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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. Our local High School has that as well. These are the types of things that make a difference. Want to pay a single Mom $10-15hr, then don’t expect her to be able to pay for childcare. She’s better off not working at all. Want workers for your restaurant, bar, hotel, etc then you need to have reliable public transportation from where they can afford housing to where your business is located.
  2. And those ‘other’ items are very important. Affordable and accessible childcare is important to keeping workers in the workforce Without reasonably priced and acceptable childcare you eliminate a large portion of the workforce as they’re forced to stay home as childcare is to expensive compared to what they make or not available. Then those that have to stay home need additional assistance because they can’t work. Pick your poison - build a system to encourage participation in the workforce or subsidize staying out of the workforce. Addressing climate change is critical to infrastructure in developing new ‘climate change proof’ infrastructure from ports to roadways to energy. The Texas power debacle is a great example of needing to address our current energy solutions in harmony with the changing atmospheric issues.
  3. They seem to be playing with an edge and also playing for each other. This is a huge departure from the teams of the past decade. Hopefully 10 games in we’ll be saying the same thing. Would love to see 7-3 after the first 10 but would be satisfied at 5-5
  4. I wonder if Jack's back quickly gets better if this team rips off some wins and finds themselves having fun and sitting above .500 at Thanksgiving.
  5. Great start to the season. Great team win and confidence builder. Might get Hutton on Saturday.
  6. With Milano, I'm leaning to keep him limited this week. If he aggravates the Hamstring, then it's likely that he'll be in the hamstring jail for the rest of the season. If they hold him out this weekend, then with the bye week, he's fully healed for the back end of the season.
  7. I think it comes down to goaltending. I think the group up front is talented enough to score 2-3 per game, but our Goaltending hasn't been good enough and I'm not sure if this tandem can keep the other guys below 2-3 Goals per game. I'm sick of the 2-0, 3-1 losses. I want to see entertaining hockey. If you're going to lose, let's lose 4-3/5-3/6-4, etc. Make it interesting. I want to see a team with a chance in the third, not one that's cooked 1/2 way through the 2nd.
  8. Maybe he just doesn’t want the distraction and feels he’s got enough $$ already
  9. A significant portion of the rise in consumer goods prices is the significant increase of shipping costs both domestic and international. Container Ocean shipping has almost quadrupled since 2019. There’s a scarcity of long haul truck drivers in the US driving up costs of domestic shipping. I work for a sporting goods company that uses 4 factories worldwide. France, Vietnam, and 2 in China. The inbound cost of CTRs (40’HC) has increased 3x-4x+ since 2019. (Ex. 2019 HC CTR from Vietnam = $6k, our last CTR in August $33k). This price difference early on was absorbed by most businesses. It’s now being included in the cost of our goods. Intermodal intl shipping issues are here to stay for at least another 12-18 months. Domestically it will most likely extend further as there aren’t enough drivers to move our domestic goods to market and it will take a long time to fill these jobs snd they will also be filled with truckers making more $$ than previous. One area the Biden admin could make a difference is in rescinding the increased China tariffs. Most companies assumed he would roll the tariffs back and now that it has not happened, those tariffs (some as high as a +30% increase during the former admin) are now being reflected in the costs of goods SS a permanent price increase.
  10. Or maybe that a large contingent of Sabres fans come from across the border. Erie county is at 72% vaccinated (first dose). So if 100% of the Sabres fans were in Erie County, then the vax issue only will affect 28% of them. I don’t think the vax mandate will have a significant effect on attendance.
  11. Sitting in Spain (Barcelona). 80% Vaccination rate, high use of masks in situations that people are in close proximity and looks like a buy in from close to all the population here. Life is very close to normal and people are respectful of wearing a mask and just going about their daily business.
  12. It’s his choice and he has specific rules to follow that let him continue to play. I’m good with all of that. His tweet was football related. He thinks the fans are booing him and they aren’t. The fact that he lead his victory Monday with that tweet concerns me as to where his head is at.
  13. Hopefully the other teams are looking at this and decide to give him a clean pocket
  14. I'm 100% onboard with the importance of him being on the field and contributing. It's a long season and the Bills are fortunate that they have this many worries for other team's D's. My worry is that he has his head on straight for when they need him to be the guy for that game he shows up and kicks ass. His post game Twitter rant smells of someone that's a bit disgruntled by not being as important the past two weeks as others. Hopefully it's not the case.
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