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  1. Yep, coulda had DK... That chase reminds me of Beebe & Leon Lett in the Super Bowl...
  2. I hope so. The only one that the Bills can [semi] control would be trying to get Lorenzo back, maybe he can show Epenesa how it's done. After that, I haven't followed who may be available, except for that Q. Williams rumor.
  3. Only that one good game by Croft... followed by that fake interception that Croft caught but got embarrassed on by a little DB... so yeah, I guess you're right.
  4. I think Beane is untouchable. He and McD are like two peas in a pod. He will just blame it on 2020... Star... Lorenzo... Philips... Milano... injuries... Coronavirus.
  5. Yeah, they sure have been doing it in the first half's since the Houston game, maybe others...
  6. All we have left at TE is Seals&Croft, and our Slash/TE/FB, Duke is slow enough to play TE...
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