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    I am trying to limit saying anything bad about anyone by name, but although I did witness Sean call @daryls61and myself his 2 biggest enemies(not sure if that was the exact word in his post) on here awhile back after I'd been gone over a year lol, I know he gets that I don't dislike him as a person, quite the opposite!(I think he may have even been featured in that national article about the Range, along with Wagon, 11-year veteran Meathead[who took the bait lol] and others). That said, other less-textured minions or wannabes of his who are jumping off of his anti-bandwagon are probably equally or more deserving of this tribute. The video has short clips of NE's version of Sean using very similar language to trash his team(and possibly also contemplating trying suicide for a short time, like some wonder about Sean some weeks), then Rex(referencing Jerry Hughes, and another Jerry some cucks on here see as the arbiter of truth...the clown who moved Poyer and Hyde to anger), Dungy, Florio(does self-flagellating, but not Sean-like) and a long list of others giving Sean the fellating he's demanded for decades, as if he were a prisoner serving life without hope of parole. But wait, you get more! There's an elongated(like Sean or somebody said he was in the Shoutbox, or will be seeing this) version of "The black guy" in Sean's recent thread where he's trying to grasp for a reason to be masochistic), and that "Nick" guy he and some of you like to go on about...also with a MELTDOWN trying to say this is about the Patriots and not the Bills. Those 2 are probably the least "major league" of any of the people featured. Oh wait, still more! TEDDY BREWSKI[sic](reminds me...where is BREWMAN? He's no BostonTim...or Bowman for that matter) said things I really did not see coming from a former Patriot. The video may not be short enough for some of you, but I found it so thoroughly epic and enjoyable that it flew by more quickly than I wanted it to. Sean, being you're likely one of the best expert's on your behavior on here, let me know if this guy's impersonation of the wailing and gnashing of teeth is fitting enough. Again, this is the "What the national media are saying" that you've so long demanded. I hope you can enjoy it like it and consider it my belated Christmas gift, Happy Xmas Sean(****d is over, if you want it!)
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    I can’t believe people ever thought I was you. I have absolutely no idea what you just wrote.
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    Yeah, cause the Demonrats don't constantly do that like every second, every minute, every hour every day.
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    I'm hoping that Buffalo will start the game with the ball and just like this week March down the field and get the first score.
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    I have been critical in the past, Much props today.
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    What a thing of beauty that Sabres collapse was. The Sabres need to follow up that fuck up with another loss in Ottawa today to a suddenly hot Senator team. The Sabres race to the bottom is gaining steam and there only 4 teams in their way to THE bottom loser position. The Sens are one of them. The Sens and new franchise Krackheads should have more points than the Sabres by the end of the month leaving the Sabres in 3rd last place. After that, it will take a tremendous lack of effort for the Sabres to out tank the Coyotes and Habs for last place over the last 3 months of the season, however I have faith in Kimchi’s incredible leadership and think the Sabres can do it. Perhaps the bitch get can off their new super mega yacht for a few minutes and instruct her incompetent inexperienced yes man puppet to sell off any Sabre before the trade deadline that has any chance of getting in the way of this noble goal. Can the Sabres trade Skinner away if they agree to retain 99% of his salary? Tank you. Tank you very much.
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    Yes, it’s a tradition unlike any other. And it’s back. What began as a gesture directed at former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady returned on Saturday night, when someone at the Patriots-Bills game threw a certain foreign object onto the field after New England receiver Kendrick Bourne caught a touchdown pass, at a time when the [more] View the full article
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    What the fuck is Straight Jacket talking about stop posting those stupid ass long post. The board was doing just fine without your weird ass copy and paste research projects that no one reads. @LiterateStylish I apologize you can’t be him….
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    Dabol called a good game but it was JA & the team that delivered the goods......Hope he keeps it going....his track record says otherwise though....
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    I appreciate your post as we are both on the same page. I still want him gone though...
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    He truly loves Buffalo.
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    Just wash your hands thoroughly and stop putting your fingers in your mouths for flippin sakes you dirty nasty people.....there's your free medical advice...lol
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    The Republicans always like to play the victim and Donald Trump seems to relish this role.
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    Great guy. Average QB. Has three good games and it's always downhill from there......
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    Hope that picture of Josh hoisting up the Lombardi will come true!
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    Fred should already be on the wall.
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    Someone should smuggle in an RC dildocopter for the Chiefs game. Tickle Andy Reid's ear with it.
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    Let them both go. We’ll be fine. You guys are overrating them. Don’t overreact to one game!!! Remember we were 11-6 this year and we should have had 14 wins and home field advantage. But we don’t. We won ONE game thus far in the playoffs. It was great, but we have unfinished business. If we lose next week to the Chiefs by 3 scores will anyone care about our coordinators??? Besides, did Belichick cry every time he lost a coordinator? No, he moved on and hired another guy and still won.
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    "So, Brian are you bringing Josh Allen with you?" How much of the Bills offensive success is Josh Allen, and how much the OC? I think Josh Allen is 80% of it. If you tell me it is more, okay I can sign on to that.
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    I don't think the announcer had accurate information. Star missed a game, for personal matters. They may have become spun into that it was a benching. Against the Patriots Star only played about 35% of the snaps, but that may have been situational. He never breaks over 50% typically anyhow. Listen I hope Star plays lights out against Kansas City, and we can sort out his future after the playoffs are over.
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    I'm predicting the Chiefs to just blow.
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    I'm laughing at that fruity Patriots fan and fuck that guy. After 20+ years of dominance suddenly he can't handle being a fan because they don't win all the time? Fuck off! I actually had a long time friend of mine tell me last night he's done with football because his Cowboys got ousted in the first round again. I'm like, "Are you kidding? You haven't lived through 4 Super Bowl losses (2 of them to your team) and 17 years of no playoffs." GTFO. Fan are pussies nowadays. On another note, this dude is funny, I like him.
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    Well Gabriel Davis is another fool. Didn't he miss a game because of Covid. Cost his team.
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    All the orange popsicle suckers seem to be in a tizzy. Fuck you all. Beasley should have been cut for being a distraction and for potentially increasing the risk of getting his teammates infected. If you don't get understand that, we know what you are. Covid is culling the stupid and all the stupid have to do is something simple. But these mouth breathers and conspiracy theorists prefer to 'own' the science believers at great risk to themselves. So stupid.
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    That game reminded me when I play madden vs my son. I used to have mad skills but now he plays like Josh Allen.
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    OK Buffalo leads 1-0 at the end of two....guess what happens next? Sabres play aggressive and score a few more goals ? Noooooooooo Sabres try to preserve a one goal lead ,stop attacking then lose? Yep We Shall See
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    I can show you 100s if not 1000s of studies from all over the world, not just democrat and republican, but shockingly even studies from both sides there as well all came to the same conclusion, masks do absolutely nothing, 0, nada, zilch in stopping the spread of the virus. An absolute waste of time, aggravation, skin issues they cause, and as you said, landfill space. But everywhere you go, hoards of morons with their shitty dirty unfitted .02 cent masks wearing them like they are a forcefield against COVID and acting like you are the plague because you arent wasting your time wearing one. And even more stupid are the countless morons riding around in cars driving solo with a mask on or outdoors jogging wearing a masks risking dying of a heart attack from lack of oxygen. This mask thing alone is cause to castrate every liberal politician because you know there aint any conservatives pushing this nonsense.
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    Since I am expert level on PPE and infection control, I will chime in on this. Masks can work, but it depends on what mask and what you are using it for. As a Dentist we wear surgical grade 3 or 4 masks. These filter up to particles 3 microns or larger. It will help to prevent bacteria as well as a large amount of blood borne pathogens. However, Covid is less than a micron in size...so everyone wearing masks because of stupid political hacks is just creating litter, and looking silly. N95 if fitted properly will for the most part stop .1 to .3 microns in size. So if you really want to actually wear a mask that has a decent chance to stop the virus you have to be fitted and then once fitted wear an n95. That is the problem with all this crap. People actually think wearing a cloth mask that may have a filtration rate of 80 microns at best is protecting them. Also doesn't help when the county and state health officials are telling people to wear masks. Here very simple challenge. Show me any peer reviewed medical literature that proves wearing a mask other than an N95 aids in any way shape or form to prevent Covid 19. Simply there is none....it is all political bullshit.
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    Brady is the Michael Jordan of the NFL. He can do no wrong, and gets way to much help from the league. He's not the goat, he's just a good QB that the league decided to hang their hat on. And the same can be said of Belichick. He's just a recipient of the NFL hanging their hat on Brady. For someone called the goat, Brady gets way to much help from officiating and in general, the league. I'm going to do my thesis on this topic. lol
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    Sorry, I meant Republicans... Here is a recent article pointing out that Republicans, not democrats tend to print money. And give examples of Trump literally printing new money at the start of the pandemic, that went specifically to Republican friendly corporations. Then six months later, in just the last three and half months before the election, Trump had $3 Trillion dollars printed, because he wanted to boost the economy as a selling point to his voters. His fed chair told him "The idea behind putting money into the economy was to drive down interest rates and hope that people and businesses borrow and spend more, and in the process revive the American economy." Later articles explain how they printed new money just to do things like buy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Hydroxychloroquine, that was stockpiled and never used, but made the pharmaceutical company very rich regardless. It's been an historic week for the U.S. with president Donald Trump signing a record $2.2 trillion coronavirus-induced emergency stimulus package. The massive cross-party rescue deal is designed to help Americans and businesses cope with the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. dollar has taken a beating, however, dropping almost 4% against a basket of currencies this week—its biggest weekly loss since the height of the global financial crisis over 10 years ago. This week's losses come on the back of the dollar index's biggest weekly gain since the financial crisis, with the dollar surging as investors scrambled for the world’s most liquid currency amid crashing stock and debt markets. "In short-term, huge dollar demand because short-covering, but it won't last," Wall Street veteran and founder of Wyoming-based crypto bank Avanti, Caitlin Long, said via Twitter, adding she expects the U.S. Federal Reserve's balance sheet to top $10 trillion before the coronavirus crisis is over and predicting the dollar's eventual crash. On top the of the massive economic aid package, the Fed has been working hard to prop up plunging markets—with mixed results despite its shock-and-awe firepower. Potential risks of the combined cross-party rescue bill and Fed's biggest-ever bazooka include out-of-control inflation, the dollar's displacement as the world's funding currency, and the complete destabilization of the U.S. financial system. The Fed has also cut its benchmark interest rate to near zero and made sure commercial banks will continue lending to companies, cities and states—all told the extraordinary measures are expected to grow the Fed's balance sheet by $4.5 trillion this year. Throughout and in the aftermath of the global financial crisis the Fed grew its balance sheet by a paltry $3.7 trillion. "The beautiful thing about our country is $6.2 trillion—because it is 2.2 plus four [combining the Fed's action and the cross-party rescue bill]—it’s $6.2 trillion, and we can handle that easily because of who we are, what we are," Trump said, speaking after the bill's historic White House signing ceremony, and boasting the package was "twice as large" as any prior relief bill. The bill will see individuals and companies whose livelihoods and businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic receive direct payments, with every American earning less than $75,000 per year picking up a one off payment of $1,200, as well as $500 per child. "It’s our money; we are the ones, it’s our currency," Trump said. Critics of the historic stimulus measures have warned about the possibility of inflation, with many in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community urging people to explore scarce digital assets. "Fiat money is getting more plentiful. Bitcoin is getting more scarce," Anthony Pompliano, a well-known bitcoin advocate and partner at bitcoin and crypto-focused hedge fund Morgan Creek Digital, said via Twitter, alluding to bitcoin's upcoming May halving event where the supply of new bitcoin being created will be cut by half overnight and putting bitcoin directly at odds with the Fed's money printing program. Meanwhile, Trump has said he expects the U.S. to be open for business again by April 12, Easter Sunday—a goal that's been widely derided as impossible. Regardless of when the country opens up again, it will against a wildly different economic landscape.
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    I saw him sack the QB. He rode the wave..
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    I'm not sure if anyone on here is familiar with the song, "The Coward of the County" and can relate to the lyrics, but that 20 years line evoked the memory of these lyrics in my head: When Tommy turned around they said, "Hey, look, old Yellow's leaving." But you could've heard a pin drop When Tommy stopped and locked the door. Twenty years of crawling Was bottled up inside him. He wasn't holding nothing back, He let 'em have it all. When Tommy left the bar room Not a Gatlin boy was standing. He said, "This one's for Becky," As he watched the last one fall. When i saw the rarely smiling Bill Belichick unable to contain his jubilance after the first game, it was evident he knew that was a game they had no business winning, and it took a literal "act of G*d"(among other things) to do so. It was one of the most pure, authentic moments I have witnessed from the man. After that game, McDermott had a different look, a righteous but burning anger I've not witnessed in him before. Maybe it was St Elmo's fire, to guide the team through any storm. This game was written before it happened. I'm waiting for a meme with Josh Allen blowing up the Death Star, as The Force was clearly with him, and the team as a whole in the latest game. The 2 GOATS combined never have fielded such a game, and likely never will. Ever.
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    McKenzie had a really nice block, leading Singletary to one of his TD's.
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    If I were Daboll I wouldn’t necessarily be in a hurry to leave a championship caliber team for a shitshow somewhere else. I think being the HC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
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    I agree, he should keep his mouth shut. But his health is still his business, and his business alone.
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    I hate City, and I hate United. Whichever team is doing better, is the team I hate more. lol Seasons a long way from over. :-)
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