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  1. Why there was not any measures in place to control this astounds me. You knew there were going to be idiots show up drunk.
  2. I was at the 1980 home opener when they beat Miami for the first time in 10 years. Goal posts came down. Good times.
  3. Interesting description. I pretty much like to stay out of politics - to each his/her own. But, skanky, unqualified and corrupt describes another political figure that comes to mind. Um... it's right there... oh, I give up.
  4. I don't know, we had four takeaways and they still put up 33. That's not bad.
  5. Bills will fare well. But, as it's an afternoon game on a Monday, few will be watching outside the base of the teams.
  6. I would say it's almost night and day the way Allen is playing vs. last year. Fun to watch.
  7. Good call! I think I'll make some this weekend. I don't have Chiavetta's but I have the original Cornell Chicken recipe which is what Chiavetta's is based on my understanding.
  8. They didn't have pre-season or the usual training camp. Isn't usually the case that the O dominates early on in camp? Maybe we'll see improvement over the next couple of weeks.
  9. With bars still closed, I've been forced to "tailgate"/watch in the back yard. Big screen tv, 100 ft cat5 cable, cooler full of beers, hand sanitizer, and latex gloves for high-fiving. Games here are at 10:00, so I usually grill some wings for half time. My son was recently gifted some Weber's mustard for his birthday, so today we added some Chicago style hot dogs to the menu.
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