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    My thoughts are that people like you are the reason hundreds of thousands of people may die. If only the trumpers could just infect themselves.
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    Last season was soooo weird in regards to the deep throws. I've never in my 25+ years of watching football seen anyone be so incredibly bad at it. Unreal. Like some guy who's never played football before was doing it. .... yet like Sean says. In 2018 he was pretty good at it. WTF ?? I hope he gets it back this year. With Smoke and Diggs ?? ....you better be able to hit on those.
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    "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." —Jonathan Swift
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    Like i've said to you many times before, why dont you mosey on down to the ER and volunteer to help out, without any PPE? Then head back to your world and see who wants anything to do with you. Git-r-done jethro, times a-wastin'.
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    Wow this thread took a dark turn. yet I’m not shocked.
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    lol this is great! You think you're actually saying something so clever, but you're just showing your ignorance. Plenty enough witnessed it the other day, sadly. If your pal could have remembered whom he was angry at, the board wouldn't have been so annoyed by it. You cuddle buddy/partner in obsession/harassment went nuts saying I was the one doing that to him. I've already explained it many times, but just because you are an ignorant person and something sounds insane to you, does not mean that it is. More vulgarity, and namecalling, and lying about me(defamation), and demands for punishment coming from you and your OBSESSION with me, when I dont do a thing to you. Thanks for displayng what a bitter, ignorant, little weasel you are. Your partner admitted his mistake tonight.....saying that it was not an intentional lie when he RAGED on for hours in a paranoid string of accusations, but rather a "mistake" that was intended for Bowman. Apparently, we all look the same to you. Actually, you accusing me in this thread might have helped me to figure it out. Maybe he got some oxycodone(synthetic heroin) as pain meds from the doctor, because it sure did not some like weed(other than the extreme paranoia). If you are upset you have to read about it, maybe you could ask your pal not to DO it in the first place. Some of us actually had to go through it, and read much worse, so back off with your pathetic whining. I'm startting to be less inclined to believe him that it all was a mistake, and am thinking he fears TBB for some reason, and prefers to argue with me after TBB insults him. :)
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    I like people who are unafraid, stand up for what they believe in and can be counted on to take the road less traveled. And yeah, SJ does just that. So, if I wearing a cap, I would tip it.
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    I personally loves Shannon Bream. She has good content AND gives me a woody. As for Fauci, the more I learn about his background the more I question his motivations here. Like this for instance in 2016:
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    Tucker Carlson and formerly Shepard Smith were the only people on Fox I can/could stand. Not sure if this part touched on it, but Fox does deserve some blame as well. But there were tons of other media sources on both sides saying that this wasn't going to be a big issue. All the shitty democrat media sources (buzzfeed, washingtonpost) all called the initial travel ban on china xenophobic and that we should just continue to live normally yada yada, then shit hit the fan. Would have hit the fan even harder if we continued to let people travel here from China
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    It’s coming from new debt, which the Fed is trying to generate a source for by purchasing back all the old debt with the current tax base and then going to leave everything else un(der)funded, until the new debt comes in and refunds everything they just robbed from. The problem is it’s essentially “fake money” that will ultimately sink the country into a true depression, IF we assume the money market actually is real, if it is, we are going down, if it’s all bullshit, life will go on pretty normally.
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    Just watch the Metallica One video, it’s basically a trailer for the movie but like 10 minutes long
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    what a fool https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/08/rex-ryan-brady-made-patriots-great-give-belichick-geno-smith-and-see-if-he-wins/
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    MN Senator and Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coached Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases -- WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT (VIDEO) Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator said he received a 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus. “Last Friday I received a 7-page document that told me if I had an 86-year-old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for COVID-19 but some time after she came down with pneumonia we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with COVID-19, then it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19,” Dr. Scott Jensen said. Dr. Jensen explained that this is not a normal procedure. Dr.. Jensen said for example if the same patient had pneumonia during flu season and he didn’t have a test confirming the patient also had influenza, he would never diagnose the patient with influenza on the death certificate.
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    Now that teams are allowed to use two helmets, maybe we can. If you look at the Falcons unis, they have a different helmet for when they go all black. We should have a throwback uniform to the early 90s. That's far enough back now to be a "throwback".
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    Because you trade both a player's contract and the player, it is hard to predict a market for Matt Milano. His contract will be expiring, so the new team has to weigh the cost going forward. You might not get much interest. Dawkins. I would just re-sign him. Trying to draft another LT is hard. Especially without a 1st round pick. We took Cody Ford at the top of the 2nd round, and the jury is still out on him. Pay Dawkins. Pay Tre. Draft a LB in two weeks, and if he can be the future maybe you don't have to resign Milano, even though I really like him.
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    Looks like Thor there. Thanks for posting
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    Where’s the color and big bold letters? Hey! I saw the word “raged” ! Like, Buffalo Rage? Your other persona? Ok, I’ll let it go, I get it, “ Stephen Hawking”. Go nutz, Putz! I’ll be gone for a while, just checking in from time to time, to see your “antics”
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    Brandon Beane during his recent Zoom conference call mentioned that there will be competition on the OLine, and referenced a draft pick could be in that competition. During the Pre-Draft process, they have been kicking the tires are a few IOLinemen.They had a Pre-Draft meeting withOG John Simpson, Clemson, 6'4", 325lbs.".......Broad, well-built snowplow of a guard with the traits and power to turn a crease into a full-fledged running lane. Teams looking to add physicality up front will covet Simpson, but keep in mind he was plenty effective with scoop blocks, pulls, second-level climbs and even screen blocking, which shows the big man can move....." They also did a FaceTime meeting with:OG Damien Lewis, LSU, 6'4", 321lbs."....The run-blocking tape shows a forklift dressed as a right guard with the power and leverage to move some of the best interior defenders in the conference. ..."There may be more, that we don't know about.Best guess is these two guards are 3rd round picks.
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    I have no problem with them adding to the IOL with the 2nd or 3rd round pick.
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    Yeah, for sure. Yesterday,I dug up 5 Mulberry Tree stumps, cut the lawn and came in the house feeling like I just ran a marathon, so something is definitely off. The reason for the PET Scan is to rule out Metastatic cancer, which he said could be a possibility, but still didn't look like it. I'm going to request the Antibody test for CV-19 when I set up the other tests
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    Who cares what most people think they are sheep and think the federal govt owns the federal reserve.. if they aren't backing up this bailout with gold and silver and pulling money out of thin air then what do we have? You are right about inflation being a hidden tax. We are just forever indentured servants to the people(old money families after the GREAT DEPRESSION🤔) who control the govt, media and the global banking system. yes the lockdown I was referring to. The big dogs are in place in Cheyenne Mountain, CO.
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    It's always important to be cognizant of what's happening around you. The bug doesn't scare me. However stupid people scare the shit out if me in times like these. They simply know not what they do.
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    I never said the Patriots were finished, in fact I said they are not the worst team in the AFC East but they are not the best team in the AFC East either. Buffalo obviously has to go out and win enough game to take the AFC East, and no one is saying it's a lock, but this is the best chance Buffalo has had to win the AFC East in years. Buffalo has a better team on paper and a better QB on paper than New England.
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    No, it's not normal. As a man in his 50s, I self-actualize by applying my life experience to the resolution of the following geopolitical issues 1) There are too many unread comic books in the world; No Comic Book left Unread! 2) There are too many open online threads where they have not finalized the ranking of the various Star Trek Captains. 3) There are too many unbought awesome remote-controlled toys at $5 below that would have cost $20+ when I was a kid. See the 'Pile Driver'
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    I hope Allen starts putting it all together this year. If not, begin looking to replace him. That's fair I think. I think Brandon Beane probably sees it the same way or close to it.
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    and hip, not for nothing, but it seems your rather puerile starting of a poll about somebodys posting has backfired. there clearly is a readership here that likes his zany posting. and that doesnt even count sacks non-vote because you didnt have a 'yes but too long' option, which i think most would agree with i think now is the time to admit you have lost that battle. i also think its time to admit you started that battle bc you are freaking out about your health problems. believe me, i get that part. i had to sheepishly call my dad and tell him to ignore a letter i send him, yes through the snail mail, that i was going to be dead in the morning bc i was so fucking sick of my health problems. of course, hours after i wrote it i calmed down and put the shotgun away, which left me with two options: tell my dad, or drive to his house and wait for the mail truck. i figured my dad deserved to know the truth. he was pretty cool about it. i dont think he told my mom bc she would freak the fuck out yours isnt nearly as embarrassing. but you should make some proclamation that you were wrong or that you lost, because all youve done here is prop sj up like it or not youre going to have to learn to live with him. theres always the ignore feature, youll just have to mentally ignore when hes quoted. at least ignore works in the sb here
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    That is some nice reporting. Just stopping these would be Goebbels right in their tracks.
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    All I know is they're lying. China sent North Korea $900B in Corona aid about a week ago, yet they still claim there are zero cases.
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    Exactly. What exactly do you think is going to pay for that free healthcare you keep going on about?
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    IDK wtf is going on in your life to make you this unstable, but you are COMPLETELY OVER-REACTING here im sorry but this is the second time im going to warn you about threats, direct or implied, physical or psychological, in your content. one more incident and youre getting a month time-out this counts for PM content as well, so dont be harassing and threatening anybody that way, either whatever is bothering you in your personal life, dont let it make you act like an out of control lunatic threatening people here. i dont want to have to sit you down but i will if we see more of this kind of thing
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    I'd rather draft a rookie and start all over than bet the farm on Dak Prescott. Don't see that paying off for Dallas. Not even close.
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    If it makes you feel better, I didn't mean it that way. I like Tebow. I meant it more in that he's a non-traditional QB and they were able to adjust and find ways to win. They seem to know how to make an offense work without having to have a hall of fame player back there.
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    I'd be all for drafting a WR with 54. If the guy is good, he will play. Injuries happen all the time and rookie WRs need time anyway. If they take this kid then maybe he plays a little this year but ends up as the #2 next year. The key is just getting someone who is good obviously. If they go WR, I would imagine it would be a guy who can replace McKenzie for the sweep and motion stuff. Maybe return kicks as well. Replace McKenzie AND Roberts with one guy...that would be ideal. That said, the draft is deep at WR so I'm fully expecting a defensive player at 54. It certainly seems possible that they could find a guy who can compete for the #4 spot on day 3 of the draft. I could see them trading up for that "Big Nickel" guy...one of the giant safeties from the two small schools. Or they could try to add a pass rusher.
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    Is one of the 4 ways the multiple instances of proven fake news I have posted, including the CBS showing the footage Sky news had days earlier broadcast as being in Italy as something currently happening in NY(despite people speaking in Italian, lol) to make it look worse than it was? Or the multiple cases of hospitals "overrun" "with long lines OUTSIDE'", which magically down not by half, or even most, but to absolute ZERO when the TV cameras are gone and camera phones show up the next day? I'd have to put disinformation(purposeful) ahead of any misinformation or differences of opinion, but maybe Tucker made all 4 on the list examples of disinformation? Seems likely enough there are that many out there, though I doubt his corporate sponsors will allow him to show much(although one Fox reporter did retweet about the empty hospitals before someone even compiled the video showing the same ones as the ones on the TV, to show it was purposeful misrepresentation). The last Tucker thread was about what to call the virus, which to be honest doesn't effect either my liberty nor my health, so not my favorite work of his, which is a reason I didn't click before asking.
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    The fake news you are spreading is made up at will.
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    Snagbagpc is back in a forced labor camp in Vietnam Nam. But he was able to sneak this message out: “I am so extremely handsome to be part of your wonderous site as it is carefully expanding into new horizons and adventure! Please keep on this path so the obstacles do not become urgent. SJ post is delightful and I’m filled with serious geesebump when I read. Please keep him so the message can come forth and be fruitful”. im guessing that’s an upvote.
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    Fuck anonymity SJ's posts are like 5% on topic and then parentheses, double parentheses of some off-topic non-sensical shit I love it lol
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    Well then, that's a problem. And I can promise you that. Our political system sucks, and the two party system is their to keep us divided. They are actors portraying politicians. Sorry, misunderstood. I know you wouldn't support Trump. But what I said above, holds true.
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    I see a lot of people on facebook clamoring to thank "Big Government" for taking care of everyone. "What would we do without big government! Take that you idiots who believe in liberty!" All I can do is shake my head. Big Government created this mess and now you're thanking them because they are throwing you a crumb or two? That's like thanking a robber who steals everything you own but leaves you enough to buy lunch. What a swell guy!
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    It's not really funny, just not sure what kind of names you expect someone to find, by searching the web, or reading books. However, I will say that in the past when you asked for names, it did sound like you were making fun. Not anymore? If you're serious, then let me know, because like I said before, I think this stuff interests you. At least I think it did in your past.
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