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    I have one I keep in my pocket.
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    It's like CBA pointing out to Sack that the shit he posts trying to debunk the vaccines actually show how effective they are, when they make accusations that they're the ones who are guilty of them
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    This is the exact scenario of not being invited to a birthday party and then being "fine i wasn't gonna go to your birthday party anyways" lmao. They are boycotting you already. Probably a good idea with the Jets game, NJ will probably follow suit. I hope I'm ok for the Titans game...
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    Sorry, I don't credit their defense. Yes they are good but that's not why the Bills lost They lost for the exact reason that Josh told us, he wasn't taking what the defense was giving them. He overlooked the underneath routes and tried to play Hero ball and go for the longer spashy touchdowns It's clear as day: he allowed himself to get brainwashed by all the preseason hype, all the people that said he was a lock for the MVP, the massive contract that made him the highest-paid player ever. It fucked with his head big time. He tried to go out there and look like the very best quarterback that ever played in the league, instead of being one of the smartest quarterbacks that ever played in the league I told you before, Josh Allen can't handle situations he hasn't been in before, whatever that difference is. This time it was being the way over hyped favorite to make the Super Bowl, with Josh leading the way as mvp, making more bread than anybody else in the league. He's still a young guy and even though he was saying the right things it's blatantly super Crystal Clear obvious that he allowed his brain to get washed from all the accolades that he hadn't earned yet It was like some huge muscly dude with all kinds of skull tattoos bitch slapping him in the face over and over again, but Josh just kept saying no I'm Josh Allen, I can hit that dude running between three Defenders way down field and ignore Cole Beasley wide open for an easy 8 yards. And then when he did try to throw intermediate passes, he reverted to Josh the heroes all-arm throwing motion, too. If he had played like he did last year, they would have had a touchdown and 3 to 4 chunk plays of at least 15 or many more yards. That could have easily changed the trajectory of that whole game But he didn't cuz it never happened. Nice throw to Gabe for the touchdown but we don't know if that was just one of his total arm throws that just happened to end up right on target, cuz the rest of the game he certainly didn't seem to be exhibiting the mechanics that he did last year I hope it hurts him real bad to think about it this week. I hope it haunts him enough to drive him to remember what got him success last year and go back to that. Dink and dunk if that's what they are giving you, and wait for somebody to Break Free on a broken coverage. Set your feet and throw with your hips leading the way, just like last year
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    LoL. Allen was fine? Did you even watch the game?
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    The vaccine fucked Allen up. Should never have got jabbed.
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    All the cultists on the range deny they are in the cult. What a surprise lol
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    Top US Gen. Mark Milley thought then-President Donald Trump's mental state deteriorated after the 2020 election, according to a new book. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election," authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post write in their forthcoming book, "Peril," set for release on September 21. The Post and CNN obtained early copies of the book and published excerpts of Milley's reported reaction to Trump's behavior in the wake of the presidential election that Trump falsely claimed was stolen from him. In the days after the January 6 riot, Milley believed that Trump was "all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies" and feared that the president would "go rogue," per the book. The Post and CNN obtained early copies of the book and published excerpts of Milley's reported reaction to Trump's behavior in the wake of the presidential election that Trump falsely claimed was stolen from him. In the days after the January 6 riot, Milley believed that Trump was "all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies" and feared that the president would "go rogue," per the book.
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    Thats exactly what i am dreading but like yourself and so many others we been fucking programmed now that "bills just do bills things" over the last 2-3 decades that i hope last season wasnt just a fucking tease....I dont blame it all on JA....i will admit im not sold on the staff entirely...thought i was but ooops.....reverting back to the bullshit of playing just not to lose....MORE BALLS ARE REQUIRED!!
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    Yes! While Biden is a street fighter who demolished the likes of Corn Pop!!!!!! LOL
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    This may be the worst decision of Beane’s time here. Which, I suppose, is pretty good considering it’s just a punter. But WOW is Haack bad.
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    Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports With the new mandate that you must be vaccinated, a small number of fans refunded their season tickets When the Erie County Department of Health and Buffalo Bills announced following Week 1 that every fan over the age of 11 in attendance at home games would need to be vaccinated, they offered season ticket holders the chance to get a refund for the season. Of the 58,000 to 60,000 season ticket holders, only 762 took up the offer according to Sal Capaccio of WGR 550. We don’t know the exact number of season tickets sold, but it’s about 1.3%. Beginning with next Sunday’s game hosting the Washington Football Team, everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated must have at least one shot of a COVID vaccine to enter the stadium. The full two-shot dose must be completed by the end of October to enter the stadium in November and beyond. This change was announced after Buffalo’s season opener, leading many to complain that they weren't able to make an informed decision about ticket purchases ahead of time. Single-game tickets were not eligible to be refunded. Buffalo is one of four teams with some sort of vaccine mandate to attend games. Fans who asked for a season ticket refund lost their seat and their spot in the seniority list for the future. They’ll revert to the end of the line if and when they return to being season ticket holders. The newly available season tickets will be offered to folks on the season ticket waiting list created over the summer. If they can’t find 762 willing purchasers, they will become single-game tickets in the near future. I’d imagine they’ll be gone in short order. View the full article
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    No “extraordinary success” that’s Biden’s new motto. I think he’s applying for copyrights ©.
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    Raiders had a record number of people cancel there season tickets after the imposed the same rule. Ticket prices on third market sites were also selling for less then half of what they were going for. Example, before the mandate in Vegas, he bought tickets through StubHub against the Bears , paid $700 per ticket, tickets in that same section after the mandate was put in place those tickets were going for $200 Could cost the league a lot of money
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    Bills win in a blowout and we're hearing about all of our deficiencies today.
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    I think it could be a lingering injury that Allen suffered which is why his throws are off. Found this from another forum which makes sense: Something is wrong with Allen's arm. I'll bet a report comes soon. Something happened last week that they aren't disclosing or it could've been during the GB game. I think it may of actually happened during the Moss preseason game. His velocity is completely off, on passes he always bullets in there, the ball is coming out slow and flat. This doesn't make sense unless he's hurt, his passes are worse than I've ever seen in terms of velocity. I guarentee something happened. Another one: I don't see any way that he's not. If he was throwing the ball all around and had his velocity I would be like "yeah he's regressed" But it took him everything to throw the ball 40 yds to Diggs. He used his whole body for that pass. Something's wrong.
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    I enjoyed watching the defense. They looked like they had their Gameshark enabled.
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    Why not Rich Tuten a call as well?
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    Looks like your banned for a week
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    Beane should call him. Hell, he can call Chris Mohr and Colton Schmidt while he's at it.
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    Levi Wallace is toast. Forget what the Tweeter is telling you to look at. Look at the BOTTOM of the screen and check out the terrible coverage…
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    Doesn't surprise me one bit. Biden has always been the real racist, and Dems have kept them poor, stupid, and living in ghettos where they are set up for failure. Remember the BLM movement and all the talk about racism? That shit was a tactic used during the campaign leading up to the election, and it's now practically an afterthought. They never have and never will truly care about anyone except their donors and fellow elites. If you support them, you do so knowing that they will toss you to the curb whenever they decide you have no use. Stupid motherfuckers that keep corrupt crooks in power is what you are
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    It will be much sweeter IF Bills beat his team on week 5.
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    Here's a guy that will never come to terms with anything that goes against what he's been programmed to believe. What a dope
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    You are correct, it was a $5 fine. If I have to pay $155 to get the Branch Covidian cult off my back I'll gladly pay it.
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    Thanks for agreeing with me. No thanks for the red herring's. Supreme Court still using the vax ruling as precedent in the recent Texas employer mandated vaccine case they threw out. And of course you leave out the fine option of $5 was for adults only over 21. ($155 in todays dollars) I am also not a liberal and am completely apolitical on this health issue. Most want to bring politics into it then they are polarized to each sides postion.
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    And if that’s the Bills identity so be it……but if im the GM of a pass heavy team you better draft to bolster that identity. You’d think we would have gotten Allen more/better protection, a pass catching a back, maybe a TE, another Diggs like WR, and maybe another big bodied WR. But no. A year has passed and maybe our offense has become stagnant and figured out. But hey…at least we got pressure on Big Ben for a couple quarters😂
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    But…Uh..but…but we have such a monster front 7 we don’t have to worry about CB2 😂 but seriously, they’ve ignored the position for years believing exactly this.
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    Wow 1 game and people are crying the sky is falling! Not like the Bills looked horrible! They played a good team and a blocked punt pretty much was the difference.
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    So his excuse for treason is that Trump was insane? Ok buddy, nice try persuading everyone that you're a hero who saved the world from catastrophe. Only losers like HipTurd believe this fan fiction.
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    It’s all political. While there are some cases of healthy people dying from COVID…… we all know that this thing goes after the old and/or people with underlying health conditions. They wanna keep everyone in fear until 2057, all the while the whole world simply needs to move on and accept with fact that COVID is a risk just like driving your car is a risk as well. Pretty simple.
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    Cool. Wake me up in 5-10 years when all their d linemen mature. Cam Heyward, Melvin Ingram, Ndamukong Sun, William Gholston, and Jason Pierre Paul are all in their 30s.
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    Punting experts were quick to point out that what Haack did was something high school and college punters do….which is not good if you are in the NFL… I will still die on the hill that directional punting is far superior than power punting. But right now I’d say BOTH Haack and Bojo are fucking garbage.
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    Can't agree with a week 2 game being a must win. It is however as close to it as possible. Its not like its a game vs the NFC. You obviously can't fall behind a division rival 2.5 games. But its not like they are gonna steam roll everybody the rest of the year. And we do play them again, at home. Sooooo. They are an improved Miami team. But not a playoff caliber team IMO. That's what makes more noise to me. This is a team we always take care of. Even when Josh wasn't Josh he's had their number. We have to win these games if we really pretend to fly with the big boys. I do agree with Sean that if we lose this pay will burn
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    He does have a point on the defensive line. The Bills have there last two first and there last two second round picks playing on d-line. Big money free agents. And what have they got? Week in and week out? Nothing? And on the o-line Cody Ford is a bust. The interior run blocking is horrible. This team is 100% Josh Allen. If he’s having an off day, might as well pack it up and go home.
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    Two years before, to Cincy, followed that season up with a lose the Cleveland I. The divisional round, then went to 4 straight
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    I've heard of shitting bricks, but never hard 12 hour old fries. LOL
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    I'm all for doing what we can to lessen our impact on the planet, but not when we are talking green energy that is way less reliable, much more costly, and isn't really all that green in many instances. I'm also not a fan of countries like China thumbing their noses at doing their part while demanding other countries do way more than them. Make all countries follow a similar plan, and get the green energy to where it's comparable in terms of cost and reliability and I'm in. Until then, fuck off with green energy
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    Hey, you shut your filthy mouth about Allen!
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    All of his critics will bring up those 3 games yes. Yesterday was big fucking fat check on their tally sheet for proving them right. I dunno. I was watching that Browns game and was jealous. Twice now they’ve gone into Arrowhead and hung with the Chiefs in entertaining fashion. No one on this site would be shocked if the Bills went into KC and got godsmacked…again…and yes I’m calling for them to get embarrassed…again.
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    He always seems to get out coached coming out after halftime. He had a nice run last year for a while, but most of the time he can't seem to make proper adjustments
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    I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to post this shit like it matters what these people think.
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