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  1. I found Beane to be refreshingly honest. We don't have all the weapons we need. He's right, our TE's don't scare anyone. I just want him to keep bringing in more weapons on offense. This is a point scoring league. The NFL knows it sell tickets and they are going to continue to let the offense fly for another couple of seasons.
  2. I’d like to see an FA edge rusher signing. Find a mauler. At RB, I’m comfortable with what we have in Yeldon, Moss, Williams and Singletary. If we’re looking for an upgrade, I want a Dynamic playmaker. Someone that can take a pitch and anything can happen. Maybe Wade is that X-Factor? They obviously see something there that’s making them keep him around. What I don’t want is to return to a Run often offense. That Era is not now. The NFL has seen that fans love to see scoring and they’re not going to tighten up the game anytime soon. After edge rusher just keep adding more weapons for Josh.
  3. It's in their right to sue him and his right to defend himself. This is a move right out of Donald Trump's playbook - File a lawsuit and make them put up or shut up.
  4. Or you RB catches a lob and takes it 10 in a critical moment during the game. We had NO running game all year. The Chiefs reminded us of this critical fault. We were a one dimensional team and need more talent to add a credible running threat.
  5. The early choice to go for it on 4th had me feeling that this was going to be different. I think their plan was to be aggressive but something must have triggered a change. Something on the sidelines? Feeling the players were fragile to the moment? I don’t think we will ever know. It was obviously the wrong choice to stop being aggressive.
  6. And the next year the Harmon drop in Cleveland. Then 4 years of terrorizing the conference. And now we’re doing it with a younger QB than Kelly was at the time.
  7. I was in the stadium in Tampa for that first Super Bowl. It hurt and it still hurts. There’s something about going back to where it started and slaying the dragon and taking care of unfinished business. It feels just right.
  8. Win it all now. Then win it again. Kelly's first crack didn't work, then Harmon dropped the ball, then 4 straight. I could live with this scenario as long as one of the 4 is a win.
  9. Or maybe these are some companies that the former POTUS was always bashing. It could also be this is the first time they've been asked to help.
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