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  1. Why, we'd just go three & out and get nothing starting the 2nd half, plus lose wind advantage in the 4th...
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing Barcklay (however the hell you spell it) if Allen struggles but I'm sure McBean would have none of that!
  3. I wouldn't blame the Pegulas but If he keeps fumbling and throwing beyond or short of his WRs, I'd blame Beaney. I think Beane should hire Palmer FULL-TIME for the next 2 years, if he can't straighten Allen out by then, then EVERYBODY SHOULD GET FIRED OR RELEASED OR TRADED. Then Palmer can go back to freelancing, and we will be looking for a new staff....
  4. When he runs for his life and gets first downs, he's better than a pocket passer type
  5. Yeah, we need at least 3. Trent Williams whatsisname Yannik DE Ted Washington-like DT Mike Evans EDIT: SORRY, FORGOT TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON!
  6. How do you bench a guy on his birthday? Couldn't they wait a day?
  7. That's great, I won't have to laugh my ass off... I'm pretty accustomed to this one now anyway... MAYBE I can LMAO about Andy Dalton getting benched on his Birthday instead.
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