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  1. They just restructured Kroft's contact, so it's highly doubtful they cut him. I'm all for Murphy being shown the door, though.
  2. Mine, too. That said, it will be Duggar. They've been linked with him since the Senior Bowl and McBeane loves defense.
  3. I responded to a hypocritical point someone made. There are good Republicans (Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Ted Cruz, just off the top of my head), the same way there are bad Democrats (Hillary Clinton front and center). Worldview depends on where you're standing. My 'view' isn't any better or worse than yours. It's mine. If you don't like that, go pound sand.
  4. The same way Republicans want to tell women how they live their lives regarding unwanted pregnancies? Funny how the right to control only works one way. I'm sure someone will say, "But abortion is murder." And reopening too soon could also lead to thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of unwanted deaths. Republicans don't seem to have an issue with those actual living, breathing people dying.
  5. Please don't insult stupid people by lumping him in with them. Hell, the people with drool running down their faces while sitting in a pile of their own feces would be enraged to be classified 'bowflex'.
  6. Donald Trump did not write a single word of this. Wonder how I know? There is not one mention of the 'great job' he's doing handling what he referred to as a hoax just a couple of months ago.
  7. I can only hope that the money they spent in FA on the D means that the early part of the draft will be all offense. We need an offensive tackle, a big WR, and a bruising RB. That's rounds 2-4. Draft all the defensive projects you edge happy people want in rounds 5+.
  8. The Range resident clown is bowflex or flexbow or blowjoe or hoemama or whatever Trump's illegitimate mentally challenged son calls himself.
  9. That's probably because several people on here are fucking idiots, just like their hero Trump.
  10. But it's all a hoax. None of this is real. Just ask our lord and savior, the big orange ball of shit.
  11. Would still like to use a second day pick on a tackle. Offensive, not defensive, just to be clear.
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