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    opie absolutely T-bagged belicheat tonight loved the running up the score, especially the td to a wide open tackle i just wish they could have got a fumble or something in their territory near the end of the game so they could kick in a 50-burger
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    I'm not sure if anyone on here is familiar with the song, "The Coward of the County" and can relate to the lyrics, but that 20 years line evoked the memory of these lyrics in my head: When Tommy turned around they said, "Hey, look, old Yellow's leaving." But you could've heard a pin drop When Tommy stopped and locked the door. Twenty years of crawling Was bottled up inside him. He wasn't holding nothing back, He let 'em have it all. When Tommy left the bar room Not a Gatlin boy was standing. He said, "This one's for Becky," As he watched the last one fall. When i saw the rarely smiling Bill Belichick unable to contain his jubilance after the first game, it was evident he knew that was a game they had no business winning, and it took a literal "act of G*d"(among other things) to do so. It was one of the most pure, authentic moments I have witnessed from the man. After that game, McDermott had a different look, a righteous but burning anger I've not witnessed in him before. Maybe it was St Elmo's fire, to guide the team through any storm. This game was written before it happened. I'm waiting for a meme with Josh Allen blowing up the Death Star, as The Force was clearly with him, and the team as a whole in the latest game. The 2 GOATS combined never have fielded such a game, and likely never will. Ever.
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    you know full well this is a stupid statement its widely known that the fully vaccinated and boosted can still get the virus, be carriers, get sick, and die. thats just the nature of reality with this virus stop being disingenuous on something so important. many others wont know youre just making a snarky, stupid joke
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    I tend to err on the negative after being burned by one too many losses, but I just objectively don't feel great about this game or team, to be honest, at all. They're missing something...they're not mentally where you'd like a playoff team to be, and they've seemed unfocused and undisciplined all year. Very different from the last half of 2020, when they were locked in and looked to be confident and enjoying themselves. I feel like unless we get a 1st quarter break (e.g. turnover after a TD drive) that gets us out of the gate early, then we're looking at a frustrating night. Just don't think this is the year.
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    The UAL CEO released a statement today. They have 3,000 employees with Covid and none of them are hospitalized. All are vaccinated. The vaccine is doing it’s job to reduce hospitalizations and death from Covid.
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    I can’t believe people ever thought I was you. I have absolutely no idea what you just wrote.
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    Both Gabriel Davis and Beasley are unvaccinated. People hate on Beasley but not Davis.....if Beasley would just keep his big mouth shut he wouldn't be getting all of this hate.
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    The ONLY people who think that are MAGA-fucktards like you, still butt hurt over your orange God getting his ass handed to him in, how many losses now? 2 Popular votes, an electoral college, have we gotten to 100 court cases/audits. recounts yet?? Killing our energy independence?? Let's just correct you on that, too U.S. Oil Production May Increase By 900,000 Bpd Next Year U.S. producers slashed their output dramatically during the pandemic, from a record-high 13 million bpd in early 2020, to 11 million bpd in December 2020. Currently, production is around 11.9 million bpd, according to the Energy Information Administration.
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    Beasley had a big reception, contributed to the win.
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    Need them both but it's more or less the emergence of Knox for the reason you will see less of Beasley. They are both safety outlets.
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    One has to wonder if Bates was the guy we really needed all along. Since he came in at LG, the Running game has come alive. I agree that the running game is hugely dependent upon the line. However, a lot can be said for a big physical running back that falls forward after being tackled. However, in the big picture defense has always been important. I have no issue with drafting good DE's and DT's in the first and second round when you have two aging DE's about to retire or have salary expires. RB's are the final piece you put in the puzzle because they usually have a short shelf life. So yeah now is the time to draft or trade for a RB. If we can get Barkley from the Midgets or Robinson from the Jags for a 3rd round pick or lower...do it! If there is a big good back in the draft and he is there at 32 when we pick :) ....yep get em! otherwise get the best player you can
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    It’s just an unbelievable difference - Josh Allen is making play no one else can
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    And that family has a total of 0 convictions... but as you said, they'll ALWAYS be under the microscope until they acquiesce to control by the grifter bureaucrats.
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    Hopefully McPuss will force to go on 4th downs because of Haack's dog shit punting.
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    Steelers will beat the Queefs by more than two touchdowns.
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    For whatever's worth the ref for tomorrow is Brad Allen. One of the 4 decent refs the league has. We should be ok in that regard. Key word should
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    You can already see it, right? Belichick is going to find a way to get a shitload of pressure on Allen -- our coaches will make no adjustments for it; they will pick us apart with Pennington-to-Chrebet-type 8-yard slants all game -- our coaches will have no answer for it; and suddenly there's 4 mins left in the 4th and we're down by 10. "The Genius foils the Bills again!" Ugh. Hope, I'm dead wrong.
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    I'm not sure what to think about you being amused by these documents which show that Fauci has clearly been lying, many millions of people have died as a result, and you - yes, YOU Greg were forced to take an experimental gene therapy injection. That's got to suck knowing you fell for it and there's not much you can do to get those spike proteins out of your bloodstream and organs. Oh, another bombshell - and you're gonna love this - the papers admitted that HCQ and Ivermectin work. But anyway, other people aren't laughing... Enjoy the rest of your night... and those YUMMY spike proteins!
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    If we get to the AFC final again you must ban yourself for that game...LOL...
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    Wait... @HipKat told us that all these doctors we listen too have been debonked 1,000 by doctors on the Big Pharma payroll. What's that you said? This is coming from the CDC director? Not to worry, someone will debonk her or she'll be under so much pressure to revise her statement shortly. It's funny how all of these "conspiracy theories" wind up coming true months later.
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    I'm predicting the Chiefs to just blow.
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    BUF v NE Def Snap Count
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    The nerve from that dumbass to say that AFTER the beatdown they took Lol, lol, lol
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    Sure, Canadians are some of the greatest people around exhibiting great qualities. I've had recent interaction with one who turned out to be a complete idiot and thus my annoyance. I'm sure you've heard of the saying "1 bad apple" which was applied in this situation.
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    The face of integrity? This man follows the rules! What about the ever growing list of those "public servants", as recent as AOC, but as far back when things were allegedly far more serious, who were revealed as not following the same demands they imposed on you? Any chance in the world they might know something that you don't? For the love of Ralph, what is required for people to question a narrative that is defied by decades of actual science, versus the dogma of scientism that feels so threatened it feels the need to being scientifically challenged, which by definition no longer qualifies it as "science". To bring it back to the Bills, is the hatred of those who choose health over popularity stronger than the Bills heroes of the past who allegedly partied before the Super Bowl? Or who drag raced while inebriated down public streets, got into bar fights, etc? Should their statues be torn down and their names be erased from Bills lore? Josh Allen's helmet may be more clever than some of the detractors think. "End Hate" can have intention that would actually encourage those who poked fun of it in the Shoutbox. I wonder if hatred will be shown to be rewarded when the social credit score is announced/explained? People seem eager to be more like China after their response model was praised widely by the media. (These questions are not directed at anyone in particular, but to everyone they apply to. You know who you are, and I'm unlikely to reply to anything made personal, if at all). How many more of these memes will be necessary? And what if Josh hadn't finally been broken(unlike Coolhand Luke)?!?!? Would the hate remain even after last night? What if Josh draws the line and decides his health is more important than your faith/demands of conformity? Like I said near the beginning, this is NOT intended to end. Many broken promises later, those who could see this and chose to face scorn are being proven right. Dozens of FOIA requests to the agencies of many countries, not one stated it had any proof of your beliefs. CDC director that some of you worship: The overwhelming number of death, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. So really, these are people who were unwell to begin with. The MSNBC damage control article that topped my search by claiming what she said was false without context, made me smile by concluding with something they thought helpful?!? The study goes on to explain that these aren’t ordinary risk factors like obesity or smoking, but a specific set of serious comorbidities: “immunosuppression, diabetes, and chronic kidney, cardiac, pulmonary, neurologic, and liver disease.” Really? That's supposed to actually help the case the director's own words were "false", as their "fact" check claims? Most thinking people would reach a conclusion other than what the msnbc damage control intended, unless they strongly WANTED to believe it. They\re stating what I did OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO(well, a mildly watered down version. But if they reduced from FOUR comorbidities to 3 or 2, that number jumps much higher. #EndHate
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    No. Don’t get rid of the unvaxed. Simply let them kill themselves and cull the herd of the stupid.
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    If he was clearly better than the next guy up, I would tolerate his redneck ignorance. Given he no longer is, whether he lives or dies is no more a concern to me as the life of any Trump Fluffer.
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    Not saying you’re right or wrong - Just saying you don’t seem to have any real reason for saying what you’re saying.
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    Just wish posters would spell out their takes. Makes for better reading. Lit, I have an Ignore List of 8 ignorants already.
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    N. Pelosi is another treasonous POS, and will never face any punishment for all the damage she has overseen and aided to the citizens of this country.
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    "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, womankind and LGBT-kind of whatever race or stage of transformation they are in."
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    Going for 3, playing for 3, punting at midfield, dumb timeouts taken to set up the ‘draw them offsides’ play….I see that shit happening too. or I see a bills team firmly in control…dominating….and then boom…Bills do something incredibly dumb and the momentum is gone….and now they are scrambling to regain control.
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    Meh we would've wiped the floor with NE in game 1 without the wind, of which there will be none this time. The team was up and down at that point. Right now they've got a ton of momentum. We have a semblance of a run game. Belichick can do whatever he wants on defense, but he can't black magic his noodle armed rookie QB into being Tom Brady. And the last I checked Bills had the best defense in the entire league.
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    Psaki calls on private businesses to implement the mandates anyway.
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    Trudeau is a BIG threat to his own people. No need for American influence in Canada whatsoever.
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    Sure did. A Commie is still Commie no matter what their skin color but if they happen to have a darker shade of skin you can't criticize them lest you be accused of racism. Did I get it right?
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    It could be a good thing. If I knew I was headed to a loser organization I'd try my best to win some games before heading out. This could be the closest that Frazier and Daboll get to a SB for awhile.
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    Great?? Belicheat is great....McD..LOL...far fucking from it....Game time mgmt..shit....use of TO's....shit.....too conservative..yeah! How a couple of SB's before we declare him great...
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    Thanks for contributing nothing to the conversation…again.
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    Bowman has been absent all day while filling out his Alpha Male application
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    NYC Mayor Adams takes a big step to cheapening American citizenship On January 1, New York City’s new mayor, Eric Adams, was unsure about whether it was a good idea to sign off on a bill the NYC council passed in December allowing green card holders the right to vote in local elections. A week passed, though, and Adams’ doubts diminished so much that he’s now on board with the plan. Not only will the new policy delete the value of citizenship in New York City, but it’s an almost inevitable step towards massive federal election fraud, with non-citizens (800,000 in NYC alone) affecting those elections. The New York City council passed the “Our City, Our Vote” measure in December. It was such a radical thing to do that lots of people, including constitutional experts and even former mayor Bill de Blasio himself, expressed concern. Under the bill, around 800,000 green card holders and recipients of deferred action, will get to vote in municipal elections. The premise is that, because these people live in the city, they should have a say in how it’s run. But of course, one can say that about anybody living both legally or illegally anywhere, whether a city, state, or country. And indeed, the identical argument applies to letting such people vote for the president because his acts affect them. Heck, some people have argued that everyone in the world should have a say in American presidential elections because America is so powerful that, when it sneezes, everyone on earth grabs for a tissue. Arguing this principle, of course, renders citizenship meaningless. If citizenship is just a matter of who pays sales taxes, then people passing through town on a weekend have suddenly earned a say in local politics. And every tourist in America, at the very least, should get the vote. Citizenship is about more than money and proximity to the polling booth. Instead, citizenship means someone raised to have an affinity for the country and her institutions and, one hopes, to respect the country and want her to continue in good health. This is an incredibly valuable concept, which is tied to a special right and privilege. Leftists, of course, hate that fact. However, the bigger, more immediate problem is that allowing non-citizens to vote paves the way to election fraud. Does anyone seriously believe that, if a green card holder shows up at his local voting place in November 2024, there isn’t an extremely good chance that he will receive, not the limited municipal election ballot but, instead, the full municipal, state, and federal election ballot? After all, the election fraud battle is pretty much over once these non-citizens have the right to walk through the door and are handed a ballot. As for Adams, why did he cave? Well, he wasn’t clear about that: “I believe that New Yorkers should have a say in their government, which is why I have and will continue to support this important legislation,” Adams said in a statement Saturday. “While I initially had some concerns about one aspect of the bill, I had a productive dialogue with my colleagues in government that put those concerns at ease. I believe allowing the legislation to be enacted is by far the best choice, and look forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process,” the Democrat continued. So far, between his support for a Manhattan District Attorney who vows not to follow the law, his appointing his brother to a $250,000 a year job as the Deputy NYPD Commissioner, and his support for letting practically anyone living in New York City vote, Eric Adams is proving to be just another Bill de Blasio. As always, my sympathy goes to those who voted against him. As for the rest of New Yorkers, the ones who affirmatively voted for Adams or those who couldn’t be bothered to vote at all, they deserve what’s coming their way.
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