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  1. The current administration doesn't have any of that in mind...And the cash that's been spent in lower taxes is mostly residing in the upper income bracket that is unlikely to spend those $$. Want to make the economy hum? Put the cash in the hands of those that will spend a high percentage of it and get the velocity of cash up.
  2. Not sure what the answer is, but I feel the NFL is looking towards a higher breed immunity of teams and dealing with a lot of the issues prior to the season starting. It’s hard to believe that practice and training in the preseason will not get the virus through most of the teams. Then it’s a possible delay of the start of the season or let’s roll.
  3. Precisely why we see the new leaders in Covid cases: FL,TX,AZ,GA. What do they all have in common? I don’t think it was mass protests. (GA probably had the most of the 4).
  4. At least he has HIS priorities in order. DIVIDE, DIVIDE, DIVIDE and hope for the best. All while those states that took his advice to ignore the CDC and his administration’s reopening guidelines are heading for a long July.
  5. We are going to be very late to the party the rest of the world is throwing. This wasn’t a difficult task. Just follow the original guidelines the CDC/Administration put forward, support and embrace them Nationally and we’d be in step with the rest of the world. The POTUS’ lack of patience and encouragement of states to buck his own administration’s guidelines is front and center with the issues we have today controlling and mitigating the impact of COVID-19.
  6. And then when he finally unveiled a plan, he signaled to the States that it's OK to ignore the recommendations and open right up. Now we are in a deeper hole as the rest of the world get's on with their business. Masks do help mitigate the spread of the virus. They don't 100% keep it from spreading, but keep it from spreading exponentially more. The lack of leadership on mask wearing from the President is amplifying the problem. I pray somehow our medical system can stay ahead of the case count wave and minimize the impact. We get through this by managing the infection rate and keeping it in line with our ability to treat/manage cases that need medical attention -- all while waiting for increased herd immunity and a Cure and/or Vaccine.
  7. And the balls dropped off screen. Why not show the lottery balls being pulled? There’s only one reason...they don’t want people to see who really won the lottery
  8. Masks limit the spread. Yes, exhaling has to go somewhere, but not as far as normal when wearing a mask. They are the perfect solution - staying home and in your personal bubble is. So a mask is a compromise that balances personal/societal safety with not requiring complete isolation. No different than protocols in food prep, etc. It's a risk management and wearing a mask of some type in public lowers the infection rate to an acceptable level.
  9. The party of fiscal responsibility has gone completely off the rails.
  10. Let’s hope that the response is to show the fans and do something un-Sabres like and do something big.
  11. Appreciate that the POTUS was rolled by Generation ZOOM. Last week my daughter texted me that I should grab Tulsa tickets. I didn’t understand the magnitude of what she (19) and her friends were participating in. It was a brilliant way to roll this event.
  12. With a realistic 2020/21 season starting around late November, they have +/- 150 days To turn this around. JB made some good moves but in the end he continued to build a team that just didn’t mentally have what it takes to win night in and out.
  13. It seems that the Republicans and the POTUS called their own bluff. In the end, everyone that's not on a healthcare plan is being covered by those with plans via higher premiums and tax dollars. 100% coverage through some means is the most efficient way to manage health care. Whether that's via Private, Public, or Public/Private - who cares as long as we first get everyone covered. When it comes to businesses, why should they be responsible for providing healthcare? School systems are handcuffed by high healthcare costs, so are businesses. Take healthcare out of the wage equation and make it a fixed % cost and it makes business more competitive state by state and globally. Maybe the government needs to put their money where their mouth is and offer a buy in for anyone for a medicare plan (basically the govt offer a health care plan to compete with the private plans). Also while their at it, offer free healthcare (medicare) from pre-natal through age 21 for all citizens. There are plenty of solutions, but paying more per month on healthcare insurance than your mortgage isn't one of them, especially when a big percentage of those $$ are going to those without HC.
  14. It’s not like any TV viewers will see it as the Networks are more interested in the ad revenue than showing the anthem at the beginning of the game. Would the network’s behavior be considered disrespectful or Patriotic since they are maximizing their revenue?
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