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  1. Take care of these next 2 games first. THEN, for next year, think about a TE! Knox isn't going anywhere. Kroft may be gone. Lee Smith? He'll maybe get an endzone toss to justify his spot as a blocking TE. On the other hand, it sure would be nice to have/get ONE TE who can stretch the field like a WR **AND** be a good blocker! When Lee is on the field, opponents must know a run is coming. We need someone that keeps them guessing.
  2. One angle from the Showtime Vision screen shows Allen jumping up down in the background!
  3. Wasn't it Gregg Williams that just BLEW AWAY management in his interview here? Color coded divider tabs on his notes? How'd that work out?
  4. Seeing it's a home game for the Chiefs and they will go red jerseys, the Bills would be white... BUT how cool would that be if they allowed it??? ALL-RED Chiefs vs ALL-BLUE Bills to decide the AMERICAN Conference?? That would be symbolically awesome!
  5. And Bass was MUCH more than that! Does anybody remember any other Bills kickers' playoff missed FG's to the right in their photographic memory? Excluding Norwood's? Anybody? Game & date & score?
  6. I know he didn't invent this, he needs to find a way to gradually open the economy. His "handlers?" Who are his handlers? Please be specific.
  7. Sorry but this is a test program started by the Governor. HE is the one instituting limits on the # of fans. Him and his medical advisors. How many people do you think were in the stands today at Arrowhead Stadium? Did they report it?
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