicaid? Energy sector? if you’re truly a tip of the iceberg anti-socialist at any level, then plow your own street
  9. Probably no more socialist than Trump’s taxpayer handout to the farmers.
  10. They would need healthcare ins/assistance at this rate too. $20k/yr for a high deductible policy would wipe out their ability to afford a home and ins
  11. And there is much less job security which is dramatically changing purchasing habits of this age bracket. Big ticket items (Car,House,Boat,Country Club memberships,etc) and this age group is more apt to rent or subscribe for their Leisure time activities and products. It’s much harder for an economy like ours to prosper when it’s built for higher margin goods. This also brings up the question of who will buy the McMansions and 2nd homes and at what price?
  12. They haven't had an airliner shot down in their airspace since we did it (USS Vincennes) in 1988.
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