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  1. Maybe for the New Era games, they'll borrow the cardboard crowd from "The Natural" movie and powder them up with Bills blue.
  2. He probably sweet talked us yesterday or whatever day that was when he gave Buffalo/Erie County the go-ahead to open Phase 1.
  3. Did he ever turn in his retirement paperwork, and if so doesn't he have to get reinstated or something? What did Gronk do???
  4. Didn't see it posted so here ya go: https://billswire.usatoday.com/2020/05/16/lorenzo-alexander-return-retirement-buffalo-bills-dire-need/ Sounds like he'd only come back for a playoff game or so if the D was decimated by injuries.
  5. Just more chances to embarrass ourselves in front of the world... or... at least the nation.
  6. Was this the best kicker available? I thought I read he kicked poorly over 40 yards...
  7. wITH THOSE CIRCUs & 1-handed catches, how could you NOT sign him?????????????????????? Bills will find a way!
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