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  1. As much as I dream of Trump being led away in chains, let's be realistic. Lit has a better chance of being crowned Miss America than we do of the, what, 19 or 20 Republican senators required to reach 2/3 majority going against their own party and voting to impeach.
  2. I'm quoting this just to get your attention. Who is that woman in your profile pic? Just asking because I'd like to find out what kind of conditioner she uses. My wife wants to know.
  3. Same here (1987), but I was fortunate that New England sucked, so whenever anyone gave me shit, I could throw Tony Eason/Steve Grogan back at them if they shit on my Bills, who became my Bills because not only did I hate all NE teams at the time, but also thought Marino was a f*ggot (I apologize to anyone who is a homosexual for lumping that sack of shit in with your preference) and the Jets inept because they could never beat NE. The Colts were an after thought.
  4. I went to offer a thumbs up and I saw the picture of Josh with the turkey leg, but didn't think anything of it. Then, then I did the double take. I thought I'd see Sackman campaign for Hillary before you'd ever willingly have JA as your profile pick.
  5. This isn't 2017 when we lucked into the playoffs with a tea bagger QB. We are a legitimate threat to end up in the AFC Championship game. Team reminds me a bit of the '87 & '88 teams, just on the cusp but not quite there. Bright future for the first time in ages.
  6. Who are you and what have you done with Lit? I'm not complaining, mind you, just curious.
  7. The 2 INT's is the part that stands out for me. You rarely win turning the ball over. Our record in those 8 games is 6-2.
  8. If we can only win one of the two (Pats or Ravens), I want to beat New England.
  9. Pats fans spent the day telling me that when Brady retires, they know which team will rule the division. I was going to tell them to go pound sand even though they were giving us a slight compliment, but after 17 years of them ass raping the Bills, I just smiled and kept moving.
  10. I assumed you bumped your head against the bottom portion of the desk while making this motion. My most sincere apologies.
  11. There are classy people on both sides of the aisle. Not a quality anyone will ever accuse Trump of.
  12. The nation, whether Democrat or Republican, held their collective breath when Reagan was shot by Hinkley. Why? Good president but even better man. When Bush was sick last year, friends and political rivals alike prayed for a speedy recovery, which unfortunately wasn't possible. The only negative at his funeral was created by Trump on whether or not he was invited/wanted there. This isn't a left thing. This is the leader of the free world being a piece of shit thing.
  13. 'Don't be like Donald' My drink almost shot out my nose reading all that. Thank you, sir, for making my day.
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