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  1. YOUR ASSUMPTIONS ARE SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH i REALLY DON'T NEED to reply to your idiocy. You must be Crazy Mazie's long lost love child. You probably want to defund the Police. And ANTIFA DOESN'T EXIST! Please don't feel sad for me, I'm already on my 2nd life--I'm way ahead of you...
  2. I took care of someone with dementia, I saw the signs, Joe has shown the signs. Trump is still sharp minded and a businessman, you can see Trump isn't mentally or physically slowing down, he may only be weary from everything we put him through the last 3 years...
  3. I think Dementia is hitting him hard... it may take Michelle Obama to save the day... I wonder if Uncle Joe would perv out and walk up behind her and stand there smelling her hair. Susan Rice is already exposed as a liar, look at that stand she took it was all caused by a Jewish director showing a movie that agitated Cairo. That man now lives in a homeless shelter because of her/Barry's lie... Bass is exposed as a Castro sympathiser. Even today she opened her mouth the wrong way. We're running low on "women of color" worthy of running the country when Joe peters out... I'm surprised Pocahontas isn't being suggested, or is she? There's still the one that slept her way to the prosecutor job that incarcerated so, so many black men in California, be sure to pronounce her name correctly or she may throw the book at ya... If it's not Michelle Obama, who knows? Whoopi Goldberg is available! It's amazing how many black men & women Trump released early...
  4. I'm a registered Democrat... no way could I vote for Hillary. No way could I vote for someone who can't even read the teleprompter, who mixes up his wife & his sister. The shit's gonna hit the fan in the next 60 days, no, not Trump's tax returns, but Biden/his son, Susan Rice, Brenner, Chrome Dome Clapper, Stzrok, Page, Comey, Rosenthal, Sally Yates, et al are fair game for indictments, even the Big Barry-O has a chance to make history!
  5. AFCE Champs, here we come! Ed Oliver just needs to stay off the Party Pontoon!
  6. Most Definitely and Absolutely! Joe is just a placeholder, he can't even have a debate! Everything you heard him say the last month, he DIDN'T say a thing! HE READ IT OFF A TELEPROMPTER whatever they keyed in for him to say. He couldn't get it correct between his wife & his sister! How's he gonna get it correct between North Korea & South Korea?
  7. Biden doesn't pick his VP, the Dem Party picks it--who they want to be President in 2 years when Biden would say he can't do it anymore. That's why Trump needs to smarten up and get back on track. Six months ago, Trump was a virtual shoe-in...
  8. I don't watch basketball since we lost our franchise... I remember going to the Aud as/on a Cub Scout Trip. That's a long time. I will respect this ONE guy. That's it. BLM are frauds. If you care about Black lives, go to CHICAGO, not Portland or Seattle... Didn't hear a peep out of them when 3 & 7 yr old kids got killed in the crossfire.
  9. Whatever happened to those BEAUTIFUL nabs by Foster, they were such a thing of beauty the way he just grabbed them, one even looked like an over the shoulder nearly impossible grab! remember?
  10. He could've at least picked some hotter babes... I don't think I'd call any of those "babes..." I don't think I'd call any of those.
  11. First Brady... Then Gronk... Now....................... Shady! They putting together a team of seniors How many years of experience in just those 3? anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
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