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  1. Nah, I just have an old school Weber Kettle. Billsfanincharlotte was the one with the awesome Bills Mafia grill....
  2. Probably do some baby backs. Minion method on the Weber kettle. Beer would be Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
  3. Patriot's Surface tablets smashed - 2 Bills Surface tablets smashed - 0
  4. Kicking back in a warm house with my fuzzy slippers on. Cooking up some wings, and knocking back some Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale's. Go Bills!
  5. I recognize and have exchanged posts with a bunch of those names on the first screen shot. Bad Radio, 35Pete, hurls (RIP), nampalmdeath, gr8slayer, lol.
  6. Yeah, I saved that SI cover for a while. What a mess of a season, bookend games against the Pats, - both 31-0 outcomes. 'Cept the other way around on the back end. Geesh.
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