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    1) Peyton Manning 2) Josh Allen There you go. Come to me for all football knowledge.
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    If i’m Going to criticize him when he plays poorly, it’s only fair to give him credit when he plays well. Outside of poor situation football awareness throws in the 1st quarter, and some wildly inaccurate throws, he was incredibly efficient, didn’t throw into double or triple teams, and moved the ball. Good job Josh.
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    If we don't handily beat them we may not deserve a Wild Card spot.
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    Game 17 - 23 (7 games) 60.5% completion rate 1469 yards passing 7.24 yards per attempt 272 yards rushing 11 passing TDs, 5 rushing TDs 1 INT, 1 Fumble Lost
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    Built up into this play...brings a tear to my eye.
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    This at least is something we can perhaps agree on. I hope countries go back to securing their borders and worrying about taking care of their own people and not importing the people and problems of other nations. Also, the mad rush to travel to everywhere and overrun cities like Venice with tourists and add to air pollution needs to be stopped. The one good thing to come of the virus is that there are thousands of fewer airplanes flying and the cruise ships, which pollute heavily as well, have more or less stopped sailing. Merkel even now refuses to close the borders of Germany. God forbid her obsession with the free and open flow of goods and people be checked.
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    Reparations were already paid in full with the lives of over 330,000 Union Soldiers. Tom Steyer can go climb a shit rope.
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    I said this earlier.... Brady WILL return next season and they could go 2-14 both wins will be against the Bills. tell me I’m wrong.
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    Who are you and what have you done with Lit? I'm not complaining, mind you, just curious.
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    My thoughts are that people like you are the reason hundreds of thousands of people may die. If only the trumpers could just infect themselves.
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    i hate to say this, but i think its more your general negativity than any real ability to see through them. the latter seems like it would be close to impossible i mean, you do get credit for being at least partially right, potentially confirmed right in the future depending on if they change anything now, but i maintain that you could not have made an accurate determination like that from the start. that was a guess and its way more luck than skill. that applies for most everybody
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    Wow. I like Diggs. A lot. I like this move. A bit hard to swallow after seeing Hopkins go for a 2nd rounder, but hey, I’ll take it. Diggs can be a true #1.
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    This isn't over by a long shot. Virus vectors can piggyback on each other; think of successive waves in a rolling tide. It doesn't end with this. We'll still have to deal with: 1) Dos Equis 2) Modelo 3) Pacifico 4) Victoria 5) Barrelito
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    I heard he promised to piss off HipKat, and is succeeding.
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    First time in 20+ years.....so it is encouraging! If the Bills can upgrade RT and move Cody Ford to guard, we may have upgraded 2/5ths of the OLine.
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    so are most of his supporters every single one of the people i know that have brains and voted for him have withdrawn their support. the dumb ones have stayed. not kidding at all. don is quite simply the dumb people's president. fortunate for him, theres TONS of stupid ass people
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    This is all such a huge waste of time and money. Russia collusion didn't stick, so now it's on to Ukraine as a last ditch effort to prevent trump from being a candidate in 2020, because the Democrats have no viable candidates. It's not so much his indescrestions as it is sour grapes and the complete shellshock that he became POTUS. If the left tried to do anything besides trying to impeach Trump over the last 3 years maybe they would have a shot. Quit whining and do something productive
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    Relax everyone. Close, but no cigar. I know. Frustrating. Me too. There is a solid foundation in place though and the future looks bright. Things should actually improve in the next few years. Let the playoffs happen and we'll see what happens. We might finish 11-5 and at worst 10-6. I'd have taken that back in August without blinking. Room for improvement? Damn straight. Some adjustments on the horizon? Yep. Some puzzle pieces not added yet? Sure. Hang in there Buffalo faithful. I think you'll be rewarded.
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    I am still amazed they haven't latched onto \m/ as a racist hand gesture, most metal bands are white, most people who listen to metal are white, I need to get in touch with 4chan and tell them to get the process started.
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    Barometric pressure from Cleveland where everybody blows
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    I don’t care. If this is truly a good team, we can play with anybody. Do you think the Patriots worry about their opponent? No, they just abuse whoever is in their path.
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    He really impressed me today. Unlike every.fucking.qb.since.jim Kelly. Who has essentially embarrassed themselves in the spotlight like this it was sooooooooo fucking refreshing and nice to see MY teams qb look GOOD. I mean I’m at a lost. I’m freaking shocked! FUCK YEAH
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    Just goes to show how important depth has been to Beane. Wasn't that long agowhere there would have been a considerable drop off not having moveable parts.
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    What is there to refute ? Your opinion ? Because that's all that is. No facts. Allen is far from being a lock to be a franchise QB. I still have my doubts. But he's playing well. He's getting better. You just have this weird fixation to egg on him no matter what. Its transparent as glass and we all see it. Hence the stupidity of the thread.
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    see? you just can't stop yourself. You are a racism call out addict. I call it being a racism RoboCop, you keep constantly scanning for any potential racism and then when you see anything that even remotely resembles racism you are judge and jury on what that person's intentions were and you immediately start shooting I've talked to thousands of people about this and I'm telling you, there definitely is a segment of people that bear no ill-will towards other races, yet they would prefer just to stay within their own race as much as possible. Again, I think it's stupid and short-sighted. But stupid and short-sighted does not equal racism just because the topic is about race and the people are white In fact, way more black people as a percentage of their population are separatists than are white people. As bizarre as it sounds, that was actually in BLMs first Manifesto, that they wanted to just be left alone and they would form their own police forces to monitor and protect themselves. Oh yeah, that's a great freaking idea. Shirley nothing would go wrong with that. Kind of shows you how stupid people are on this topic that they would even propose that. But we have that kind of stupidity in all the races. Blacks are just more disoriented right now because they mostly no longer have "the struggle" and are having trouble coming up with a new identity without it
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    I've lost my pump already. My Bills fandom needs some viagra.
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    Touché but how many times have the Bills been expected to blow out a team this year and throw up on themselves? Maybe it’s because the Bills are a bottom feeder team themselves with an inflated record.
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    "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." —Jonathan Swift
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    Like i've said to you many times before, why dont you mosey on down to the ER and volunteer to help out, without any PPE? Then head back to your world and see who wants anything to do with you. Git-r-done jethro, times a-wastin'.
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    i am kinda mad but i love your for caring enough to do it thanks for all your well wishes. this is the most brutally difficult time of my life and it looks like the cavalry are busy working corona virus security
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    Bells Two Hearted IPA is an old reliable favorite.
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    And now, the sounds of silence! So gently, fuck off, ye supporters of lies and corruption Fuck off, ye champions of division. and fuck off some more, inside your bubbles of grand delusion...... The definition of forum spam to me is “you’ve chosen to ignore content by ....................”
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    The Republicans have to be convinced there's no way forward for him in the 2020 election. Once that's determined, then they toss him out. Up to this point, the President has been treated in the "when you go low, we'll go high" by the Dems. The new Biden ad that just came out should concern Republicans. This is one of the most damning political ads I've seen in years and it means now that the Dems have dropped the pillows and have picked up hammers. Interesting will be to see how complicit Pence is in all of this. As VP, it's hard to believe that he has had no knowledge of any of this behavior.
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    Did anyone see this coming ? I know I didn't. I mean I remember liking the hire. But I never thought he'd look this good. I thought he was just a deep ball threat. Wrong! ... he's the whole package. What a great signing by Beane.
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    im just meh right now......tired of getting upset week in week out while watching this team fall over itself.....Its really not fun anymore for me.....
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    Thought that was an interesting comment because I also feel that Josh has regressed since last year. Last years version of Josh Allen that didn’t fumble every time he got hit and had no fear of throwing every ball, wins that game yesterday.
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    look, the bills are not ready to really compete in the playoffs. that comes next year when they can fill remaining holes and josh hopefully has another big jump like he has this year from his rough rookie season nevertheless, a playoff berth is very well within reach, in fact likely. it would be nice if they could win the first one just to get a taste, but lets be real - they arent a threat to the top teams in the conference or the league so that would probably be the end of this run and playoff experience for a team in this situation is priceless. so they win a game and lose, or even lose their only one. so what? they added collective experience, topped onto whatever remains from the backing in miracle of '17, so they have a base from which to take the next step. kelly's bills had to lose in the playoffs before they started piling up wins so this is a good year to have an allegedly easy schedule. the jets, fish and skins should be wins. thats 8. Denver is in bflo and isnt very good, and Balt so thats a probably, 9 then they got @clev, @dal, bal, @mouthrapers, @cheats 10 wins gets you about an 80% chance of playoffs, especially this season in a weak afc. so our chances are pretty solid they got no chance of a title when they get there. but the experience will be invaluable to them next year when marcia hangs up her magic slippers she bartered with satan for, and bill, i pray with all my heart, keeps coaching so he can go back to being a painfully .500 hc
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    Now it's up to Buffalo, Houston, Indianapolis, Baltimore to stop New England from doing that.
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    🎶 Now, I've had the time of my life No I've never felt this way before🎶
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