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  1. I said the same thing to my son at the time. That throw to Brown really bothered me Lit. That is not what was going to work.
  2. I noticed in the second half that they made a change to attack on the side Edmonds was vs. Milano. There was one play I saw Geoff make what seems to be an audible when he notice Milano and Edumunds switched and sure enough he threw that side. I should be a coach ... lol... still, Edmunds needs more work.
  3. Love the confidence the players have in each other. He is athletic and makes plays. Just needs to stay healthy and Sky's the limit for him?
  4. agree 100% Diggs shows what an exceptional wr looks like the way he runs routes and catches.
  5. its a great question. My hope / expectation is that the Bill do enough to move forward in acquiring new talent to improve. The question, as always, is does that work and does the competition not keep up. Should be fun to see....
  6. wow... how can a non drug induced person not pick TB? until he retires he has to be #1 in any QB prediction in the East.
  7. Agree 100% with bird in the hand. So many variables at play. GM should go for it if they believe in the player and the team's ability to make it work. Fun times.
  8. Totally agree Meat. Just what I've been thinking. These are fun times to contemplate where the team can go. As a person who live with Pats fans it's nice to be thinking on the positive side.
  9. It's an interesting time for Bill's fans. Should we feel good about this as win - sure. Should win by 17 - pretty sure. Willing to put 5K on it... you are a brave soul. 🙂
  10. It's been said many times, but the Pats coaching is so many light years beyond everyone else... especially the Bills. It is beyond comprehension...
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