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  1. Your not wrong. You definitely don’t want it carrying over into your personal life, and I get the mindset thing. It’s just tough to get out of that thinking when it’s all you know. And further, it’s more of a realistic mindset than a negative one in my opinion. As I said, I DID (for one or two weeks at least) think we could go to the Super Bowl this year. I just don’t believe it now. But the HOPE is there.
  2. You can’t blame us for the doom and gloom. Unfortunately for Bills fans, the doom and gloom is a reality that we’ve faced for years. We’re just calling out the facts. It’s not that we are wishing it. Of course we want the Bills to win. If your parents beat you every day when you were a kid, would you come home from school expecting something different??? No, you would pray to God that the situation changed, but you be expecting to get beat. It just facts. That’s all. I can sit here and say I’m sick of all the guys that think we are winning the Super Bowl every year, or I’m sick of the fans who show up at 2:00 am to cheer on a team that hasn’t done shit. It works both ways. Why get your hopes up for something that probably won’t happen? And after the KC game, from a realistic perspective, I DID believe we could go to the Super Bowl. I hadn’t had that feeling since the 90’s. But unfortunately that feeling went away fast. This group just doesn’t look like that same team. And now losing Tre is going to crush us. If we had a guy like Belichick in charge, then yeah it’s next man up. But we have some cliche robot who doesn’t have a clue, and losing Tre will be the end. Again, I’d LOVE to be wrong!
  3. Breida is the best of the bad apples. We need to throw away the whole bag though. Time for new apples.
  4. Beane has a real problem drafting guys. It’s easy to sign free agents.
  5. I have a funny feeling we beat the shit out of the Saints. As much as I think we suck, I think the Saints suck more. But then again, beating this shit team is not an accomplishment in any way shape or form. So even if we do win, it’s nothing to get excited about. Then I think the following week Belichick embarrasses McD. And if we somehow lose to the Saints, McD should be on the next plane out of Buffalo.
  6. McD just isn’t that smart. Plain and simple. He’s a coordinator not a head coach. He’s just a cliche machine and does everything by the book. Is he better than the garbage we’ve dealt with in the past? Yes a little. But it’s not by a lot. Further, he tries to be everyone’s friend. There’s no fear for the players and they don’t respect him. That’s the problem. He’s running a country club. I think his age and experience has something to do with it. Look at the Coaches who win. All older, experienced, respected. Belichick, Arians, Reid, Carroll, and if you want to go back a few years, Coughlin, Parcels, Jimmy Johnson. This new age YOUNG coach that the NFL is trying to breed won’t work. I don’t like it one bit. Give me the old grouchy guy who hates the media any day of the week.
  7. We’ll win this game only because the Saints suck balls. Then Belichick takes McD to the woodshed on Monday night. Can’t wait.
  8. I’ll take it a step further. I’m ready to not watch football if they STAY in Buffalo. In fact, I’d rather they just leave as opposed to the continuous losing every year. It would free up my Sunday’s and save me a lot of mental anguish. Bills fans are funny that way. They just keep coming back for the punishment. Like a battered person in a relationship who doesn’t know anything else so they keep coming back for more. If the fans actually did something to send a message, things would change. I’ve been saying it for YEARS, stop going to the games!!! This is the perfect time!!! If the fans were smart (which clearly they’re not) this next Monday night game against the Pats would be the perfect time. EMPTY THE FUCKING STADIUM! Send a message!!! What is so difficult about that??? Stupid fans...
  9. Beane has done a horrible job with the D Line. There is not one guy who is a stud. You can’t win like that. He just keeps missing on guys. Oliver? Eh, not that impressed. For the 8th pick he should be dominant. Epenesa? Sucks. Rousseau? Not sure yet. Hughes? Needs a wheelchair. Star? Fat fuck. Phillips? Needs to be cut. Basham? Can’t get on the field. It’s basically a joke. We have good numbers against shit teams. But against good teams we can’t compete. Any team with a run game will eat us alive.
  10. The problem is Beane thought we had the horses already and clearly we don’t. So unfortunately we are still building. We gave Beane and McD their shot. They’re clearly not it. Time to move on. Problem is Pegula. I don’t think he knows enough to handle this so I think we’re stuck with everyone until it completely self destructs. Who knows how long that will be. The problem is that we are good enough to be in it, but not good enough to win it. It’s going to be a frustrating few years ahead.
  11. I’ll pitch in to buy him a one way ticket out of Buffalo. Most overrated Coach in the NFL. This team will unravel because of him.
  12. Exactly! A whole generation of people who never heard the word “NO” before. Disgusting.
  13. The guy had a gun!!! Does it matter what color he was??? Jungle, please put on the Uniform and show us how it’s done!!! Maybe you and Josh Allen could patrol together as partners since you guys have all the answers! I love all of these Monday morning Quarterbacks commenting from the “safety” of their own living room. Another one who has never even been in a fight in his life.
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