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  1. Lets go easy here thinking that its a good thing that some of the Texans starters are injured, the Bills have a history of getting beat by second stringers who we never heard of before. One would think that it would be a positive however not always the case with this team, guys on the bench make their name against us and spark their careers. With that being said lets win this game!
  2. I am not necessarily happy with the way the offense is playing, they are below average as far as I am concerned, however, in the past we always seem to lose the games we are suppose to win. This year we are winning the games we are supposed to win so I don't see the issue honestly. I mean as much as I want the offense to dominate does it matter in the end? If we won 42-7 would the win count more? Unfortunately this team has a below average offense and it doesn't look like they are going to improve any time soon so all we can hope for is they find a way to overcome their deficiencies.
  3. Heres the thing, all QBs throw Int's, all of them do. Its what you do after that matters, do you let it pull you down or do you go back out and put it all on the line and push forward. Allen keeps fighting and that's all you can ask for. Take a look at the Int's coming into today, Matt Ryan has 5, Allen had 2. Most every QB has Int's, Baker Mayfield had 4 coming into today. Allen is fine, as long as he does what he did today and finds a way to get it back.
  4. New England is killing Miami and never takes its foot off the gas, but Buffalo for some reason feels that they are in good shape and is going to ease up. Its a mind set and they don't have it, they don't have the mind set to keep pounding it until the final second. NE dominates and doesn't care how much they are up they just keep scoring.
  5. I totally agree with everything you said and was thinking the same. Freaking tired of hearing about this ass clown, the guy is a fucking nut case and should not be allowed to play with another team this year. His conduct with the Raiders needs to be investigated and he needs to be suspended by the league if he is found to have threatened to punch the Raiders GM. This league is going down the wrong road with these players and they continue to let them flourish even when they are detrimental to their team. Fuck the Pats too.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/videos/baldys-breakdowns/0ap3000001009719/Why-Josh-Allen-is-an-elite-athlete-at-QB-Baldy-s-Breakdowns
  7. Yeah and I felt the same way when he threw that ball, he should have just ran out of bounds or tossed it out of bounds but he didn't. Not a great decision but it is one play, he is a play maker and is trying to make shit happen. I think that play is just a young determined kid trying to make a play out of nothing, don't forget that's how Favre played. Favre would take chances others wouldn't take and sometimes it didn't work out and other times it was amazing. The Bills need to build their offense around him, load up on big time play makers who will match his intensity and determination.
  8. Finally someone with a brain in their head who can articulate his views without bashing a group of people....everything you said is spot on.
  9. Article about the Eagles firing McDermott, this guy was garbage and still is....how the Bills think this guy qualifies to be a head coach is a joke. http://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=6025347 Less than a week after Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid said that defensive coordinator Sean McDermott would return in 2011, the Eagles have fired McDermott. A team spokesman confirmed the firing Saturday, which was first reported by ESPN. No replacement has been announced. McDermott, 36, came under heavy criticism in a season in which the Eagles allowed a franchise-high 31 touchdown passes and had the worst red-zone defense in the NFL. However, Reid said in a season-ending news conference McDermott would be retained. Within three days of that declaration, sources say Reid informed McDermott he had changed his mind and would relieve McDermott of his duties after two years as the team's defensive coordinator.McDermott replaced the legendary Jim Johnson, who died of cancer in 2009. He adapted Johnson's aggressive style of defense but injuries to key veterans forced McDermott to adjust his scheme in 2010. The Eagles allowed at least 24 points in 11 games this season.
  10. I am absolutely fine with Allen. This team needs to get him some top talent to work with including a big tight end and two first round receivers. Going to need a stud running back as well to keep these drives alive. I am fine with Allen taking the next two or three years to develop with talent around him. No reason he can't be a great QB, this league is becoming a death trap for young QBs and its not set in reality. Just because many of these Qbs came from successful college programs doesn't mean they are ready for the NFL. Its a totally different beast and a young Qb needs to be able to develop, not on the sidelines either but on the field and take their lumps. Its ok to have growing pains during the first year or two while the team builds around him. Allen has no talent around him, sub par coaches and looks like no plan for success with the Bills. I personally don't think the Bills have the right coach's for Allens development nor the right decision makers when it comes to the draft and FA.
  11. Lets not get to complicated here, Peterman started game one, AJ started game two, now Allen should be starting game three and he has earned the start as well. No need to start Peterman again we already have seen him play with the ones lets move on and give Allen a shot. I like this coach but some of his decisions are a little odd and hard to understand. Game three is the most important of the preseason games so lets see what allen can do, game four will most likely not see starters for more than one series if that, so it would be a waste to start Allen game four over game three. I can't even imagine Peterman starting game one even if he is playing well, these fans will not sit by and watch our first round pick with a rocket arm and a ton of talent and upside hold a clip board on the sidelines, not going to happen and if it does this coach will lose credibility. I thought if any one other than Allen started the season it was AJ not Peterman.
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