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    The following are quotes from the Steelers Twitter Account That seals the deal. I am no longer a Steelers fan. This team is a pure and utter embarrassment to the city of Pittsburgh. an honest Steelers fan I think I speak for us when I say we are frauds. We may have 2 Ls only because we have the weakest schedule in the league. Teams like the Chiefs, Ravens, Giants, Jets and Seahawks are way better than us. This is coming from an honest Steelers fan btw. I’m trying so hard to be positive about this team, but it’s just sad that I feel like our season is over after Week 14. The Steelers finally play a good team and get exposed for the trash team they really are. By the way, the Bills are the best NFL team. They don't need a star head coach or a good o-line to dominate. Enjoy watching the Bills in January. team needs to pack their shit and walk home after this embarrassment
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    If any of you plan on trying to use a fake vaccine card to attend a Bills game, I hope you get caught.
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    I have one I keep in my pocket.
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    i think the core reason why josh and much of the rest of the team sucked today was because despite opie and the vets telling them a hundred times a day we aint won nuthin yet, the non-stop coverage of the bills the last few weeks as if its impossible they wont make the sb with josh as mvp fucked with their heads the margin for winning and sustained success at this level is so tiny that if you arent hungry and desperate when you stop on the field, youre probably going to lose. this wasnt the jags they were playing, this was the team that went, what, 10-0 to start last year. but you couldnt watch tv, pick up a mag, or read a newpaper/web article about sports without seeing pictures of josh and digs. it felt like half of all nfl stories told the last week were how the bills were sb favs and josh was mvp fav despite opie and the bean and the vets that had been there telling them they better not take pitts lightly, i think they did. i think all the attention seeped into their ear like a burrowing insect and sucked out that part of their brain that made them remember how hard they had to work and how laser focused they had to be they didnt forget how to play and win football games. they forgot all the sacrifice it took to get there. i hope that pain burns in their heart when they are up at 4am tomorrow trying to figure out how they could look like such a steaming pile of shit against an over the hill qb and an oline started 2 rookies and 2 FA's they had that game in the bag if they just didnt keep shooting themselves in the dick
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    I don't even have to reveal the post to know that this is nothing but fucking clickbait. And I'm sure every one of the Trump lovers on here clicked on it just like the little mice that they are. Now the speech was already fact checked and I posted it this morning and thread about the speech. So sack of shit fails again
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    Bull crap. People have posted literal murders on social media and the companies are not held liable. They’re only doing this because Democrats have control now. It’s clear as day.
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    L so goats first Defense. We all knew they weren't as good as they had been looking but boy that was terrible. Titans scored on 7 consecutive drives. They didn't punt after the 2nd quarter. All scores. That's epic bad. They are a one dimensional team and we still couldn't' stop them. 3 scores and 140+ for Henry. They had the most sacked QB in the game and we never even sniffed him. Pathetic and miserable from A to Z. Nobody gets a pass. Honorable mentions to: Jordan Poyer for not being able to tackle fucking Tanehill on the td run. Wallace. Had one of his "bad" games. I like Levi, he's a decent corner but every now and again he'll have a stinker. And oh boy they are bad. The whole 4th down fiasco. I've warmed up to the idea of going or it a bit. We often shit on McD for being too conservative sooooo. But the call man! Everyone knew it. EVERYONE. At the stadium, at home, the international space station, you name it. At least try to draw them offsides. Fake the sneak and throw it, or at the very least run it to the right. Away from their best player who I might add had already stopped a sneak earlier in the game. Allen slip or not the play was broken by Simmons. It wasn't going to work. Red zone offense. Keeps being below average. Its been an issue all season long. It finally bit us in the ass. It needs to be improved ASAP. We went 2 for 5 on trips there. That' won't cut it against the good teams. Andre Smith. Dude should've been made walk home. All he plays is special teams and he got flagged twice. Moron Run game. Inefficient. Non existent. OL. Allen was harassed waaay to much. The pick was straight up on Spencer Brown. No lanes to run. Dawkins was blown up on the big play. Bad day for the big guys. Josh Allen catching throws in the end zone. Bills are now 0-3 when Josh scores catching. I know its dumb and just a coincidence. But its true. Perhaps lets stop tempting karma. Bills freaking timing. Just like last year a heartbreaker before the bye. 2 insufferable weeks to dwell on the ifs and buts until we take the field again. Awful timing guys. Balls. Allen. Despite what the resident Skip Bayless imitator might have you believe Allen was all we had. 300+ with 3 scores and over 70% completion percentage. What more is he to do?? Did he miss plays ? Yeah, they all do. The next time a QB goes a game without missing a throw or read will be the first. WR trio. All 3 of our top guys had a ball game. Too bad everyone else took the day off. Bass. Made every kick with ease.
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    Just admit nobody is good enough for our Josh.
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    That bald headed moron still has not learned from his pussified coaching against the Chiefs in last year's AFC title game
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    Yeah it’s paid by the government… You think big pharma created a conspiracy, then got the government to pay for it?
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    Here's his latest catch.....
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    Zuck asked Roger Waters for permission to use "Another Brick in the Wall" and Roger told him to fuck off. Get'eem!
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    I thought this is what you guys voted for
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    Kelce was wide open the entire game. It was embarrassing.
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    I am fine with it if the Bills hang 41 or more on the Chiefs.
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    Colts were lucky they got the ball back.....that was a fumble if i ever saw one! No one touched the colts player until his knee was off the ground
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    I predicted a Bills blowout and I was kinda close.
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    I can’t believe his ego is this fragile. Sack up dude and play.
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    It's like CBA pointing out to Sack that the shit he posts trying to debunk the vaccines actually show how effective they are, when they make accusations that they're the ones who are guilty of them
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    This is the exact scenario of not being invited to a birthday party and then being "fine i wasn't gonna go to your birthday party anyways" lmao. They are boycotting you already. Probably a good idea with the Jets game, NJ will probably follow suit. I hope I'm ok for the Titans game...
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    Yes! While Biden is a street fighter who demolished the likes of Corn Pop!!!!!! LOL
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    Somebody in this universe has to be laughing at this. Imagine being vaccinated against a disease and persecuting the unvaccinated because you're afraid they might transmit it to you. Sounds like a prank or a joke. I wish people would wake up.
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    Lieutenant Greg served under General Milley...and when I say under, I mean under his bozack cause he's a flaming faggott. If you ever were military, you were the type that real soldiers laughed at and bullied. Probably why you got your discharge...you couldn't hack it with the men there and were forced out like a bitch.
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    The people are being scammed Imagine willingly accepting booster shot after booster shot for a virus on par with all the other viruses throughout the history of mankind. Big Pharma and Big Gov are laughing all the way to the bank...plus they get your obedience and also get to watch you villainize those that choose to have freedom of choice. We are moving backwards as a species
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    They basically played prevent defense for four quarters in the AFC Championship game, what else you want?
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    And there it is, it's true when they say that Liberals want you dead because their ideas are horrible and don't survive in the market place of free debate. Since they are unable to defend them and make convincing arguments they usually just declare that you're an IstoPhobe and/or go on a big temper tantrum like Mr. Heiny Spanker over here. Someone get this guy a red ball gag, you know he likes it!
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    Ha ha, I always know the minute I post something TBFB will respond within seconds. He is the TDS king of this board. Makes his day when he thinks he "bested me" on a silly message board like this. I really don't give two shits what he says or thinks.
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    Are peoples moms off- limits?
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    Biden's speech summed up in one sentence: Dear hard working Americans, I need you to work even harder to pay for all the free shit I plan on giving away.
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    When do I get my jersey?
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    I would be most surprised by drafting a QB in the first round ... :-)
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    I’ll fucking drop kick a puppy if we trade up to draft a fucking cornerback are you fucking kidding?
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    Visual gabbing? Ok. I can’t be a hypocrite. It has 9 letters in it. Revolution 9 is the 4th song on the white album. The white album is my 5th favorite album. 5th grade was my worst grade in school. So, basically, there you have it. The numbers don’t lie.
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    I think Jungle may have died. I hope i’m wrong, but his profile hasn’t been active on here, or Reddit, since the summer.
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    Bills have no defense Patriots aren’t good. Dolphins are killing the Rams
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    Someone call all those GM's that voted Beane as the best GM this year. Let them hear this !! The travesty !! Take his award away right now ! End sarcasm
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    1) Joe is running on fumes, probably wouldnt have beaten any random republican anywhere near moderate, might not even finish his first term. you can tell by the physical look of his face that he has degraded into elderly status very quickly the last couple years. yet he still destroyed don, even in traditional republican states d) Joe crushed don in popular vote as well as electoral votes. this easily demonstrates that don lost a huge number of people who voted for him last time, meaning he was so acerbic that even a roaring stock market and his incumbent status didnt mean shit to many of the people who regretted their first vote for him 4) don then goes on an embarrassing and personally humiliating exercise to try to leverage his stolen SC seat to steal the secure election from the rightful victor - and gets slammed 9-0 in by far the most crucial of his 4,563 lawsuits. his final record? infinity to 1 ®) dons true intent on all the lawsuits was no only a hail mary on a loooooooong shot SC insanity, but to once again dupe his rubes into giving him money for his Jan 21 legal defense warchest. how vile do you have to be to act like a flaming asshole your whole life, claiming to be a multi-billionaire, only to grift money from your True Believers, most of whom are poor to lower middle class white trash that need it for their meth addiction? m) don gets the most votes of any candidate in history, except ... joe fucking biden, who destroyed him by over 7M votes and 70 EC votes. the electorate DESPISED that piece of shit, and rightfully so. except, of course, the True Believers who stayed true to their dreams until the bitter end, even with suds flowing out their ears ¼) now dons talking about a 2024 run. first of all, that will make him older than joe biden is now, and don is already showing strong signs of delusions and dementia. his KFC and pepsi diet will surely keep im fit as possible, but thats going to scare off voters. but whats really going to scare off voters is the don we saw the first time: petulant, serial pathological liar, criminal, divisive, harsh, egotistical, delusional, flaming asshole buffoon. he will be laughed off the candidate list early in the process 2) don is going to spend the next ten years fighting a string of lawsuits longer than Stretch Armstrongs arms when two pro wrestlers have a tug of war with it. its entirely possible he serves jail time for his crimes. no type of finagling is going to get him pardoned from the full spectrum of lawsuits that are coming against him and his family - even if joe wants to stick to tradition he cant protect him from state level crimes. that orange jumpsuit is coming. perfect place for him so, True Believers, this is your savior. your king of kings. your great leader who is going to make america so great again that we will get sick of winning. take a look around. is america great right now? or is america a cesspool of hatred, harsh aggressiveness, and pathological lying? has the winning even approached a fraction of what might make you tired of winning? or has the losing clearly overwhelmed his meager set of positive accomplishments compares to the widespread destruction he has wrought? i want to know. how does it feel to be so certain of victory, to put all your cards behind a Cult of Personality flaming asshole, only to get crushed and embarrassed by a feeble old man who would have lost to a host of other republicans if they had just done the right thing and dumped trump and ran somebody else?
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    Here comes Hip, white knighting for the swamp. Trump raked in that $1.9B from his golf and club businesses (and a smaller fraction from his Hotels). It's all itemized on Forbes along with his losses. Nowhere did Forbes mention Trump doing shady business with the Ukraine and China.
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