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  1. Without the 8 game requirement, Billy Joe Hobert is my all time worst Bills player.
  2. I'm conflicted on the Sabres not making the Tournament. I'd like to see them play again this season, especially for the experience, but I also feel that this 24 Team Tourney could easily end up a complete shit show. All it'll take is one positive test and this thing gets derailed. Vegas? Lot's of opportunity to go off campus.... I think it's possible that the tourney has stops/starts and maybe doesn't even get to a champion. With no June/July play, the Sabres players should be able to be better rested for when the next season starts.
  3. I read somewhere recently that in CA if they keep the infection rate stays at 1:1 or less, then by September there will be an estimated <10% infected rate in CA, which is manageable within their healthcare system. If it slips to 1:2 or higher, the minimum infection rate would be >44% by September which would overload the healthcare system through the summer. The goal still remains to keep the infection rate at a level that is in line with our ability to manage healthcare needs without overwhelming the system. As Meathead mentions, population health is an important part of achieving herd immunity, especially when the virus seems to have a much more negative impact for people with underlying health issues, something the USA population excels at. As a group, the USA is much more unhealthy than other nations such as Sweden, etc. As far as masks are concerned, people don't seem to have a problem with "no shirt, no shoes, no service", so why not having to wear a mask to enter a business?
  4. These individuals had a complete disrespect for the officers in the capitol building. They could have made their point without putting others in a position to potentially be on the receiving end of the virus from an asymptomatic carrier. (Of which one outspoken member of their group has confirmed she tested positive). Selfish.
  5. Big Boy Cosplay. Unfortunate that they put the Capitol workers, state police, etc. in jeopardy of contracting the virus should they be asymptomatic carriers. Then again, it's not about others, it's about themselves and their selfish personal needs.
  6. This might have been the POTUS’ most bonkers presser yet.
  7. And based on the NYS study, it looks like Rural America and Suburbia are the next hot spots at <5% having had the Virus. With Urban areas around 20%, they are quickly approaching Herd Immunity. This of course assumes the NYS sample is properly representative
  8. Front to back, my favorite album... "It's Alive" Gabba Gabba Hey!
  9. Was that the same day that the POTUS was Golfing, attending a rally, or fundraiser?
  10. 10 weeks total (2.5xavg monthly payroll under $100k + benefits). 75% needs to go to payroll. The rest can go to rent + utilities. In many cases the PPP is not rolling out as fast as planned and there’s concern that an employer may have further delays or not get the $$ requested. This is leading to laying off employees because the PPP has not been confirmed or yet arrived.
  11. And the USA allowed another 40,000 people in from China after the Ban with little or no screening. The POTUS also tweeted on Jan 24 that the USA appreciated the transparency of China in relation to the virus... There were also claims that the federal govt would be quarterbacking the testing. A strong "Google" site, parking lot drive through testing at Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart (Brought them all to a presser to speak) and then when his admin dropped the ball - shifted blame and responsibility to the states. He spent a good part of Feb and March attending Rally's, Fundraisers, Mar-A-Lago and golfing while downplaying the virus. This administration has no ability to develop long term, comprehensive plans and then execute them and stick to them.
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