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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. Josh hasn't scrambled around to throw a Hail Mary bomb to win the game, nor was he picked 1st overall, got it?
  2. Didn't all the Chiefs' best players wear yellow gloves and cleats, unlike the others?
  3. Because he's not a Rodgers yet. Chunky Soup has enough clowns for that already.
  4. But didn't the fans need to be vaxxed? I could see them booing if they had to and he won't. Unless he had the virus and could prove he has antibodies. You would think if a 12 year old could get vaxxed he should have no fear of getting the vax & having complications. Personally, I think everybody should get vaxxed unless you can prove through a test that you already have antibodies. And No, I'm not a Biden supporter.
  5. Sure they need more than 10 carries but: My point was that they have very high draft picks, while we had teens and picked RBs in the 3rd round... wasn't one a top 5 pick? we haven't picked a RB high since Spiller...
  6. We had 2 sacks. Mentioning Trubisky is pretty stupid since we don't play him unless something happens to Allen. Personally, I felt really under-appreciated for all the praying I did last year and stopped praying during this week & this game. If you don't believe I have/had any affect on the outcome, I can skip praying next week too. It's really a huge drain on my social life and knocks the shit out of me for the day, and I don't get intoxicated... just parched.
  7. Ya'all don't believe praying matters... I took a game off... you think it didn't matter? You want me to skip praying next game too?
  8. He got them on 3rd downs... Pass interference penalties... almost another that was D-holding... DAWKINS SUCKED IT UP... They'll say he's still fucked up from Covid. At more than one point JA was our leading rusher...
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