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    This is all such a huge waste of time and money. Russia collusion didn't stick, so now it's on to Ukraine as a last ditch effort to prevent trump from being a candidate in 2020, because the Democrats have no viable candidates. It's not so much his indescrestions as it is sour grapes and the complete shellshock that he became POTUS. If the left tried to do anything besides trying to impeach Trump over the last 3 years maybe they would have a shot. Quit whining and do something productive
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    Apparently, Donald also seems to be under the impression that whoever invented the wheel needs protecting as well. Whoever he was died even longer ago than Edison, as in maybe tens of thousands of years ago during the time of the caveman. (This of course includes Raquel Welch, the Flintstones, etc.) That's just a hell of an intellect that Donald possesses. I think I've been completely wrong about him all this time and now believe he should be appointed dictator for life.
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    it looks blindingly obvious if what this guy did is ok then wheres the fucking line? whats not ok? i though shooting someone in times square was a metaphor we're already way over the line as it is if we care about being a conscious society. hes a feeding leach of a person as he keeps his country destroying agenda up. but i guess thats a different debate. this is just part of his being a jerk who should not be followed of course we have enough evidence and testimony. way more than enough. but hes got the most powerful chair in the room and hes going to wring every exploit he can out of it. the gop will pull whatever strings they conjured and pull off the win truth: war is going to become the easiest option for him to buy the election. hes already demonstrated his concern for lives is when its convenient to him. its one of the things i hate so much about him. its such a douche way to act at life. serious consequences to your kharma, i would hope the logic of conviction is easy. the laws exists and he clearly violated them. unfortunately, i expect the political maneuvering to give it to don, the worst possible result more violation of the country. i would just give up on people ever listening for a while. you hope something changes in the future to get people to rise up against him. he leaves a highly destructive path in his wake gotta admit. it sucks. and it definitely hurts you. as a citizen. you choose it, you deserve it. i guess
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    I personally was flying supplies to Puerto Rico, they had Hangars and Hangars full of supplies. The problem was drivers didn't want to drive the supplies unless they were paid up front. Neighbors weren't helping neighbors like we say in Texas. It had nothing to do with Trump being a racist like the media made it out to be. It was such BS.
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    Sounds like we need to draft CB in 1st. This plus SF going to bowl with running game and defense will have Sean on suicide watch for at least 9 months. Stay away from sharp objects Sean.
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    Which ones has he not kept? You libs are like sheep just follow and believe lib unconfirmed statements
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    Cost of living is going up because of a certain thing everybody in the know likes to call a fiat currency And it's going up everywhere, as well as incredibly fast. In fact, this is something everyone should know about, be concerned about and understand how it works. Funny how the lamestream media doesn't seem to focus on this ... Just maybe, they are a bought and paid for media ...
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    They better....losing patience.
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    Budweiser is to beer as Olive Garden is to Italian food.
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    This right here What are they doing in Hollywood, and why are they doing it? And believe it or not, those are two legitimate questions. Why would someone, or a group of someone's intentionally ruin a movie by doing some of the things mentioned above? It's mind boggling ... Yes, I said mind boggling.
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    B Tatum is awesome. 👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    You're severely misinformed buddy and quoting a super left leaning jackass named Rosenfeld who used the premise of this article to say "hurr durr Trump is the REAL Hitler!" Meanwhile you have Bernie Sanders supporters talking about shipping people off to gulags... and the sad thing? Bernie won't even disavow or rebuke those comments because he tacitly supports them. This is YOUR guy - the Champagne Socialist. 'Guillotine the rich': Sanders staffer says he's ready for armed 'revolution' Project Veritas has apparently snared another pro-Soviet, pro-gulag Bernie Sanders campaign staffer, this one saying in a hidden-camera video released Tuesday that he was ready to “get armed” for the “revolution” and musing about sending Republicans to “reeducation camps.” The footage featured a man identified as “paid” South Carolina field organizer Martin Weissgerber was posted a week after the release of video featuring radical Iowa field organizer Kyle Jurek, part of the undercover journalism outfit’s #Expose2020 series. In the video, Mr. Weissgerber described himself as a communist and said that he was in contact with groups that planned to hold mass “yellow-vest” protests like those that have roiled France if Mr. Sanders loses. Sanders camp mum on pro-gulag staffer, says Iowans 'don't care about political gossip'
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    Dawkins actually, by many film analyzers, had a very very solid year at LT. He definitely sticks there. Are we willing to let Spain walk to just slide Ford to LG/RG (and move Feliciano to LG) and hope it all works out? We'd be then having to draft another rookie RT to split time with Nsekhe again. I bet we give the Ford/Nsekhe split at RT another year. Hopefully Ford improves and proves he can be serviceable at RT.
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    There is at least 4, according to the results.
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    I read everything your wrote and agree, then saw that huge Bernie billboard and now question whether I'm retarded for agreeing with you.
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    this thread needs some vagineck, stat
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    So, to sum up, there won't be any witnesses or documents or other evidence allowed like in any other trial in history and the defense attorneys are arguing on procedure and miscellaneous grievances, not on the merits of the case against their client, yet Donald is completely and utterly innocent and this is all just a hoax. The hour of 1 p.m., the designated time for the start of President Trump’s impeachment trial, came and went. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was in the Capitol, cooling his heels. But the Senate remained in recess. Half an hour later, we found out why: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and his Senate Republicans had been rewriting the trial rules on the fly, minutes before bringing them to the floor for a vote. They are quite literally making things up as they go along. Public pressure on moderate Republican senators had, for the moment, forced McConnell to soften a couple of the most egregious trial rules — notably, a plan that would have forced the case to be argued in the middle of the night — but it did nothing to slow McConnell’s pell-mell rush to acquit. McConnell, who during a break in proceedings Tuesday huddled with White House counsel Pat Cipollone, succeeded in rebuffing, along party lines, efforts to call witnesses and demand documents that Trump withheld. Why such a hurry? The answer became apparent as soon as Trump’s lawyers opened their mouths for the first time during the impeachment proceedings. They shouted. They spouted invective. They launched personal attacks against the impeachment managers. But they offered virtually nothing in defense of the president’s conduct, nor anything but a passing reference to Ukraine. “These Articles of Impeachment … are not only ridiculous, they are dangerous to our republic,” declared Cipollone. “It's ridiculous,” he added. “It's ridiculous! It's ridiculous,” he repeated, for those who may have missed the point. “They’re here to steal two elections — it’s buried in the small print of their ridiculous articles of impeachment,” he alleged. Cipollone closed with a request to “end this ridiculous charade.” But he didn’t rest his case there. He and his colleagues built on this playground-worthy argument: “Outrageous!” “No crime!” “No case!” “False allegations!” “Concocted!” “Hypocrisy!” “They don’t have the guts!” “A complete fake!” Here were the president’s men, in the flesh, occupying a factual universe all their own. “The president was not allowed to have a lawyer present” in House proceedings, said the presidential lawyers who refused to be present in House proceedings. “They ask you to trample on executive privilege,” they said, even though Trump hasn’t invoked executive privilege. The impeachment managers have “evidence … that we haven’t been allowed to see,” said the White House officials who blocked the release of all documents. Day One offered the starkest of contrasts: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and his impeachment managers framing their case in somber terms and painstaking detail — and the other side responding with what amounted to an extended reading of Trump’s tweets. Most of the 53 Senate Republicans are lawyers, so they had to be aware that what they were getting from the White House did not amount to a defense. Their body language suggested they wanted the whole thing to end — quickly. Patrick Toomey (Pa.) chewed his reading glasses. Marco Rubio (Fla.) chewed at a fingernail. Ted Cruz (Tex.) slouched in his chair.Tim Scott (S.C.) studied the ceiling. Bill Cassidy (La.) sent for a fresh glass of water, though his was not empty. John Hoeven (N.D.) yawned. So did Lindsey Graham (S.C.). The White House’s case is unlikely to improve from here. Also appearing for Trump will be Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz, lately members of Jeffrey Epstein’s defense team. Dershowitz has already distanced himself from the brief the White House filed. And the New York Times reported that one of the lawyers cited in Trump’s brief has called the White House argument “constitutional nonsense” and “sophistry.” Republicans find themselves defying public opinion in their attempts to avoid testimony. A CNN poll found that 69 percent of Americans say witnesses should testify in the trial, including 48 percent of Republicans. Trump himself said in December that he wants White House officials “to testify in the Senate where they’ll get a fair trial.” But Trump is now trying so hard to avoid witnesses that the White House is working on backup plans to silence them even if the Senate votes for testimony. Tuesday’s arguments made clear why: The White House has no substantive defense. Rather, it has grievances. Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow stood at the lectern with a notebook full of what looked like ransom notes: typed pages full of scrawls in the margins, with scribbled note cards haphazardly interspersed. Like Cipollone, he shouted. He attacked two of the impeachment managers. He attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). He ricocheted from Eric Holder to Peter Strzok to the “failed” Russia investigation. Cipollone returned to the lectern with yet another complaint. The House’s case, he declared, “is too much to listen to, almost.” But he didn’t attempt a refutation. No wonder McConnell can’t be done with this trial fast enough. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/01/21/white-house-defense-is-well-there-isnt-one/
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    He said nothing that was in factual relation to the matter at hand. Can you debate? Can you hold a reasoned argument? No you cannot. So. Go. Sit in the corner and face that wall. His argument was, "If we can't look up at our sky and agree, objectively as a nation, that it is blue; then we have no basis to hold a discussion. And I guarantee that Donald Trump will continue to call the sky aqua. Unless we stand here. Now. For our blue sky." Professor? Sure.
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    Trump Just Said That ‘Clean Coal’ Literally Means ‘Taking Out Coal’ And ‘Cleaning It’ Trump’s misguided remarks suggest that the President, who has been a staunch advocate for the fossil fuel since his campaign, may actually believe that “clean coal” comes from physically cleaning it. With soap. And a brush.
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    devastating take down of my points there jethro. Aristotle has nothing on you
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    Won't be before this impeachment farce is over. LOL. The libs have totally mistimed this whole impeachment witch hunt, by the way. Will all be forgotten soon after it ends. Never did have substance and/or legs.
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    Comrade, not sure if you stated your desire to express your point of personal priveledge. Did I miss something?
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    Who cares. It is not like there were not plenty of spots available. What if - the guys wife just died of cancer? Probably not the case, but the guy taking the video is a dick. I guess he never did anything wrong.
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    There was one an hour away from me. Was a regular there from 2006-2008. This was the JP Losman/Trent Edwards era. And as you remember it was baaaaad football. I couldn’t rage like I wanted to because there were kids around and the president of the club would yell at people cursing. After that Browns snow game in Cleveland I was done. I wasted half my Sunday and a lot of money to go watch the Bills lose. Haven’t been back since. Then from 08-11 I did the streaming thing. This was when there was no mirroring and I had to watch games on a laptop with the video quality of an 8 bit Nintendo. Fucking SUCKED. Finally bit the bullet and bought Sunday ticket. Haven’t looked back. But it does suck being 3 plays behind sometimes.
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    I watch the draft alone. But I act a fool in front of guests during games.
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    Oh! I thought you were going to post a picture of Liberace.
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    Well in all fairness MJ in the new Spider man movie is Michelle Jones not Mary Jane. Can’t argue with the Witcher, I think they should stay true to the novel or it should be a new character like Michelle Jones
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    Interesting. I loved Joker and thought the Tarantino flick would never end. Really liked DiCaprio and Pitt. But way to long for me. But loved every minute of Joker ...
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    Asinine thread. Really, really dumb. Moronic.
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    I wish I could thank this one hundred times. I couldn't agree more. We need a right tackle, a guard, a big RB, and at least one WR. Maybe two if there are a couple Beane likes. Go Tonya Harding on McD on the day of the draft, pull the battery out of his phone, and cancel the internet at the hospital you take him to.
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    You might enjoy watching this season's Hard Knocks to see if Peterman got his shot at redemption. Richie Incognito also has a funny line in it. :)
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    Holy shit man mellow it's still January.
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    Kansas City has to win the Super Bowl this year because there salary cap situation if screwed after this year. You are correct that Mahomes could get a $200 million total contract. Kansas City may legitimately not have enough money to re up Chris Jones after this season.
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    This draft class is loaded at WR, you could see 6 or more WR's taken in the 1st round. Jeffrey Okudah is the undisputed best CB of this draft class and should be taken in the top 5. After Okudah, Kristian Fulton is probably the 2nd best CB. Then it's debatable who the best are, but Bryce Hall, Trevon Diggs, CJ Henderson, AJ Terrell will all be in the mix. I would seriously be shocked if Buffalo drafted a CB in the 1st round, but there could be a value pick in the 2nd round and Levi Wallace showed he can have issues with tall athletic WR's like Kenny Golladay and DeVante Parker.
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    It is not just a few range members, it is "journalists" posting questions, bills fan posting and pissing Tre (and probably others) off. That ship has sailed 2-3 years ago. But by all means lets run Tre out of town and keep the Bills Suck mantra going - hell lets put up billboards. There are times in life when repeated pesemistic behavior in unhealthy.
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    Not just a stranger, but to the state. Probably goes into the kitty to cover the costs of their annual Christmas party. Everything they do is on our dime!
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    My fellow Rangers, do not use ethanol-based fuel in your small engines as it will create no-start issues and eventually destroy your small engines.Snowblowers and lawn mowers will start experiencing rising and falling engine speeds or a putt-putt-putt rough running symptom. Small engine carburetors get gummed up quick from the ethanol and ethanol is a magnet for condensation which once in your fuel system will create water bubbles which obviously creates a no-start condition.The typical fuel you buy at your local gas station contains 10% ethanol. The solution to this problem is simple.Just visit the website pure-gas.org ,this site allows you to select your state then city to find stations that stock non-ethanol fuel. Usually these stations have 1 or 2 selected pumps which are non-ethanol fuel.Another product available is called TruFuel Engineered fuel. The advantage of TruFuel is that it remains fresh for 2 years out of the can and remains 5 years fresh while unopened.It's non ethanol and excellent for storage of your equipment in the off season. Lawnmowers and Snowblowers use the 4 cycle version. I hope this helps.If your engine has been affected already by ethanol a small engine repair tech can re-build your carburetor and clean the fuel system to repair it.Be advised that no small engine manufacturer will cover repairs due to fuel related issues.
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    Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images Big backs? receiving backs? Veterans? Young guys? They’re all out there. Typically, “free agent” and “bargain” aren’t two words that go together. For the Buffalo Bills, they’ve managed to find quite a few of those in the last few years, though (see Jordan Poyer and Quinton Spain for reference). At running back, though, the bargain bin starts to look pretty good. With analytics changing the way running backs are compensated, big free-agent contracts for many are long gone, replaced by top-heavy deals for a select few while other veteran backs are forced to accept mid-level contracts for platoon work. With Buffalo having signed at least one running back in free agency every offseason since Sean McDermott became head coach, it’s quite possible that the team will once again address the position in this manner. Excluding players who will receive that huge deal (Derrick Henry, for sure, and perhaps even a player like Melvin Gordon), there are still plenty of strong options available if the Bills are unwilling to break the bank on a running back. Since the team is merely searching for a complement to Devin Singletary in replacing Frank Gore, it’s highly unlikely that they will pursue a player looking for big cash and a large playing time share. Here are some players we think would fit the Bills quite nicely in 2020 and perhaps beyond. Estimated 2020 restricted free agent tender values were found at OvertheCap.com. Matt Breida The San Francisco 49ers already have $23.4 million in cap space committed to running backs and fullbacks in 2020, which leads the league. They do have some cap flexibility (Tevin Coleman, for example, could be released at a savings of nearly $5 million with no dead-cap charge, and the team could decline the $6.7 million club option on Kyle Juszczyk), but they also could choose to allow Breida to walk. As a restricted free agent who entered the league as an undrafted free agent, an original-round tender would cost San Francisco $2.1 million, but would net them zero guaranteed draft-pick compensation if he chose to sign with someone else. Without making one of the two moves mentioned above, it’s unlikely that the 49ers will offer Breida a second-round tender ($3.278 million) or a first-round tender ($4.667 million). As a part-time player over the last three seasons, Breida has shown himself to be explosive as both a runner and a receiver, averaging at least five yards per touch over the course of his career. Depending upon the tender amount for him, Breida would be a perfect complement for Singletary. Carlos Hyde Buffalo loves veteran running backs, and Hyde is a veteran coming off his best professional season. For the first time in his career, he eclipsed 1,000 yards rushing and, at age 29, he still has a good year or two left in him. Hyde has never carried the ball more than he did this season, toting the rock for 245 carries at an average of 4.4 yards per rush. At 6’ tall and nearly 230 lbs, he’d bring a bigger-bodied back dimension to the mix, serving as the thunder to Singletary’s lightning. While he may be coming off his best year, the market for soon-to-be 30-year-old running backs isn’t a lucrative one, so he could probably be had at a reasonable rate. Peyton Barber If you’re a fantasy football player, Barber has probably frustrated you or someone in your league multiple times over the last four season. He has been a remarkably inefficient runner since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2016, averaging only 3.6 yards per carry on his 551 career rushes. He hasn’t shown a ton of ability as a receiver, managing only 57 catches for 349 yards so far, but he has flashed some sound ability as a runner on a team that has not run the ball well at all over the last four years. As a team, the Bucs haven’t averaged four yards per rush since the 2015 season, so it hasn’t been all Barber. Perhaps a change of scenery would bring out the best in the 5’11” 225-lb back, who turns 26 in February. Adrian Peterson Would there be a more Billsy signing than adding a future Hall of Fame rusher who is closer to earning an AARP card than he is his college days (not literally, but you know what I mean). Peterson would fit the profile of the kind of free-agent runner Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane have sought in the past—bruising, bigger backs who are veterans with great track records of character and/or success. I say “or” because Peterson lost an entire year as a result of a child-abuse scandal where he was found to have beaten his son with a switch, resulting in cuts not only on the four year-old’s behind, but on his scrotum, as well. Washington has a club option for Peterson that they’ll have to decide on, but if they let him go, he’ll be an intriguing option for someone next year. I’d pass on Peterson, as the Bills can do better at this position in more ways than one. Jordan Howard Another buy-low candidate, Howard’s career started with a bang as a rookie with the Chicago Bears in 2016, but it’s been all downhill from there. He made the Pro Bowl in his rookie year, rushing 252 times for 1,313 and six touchdowns, adding 29 receptions for 298 yards and a touchdown. After seeing his yardage total decline in the next two seasons (1,122 in 2017 and 935 in 2018) as well as his average-yards-per-carry number (4.1 in 2017 and 3.7 in 2018), Howard was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for a sixth-round pick. He was having a nice bounce-back year for the Eagles, as he averaged 4.4 yards per rush and scored six touchdowns through ten games, but a shoulder injury kept him out for the back end of the season. At 6’ and 224 lbs, Howard is another guy who could add some pop to Buffalo’s backfield. He won’t turn 26 until November. Kareem Hunt While he’s probably the best player on this list (at least at this point in his career), there is almost no chance that the Bills look to pursue him given his legal troubles. After the Kansas City Chiefs selected Hunt in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft, Hunt became the starting running back as a rookie when veteran Spencer Ware tore his PCL in the preseason. Hunt responded by combining for 1,782 yards from scrimmage and 11 touchdowns. His second season was just as successful on the field, as he had 1,202 scrimmage yards and 14 touchdowns through 11 games. However, video surface of a domestic incident where Hunt physically assaulted a woman in a hotel room, and he was released. This year, he resurfaced with the Cleveland Browns, and he showed plenty of ability in limited action. The Browns are likely to place at least an original-round tender on the restricted free agent, meaning that any team would have to give up a third-round pick in order to secure his services. Arguably, Hunt is talented enough to warrant the first-round tender of $4.667 million; however, given his troubling past, that tag may not be necessary. If the Bills are willing to put their morals aside, Hunt would be a great addition from a football perspective. Personally, I’d pass. Kenyan Drake The former Miami Dolphins runner did what a few players did in 2019—they escaped Adam Gase and flourished. Drake was receiving little time in Miami with new head coach Brian Flores, earning only 47 carries for 174 yards through six games. Once he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals, however, he had a tremendous end to the season. Drake carried 123 times for 643 yards and eight touchdowns in Arizona, winning plenty of people some fantasy championships this year. Given his excellent performance, it would make sense if the Cardinals didn’t want him to go, but they really don’t have much of a choice given the financial commitments they already have at the position. David Johnson has a $14,156,250 cap number, and Arizona would be on the hook for a dead-cap charge of $16.2 million if they were to trade or release him. Even if the team wants Drake to head their backfield over Johnson, they’d have to commit an absurd amount of money to the position to make it happen, and Drake has all the leverage given his success this season. Of the players on this list, Drake will probably command the biggest contract, as the big-bodied back (6’1” and 211 lbs) will only be 26 heading into the season. Spotrac projects a four-year contract totaling just over $22 million. That won’t break the bank, but paying a running back that kind of money over a long-term deal isn’t something the Bills’ current brain trust has shown themselves to be willing to do. Drake may be the best fit for the Bills’ needs, but it will all come down to the price. Note: If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll have to click through the the full site to vote. View the full article
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    Mahomes only threw for 295. What a fucking failure
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    Wow!! 691 comments under Tre's tweet....check out the very first one!!! From GELBER!! lol Guy looks like a Bills hater....
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    I saw some blatant holds by the Chiefs O-Line not get called. I have a feeling we're going to see a rematch of Superb Owl I for the NFL's 100th anniversary.
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    I didn't even bother watching it until you pointed out how EPIC it was! Wow....I guess DannyBoy helped me understand the type of people we are dealing with in TDSers. I had no idea it was actually this bad. In the past I would wonder if this was a PARODY, but this was actually real?!?!?
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