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  1. We can use some cardboard fans from the movie The Natural. They're probably stashed away at Buffalo Central Terminal. It'll make our fans look much older and more mature---no way those fans body-slam on folding tables. We'd just have to spray some red & blue on their Stetsons...
  2. Least Mode Dawson Creek Knox (Canadians will get this one) Mitch the Horse Morse Jason Swept Out with a Broom Croom
  3. He throws sidearm? The long one to Smoke looked sidearm. I never noticed that last year.
  4. The problem is: virus cases are on the INCREASE in the Buffalo area again. But it's under 2% right now. I'm sure it will fluctuate--the area was just 2.6%. So we still have some time. As for who gets to go, they should have some type of raffle according to blocks of seats. For example, season tix holders who have a bunch of seats together, say, for example, 3 rows seats 1,2,3 would be a block. Everybody must be related or neighbors or whatever that they come to the game together. 10 seats away are 4 seats together in one of the rows. skip at least 5 rows between groups and 10 or so seats apart. OBD should be able to pull up a grouping map. Heck, they can even throw darts at a map of the seating...
  5. I thought he was around a fumble per game, so, HOLY SHIT, he's doing better than I thought!
  6. Maybe in French Canadian, it is Josh's Jocks... or Jacques What a terrible name!
  7. He just needs receivers with huge wingspans to snag the inaccurate throws!
  8. As bad as Allen was, he finally has a 300 yd passing game! Plus he had another 57 on the ground. 8 guys caught passes.
  9. With nobody rushing him... not even 5 O-lineman in front of him...
  10. Maybe it would have been more believable if you preceded the title with BREAKING:
  11. Just heard on the news, was it posted already? SanFran picked him up but he retired.
  12. bLUE jAYS? Did they do anything? I thought the Bisons did all the work... and the BJ's just brought the logos & signs.... no? Or did the BJ's just say "here's the cash, plus the currency exchange rate, give us the keys, we'll return everything to the way it was when the season's over."
  13. YOUR ASSUMPTIONS ARE SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH i REALLY DON'T NEED to reply to your idiocy. You must be Crazy Mazie's long lost love child. You probably want to defund the Police. And ANTIFA DOESN'T EXIST! Please don't feel sad for me, I'm already on my 2nd life--I'm way ahead of you...
  14. I took care of someone with dementia, I saw the signs, Joe has shown the signs. Trump is still sharp minded and a businessman, you can see Trump isn't mentally or physically slowing down, he may only be weary from everything we put him through the last 3 years...
  15. I think Dementia is hitting him hard... it may take Michelle Obama to save the day... I wonder if Uncle Joe would perv out and walk up behind her and stand there smelling her hair. Susan Rice is already exposed as a liar, look at that stand she took it was all caused by a Jewish director showing a movie that agitated Cairo. That man now lives in a homeless shelter because of her/Barry's lie... Bass is exposed as a Castro sympathiser. Even today she opened her mouth the wrong way. We're running low on "women of color" worthy of running the country when Joe peters out... I'm surprised Pocahontas isn't being suggested, or is she? There's still the one that slept her way to the prosecutor job that incarcerated so, so many black men in California, be sure to pronounce her name correctly or she may throw the book at ya... If it's not Michelle Obama, who knows? Whoopi Goldberg is available! It's amazing how many black men & women Trump released early...
  16. I'm a registered Democrat... no way could I vote for Hillary. No way could I vote for someone who can't even read the teleprompter, who mixes up his wife & his sister. The shit's gonna hit the fan in the next 60 days, no, not Trump's tax returns, but Biden/his son, Susan Rice, Brenner, Chrome Dome Clapper, Stzrok, Page, Comey, Rosenthal, Sally Yates, et al are fair game for indictments, even the Big Barry-O has a chance to make history!
  17. AFCE Champs, here we come! Ed Oliver just needs to stay off the Party Pontoon!
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