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    Kelce was wide open the entire game. It was embarrassing.
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    Social security payments are not government income. YOU put into social security during hour working years, and then YOU withdraw from it in your senior years. If you do not give, you do not get. Its not free money. It’s YOUR money, that you contributed to social security for 30+ years. My “view” of a government is what it was intended to be. It’s not anything except for what it was literally designed and built to be. I didn’t make it up, I simply read the founding fathers and constitution. Your view of the government is one where the government makes up for people’s bad choices. Had a kid? Ok, here’s money. Went into debt (of your own free will)? Ok, here’s money. Where did you obtain such entitlement? - If you can’t feed a child, don’t have a child. - If you are in poverty, go to school (student loans are practically given like candy to POC) and get a degree, get a higher paying job. - I’m even OK with 3 year grants for young adults to get their life going. Not permanent grants. 3 year grants. PS, it’s not 6 years. It’s 17 years. Read the article.
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    I don't agree. But I can maybe, pass it on the 1st one. They had just scored on 3 straight long drives. So any points for us would help boost morale. But the 2nd one ?? At that point time is running low and the lead hadn't changed because all we did was exchange 3 points. We were once again deep in their land. It was time to step it up. It was such a pussy move.
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    He’s thinking about it after the game. You’re just assuming a missed play in the first is eating at him in the 3rd. With no evidence. At all. literally every athlete will look back at missed opportunities. This is just a shit take. I have to stop looking at this board until FA hits. Peace out Girl Scouts
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    Less concerned with Allen than I am with McDermott. In his 3 playoff losses, him being outcoached was a significant part of each.
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    I'm having a blast watching Hipkat defend Joe30330. The next four years might be better than expected.
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    kinda like trying to cancel the election. MAGAT hypocrisy 101.
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    It ended up too big for all of them. But McD is the top offender. We faced them in week 6 and fared a lot better. And this time we were healthier and playing much better ball than back then. How come we got destroyed ? That means Andy Reid adjusted much better to us than we did to them. That is all on Sean McDermott.
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    No problem with Allen at all today, line was terrible, Daryl Williams awful, Chris Jones destroyed the interior line all game. Allen just trying to make any play. If Brady was back there he's turtling for 8 yard sacks all game long. This game wasn't on Allen. It was on our line, our offensive gameplan, and especially on our defense/defensive gameplan. Let's blitz our best cover LB and let Kelce open all game....great plan If you came out of this game blaming Allen, i don't know what game you are watching I won't comment again on this season, i'll be back talking about FA, Draft etc. but this year, this game is just not something I'm going to discuss on this board any further than the limited amount i said above
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    It was that soft zone, and they never made any adjustments. All they had to do was run to an open spot, it was there all night ... all night
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    DaBoll failed badly tonight. The play calling was consistently bad. Horrible! Worst game I can think of and the O-Line fucking sucked ass
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    What kind of pills did the Chief secondary use to turn themselves into the second coming of the Legion of Boom? Can we get some?
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    Son, you're the one coming off as a complete retard. Move to Cuba or Venezuela. You'll love it. We don't want that shit here.
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    Pretty sure I already posted this on another thread, best Photoshop work ever
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    Keep Moss....dump Singletary or get what you can for him (doubtful).....get another RB either through draft or FA......we need something of a running game......
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    Well, you said, McDermott likes to play it safe. McDermott likes 1975 football. And you said that playing 1975 football sucks. Not all in the same thread but still. That adds up for me to a "McDermott" sucks. But I agree, that at least I cannot remember where you said it directly. And with regard to the second part... lets try it :-) Edit: and by the way,I dont disagree with all you say. If you look at my rebuttals they are primarily for three reasons: - making fun of you when you are again extremely negative - making fun of you when you claim before each game that we lose, and the come back after the few games we actually lost and brag about being right - when you only focus on adding offensive skill players and everything else can be filled with scraps (i.e. no high picks or premier FAs) I partially agree with your third point, but only partially. The lines need upgrades IMO, we dont need fancy toys, we need big uglies.
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    If Daboll was our coach we do not win 13 games. Good coordinator but I doubt he'll be a good coach. But for sure Sunday was perplexing when it came to those 4th downs. How in the world McD thought that being down 2 scores kicking field goals VS an offense we were showing no signs of stopping was going to work is beyond me. He coached like a complete puss and we lost accordingly.
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    Good points......as McD has the notorious history of being super ultra conservative (asides from this regular season).....I think more than likely he made those "lets play safe" calls.....
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    I don't ignore nonsense, I point it out. And I just want to add that you're the same guy that said a QB cannot increase his accuracy. How has that worked out? With you it's always the QB, no matter how good the offense is. With me, it's the team. The Bill's are not as good. Not because of Allen, but because of the team
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    Nick Wright would approve of this. Hate him or not...but this was the same shit he was preaching since week 1: watch for Allen to choke again on the road in a big playoff game. And Allen kindly obliges.
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    The conclusion is inescapable; you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Look, we stunk up the joint last night. Although we exceeded expectations to get there, we were capable of so much more. Our receivers got bullied, Josh stunk, Frazier stunk, Daboll stunk, McDermott stunk - I get it!! But this year was not a failure. THE CONSTANT BITCHING does not make you or seandeleven realists; it makes you people who constantly bitch, Nothing more, nothing less.
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    I was thinking the same thing and I think I even said in the shoutbox it's 1988 all over again
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    They need to move on from Motor...that’s for sure. If one dropped pass is enough to get you benched, then it’s time to move on. Also don’t forget that Moss had taken over and they tried to sign Bell. They know they need to get better there.
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    I really didn't like seeing the after-the-whistle stuff at the end. Obvious temper tantrum after getting outclassed on the field. Maybe should've utilized some of that fire earlier. There's no shame in losing to a better team, but don't be bitches about it.
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    I was at that game. At halftime, I had a hot dog and coca cola and it cost me all of a $1.25. And I remember thinking, man I could buy a whole package of hot dogs for .39 cents. What is this world coming to?
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    things have already changed for the better. the trumpster hold is gone, though many of the loonies are still plotting but im afraid the honeymoon will only be a bump and pretty soon rough waters will be the norm again antifa and BLM are still out there, spreading lies and fomenting violence. their influence will resurge and The Squad will start their bullshit again. the pendulum has been swinging hard the last twenty years and once again its going to crash along the left wall, breaking shit to pieces and causing trouble get the ACA fixed and cemented in two years, joe. get it so entrenched the republicans wouldnt dare trying to sabotage it again for fear of remaining in the desert. then give the house or senate back to them so that we can have the balance so vital in our govt
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    I’m interested to know where F8 thinks SS money comes from. If he PM’s me his # I will have my 16 yo call tell him how it works. Hey I will get 250 for about 11 mos if Biden pushes through quickly.
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    Vic Carucci: If there was any lingering doubt about the Buffalo Bills’ decision to pass on drafting Patrick Mahomes in 2017, it should be long gone by now. The Bills have an excellent quarterback of their own in Josh Allen. No, he doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring or an MVP award. For now, those comparative edges go to Mahomes. Mahomes also won their first and only head-to-head matchup when his Kansas City Chiefs beat the Bills in October. However, none of that changes the larger picture of how well the Bills addressed finding a franchise QB after opting out of the chance to land Mahomes. Without question, they nailed it. Allen’s performance should eliminate any regret over the one they don’t. Admittedly, the answer wasn’t clear in 2018, when the Bills made Allen the seventh overall pick of the draft and he experienced rookie growing pains as Mahomes put together his MVP season. It wasn’t much clearer in 2019, when the Bills mainly rode a strong defense to a wild-card playoff spot and Mahomes took the Chiefs all the way to a Super Bowl victory. It became crystal clear this season, when Allen shattered single-season passing records and led one of the most dynamic aerial attacks in the NFL … when the Bills finished with a 13-3 record and won the AFC East for the first time in 25 years … when the Bills reached the postseason for the third time since ’17 and won a divisional-round game for the first time since 1993. Their 2020 stats are comparable and put both in the conversation for league MVP, along with Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers. Allen completed 69.2% of his passes for 4,544 yards and 37 touchdowns, with 10 interceptions. Mahomes completed 66.3% of his passes for 4,740 yards and 38 touchdowns, with six interceptions. On Sunday, the Bills will be making their fifth appearance in the AFC championship game. A win against the Chiefs will put them in Super Bowl LV. With Mahomes in concussion protocol after taking a hit to the head in Kansas City’s divisional-round game against Cleveland last Sunday, his status for the conference title game is uncertain. But signs point to him playing, which sets up another encounter that raises the “what if?” once again. What if the Bills used the 10th choice of the 2017 draft on Mahomes rather than trading it to the Chiefs, who selected him in that slot? Until this season, the deal might not have been as fully embraced as it should be today. In return for the 10th pick, the Bills received Kansas City’s 27th selection, which the Bills used for cornerback Tre’Davious White. White has gone on to become of the NFL’s best at his position, but even he has acknowledged that covering receivers doesn’t allow him to carry the same value that Mahomes or Allen or other elite throwers have with their respective clubs. “No matter how good I perform, no matter what accolades I get, I feel like, to the football world, I’ll never be more important than a franchise quarterback because that's the face of your franchise,” White told The Buffalo News in 2018. “You can't compare that and I know that. But the only thing I can do is be the best version of myself and try to be the best player that I can be for this organization and whatever happens, happens.” Beyond what the quarterbacks and White have done, this is what else has happened from the trade that was made at the behest of McDermott less than two weeks before Brandon Beane replaced Doug Whaley as general manager: • The 2017 third-round pick the Bills received, after other deals, became left tackle Dion Dawkins. He is a solid starter, consistently providing the protection necessary for Allen to thrive. • The 2018 first-rounder the Bills landed became linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. He has steadily grown into a Pro Bowler and defensive leader. “They got a good player in Patrick and I think we made out as well with Josh and Tremaine and Tre’Davious, however you kind of shape that with the picks that became picks,” coach Sean McDermott said. “I think both teams fared awfully well.” No argument there. It’s also fair to point out the Chiefs had the luxury of allowing Mahomes to sit and marinate as a rookie while veteran Alex Smith started. Allen, whose coaching wasn’t all that sophisticated at Firebaugh (Calif.) High School or in junior college or at the University of Wyoming, took his rookie lumps while getting on-the-job training in Brian Daboll’s offense. This season, Allen caught up. He has far more knowledge of the Bills’ offense, which Daboll has expanded accordingly, and has a much better grasp of how opposing defenses plot to stop him and his surrounding cast. The 6-foot-3-inch, 230-pound Mahomes has become the master of look-away throws and other improvisational plays that his exceptional quickness and athleticism allow him to make. Allen, who is every bit as dangerous as a runner despite being 6 feet, 5 inches and 237 pounds, has shown a knack for similar innovation on the fly. At the core, they’re highly effective pocket passers who make the most out of highly talented pass-catchers. Allen has more depth with Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, John Brown and Gabe Davis. But Mahomes has Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, former Bill Sammy Watkins and Mecole Hardman. When plays don’t go as designed, Allen and Mahomes are more than capable of going off script with positive results. It’s a quality shared by the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Allen and Mahomes are, unquestionably, two of the best. “Some of these plays break down from time to time, even though we draw them up for that not to happen,” McDermott said. “Being able to extend a play or play off-schedule or make loose plays, I know that’s been labeled to Josh and Patrick as well, so I think that’s a good asset to have.” Even after turning down the chance to draft the quarterback they’ll likely face Sunday, the Bills should feel every bit as good about the one they chose a year later.
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    I guess that mom and pop shop should have a better business model since it can't survive without exploiting the labor of a 16 year old.
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    Anyone who has kids will vote democrat. Great idea. Wait until the illegals get citizenship. They're gonna fuck like rabbits.
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    In your OPINION. The fact that you believe something with all your might and heart doesn't make it "the truth". The makes it your truth. More layers to all this than you're willing to admit.
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    While it's not outrage, are you foolish enough to believe that it all started on a Bill's site? How many people will lose their jobs over $15.00 minimum wage. And why do you think government has the right to step in and make these decisions? What tools does the government have to manage inflation, the fed? Well guess what, the only thing the fed knows how to do is print money.
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    you seem to be pretty confident about the type of America that real Americans want to live under, but I didn't hear you saying anything for the last 4 years when the president of the United States deliberately attacked an alienated half-country. That's the America that real Americans want to live under? One where the president of the United States lies constantly? Nothing about the last 4 years defines America. Nothing but you seem to be okay with it now all of a sudden social equalityy is big issue with you. Huh, go figure
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    Here's the thing... when unfounded LIES that lead a country TO THE BRINK are being spewed on your creation, your platform, your moneymaker then wouldn't you do the same?
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    Our son lives and works in KC, and hangs with the Bills Mafia at Al's. He loves Al's as it is a bit of a dive, and having lived in Allentown for 5 years, he knows a good dive bar when he sees one!! He had an opportunity to buy a ticket for $600, but decided to stay home because he is a front-line Health Care worker, and did not but his patients at risk as he has only had the first dose of the vaccine. He does get a lot of crap from people there, especially since he works at KU Med and they've had to endure the Jayhawks indignity at the hands of one of my Alma Maters, Villanova. Oh, and his fiancé is from Kansas and grew up in the KC area, so he experienced the euphoria, joy and exhilaration of a Super Bowl win vicariously through her and her family and friends last year. He has never experienced this sort of Bills run before, he was born during the Super Bowl years of the 90s, and doesn't remember a great deal of what happened then. This year it is HIS turn to celebrate!! Our turn to celebrate!! Go Bills!!
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    The Bills are here NOW. Go all out to win this AFC Championship. Nuff said.
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    I don't know why he should have been threatened. The Patriots and Jets games last year showed Barkley wasn't the stud backup we thought he was. Fromm was pretty widely considered to not be starting material.
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    Looking to see if i have 3 or 4 corn kernels on my shit was more important than trying to watch the skull face Biden inauguration.
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    I did an internship in Washington DC in 2003 and NC State was on TV all the time. Got to watch many of Rivers games. I wanted us to get him soooooo bad. And at first it seemed like a real possibility because for some reason he wasn't ranked that high on anyone's mock drafts. Then he absolutely killed it at the Senior Bowl and he shot up the boards. He was out of our reach and you all know the rest. Always liked his fire and accuracy. Damn shame he never even got to a SB.
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    Covid is no big deal. Take off the masks and open back up. The numbers will be the same.
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    Don't you notice that all these people who hate Trump on here talk about cock? They must speak from extensive experience.
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    How fucking retarded is that stance by the demented pillow guy. He has ALL the evidence, but he cant unleash that Kraken unless someone sues him? JEXUS MAGATs are dumb.
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    15 to 20% of people vaccinated may not develop immunity. This is normal for any vaccine. No way to know unless you get antibody test after taking vaccine ==============%%%%%%%%######## In other words, Vaccines have always been useless.
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