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  1. I think the US is still about 2-3wks from being in the UK's position in regards to Omicron. I think NYC/Boston have moved past their peaks as they seemed to have been some of the first to get hit with the new variant while rural and west coast are probably at peak or just coming down. SLC is a shitshow right now as well as OR, ID with WA having their big peak it seems as last week. I feel the US will be in a good position between additional vaccinations/infections on Feb 15.
  2. The Republicans always like to play the victim and Donald Trump seems to relish this role.
  3. There’s a lot of talk about “The good old days”. Those days (prior to the 1920’s included non-citizens being allowed to vote
  4. The UAL CEO released a statement today. They have 3,000 employees with Covid and none of them are hospitalized. All are vaccinated. The vaccine is doing it’s job to reduce hospitalizations and death from Covid.
  5. The previous move in the early 1900’s to restrict non-citizens from voting was driven for the most part due to a wave of Nationalism. The old we can’t let “them” vote attitude
  6. Agree on McKenzie. If the weather is crappy lining both him and Beasley up will give Josh some good short/Int options
  7. Up until the early 1920’s it wasn’t uncommon for non-citizens to be allowed to vote. im not saying this new movement is good or bad but helping put into context that our current citizenship requirements have been around for less time than the country is old.
  8. The easy fix to illegal immigration is to reduce the opportunity for work. Most every illegal worker is being paid by someone who is offering the work illegally. Maybe if we started throwing the employers in jail for hiring illegal workers the job market would dry up?
  9. His mobility on the Blueline was evident last night. Retrieving the puck in tight situations and creating space
  10. Maybe he was describing the person that placed the pipe bomb outside of the DNC?
  11. Came out flat and disorganized. I really liked their game from the middle of the 2nd period forward
  12. We also have a significant portion of the workforce deciding to stay on the sidelines. The Pandemic gave people time to reassess their net gains by working and when they took a good look at the cost of daycare for their kids, many made the decision to not reenter the workforce because their net gain wasn't worth the time and putting their kids in daycare. This group included a lot of part time retail and service industry workers and many of these people were hourly wage earners. I don't blame them. It's hard to commit to a $15/hr job when you have to pay someone $10/hr to watch your kid. We've also seen quite a bit of movement in the labor force. Workers used to be more tied to one particular job due to their healthcare benefits. As companies have backed away from full coverage, there are fewer costs/risks of moving from one job to another when it comes to healthcare coverage. Finally, if the job you always wanted becomes available, why wouldn't you quit the one you have and move to the new opportunity?
  13. Ok, then it was a domestic terrorist attack? Who cares what it was called? No voter should be OK with what happened.
  14. Yes. The unvaccinated don’t seem to trust Trump’s vaccine yet the lowest vaccination rates come from areas where he was well supported.
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