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    No Bills player has ever given me palpitations like Allen has. He is so close to becoming elite. Just want him to cut out the boneheaded throws into double coverage. Im sure @CBennett will conveniently ignore this positive Allen post though.
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    1) Peyton Manning 2) Josh Allen There you go. Come to me for all football knowledge.
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    The following are quotes from the Steelers Twitter Account That seals the deal. I am no longer a Steelers fan. This team is a pure and utter embarrassment to the city of Pittsburgh. an honest Steelers fan I think I speak for us when I say we are frauds. We may have 2 Ls only because we have the weakest schedule in the league. Teams like the Chiefs, Ravens, Giants, Jets and Seahawks are way better than us. This is coming from an honest Steelers fan btw. I’m trying so hard to be positive about this team, but it’s just sad that I feel like our season is over after Week 14. The Steelers finally play a good team and get exposed for the trash team they really are. By the way, the Bills are the best NFL team. They don't need a star head coach or a good o-line to dominate. Enjoy watching the Bills in January. team needs to pack their shit and walk home after this embarrassment
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    Your one an only Buffalo Bills 1. Steelers, Bye moved, no game disruption, week off full week to prepare for the Eagles, no travel disruption. 2. Titans, whether they practiced or not, I dont care. They stayed in Nashville for 16 days, had private practices or zoom practices and have known for 10 days they are playing the Bills and only the Bills, basically a bye and a half to watch and dissect 4 weeks of film while resting up bodies and healing and be fresh as daisies. 3. Patriots, got 1 game moved a day later, another moved a week later, all while not changing opponent, and not moving from their place. They now have 2 full weeks to prepare for this weeks game. 4. Broncos, see Patriots. 5. Dolphins, bye moved 6. Chargers, bye moved 7. Ravens, bye moved. 8. Buffalo Bills. You have 2 games in the next 11 days. The first may or may not happen, get ready for it, but it's probably going to be canceled. oh it's going to be Monday now, sorry, the Titans are going to forfeit, no the game may be week 18, start preparing for the Chiefs, wait, no now you are playing Tuesday, no wait, more positives on Titans, game may not happen, get ready for chiefs again, no chance in hell Titans game happens. Wait is is still on for Tuesday, Chiefs Monday, but just in case, if it doesnt happen, you are still playing the Chiefs on Thursday. BTW, be ready for about 3 or 4 different travel arrangements. Pack accordingly. If anyone thinks the Bills lost yesterday because the Titans are 30 points better than them, you are insane. The titans are a very good team, and they would be hard to beat any day but it was the Bills that were put in a bullshit situation yesterday, not the Titans.
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    Bull crap. People have posted literal murders on social media and the companies are not held liable. They’re only doing this because Democrats have control now. It’s clear as day.
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    He’s also giving a taxer-payer funded half-price ticket to anyone in a nursing home he hasn’t already killed.
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    Well, nuggets of wisdom like this are why the Bills pay you what they do.
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    If we don't handily beat them we may not deserve a Wild Card spot.
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    Game 17 - 23 (7 games) 60.5% completion rate 1469 yards passing 7.24 yards per attempt 272 yards rushing 11 passing TDs, 5 rushing TDs 1 INT, 1 Fumble Lost
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    Built up into this play...brings a tear to my eye.
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    I thought this is what you guys voted for
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    Kelce was wide open the entire game. It was embarrassing.
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    I am fine with it if the Bills hang 41 or more on the Chiefs.
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    Colts were lucky they got the ball back.....that was a fumble if i ever saw one! No one touched the colts player until his knee was off the ground
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    I predicted a Bills blowout and I was kinda close.
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    Titans scare the shit out of me if we can't stop the run. That's all they do.
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    On the drive where Bass missed the short field goal You'll have to be more specific
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    I wouldnt normally post that long ass article but its behind the paywall and i doubt many of the cheap shits around here pay for it so it was a public service.
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    Hard to say. Jets suck. I think arm and heart, Allen wins. Throwing and reading defenses Darnold wins. Hard to say if Allen’s heart and will will make him a better QB in the future than Allen. I think Darnold is better on the same team. Nonetheless I would not trade Allen for Darnold. Allen is our guy and I want the Bills to find out if he is the long term solution. Fingers crossed. go Bills!!! cant wait for the season to start
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    i watch clips of tucker from time to time on youtube. i dont agree with many of his partisan takes, but he also calls out republicans at appropriate times. most often he sounds a lot like me, this is probably similar to parts of what i would be doing if i wasnt sick. i just thought this was an excellent segment that shows just how crazy and dangerous the mobs cancel culture has become. a bunch of really crazy, dangerous, and unamerican stuff he points out that is going on right now. very sad time for america, im afraid
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    that is just factually incorrect. you have exposed yourself as a heavily biased left wing liar (or delusional) what happened was the white supremacist idiots were conducting their peaceful march, which they had a legal permit for, and were confronted by a mob of antifa assholes with home made weapons and armor who got in their face and antagonized them aggressively. this caused a mentally unstable white supremacist (had been in mental institutions) in the car to drive into the mob, killing the woman (she had no weapons or armor) who was on the front lines of the screaming match i do not endorse the message of the white supremacist in any way, except maybe some small snippets of valid criticisms against BLM, which is a separatist hate group driving the mob mentality. but there are videos that clearly show it was antifa who were the rabid aggressors in that confrontation, running up en masse with shields raised and waving swords, while the supremacists just wanted to get on with their march. the police just stood by and watched because they have been so heavily and unfairly criticized that they decided to just let people fight it out if they wanted to and they would tend to the wounded (or dead) after it was over the death of that woman was definitely caused by the wanton aggression of antifa making an unstable man lose his grip and step on the gas pedal - NOT the aggression of the white supremacist morons who actually were remarkably restrained in the face of the antifa assholes your credibility is pretty much nil here. not just from this post, although it certainly didnt help. your pattern is one of heavy bias. i just dont know if you are delusional of just a bald faced liar
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    when you carry a gun on you for no good reason instead of storing it properly in the trunk or whatever you can tell what kinda males he associates with. its part of their fucked up culture one of these days we are going to open our eyes and scream "HAVE WE LOST OUR MINDS LETTING THIS KIND OF STUFF HAPPEN HERE?!?" and then we will do what we should have done thirty years ago - team up to WIPE OUT the gangstaholic nigga mental disorder i got no problem with guns but it sure as hell aint white men dominating the violent crime stats for three decades now. to a black male trapped in that disease putting a gun in your pocket is like a non-infected person putting a pencil in theirs. its just part of your fucked up definition of what being a man and being black is about. you dont even have to be involved in anything illicit to be infected. but it influences others who certainly may act out the classic male rap war scenes in their minds but of course we still lamely blame the white man, even though the brutal oppression that caused the turn to violence has been long gone for fifty years. aint no white men shoving guns in black males pockets why we keep pussy footing around while brainwashed niggas are filling the streets with blood is probably our bizarrest mystery in todays america
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    For years on the old BB message board I would keep track of all the Pre-Draft visits and I hit a few of the picks. This year the typical 30 Pre-Draft Visits have been blown up so it is so much harder to predict. I do know they have look at a lot of RBs. From 2nd round to 5th rounders. They have also looked at several OGs. Plus they have looked at Safeties Dugger and Chinn, both 2nd rounders. And a couple of later round LBers and CBs. My picks from last year:
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    This at least is something we can perhaps agree on. I hope countries go back to securing their borders and worrying about taking care of their own people and not importing the people and problems of other nations. Also, the mad rush to travel to everywhere and overrun cities like Venice with tourists and add to air pollution needs to be stopped. The one good thing to come of the virus is that there are thousands of fewer airplanes flying and the cruise ships, which pollute heavily as well, have more or less stopped sailing. Merkel even now refuses to close the borders of Germany. God forbid her obsession with the free and open flow of goods and people be checked.
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    Reparations were already paid in full with the lives of over 330,000 Union Soldiers. Tom Steyer can go climb a shit rope.
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    Who are you and what have you done with Lit? I'm not complaining, mind you, just curious.
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    And some people wonder why you might need a gun. Fucking pieces of shit.
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    I just broke the news. The New England Patriots have hired him as their beat reporter. He's meeting with Coach Belichick this afternoon.
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    1) People are at work. No one needs to broadcast their political affiliations at work. 2) Trump rails against cancel culture (as do I) but then tries to cancel Goodyear? Double standard much?
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    You just made that up. It never happened. BTW, you're getting savaged on this thread. Better put some ice on that.
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    more people should watch that video. thats some straight up truth right there
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    Except being Pro-Trump isn't about the man himself, it's about the policies. We've seen Joe's policies over the last 48 years and well... they suck ass.
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    Yes, businesses have a right to refuse service to any customer they deem so including a Christian baker not wanting to make a gay wedding cake.
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    He's the 2020 Straight Talk Express
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    Yours. Because you NEED something to complain/rage about, and it seems the football gods have a contract to always give you something.
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    Yeah my mom said you called and she really enjoyed your corona magic trick.
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    My thoughts are that people like you are the reason hundreds of thousands of people may die. If only the trumpers could just infect themselves.
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    i hate to say this, but i think its more your general negativity than any real ability to see through them. the latter seems like it would be close to impossible i mean, you do get credit for being at least partially right, potentially confirmed right in the future depending on if they change anything now, but i maintain that you could not have made an accurate determination like that from the start. that was a guess and its way more luck than skill. that applies for most everybody
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    First time in 20+ years.....so it is encouraging! If the Bills can upgrade RT and move Cody Ford to guard, we may have upgraded 2/5ths of the OLine.
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    I don’t care. If this is truly a good team, we can play with anybody. Do you think the Patriots worry about their opponent? No, they just abuse whoever is in their path.
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