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  1. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/10/16/20917108/buffalo-bills-secondary-ticket-market-exploding
  2. To change your Avatar: 1) Move your mouse to the upper right corner of the screen, and click on your Username. 2) When the dropdown menu appears, click on "Profile". 3) When you Profile page opens, look for a CIRCLE with the first letter of your username. For example, mine is a Circle with an "A". 4) Next to that Circle is an icon, click on it. 5) You have the option to Upload a Photo or Import a URL.
  3. A few notes on "embedding". 1) Tweets no longer have to be embedded. Simply post the link, and the software will auto-embed the tweet. 2) YouTube videos no longer have to be embedded. SImply post the link to the YouTube video, and the software will auto-embed it.
  4. 1) Don't forget to add a "tag" to every thread. Otherwise, it won't post! This allows people to "filter" out any threads they don't want to see (like politics). 2) If you find any errors, please let us know! 3) Populate the forum! We lost 5 (or more) days of posts. Get to thread startin! 4) Meathead will be supplying a TOS shortly.
  5. Buffalo Sabres @ Anaheim Ducks
  6. Dallas Stars @ Buffalo Sabres
  7. New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills
  8. Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots (TBD)
  9. Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  10. Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills
  11. Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys (THANKSGIVING GAME)+
  12. Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills
  13. Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins
  14. Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns
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