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  1. Conveniently leaving out Woods who has become a great receiver playing in LA and is probably better than both Brown and Beasley
  2. Lol I barely come to this place anymore for that reason. Came today hoping to see a little positivity and thoughtful analysis and instead see 30 threads of Lit talking to himself during the game. Take that shit to the shoutbox for Christ's sake
  3. Man if we can land a top tier, big body, physical WR in the draft this WR corps will be perfect. Rookie, Brown, Beasley is a great top 3
  4. Ah, yes. No better place to get un-biased, informative opinions than a rival's message board.
  5. Was already washed and is coming of a ruptured achilles. That being said, I'd prob still take him lol
  6. Fitz can ball out at times, but he can also throw 5 picks. I'd definitely rather play Rosen, but a 37 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick certainly doesn't frighten me.
  7. Lead singer of AC/DC and excellent counter of extremely large crowds. Must have been really good at guessing the number of belly jeans in the jar in grade school.
  8. Who the hell is Bryan Johnson and how the hell would he know the count of Bills fans in Nashville???
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