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    thats the last thing they want. oh theyll go on a vacation to africa, but nobody in their right mind wants to go to that lawless place thats why its so galling that our elected representatives, mostly the libs, are actually bowing to their demands to defund the police. its like some crazy backasswards movie that would never happen in real life - yet here they are doing it! and its all based on a lie. the lie that blacks are nothing but victims. the lie that whites are naturally racist. the lie that blacks cant be racist. the lie that words like thug and All Lives Matter are somehow racist. i love black folks but im so disappointed there hasnt been more of an outcry from them against the militant separatist extremists that bad BLM is. there are some signs thats changing, i hope for gods sake it continues. if we let BLM dictate how we proceed socially from here we are going to have an epic disaster on our hands
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    Wow billionaires in west palm taking photos together what a surprise. Nice work detective. How about the flight manifest to the creep island you see trump on that? Your head is so full of BS sensationalism. Everyone knows that Epstein catered to Hollywood/Politicans leftist that hate Trump. Of coarse they want to implement trump in it....that's what liars do deflect and call the kettle black. Everyone expected them to blame everything on Trump because we already knew who the players were and we know how they operate. That's why Epstein killed himself🤣 But you have to be special kind of stupid to believe that nonsense. It's was only a matter of time before a sensationalist dumb ass photo all rich people take together was gonna be shown as proof. Everyone knew Epstein and saw him out in West Palm. But your so caught up with a photo of deflection to acknowledge who the didlers are that went to pervert island on the regular? The ones who knew Epstein the best.
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    Projection is a terrible thing, you should see someone about it.
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    The Dalai Lama stiffed me on my tip when I caddied for him, but he said I would achieve total consciousness on my deathbed, so I have that going for me.
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    pres brain worms is out of control, can’t focus, mentally & physically weak, family leaking.” Lying for him as he deteriorates from dementia had this outcome- ppl near him are panicking.
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    Trump when asked what he's doing to make schools safe-"the schools have to open." He speaks in a primitive way. His degenerative neurological disease relentlessly erodes his mind. It worsens- In the nursing home he'll say "Ice cream."
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    I posted this some time ago but not many took it seriously so here it again. What Is ‘Brown Communism’? A new political alliance is forming out of the spatterings of gutter vomit that is globalism. This motley crew of grifters, race-baiters, religious fundamentalists, social justice warriors and other shit-stirrers are united by little apart from their hatred of the white man, but they are united under one ideology. This article describes what will become one of the foremost hate ideologies of the 21st century – Brown Communism. Original Communism began in Europe after the 1848 publication of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This short tract summarised the basic tenets of Communism. Among others, this includes the ideas that history is the story of class struggle, that private property should be abolished and that Communism is explicitly a globalist movement. Like all other hate ideologies, Communism needed an enemy. In the case of the original European Communism, the enemy was the bourgeoisie – the men of silver, or what we would today call the middle class. The original Communism appealed explicitly to the men of iron, or the working class whose labour built the factories and railways of the Industrial Revolution. It told a story about how the men of silver had stolen the rightful wealth of the men of iron, who were fortunate that the men of gold (Communists) had enlightened them as to who the true enemy was. After uniting under the wise and benevolent guidance of the Communists, the working-class would come to reclaim their rightful property and rightful position in society. Brown Communism is a very similar memeplex. The difference is that, instead of appealing to the Western working class, it appeals to non-whites as a quasi-racial bloc. Its major proponents are usually young/youngish women such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar in America, and Golriz Ghahraman and Marama Davidson in New Zealand. In the case of Brown Communism, the enemy is the white man. The basic story is the same as regular Communism – evil, intelligent people have tricked the good-natured but naive worker out of his wealth – but the white man has replaced the bourgeoisie, and the non-white has replaced the proletariat. All of the honest labour is done by non-white people, according to this mindset, while whites cheat and swindle unearned income. The means of production have been replaced here by land. ‘Seizing the means of production’ now means the same thing as opening the borders (this leads to one major point of disagreement between Brown Communism and non-white nativist movements). Jumping the border is equated to a revolutionary act, like occupying a Police station, the border being a delineation of property and therefore bourgeois. Brown Communists have no time for the argument that mass immigration of cheap labour should be restricted to shore up working-class wages. As long as a brown person wins and a white person loses, it’s all good. The irony, of course, is that holding this position causes Brown Communists to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the same capitalists that the original Communists rejected. In Brown Communism, white people are the kulaks. The greater wealth of white people has nothing to do with valuing education or working hard – it’s simply been stolen from the non-whites (Asian people are also kulaks, but as of yet there is no mass immigration into Asian countries. With Chinese involvement in Africa now imperial in all but name, chances are good that Brown Communism will come to China in the future). This means that the property of white people, being the neo-bourgeoisie, can fairly be expropriated. This is achieved in two major ways: immigration (as mentioned above), which serves to share the social capital of Western societies, and taxation, which serves to share the financial capital. Much of the electoral appeal of Brown Communists comes from their promises to tax “the rich” (i.e. the kulaks) and to redistribute this windfall to non-whites. This is achieved by means of a long march through the institutions – in other words, to strive for high positions in government, academia and media and to use those positions to benefit the ideology and its supporters. Brown Communists try to get into Government and use their influence there to agitate for open borders and shifting the tax burden to rural areas (where white people live). Opening the borders also has the ancillary effect of increasing the voter base. Because the sort of person who votes for a communist movement very seldom has the initiative to get a degree and go through regular immigration channels, Brown Communists consider raising the refugee quota to be of utmost importance. A central tenet of Brown Communism is that all of the ills of the world can be traced back to white people. The white man replaces the devil as the font of all evil. His pale hand lies behind all suffering on Earth. This means that the ultimate origins of all underachievement by non-white people can be traced back to the malicious actions of whites at some point. If Africans score poorly on IQ tests, this is because the tests are biased to favour whites on account of white racism. And if Japanese people score higher than whites, thus proving the tests are not biased, then the lower performance of Africans is due to the poverty inflicted upon them by whites. And if poverty can be accounted for by an analysis of variance that proves most of the difference comes from genetic causes, then you are a racist. Another central tenet of Brown Communism is that any of the property of white people can be fairly expropriated by non-whites at any time. In the same way that the kulaks were believed to be hoarding all the wealth to the detriment of the common good, and therefore that it was righteous for the masses to confiscate it, so too Brown Communists feel about the wealth of white people. Only in Zimbabwe and South Africa (thus far) have Brown Communists achieved so much power that they were able to expropriate white people directly, but in many places they are able to do so indirectly. In almost every Western country, taxation acts to ensure a net transfer of wealth from whites to non-whites. Brown Communists who achieve government in the West inevitably seek to both raise the tax burden on whites (thus expropriating them) and to increase welfare spending on non-whites. Essentially, Brown Communism is an anti-white movement that is every bit as much a resentment-fuelled slave morality as the original Communism. Not only does it use the same narratives as Communism, but it appeals to the same sort of rejects and misfits who cannot find a place in decent society. The only major difference is that it explicitly rejects the white working class, and embraces non-white people of all but the most egregiously aristocratic bent. This ideology will inevitably continue to rise in the West as the West continues to become more polarised along racial lines. If the social democratic movements keep demonising white people, they will keep losing support among the white working class. Those working-class people, finding that mainstream conservatism also rejects them, may find they have no other home but fascism.
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    This shows how ignorant you are to the problems plaguing society. The guy shooting a rival homie at the movies isn’t going to be swayed because a social worker told him not to. A guy knifing another guy over a machismo parking lot argument isn’t going to be stopped by education. A guy shooting up a Walmart isn’t going to stop because of any amount of money diverted from police.
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    It means taking resources And power away from tough, strong, capable, brave people and giving it to academics and theorists who do not know or understand real world situations. God help the first social worker that tries to deescalate a psycho on meth with a machete. Part of me wants to see a social worker show up at Susan Suranden’s house to deescalate a mob threatening to kill her family. Opps I forgot, she probably pays for armed private security. Yeah some cops are bad. Name ANY professions without bad guys. Law? Politics? Media? Athlete? Steel worker? Community organizer? Actor? You get the point... I mean - do you get the point?
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    Yeah, I don't get this This really had nothing to do with don, this was driven by a pathetically severe liberal overreaction, and bowing to pressure from the left wing extremist separatist group we know as BLM If anything, it's going to get him re-elected
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    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out the twats that we’re doing that have shat out 8 kids between them, all getting taxpayer/govt. benefits. Too stupid to realize how ignorant they are.
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    This is literally the last thing we need to spend money on.
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    All Nightttttttttttttttt
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    That's what I fear the most. He's already parroting their talking points. Before long Joe30330 is going to be a full blown Comrade. A brainless husk with Bernie and the squad pulling the levers.
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    someday you will figure out self awareness and the embarrassment you have caused yourself. Until then, all we do is laugh at you.
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    Young white people are starting to offend me with their “no life experience, nothing invested so nothing to lose naivety.” Not ALL of them, of course, but many of the protesting kind. All emotion, no brains. they make me feel like this guy anymore......
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    If you held yourself to a high intellectual standard you'd know what a dumbass Donald Trump is. The guy can barely put 2 sentences together that make any sense. All you have to do is listen to him talk without commentary & if your conclusion isn't he's 1 tick from retarded, you need to get your hearing checked.
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    More of the same; a desperate pathology to convince the intended audience that Trump is not excellent. That is no easy task, so I understand his difficulty.
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    Which leader of the Democratic Party said the despise America?
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    Uhhh...Woodrow. You, um, er...forgot someone....been bugging me Irish heart fa years....
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    theyre caving to an out of control ideology based on lies and separatism. they are at least as bad racism wise as the white supremacists seems like every few days a new black voice rises up to challenge the 'blacks as permanent victims and whites as permanently guilty' narrative. thats good but its gotta go a lot faster
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    The NFL continues to turn me off with this bullshit.
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    Funny how she can come from a place like Egypt or see what it’s like in Saudi Arabia, and complain about America. Yeah, we have problems, but really? Well, and least she doesn’t have to worry about being beheaded here, so she’s got that going for her. And her communications degree.
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    These contracts for QBs are destroying the game. He better be phenomenal for many years or this will hamper KC. NFL is destroying the game by making QBs untouchable. in the near future, a franchise will be very successful building a running team with great players and depth to counter a team with a great QB and lesser players around him because they are giving all the $$ to QB. i may be alone, but I always liked the team aspect of FB. I am less interested in the KC Mahomes than the KC Chiefs.
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    I’ll get excited when I see... pre-season is now 0 games instead of 4.
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    So the solution has been under our noses the whole time! We can ship them all to Africa!! There's plenty of empty cruise ships we can use!
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    LIBills, say how you predicted mahomes would be great just one more time. its been like two posts but it feels like forever
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    It means weakening the police and enabling other authorities who are more well equipped to interpret and handle the situations. You know they used to just lock up the genuinely handicapped people with the regular bad guys but at least there is now a little bit of distinction although it is still way far less from perfect.
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    unless theyve got some easy-out clauses in there, they will regret that contract quarterbacks have magical years or magical runs. especially when they have an absolutely loaded offense from top to bottom he WILL cool off, if not worse, at some point the next few years. guys on that team will be leveraging their name to get bigger contracts elsewhere. his cast will degrade, it HAS to degrade. marcia was the only qb in history to keep it going almost indefinitely, and we know they were cheating BIG TIME. without cheating, i dont think mahomes can keep it going at that pace, i just dont Edit: as jc pointed out, marcia also took way less money than she could have got, and restructured her contracts so that they only resulted in a cap hit of a million or two. that was really smart. the cheating, not so much the time will come whan that seems like too much money. tough so see now, but its a-comin
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    There is no agenda for Trump except get re-elected at any cost--even if he has to sell us out to do that!
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    China continues to kill and maim us with their ordnance, disguised as entertainment. They are diabolical, I tell ya!
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    At least he has HIS priorities in order. DIVIDE, DIVIDE, DIVIDE and hope for the best. All while those states that took his advice to ignore the CDC and his administration’s reopening guidelines are heading for a long July.
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    I will start by telling them to shove their racist bullshit up their ass, then we can have a conversation.
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    its not so much denial as de·lu·sion·al /dəˈlo͞oZH(ə)nəl/ adjective characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder. "hospitalization for schizophrenia and delusional paranoia" based on or having faulty judgment; mistaken.
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    Remember when Donald was in a hurry to "open up" the country prematurely before the CDC guidelines for reopening were met and wrote these retarded-person's words? LIBERATE MINNESOTA! LIBERATE MICHIGAN! LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege! That certainly aged well. '
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    Did I already say fuck BLM?
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    side note: interesting that she pronounces her name "gah-LEN" when i knew a woman with the exact same spelling and she pronounced it like it looks, "jiz-LANE", no pun intended
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    you do realize Jethro never does that, right?
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    it was the result of a Bullshit Fake News CNN MSNBC like report which was a known short seller putting out false info to make a profit on shorting the stock. The article was taken down but it did its intended damage. I dont know how that person is not in jail for fraud. Anyway it's back up today but not to where it was.
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