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    The problem is trump will just double down and triple down. It should be the job of the moderator to hold people accountable and keep them on topic. Wallace did push back a little once, but who knows. Biden won't be intimidated an will call trump out for his antics though. It should be entertaining regardless!
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    Yeah and the one interception was complete Bullshit too! Since he is the QB on my fantasy team....loving the Josh!
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    Karma's a bitch. They were gifted a trip to the Super Bowl with that bogus non PI call vs. the Saints. Those fucking refs.
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    Meanwhile, Josh Rosen's finger and thumb are on an Xbox controller.
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    Look at this.....this is fucking video game numbers. This is fucking GOD mode.
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    Trump can sue the NYSlimes for getting his tax info. IT’S ILLEGAL to do that.
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    Another baseless hit piece by the TDS obsessed left. Boy do these fools love the taste of nothing burgers.
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    I just like how they think he is so smart for avoiding taxes, which in turn puts the tax burden on the rest of the country. But they probably love knowing they pay trump's share of taxes! I bet they get off to it.
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    I might have agreed with that a few months ago, but that would have been before disparaging the troops, lying about the severity of Covid 19 and his failure to lead the nation - which is a preselected topic tonight, his taxes and a fishy SCOTUS selection, another topic for tonight
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    Because they're being lied to and as usual, they're believing the lies. This is only partly about the fact that Trump took shady deductions - which is what spurred his audits - for things like maintaining his house (smh), how he paid more tax money to the Philippines than the USA and his ongoing "creative" ways he avoids paying taxes. The other part is about how much of a failure he is as a businessman and how he's really not a businessman as much as a promoter who uses his name to promote himself - which was the original intent of announcing his White House run in the first place. It shows that everyone who voted for Trump because they believed he was a "successful billionaire" were taken in by a major grift.
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    Jim Kubiak: Overall Josh Allen led the Bills back from the clutches of defeat in the fourth quarter for the eighth time in his career. He completed 24 for 33 (72.7%) for 311 yards with four touchdowns and one interception. He was sacked four times, all in the second half. He ran four times for eight yards and a touchdown. His overall performance grade was a season-high 94.7%. The Bills jumped to a huge lead with near-perfect execution, leading 28-3 with 8:05 remaining in the third quarter. Allen displayed great efficiency in the first half with 10 completions on 14 attempts for 128 yards. He accounted for two passing touchdowns and a rushing TD as the Bills led, 21-3. Despite trailing by 25 points, the Rams never stopped working and quarterback Jarod Goff led a comeback, with four consecutive scoring drives, to take a 32-28 lead with just 4:30 remaining. Allen had a bumpy second half that included two turnovers, but Allen persevered and engineered an 11-play, 75-yard drive for the victory. He had amazing moments, as well as unhinged, unpredictable plays, but it was his unrelenting will to win that made the difference. “I just want it, more than anything,” Allen said. First quarter Play selection: 14 plays – 7 passes, 7 runs. Allen: 4 for 7 passing for 22 yards with one touchdown. No runs. Performance grade: 99%. Score: Bills, 7-0. The Rams’ defense was not about to play man-man, cover 1, the way the Miami Dolphins did in Week 2. They were not going to allow Allen and Stefon Diggs to complete deep crossing routes for huge gains. The Rams’ game plan was to contain Allen and utilize Aaron Donald’s incredible rush skills to disrupt him in the pocket. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll devised a balanced attack in the first quarter, equally rushing and passing in 14 plays. Allen’s first two attempts were incomplete and Buffalo went three-and-out on the first possession. On the second drive, however, Allen was nearly perfect, leading the Bills on an 11-play drive for the only score of the quarter. On second-and-8 from the Rams’ 31-yard line, Allen displayed unbelievable elusiveness, making unblocked linebacker Samson Ebukam completely miss on a free rush. The jet-sweep motion across the field by Isaiah McKenzie did not affect Ebukam as he bore down in a direct line for Allen. Allen side-stepped Ebukam, turned, avoided and reset his feet for a completion to Gabriel Davis. Allen’s reaction, movement and ability to reset while sliding left were remarkable. Four plays later, Allen had an opportunity for an easy touchdown to Diggs on the goal line. Diggs was lined up wide of two other stacked receivers. His short-in motion shielded him behind the receivers. Allen missed the throw as the football hit the ground at Digg’s feet. Allen can make the impossible look easy, but also the easy look nearly impossible. Following a third-and-goal direct snap to Devin Singletary that was stopped, Allen found tight end Lee Smith. This was a great play design by Daboll, whose presnap shifts changed the strength of the formation. Allen’s play action was designed to pull up the linebackers as he intended to throw the football back to the weak side of the field, to his left. Allen recognized that the left side cornerback did not follow Smith across the field. Smith did a great job of settling into the open area in the zone coverage. Allen’s excellent read and Smith’s veteran execution led to the score. Second quarter Play selection: 15 plays – seven passes, eight runs. Allen: 6 for 7 passing for 106 yards with one touchdown. Three runs for 11 yards with one touchdown. Performance grade: 100%. Score: Bills, 21-3. Allen’s second quarter was razor sharp. His first completion was on first-and-10 from the Bills’ 34-yard line. Davis was lined up in a tight alignment to Allen’s left. David Long Jr. was the cornerback to that side. As Allen play-action faked to the right, he rolled to his left. Davis took off inside of Long and went toward the deep corner. Long was looking inside for crossing routes and Davis blew by him. In that split-second, Allen recognized the deep coverage had been busted and Davis was well behind the defender responsible to that side. Allen flicks his wrist for the 39-yard completion, seamlessly gliding to his left. This is a high degree of difficulty throw that Allen makes look effortless. Two plays later, Allen completed an interesting run-pass-option (RPO) play design to tight end Tyler Kroft. We have come to expect great play design because Daboll devises something new each week. This week, his use of Kroft in underneath movement was quite effective. Allen, Singletary and the offensive line were running zone left, Kroft was offset left and moved under Singletary and Allen. If the unblocked defensive end attacked the run, Kroft would outflank him, which he did, and Allen made a perfect read and throw for a 5-yard gain. This was a great new wrinkle. Another example of Daboll’s approach were three called quarterback runs in a row. Allen executed a speed option to his left for a first down, then a quarterback draw on first-and-goal and then another speed option to the right for Allen’s only rushing touchdown of the game. Everyone was blocked except for linebacker Leonard Floyd. Allen’s job was to run directly at Floyd and either keep it himself or pitch to Singletary. This old-school concept worked like a charm, putting the unexpected defender in a bind. Allen knew immediately he had enough of a crease to score and slashed up inside for the touchdown. Another superbly designed play came on the sixth play of the next Bills’ scoring drive. Again, on first down, Allen found Cole Beasley down the right sideline. Beasley was lined up in the slot to Allen’s right and John Brown was the outside receiver. Daboll flooded that side of the field with a free release running back flat route. Brown ran a 14-yard dig, and Beasley made it look like he was going to run outside of Brown and settle. This stutter-hesitation froze the cornerback and caused him to drive forward on the stutter movement. Allen saw the opening as Beasley burst down the sideline on his wheel route. This was simple, highly effective and creative. Two plays later, Allen found Kroft for an easy touchdown off another Allen play-action. Allen faked left, and as he rolled to his right, Kroft appeared to be in position to block the defensive end, but instead released into the flat uncontested. Allen completed the wide-open touchdown that put the Bills into a commanding, 21-3 lead. Third quarter Play selection: 11 plays – eight passes, three runs. Allen: 6 for 8 passing for 70 yards with one touchdown and one sack. One run for minus-3 yards. Performance grade: 90.9%. Score: Bills, 28-17. Allen had an uncharacteristically fast start in the third quarter and completed five consecutive passes on a seven-play scoring drive that seemingly put the game away 28-3. On second-and-18, Allen showed great maturity and patience understanding his role in getting Buffalo into a manageable third down. Here, he didn’t try to get it all back at one time. He took what was given and put the Bills’ offense into a third-and-5, hitting Beasley crossing the field under the deep coverage. This mature decision kept the scoring drive alive. On the next play, from a two-by-two reduced formation, Allen stepped up into the pocket and moved to his right and found Kroft. Allen fired a rocket onto Kroft’s chest as he converted the important third-down play that set the Bills up at first-and-goal. In my opinion, Allen’s best touchdown of the day was to Diggs on this third-and-goal play. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey thought Diggs was running a fade route to the back pylon. As Ramsey faced up Diggs, he relaxed and thought the fade could no longer be thrown. This allowed Diggs to rip around Ramsey at the end line. The end-line concept was brilliant strategy devised by Daboll. Allen was waiting for Diggs to get around Ramsey. The four-man pass rush compressed the pocket as Allen delivered the strike. Allen displayed his toughness by hanging in the collapsing pocket as well as his incredible strength and accuracy. On the next series, Allen made his first gaffe. The Rams lined up in a four-man front and rushed the left linebacker, Micah Kiser, while dropping the right linebacker, Leonard Floyd, from his defensive end alignment on the right. Kiser was not accounted for in the protection. Allen made another incredible spin move and wheeled away from the free rusher. He then hurried his reset and launched the ball down the field into double coverage. This zone-blitz worked to perfection for the Rams. They only rushed four and were able to create enough pressure to force a poor decision by the quarterback. Zone blitzes make it look as if the defense is rushing five or more, when actually they drop a defensive player – Floyd in this case – into the vacated area of the blitzer. Allen should have hit an open Diggs or Beasley to his left under the coverage, but he made the decision to do too much down the field. Kroft interfered with the contesting defender and safety John Johnson III appeared to catch the ball simultaneously with Kroft. The offensive pass interference penalty was declined and the Rams took over on Allen’s first interception of the season. The turnover ignited the Rams’ comeback. Fourth quarter Play selection: 14 plays – 11 passes, three runs. Allen: 8 for 11 passing for 113 yards with one touchdown, three sacks. No runs. Performance grade: 88.8%. Score: Bills, 35-32. With the Bills leading 28-25, Allen had an opportunity to seal the victory with 10:34 remaining, but two damaging sacks ultimately resulted in an Allen fumble and an unsportsmanlike penalty, which resulted in the go-ahead Rams’ score. Allen’s fumble and unsportsmanlike penalty were the low point of the game for he and the offense as he unleashed a verbal assault on the officials because Aaron Donald had thrown him to the ground by the collar of his shoulder pads. He lost his cool in the heat of the moment, but was able to regain composure for the final and most important drive of the game. With the Bills down 32-28 with 4:30 remaining, Allen put together a 12-play drive that included the play of the game following a fourth sack. On third-and-22, from the Bills’ 31 yard-line, Allen hung in the pocket long enough to find Beasley in the middle of the field for a game-saving first down. Allen’s determination turned reckless and unbalanced as he was scrambling to make things happen. And in a moment unlike any I’ve seen in recent years, Allen committed an offensive facemask penalty trying to stiff-arm the free-rushing linebacker, Justin Hollins. Allen showed just how strong and tough he can be, muscling Hollins and preventing him from the sack. Unfortunately for Allen, his hand was caught up into Hollins’ facemask and the resulting penalty put Buffalo into a second-and-25 situation. Following an incompletion, Allen found Diggs again in the middle of the field. A pass interference penalty on fourth-and-9 on the next play resulted in first-and-goal with just 15 seconds on the clock. On the pass interference play, Allen threw a slant to Davis, who was held and prevented from making his break to the inside. Allen wasted no time and immediately found Kroft for the game-winning score. Kroft was lined up to Allen’s right and came across the field into the left flat. This was again fantastic design by Daboll in creating chaos with crossing routes. Allen laid the ball up and over the linebacker, Ebukam, who had grabbed Kroft as he was dragging across the field. This was great vision and awareness by Allen as his throw was placed where only Kroft could get his hands on it. Conclusion Allen’s unpredictable nature combined with his size, strength and toughness make him a dangerous player to defend. He possesses a unique combination of talents, at times reminding me of Aaron Rodgers in extending plays and ripping balls all over the field with the precision of an expert marksman. And yet at times, he reminds me of an undisciplined kid in a street football game, doing whatever he wants, throwing into coverage without a care in the world. It is perhaps the latter that we all relate to and enjoy watching. He is pure enjoyment to watch and root for, particularly as he has improved his completion percentage of throws beyond 20 yards from 25% to 78%. Allen is the only player in NFL history with at least 1,000 passing yards, 10 passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in the first three games. Allen’s abilities, maximized in the schemes of a master play caller, combined with his ferocious will to win might be enough to bring success to Buffalo.
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    Now that TWD is back (snicker snicker), he has to send him his jersey. That he just got out of the closet and dusted off. Or something.
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    You have ZERO right to ride this gravy train. You bash the Bills every chance you can, call "game over" at 0-3. Fuck you call game before the game has even started started. You are and always have been a miserable loser fuck.
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    He writes for the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Full time NFL reporter. He’s seen some shit. He knows some shit. It’s nice to see the opinions of non homers. Ya know guys like Chris Brown who were reporting shit like EJ Manuel would be great. This is the first time ever that I’ve seen so many non Bills people give them their due.
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    Awesome to finally get some national attention for once. I gotta see us beat NE first before I truly become a believer.
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    Because it will be so enjoyable watching it every week until he is crowned SB MVP
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    Same thing I said in the draft. Minus the looked like crap so far part. Wasted pick!
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    For the first time since the 90s Super Bowl teams.......I feel the Bills could and can beat anyone. Saying that, I think the Bills are going to fuck up the raiders. Seriously. I think we destroy them. Titans...not impressed. Fuck them. Bills better win. And I think they will. I would lose my shit if the Bills make to that Chief game 5-0. I’d be so pumped I might need oxygen. If this was a normal year, my god that stadium would be fucking rocking. Even if they do let fans in...how many will it be? 1000? Big whoop. What a fucking waste.
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    A lot of that is rushing, but that’s cool too. I look forward to the day when those are just his passing stats.
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    Normally stuff like this would piss me off since the Bills were so dominant for 5/8 of the game, but they deserve it and probably need to hear it. Maybe it will finally sink in that the game doesn't automatically end the minute you go up by two scores. We actually blew our 28-3 lead faster than Atlanta did in the Super Bowl.
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    Is this another prediction about trumps future you are making here, Hip? You haven’t done well about predicting trumps fate the last couple years, you know. Should I bank on this one? Specifically, that he’s going to the slammer (eventually, after years of litigation) after he gets out of the White House? I’ll be watching👁 p.s., if they prove he’s a shady crook traitor that sold out his country for a few rubles, hang him from the nearest yardarm......
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    It was an impressive beat down by the Bills and then an inexplicable comeback by the team that was up 28-3? WTH?
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    Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images Nothing is official, but talks are underway The Buffalo Bills’ organization is talking with Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz about bringing fans in to watch the team’s next home game. The talks were reported by WBKW. According to Ali Touhey of WBKW, the Bills’ organization wants to bring 9,000 fans into the team’s Thursday Night Football match-up with the Kansas City Chiefs on October 15. While Touhey tweeted that representatives from the state were open to only 7,000 fans, that was refuted by Poloncarz, who tweeted that number was determined by the county, adding that officials at the state level have yet to agree to anything at all. The Bills have hosted two games this season in an empty stadium, defeating the New York Jets in Week 1 and the Los Angeles Rams in Week 3. The team played a road game against the Miami Dolphins, who allowed fans in the stands, and they will travel to play the Las Vegas Raiders this week, who will not allow fans. The Bills then travel to play the Tennessee Titans on October 11, and there will be a maximum allowed attendance of 12.5% of the stadium’s 69,143-person capacity, or 8,643 people. Poloncarz has a call with “key stakeholders” on the matter scheduled for September 29. This is a developing story that we will continue to monitor and bring you the latest news as it breaks. View the full article
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    sure could be, and how many are going to put there neck out there? Yes i think it is unethical to take millions or billions in profits and then pay your workers slave wages.
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    Is there a stupider mf’er on tv? I’ll let you decide.........
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    Someone already mentioned it but President Donald Trump has his $400,000 salary plus $50,000 expense account go back into the treasury.
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    I thought the same thing. The Bills have been dicked over by way worse calls than that (the Rams defender did wrap him up past five yards), and they would never get as much as a mention in passing. Christ, that entire game up to that point was called heavily in the Rams favor. The ridiculous INT call that started the comeback, Allen getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for nothing that gave LA the ball at our 35, the facemask call on the fucking QB during our last drive. C'mon.
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    Great additional reporting @DannyBoy, this is going over as great as when Dan Rather had those GWB military records.
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    CNN’s Brian Stelter Hilariously Tries To White Knight NYT’s Trump Tax Story, Fails Miserably Posted at 4:30 pm on September 28, 2020 by Sister Toldjah As my RedState colleague Nick Arama has extensively documented, the New York Times hit piece report from over the weekend on President Trump’s tax returns was not the supposed “bombshell” against Trump many in the media and on the left made it out to be. Contra to hyperventilating journalists and Democrats alike, the report proved Trump was telling the truth when he claimed he wasn’t releasing his taxes because he was under audit. Not only that but the paper “found no previously unknown ties to Russia” in the Trump records they reviewed. Also, the paper’s own reporting notes that Trump paid a total of $5.2 million to the U.S. Treasury in 2016 and 2017, with the $750 amount being floated in some press reports something that he actually paid in addition to those millions. Though the Times’ article ended up being a big nothingburger, conservatives expressed concern over how the tax documents were obtained in the first place. RedState managing editor Streiff raised the question in his Sunday write-up, pointing out that it just so happens that the NYT ended up getting their hands on tax records that were subpoenaed by New York County District Attorney’s office. Hmmm. Whoever it was who leaked the documents, it was illegal to do so, as conservatives like Turning Point USA Founder/President Charlie Kirk noted: This lead CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter to chime in with this bit of dum-dummery: I was one of many who pointed out the obvious flaw in his argument: Key words there being “real journalist”, of course. To repeat: There is a big, YUGE difference between “having legal access” and “having legal access to release” something. I mean, it does not take a lawyer nor a journalist to be able to make this deduction. All it takes is someone not afflicted with a chronic case of TDS. That in and of itself explains pretty much everything we need to know about Stelter and his laughable expertise when it comes “legal access” issues. https://www.redstate.com/sister-toldjah/2020/09/28/cnns-brian-stelter-hilariously-tries-to-white-knight-nyts-trump-tax-story-fails-miserably/
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    An amazing winning drive with all the penalties and difficulty. Here he tries to nullify Donald who'd taken over the spotlight
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    NY Times Story on Trump’s Tax Records Actually Proves Trump Was Telling the Truth, Blows Apart Democrat’s Conspiracies The New York Times claims they have obtained roughly twenty years worth of Trump-related tax return data, for him and hundreds of related companies that make up his organization, according to Red State. It is unclear who leaked the data and information. The New York Times claims they received the data from someone who had legal rights to the information. Although it allegedly came from someone who had a legal right to the information, this doesn’t mean they had the legal rights to share it. Speculators assume that Democrats had something to do with it, likely trying to expose Trump for what they thought would be relatively shady information, however, it appears to have backfired, as it actually proves Trump has been telling the truth. Trump has been saying that he wasn’t releasing his taxes because he was under audit. Indeed, according to the New York Times, Trump has, in fact, been under an audit for about ten years, proving he was telling the truth. From the NY Times: “But to turn that long arc of failure into a giant refund check, he relied on some deft accounting footwork and an unwitting gift from an unlikely source — Mr. Obama.” “Business losses can work like a tax-avoidance coupon: A dollar lost on one business reduces a dollar of taxable income from elsewhere. The types and amounts of income that can be used in a given year vary, depending on an owner’s tax status. But some losses can be saved for later use, or even used to request a refund on taxes paid in a prior year.” “Until 2009, those coupons could be used to wipe away taxes going back only two years. But that November, the window was more than doubled by a little-noticed provision in a bill Mr. Obama signed as part of the Great Recession recovery effort. Now business owners could request full refunds of taxes paid in the prior four years, and 50 percent of those from the year before that.” More from Red State: So, if you have any issue with the way Trump got a refund and then didn’t have to pay more, blame Barack Obama; it was perfectly legal because of the law that he signed. So Democrats really can’t attack Trump for using a law they put in place that he was perfectly entitled to use. Bottom line? I want someone who actually has the business acumen to employ what he can within the law, that’s the guy I want in charge of the economy. Another big item to put paid to Democratic collusion theories — the NY Times found no previously unknown ties to Russia in the records. Or anything apparently illegal. That was another thing which Democrats have been hoping to find and that just got blown apart big time. Now, the President has disputed the accuracy of some of what the New York Times has said. No doubt he’s bothered that someone illegally leaked the information. But seriously, not only doesn’t it seem to be troubling, it looks on first blush like it puts paid to all the Democratic conspiracy theories against him. https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/09/27/nyt-reveal-on-trumps-tax-records-actually-prove-trump-was-telling-the-truth-blow-apart-dem-conspiracies/
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    yup, big market loses have to make excuses What's funny is a lot of people on TV today disagreeing with pass interference think it still was defensive holding/illegal contact. It basically would have been the same outcome from the penalty yardage. So dumb
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    Do you owe a tax if you donate your salary 100%?
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    Well we know they are but mathematically not yet!
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    This game will decide the home field of the AFC championship game. Bills better win this.
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    Defense will show nice improvement next week vs LVR. Big test will be if they can stop Henry. Barring injury I believe Frazier will get things straightened out and Josh will offset Titans run game. 5-0 going into Chiefs game.
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    I’m old enough to remember when the President said he’d be to busy running the country to play golf. I’m also old enough to remember when he tweeted about President Obama only paying at 20.5% on $790k https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37535643
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    also, someone needs to tutor MAGATs on how to embed links
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    Because rich trump haters still don't want anyone looking into their finances either. its always going to be 1 % v 99%. The 1% almost never go after each other.
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    Which is why he would not release his tax returns
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    The best part is the hypocrisy of seeing people who constantly accuse the media of being clowns using the same media to dispel the story. It’s just golden
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    I would say this will remind the trumpers, but they have their fingers in their ears.
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