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  1. The only thing I was not being sarcastic about was CB... I'm not sure if sarcastic is the correct word; here: The only thing I WAS being serious about was CB.
  2. I'm just assuming McBeane went D 3 years in a row if you include Edmunds. They'll possibly do it again. If they resign Shaq and/or Phillips, what's the next logical position to get an impact player on D? Maybe another LB to replace Lorenzo Alexander? A D-lineman? A shutdown CB would allow us to blitz with 2 lockdowns, and I think Tre is good but he has trouble with passes beyond his body, like that one over his & Hopkins' heads--the ones that are thrown like deep bombs that have a vertical decent like 40 degrees or more, instead of a more acute rope...
  3. Sean don't like CB's picked, or anybody D? You should know me by now, I don't lie about anything. I thought he is just against D picks when we need O picks. But how do you get someone better than Tre NOT in the 1st Rd?
  4. When was the last time you've seen a run on WR's in the first round? We could have took Metcalf near the bottom of the 1st but traded up for thunder thighs instead. What does the CB class look like? I would prefer a WR or OT but I think McBeane is going D like the last couple years and he wants a DB as good or better than Tre...
  5. I think we need a CB even BETTER than Tre. You saw the 2nd half of the playoff game Leslie wasn't calling full-out blitzes like the Denver game (was that the game or PIT that we had like 7 sacks?)... I think he got cold feet after HOU started moving the ball.
  6. Just wondering who are the best CB's and which will the Bills be selecting with their 1st Rd pick?
  7. You're missing the most important point--the clock stopped without needing to use another down to spike it.
  8. i DON'T HAVE anything against you posting good or bad about the Bills if it's true, but the part about the illegal bat IS NOT TRUE! Nor did that decision cost the Bills a chunk of yardage! It wasn't the safest move if it wasn't batted out of bounds by Knox, but he did manage to get it out of bounds stopping the clock without any 10-second runoff & penalty.
  9. Dion Dawkins and Lee Smith became jokes--on the field. Bills were at the 29 yard line & lost 33 yards in two plays and shoulda punted instead of going for it...
  10. Eric Wood on the radio broadcast was against it... said punt and pin them down & get good field position back...
  11. I'm pretty sure, sometime during the season, the Bills had one of the league's best Redzone offenses... TD's not FG's.
  12. Daboll is a genius on that Allen reception TD, but there were many questionable playcalls. Why did Motor disappear, especially after that long one along the left sideline? Was that in regulation or OT? Why did they rush OT by throwing so much? There's no need to try to beat the clock! The ref said it, OT is as if it was the 1st quarter again! What results have we had when we lose coin tosses?
  13. Allen also took a helmet-to-helmet hit that was not called... he had to rearrange his helmet before getting up... the chase near the right sideline...
  14. Back around the Miami or Denver game, the Bills out of nowhere started dialing up full-on blitzes, 6 or 7 against 5, and our sack #'s went up. We did that for 2 or 3 games and then stopped. Don't know why they changed. Maybe because they played Baltimore/Jackson... maybe that's why we lost that one. Because we stopped overloading the opponents' O-line.
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