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  1. I know this is sarcasm, but if this is the route we take, I will be in the market for three new TV's the day after the draft.
  2. Arguably the biggest bust in Bills draft history is Tackle Mike Williams. Using this same logic, we should never draft an offensive lineman in the first round. Beane will fill multiple holes in FA, hopefully addressing the Edge need some people are clamoring about, and we can go BPA on offense with our first four picks. One guard, one tackle, a RB, and a WR.
  3. I would not be surprised if we draft an Edge or another DT in the first round I'm only 46, but I believe I'll die of old age before we spend premium draft resources on strengthening the offense when there's even a minor need on defense.
  4. Yannick Ngakoue is going to be seriously overpaid by someone. I hope it's not us.
  5. I didn't say draft a WR in round one. I listed four positions I wanted them to focus on and even stated in any order, meaning they could even go RB in round one for all I care as long as the offense isn't neglected any longer. We can shore up the few minor holes in our defense through FA.
  6. None of the above. If the O-tackle or WR we love is gone, trade down. F*ck defense. I want a right tackle, a bruiser RB, WR, and guard with the first four picks, in whatever order. If given the choice, I'd use every pick on offense, either making the selection or moving up for someone we like in the second or third rounds (too expensive to move up in the first IMO).
  7. Draft Becton to play RT and move Ford to guard. Problem solved. Spend our money at WR on Perriman or whatever the f*ck his name is.
  8. Brecton looks like a brick shit house. That is one f*cking large man. Imagine him and Ford next to one another. Josh can drop back, down a beer, blow a kiss to his girlfriend, give the opposing coach the two finger salute, and then throw the ball.
  9. Agreed. If Cooper somehow hits the open market, get him on a plane and don't land until he's agreed to sign. Otherwise, the draft is our best hope. As deep as this class is, there should be no shortage of weapons available when we pick. Speaking of which, is our draft position set or do we need to wait for the NFC games today?
  10. I'd pay Cooper top five money any day of the week, then go O-line in the first or drop back and use the extra picks on multiple big bodies and the best WR available.
  11. Not only am I certain we're going to beat Houston, but I also believe we are the only team that can beat Baltimore. Our defense is the only one capable of limiting Lamar enough to give our offense a chance. It will all come down to Josh.
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