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    what a load of bullshit. but i bet his ratings go up. and he knows it, too this shows the power of ignorance and confirmation bias. the myth of systemic white oppression and police brutality against blacks has been busted. we have the data, we have more blacks acknowledging that every day yet this dick knows that he will get a bump in his ratings bc most people dont stay informed and go with the crowd, so if their friends are saying cops are hunting down innocent black men thats what they believe all this over two young gangstaholics. THUGS. i feel bad they were so young and FUCKING STUPID to make those CHOICES. why isnt the media talking about THAT cultural poison in our beloved blackness? ratings. why isnt maxine calling out gangsta niggas behavior in killing more people than ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED? racism cuomo should be fired and maxine should be arrested sadly, this is just the beginning of the left's craziness that the country will have to deal with for the next decade+. tragically, its going to get more black folks killed, including innocent bystanders and good cops assholes
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    I'd love to add some speed to the wr's but they are going to have trouble getting on the field. With Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis and McKenzie wr is the deepest position on the team.
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    Unlike HipKat, I'm not a complete coward who puts people on ignore. That's the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly like an idiot. Hip can't take the heat. WEAK.
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    did you see officer tatum show the video of the cop shot dead by the side of the road in a routine traffic stop? its fucking brutal. this crazy hispanic (i think) drug dealer ambushed him and shot him like at least six times, including an intentional last head kill shot. cops shot him dead later in a shootout, also currently available on youtube. watch it now cuz it will probably disappear and/or be edited and blurred out soon WARNING: this is the unedited video. you will see the extremely graphic and disgusting reality of this crime. jump forward about 1/3 to bypass him catching up to the truck and pulling it over. this criminal was a twisted lethal animal this is why cops cant be soft. they have to take control. once he knew the gun was in the car he should have ordered the man out of the vehicle with authority. but the crazy left has slandered cops so bad that they are getting softer with dangerous situations, especially involving minorities, and getting killed for it
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    Looks like McCarthy is gonna push on this, too. Anyone that took exception to Trump and what they claimed was inciting an insurrection (falsely) is a complete fraud if they don't condemn her and call for her removal. And she's done this before as well, so she's a repeat inciter that is fanning flames where riots and division are at a fever pitch. What a disgrace this lunatic is
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    Does that mean I can stop taking my HIMS??
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    Remember, Demonrats will do anything to gain and keep power, even if it means wrecking the country they don't give a flying fuck about. This white on Asian crime is the biggest hoax of them all.
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    He’s a fucking idiot of the highest order. If Tucker or Hannity said something like this piece of shit, it would be all over social media and a bunch of brainless zombies with nothing better to do would show up at Tucker and Hannity’s homes and harass the shit out of their families because that’s what idiots of this cancel culture do.
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    This variant business is to keep you under control so they never have to go back to normal. Sheep will led to slaughter
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    He's a master useful idiot and a full fledged member of the BlueAnon conspiracy cult. The sad thing? He STILL hasn't learned his lesson and that's the definition of insanity or in this case TDS which is just a form of weaponized rage programmed into susceptible members of the populace by the media.
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    I would be most surprised by drafting a QB in the first round ... :-)
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    The one thing you left out is the Bills winning out. We're not beating NE
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    And thank God for that or I'd be screwed
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    Is it really hurting you so much?? Is your life so negatively altered by a guy kneeling for 3 minutes that you have to say something?? Maybe you should seek counseling to soothe yow pow hurted wittle feewings....
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    So you guys get to keep Chicago?? deal!
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    I'm not stressing. Almost every team has an aberration during the season. The cards were pretty stacked against us and the best time to get a 10 break is after an ass kicking. We should look much better across most of the roster by the time next Sunday gets here for the Saints at NES
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    Oh Christ, you again? Do you always make death threats in writing?
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    Because you know better than they do, right? Every post you make, makes you look dumber and dumber
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    That was in Buffalo, not their "back yard"
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    Having hope and having faith are 2 different things. I like the record, I like the wins over Atlanta and Denver, I'm worried about the offense too much to have faith yet
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    Glad the D stood up, but I thought giving the ball to Atlanta 1st was way risky. And thanks for making a GDT
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    Here, this is from 2014, dippy https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/01/17/cheat-sheet-states-with-most-food-stamps/21877399/
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    This is the exact type of response I'd expect from someone on the right because from what I see, people on the right share 1 thing in common; a complete lack of empathy for other people . I don't believe right wingers give damn about other people at all, and you never even consider what is wrong in your post. Kaepernick is not protesting because h e feels that he has been oppressed, he's protesting because he feels other people are oppressed. Just because he's "a biracial child, raised by white parents, and who has accomplished much" doesn't mean he should turn his back on people who have not been as successful, like the right does on a regular basis (cough cough Health care). Bottom line is, I'm not black. I've never been black and I'll never be black so I have no clue, no matter what I've read, seen, heard or been told, what it feels like to wake up in the morning and go through day as a black man, but I hear, read, see and have been told, it's not the same as being white. I refuse to be so arrogant - even as arrogant I am - to try and tell black people how they should feel, what they should protest and how to protest. Even when I had hair down to my waist and with all my tattoos, the suspicious looks I got from the police were not the same as the black people in black neighborhoods AND in white neighborhoods get.
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    Which started in WWII, to show patriotism and support to American Soldiers in the war. Before that, I don't believe it was regularly played, so best suggestion yet
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    The problem with this whole thing is that people have lost the context of it. When there were riots in Ferguson everybody said why can’t they just protest peacefully. Now they’re protesting peacefully and people have a problem with that. And nobody is disrespecting anything. This started out as a protest against police brutality you. Now myself, I would never Kneel during the national anthem. I serve this country in the army so maybe I have a different perspective about that. I even stand for the national anthem when I’m watching the game at home on television. But I’ve also never been a black man in America. I don’t know what it feels like to be racially profiled. I don’t know what it feels like to feel like I have disadvantages based on the color of my skin. I don’t know what it feels like to be black in to be looked at differently by the police and buy other races. So how can I, as a human being, try to stop These people from protesting and taking a stand against something that they feel strongly about that I cannot relate to?
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    Great summary. I think Tyrod did a great job passing the ball and while the Run Offense didn't look like we're used to seeing, in the 2nd half, they did enough to keep moving the chains. Can't ask for much more than that against the Bronco's D
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    2nd half is looking pretty good. Bills have a ton of momentum right now.
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    Of COURSE you can. WTF kinda places you work for?? No one, not anyone has EVER stopped me from speaking my mind
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    You've missed some great fights, then This was the best fight I'd seen in years Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x50n3vz Part 2
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    Which shows that you don't know a damned thing about the Military......
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    He had Lewd's Body Dementia, as do 1.3 million people that most of didn't off themselves. You have your opinions, I have mine
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    Good thing the Republicans are doing so much better
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    Really?? How many have closed?? I've never heard this before, being half way across the country.
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    The only thing worse than an idiot is an idiot that doesn't realize that he's an idiot. And you're the biggest idiot on here. I spend less than 5 minutes a day on this site. Why the hell would i go through the trouble of setting up a Proxy just to make posts on a site I pay very little attention to? And why would I need 2 accounts?? Does it seem like I have anything to hide? Or that I'm afraid to say anything I want? And here's another little tidbit for you, Twatty. Every single user name I have on every single website, forum, game, etc has the name HipKat in it. Every single one. What fucking reason would I need to make up a fake user name just for a site where most of my posts are telling you how stupid you are?
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    Show me where he said he hates America. I want to see this proof
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    Who knows?? I've been on vacation all week, but I think it's funny you're trying to dis a $70,000+ a year job working for a fortune 100 company. Running out things to try and talk shit about, Betty?
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    I didn't say anything about violence. I'm just saying in MY experience, big mouths like you always turn out to be the biggest pussies in real life, once they get out from behind the keyboard
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    Crappy QB and crappy WR hanging out together. Nice to see them bonding
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    Then go start one., There are many free forums you can use if you don't want to pay for the templates and domain name
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    Look, most of us don't want to risk terrorists coming here through porous, open borders, however, like JK said, if you don't include the 2 countries that produce a major amount of known terrorists, the wtf is the point? Like 110 billion reasons why Saudi Arabia isn't on the list??
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    Seems like we almost always have one of the toughest schedules
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    But I thought next year was a QB rich class?? Or was that this year? Or last year? Or the year after next?
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    I'm pretty sure she was real because her posting style didn't match any other on here that I've seen, plus like I said, when I saw the post in a FB Group, I posted that I was gonna share it and gave the link in case anyone had any issues with it. Anyway, if I did move somewhere, it might be Australia, but that more because of the 6:1 ratio of women to men plus I think they have the least amount of food items that I find disgusting. But no, I never said I was moving nor would I. I'm a red blooded American that wants to see my country be at the top of every list, not the bottom
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    Everything you said is wrong. You say Socialistic Medical Care doesn't work without crashing the economy, yet here are 7 examples where it does work. The problem is that you're in the group of people that think no one should be financially contributing to other people's health care. That's just another case of Nimby. "I want everyone to be covered, but not at any expense to me". And to use the example of "make his friends rich", this current President is the shining example of that. Trump wants to leave Health Care costs up to the states, but it's already been shown that many states cannot take on the additional costs. Where Obamacare went wrong was by not controlling the cost of Insurance Premiums and Prescription medications. Then you say the left has oversight over the right, yet the right controls every segment of Government and as is the case, they cannot pass anything. They still support a corrupt, ineducable, unprepared-for-office President. The most spineless example of a human being is the speaker of the house. Not that the Democrats are any better, looking at Hillary as a whole, plus her sabotaging Sander's campaign, the "back of the plane" meeting with her husband and the then attorney general, still being blind to why they lost in the first place and no urgency in finding a new leadership that can right the ship. How you add Comey in there, I'm still trying to figure out. He went after Clinton and he's going after Trump. You cannot get more bipartisan. Now I get it, you're a Trump supporter and anti-Left/progressive/Liberal in all ways, which only begs the question, what does this guy finally have to do before you and others like you open you eyes? How often did your side repeat that when it comes to Hillary, where's there smoke, there's fire? Well when it comes to Trump, there's more smoke than a burning tire factory. BTW,m your little example of Socialism is cute but not at all accurate in the real world
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    You're fucking retarded. Did you sit in front or back of the little yellow bus when you were in school?
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