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    I have one I keep in my pocket.
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    Theyre doing spot checks. If they think its fake, they pull you to the side and use a computer to look your name up in the federal database. If its not there, you get arrested. Its a class D felony.
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    https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/knw63MFWgIYA #CovidVaxExposed Must watch video with Federal employee showing how her hospital is covering up the reporting of adverse events from the vaccine.
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    Yes Allen did not put up eye popping numbers, but the secondary on both teams played exceptionally tight. Weather can be a factor as well. The heat can definitely play a role. Players can be lethargic under the heat. Not too worried about Allen's passing. It is not honed in, but it is also early in the season. I think part of the reason Allen looks a little off, is he barely played in preseason.
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    I don't know what to say to people that can't see what this is and has truly been about. Everyone should be on the same page with this, but we are not, and that is why we are still stuck under this tyranny and corruption. I guess as long as your political party is the ones in charge of the corruption and tyranny, it's ok.
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    If you still think it’s about anti vaccine and not about an over bearing government you are the one dreaming.
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    More confirmation of what we already knew as well as them being dishonest about the COVID deaths and hospitalizations. If it were really that bad you'd see it with your own eyes much more. In perspective small pox had a 20%+ fatality rate.
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    No “extraordinary success” that’s Biden’s new motto. I think he’s applying for copyrights ©.
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    Word. It worked for this guy. Get vaxmaxxed, make your immune system swole!
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    Another resounding Biden success!!!!!!!! LOL
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    Raiders had a record number of people cancel there season tickets after the imposed the same rule. Ticket prices on third market sites were also selling for less then half of what they were going for. Example, before the mandate in Vegas, he bought tickets through StubHub against the Bears , paid $700 per ticket, tickets in that same section after the mandate was put in place those tickets were going for $200 Could cost the league a lot of money
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    that's what you got out of the article? Lol no you can not be that uninformed. These are the most successful vaccines ever. Bills fans apparently agree as very few getting refunds.
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    I get the flu shot every year. At times? On par? LoL what does that mean? It hasn't even been close. In fact, flu numbers dropped with masks, social distancing, and self quarantining #####*%¢¢¢¢¢¢############### You're a complete idiot believing that. Cases are rising even though a majority of people wore masks for a year. But the flu was killed?... You are a fake account. You're a fucking fool. You get a flu shot every year? I've never gotten one. There's no way In fucking hell you can prove your flu shot protected you from anything. And guess what..? They still advertise for flu shots at the drug store. They'll stab you every fucking way they can. Anti vax??? You're fucking anti logic. You're the one who's a science denier.
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    Whatever do you mean, sir? LOL. Cankles Clinton is a saint.
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    lol wut, this dude is going to veto the money? Jezuz MAGATs are stupid. He can vote against it but he cant veto it.
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    only thing that will drop attendance is a non competitive team and late season bad weather for a team fading losing. I know you hope it drops attendance to help your anti vax wishes and dreams. But real Bills fans want team to win and attendance to be full to help long term viability in WNY. Most NFL teams will soon have mandate. This is just the start.
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