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  1. I guess one way to look at it is if you're going to make mistakes - and they inevitably happen - at least make team against a shitty team. Nobody plays a perfect 60 minutes for 16 games.
  2. I get what you're trying to say, but it's been a pattern. That throw to the cardboard cutouts was a matter of him taking the time to get planted with the correct hip rotation. That's inexperience, not inaccuracy. That can be fixed, but it better be in a hurry imho.
  3. I don't subscribe, but it would be interesting to see/hear their evaluation. I think it's a tad low, but not too far off. He's had moments of wow (that was awesome) and moments of wow (holy crap wtf?) I think if he can fix the touch on the 9 routes he maybe can get elevated much higher. Of course there would have to be a season to actually find out.
  4. Not that there's going to be a season, but I'd love to see the Bills crush Scam Newton twice.
  5. Why would there be some folks who hate Trump? Before you pass my response off as "another liberal snowflake", I am a Republican. I voted for Bush (x2), Reagan, etc. I grew up in Buffalo doing blue collar work and hated the Democratic leadership in that town. Why would someone hate Trump: He cheats at golf He cheats on his wife He's a pathological liar He's unethical, as a businessman he stiffed vendors/suppliers He feigns being a Christian He started a fraudulent University, intent on scamming poor people This is by no means a complete list, but someone who has the characteristics mentioned would tend to be disliked by maybe a couple of people. I don't agree, but I understand there's some people who hate Democrats and will vote Republican no matter what. But don't glorify this guy and pretend there's nothing to dislike.
  6. I was at the opener in 1980. Fantastic experience. But to be honest, the 0 for 20 against the Dolphins while depressing, it wasn't like we were on the cusp of being the top dog with only Miami in our way during that time. Similar to the Patriots dominance of the last twenty years. It's not like the Bills had any good teams during that period and the Patriots were that one team in the way on the road to the Super Bowl. We stunk, and the Pats were good. The 90's Bills/Dolphins rivalry was different. Both teams were good and had a shot at winning the Division every year. The Bills prevailed pretty much during that period almost paying back the 0fer they gave us in the 70's. Now, after 20 years it appears we finally have a decent team with a real shot at the Division - there's not going to be a season.
  7. When you go shopping for food, do you wear shoes? Like Victor says, it's private property with policies. You don't want to wear a mask? Great, use Instacart.
  8. It sucks, because I think if Allen raises his game just a bit, this could be the best shot at winning the division in about 20 years. But I just can't get excited about football.
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