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  1. Ah, yes. No better place to get un-biased, informative opinions than a rival's message board.
  2. Was already washed and is coming of a ruptured achilles. That being said, I'd prob still take him lol
  3. If we traded a 2nd round pick for Sanu I would've dove head first into traffic
  4. Fitz can ball out at times, but he can also throw 5 picks. I'd definitely rather play Rosen, but a 37 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick certainly doesn't frighten me.
  5. Lead singer of AC/DC and excellent counter of extremely large crowds. Must have been really good at guessing the number of belly jeans in the jar in grade school.
  6. Who the hell is Bryan Johnson and how the hell would he know the count of Bills fans in Nashville???
  7. No chance that gets Gordon. Zay is terrible, Yeldon is below average
  8. There's no doubt that he was concussed. That was a brutal hit. I'm no doctor, but from what I can tell some people get affected worse by concussions. Remember Karlos a few years back? Was concussed and out for a month or two and couldn't even leave his house due to sunlight causing him pain. Hopefully Allen isn't as susceptible to the negative symptoms. They HAVE to come out of Nashville with a W on Sunday.
  9. What a kick to the dick to see the skill guys taken after Zay. Makes me want to vomit. Curtis Samuel Dalvin Cook Joe Mixon Juju Smith-Schuster Alvin Kamara Cooper Kupp Chris Godwin Kareem Hunt Kenny Golladay James Conner Dede Westbrook George Kittle
  10. I agree. He undoubtedly played like shit but he showed promise with the opening drive of the second half. He seems to thrive under pressure...maybe because he knows he absolutely can't make dumb mistakes by playing hero ball in those situations?
  11. I appreciate the compliment, but Andy Benoit has to be the worst NFL twitter "analyst", right?
  12. Little disappointed at the moment, tbh, but it's obviously extremely early. Was hoping he'd come in and be an immediate playmaker like Donald did his rookie year (9 sacks), but that hasn't been the case. I trust that the D staff will be able to maximize his potential, though.
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