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  1. I remember at the Combine prior to the draft that year, his long ball was terrible. It's odd, because I understand he's a good golfer, you'd think he would have better hand-eye coordination on those throws.
  2. Nowhere did I insinuate that Barkley is the long-term starter. When you draft a QB that is commonly accepted to be a "project" - you don't expect him to light the league on fire. But when he clearly cannot see open targets, misses open targets, misses on go routes, and generally is learning on the job - why not put in someone seasoned who can accomplish hitting guys in stride, hitting on the long bombs, seeing the open receivers and getting the ball out quickly? Barley is not a long term solution, he's not anywhere near a great QB in the mold of Brady, Montana, Unitas, etc. but he gives us the best chance for wins in our current situation. I am sick sick of watching crap QB play.
  3. Every game for the last ten years or so, me and my Bills watching buds have been playing our version of Busto Bingo watching the games. We have squares like: Bills have more penalties than first downs You don't see the opposing punter for an entire half Opponents have more points than your QB rating Etc. Playing Bingo has made watching shit teams at least somewhat entertaining. I'm sick of playing Bingo, and I'm sick of watching shit quarterbacks. No, I'm not excited.
  4. Good NFL Head coaches, and good NFL QB's are far and few between. It takes one or the other, or both - to be a great team. The Bills have neither.
  5. It now appears that when you select a filter, it sticks. When you return to the main topics listing the filter is still applied. Thanks.
  6. Any decent team in the NFL doesn't usually lose three in a row. The Eagles have their backs against a wall. I'm not feeling it, but I haven't all year lol. Bills D prevails 17 -14
  7. I don't ever proclaim myself to be a GM wannabe and I'm usually wrong, but based on what I've seen: No.
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