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    1) Peyton Manning 2) Josh Allen There you go. Come to me for all football knowledge.
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    Touché but how many times have the Bills been expected to blow out a team this year and throw up on themselves? Maybe it’s because the Bills are a bottom feeder team themselves with an inflated record.
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    im just meh right now......tired of getting upset week in week out while watching this team fall over itself.....Its really not fun anymore for me.....
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    I've lost my pump already. My Bills fandom needs some viagra.
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    Thought that was an interesting comment because I also feel that Josh has regressed since last year. Last years version of Josh Allen that didn’t fumble every time he got hit and had no fear of throwing every ball, wins that game yesterday.
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    Serious questions for the OP? Do you suffer from TDS? Are you obsessed with Trump 24/7/365? Did Trump pick on you in high school or something? Did Trump shortchange you on a construction project? Did Trump insult a family member of yours? Are you a typical leftist who sees nothing but #orangemanbad? Do you really wanna go thru life the next 5 years obsessing about impeaching a President you hate, which will never happen? I am not a Republican or.a Democrat, so I ask these questions as a non-political hack. I have to work and support my family no matter who the President is. So, I don't give a flying fuck who the President is. Maybe you should do the same. You will be much happier.
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    look, the bills are not ready to really compete in the playoffs. that comes next year when they can fill remaining holes and josh hopefully has another big jump like he has this year from his rough rookie season nevertheless, a playoff berth is very well within reach, in fact likely. it would be nice if they could win the first one just to get a taste, but lets be real - they arent a threat to the top teams in the conference or the league so that would probably be the end of this run and playoff experience for a team in this situation is priceless. so they win a game and lose, or even lose their only one. so what? they added collective experience, topped onto whatever remains from the backing in miracle of '17, so they have a base from which to take the next step. kelly's bills had to lose in the playoffs before they started piling up wins so this is a good year to have an allegedly easy schedule. the jets, fish and skins should be wins. thats 8. Denver is in bflo and isnt very good, and Balt so thats a probably, 9 then they got @clev, @dal, bal, @mouthrapers, @cheats 10 wins gets you about an 80% chance of playoffs, especially this season in a weak afc. so our chances are pretty solid they got no chance of a title when they get there. but the experience will be invaluable to them next year when marcia hangs up her magic slippers she bartered with satan for, and bill, i pray with all my heart, keeps coaching so he can go back to being a painfully .500 hc
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    I see this game making or breaking us this year. Expected-to-be-bad Eagles desperate for a win. Garbage secondary asking to be picked apart by a QB that has been shaky and looking to prove himself. I feel like every week is our "statement game".
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    On the way home from an overseas meeting with people from all over Europe including Eastern Europe and China/Korea It was eye opening to hear how others view our situation. There’s worry. The general comments were that they didn’t like how unpredictable the USA has become. They respect we are the most powerful nation in the world, but feel that they can’t rely on the USA anymore to use that power wisely and in the best interests for all. From a business side my Chinese friends talked about how they are aggressively moving their supply chain for raw materials away from the USA as they aren’t prepared to wait until 2021. True damage has been done economically and politically
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    There's no way we're 6-0 with Tyrod. We were like 0 for the fucking world whenever we went down by 7 or more in a game. We would be 3-3 if Tyrod was the QB.
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    Impressive. But I bet the national media that loves to hate on him will have you believe the throw was intercepted by a Miami fan.
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    I love the Bills, but Bills fans are the biggest whiners in the NFL. # 1 - Tyrod sucked. You are all high. I supported Tyrod as a placeholder until we got a guy who could complete a 10 yard pass. #2 - JA is the reason this team has the attitude it does. #3 - Miami was highly motivated because they benched their loser QB named Josh Rosen. Remember him? He was the guy all of you aholes think we should have taken over JA. Newsflash - Bills would not be 5 - 1 with Josh Rosen or Tyrod at QB. Thank god we have Beane and coach McD. Two guys with enough confidence not to listen to pathetic fans. Cowher, Simms, Boomer all are excited about JA. BTW - Miami was highly motivated and played great. They were excited to play behind Fitz who did not disappoint. They did not tank because they were not stuck playing behind crappy Josh Rosen.
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    Now it's up to Buffalo, Houston, Indianapolis, Baltimore to stop New England from doing that.
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    We just won the Superbowl, and Lit still thinks we suck
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    🎶 Now, I've had the time of my life No I've never felt this way before🎶
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    youre just sooo bad at this.
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    If they lose this weekend than it is the nails in the coffin so to speak.....cause it says they havent done fuck alll to fix this offence at all......the Raiders-Steelers-Colts hell even the Titans are creeping up and with our schedule coming up and those teams sure as fucking hell look whole lot better than we did since before our biweek......
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    Meh. How about we score more points and then we dont have to worry about him.
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    No, this team has many holes to fill especially on offense but they are good enough to get some wins this year. I'm just trying to enjoy the wins we are getting like you say but I do recognize that the offense is a work in progress. Even if we get that Wild Card spot I expect them to be round 1 fodder but after almost 2 decades of total futility I'm trying to squeeze some joy out of these Sunday afternoons. You know what I mean? As for what I feel now, probably like this picture...
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    It's not just Lit now. Anyone with half a brain can see Josh just doesn't have it. He can't go through more than 1-2 progressions before tucking and running, can't handle pressure, can't hold onto the ball, can't hit a pass over 20 yards, throws the ball behind receivers, etc.
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    Homers are actually think we are a playoff team. We can’t even bear a 2-6 team.
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    Ok huckleberry...I'll take the bait...what if Fant does Jack shit against the Bills... you still gonna be gurgling his nuts?
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    Richard Spencer? Yeah we already knew he was some wannabe Nazi guy but I wouldn't lump him in with the "alt right" because that's just a term to disparage Conservatives. No, he is simply part of the lunatic fringe and a minuscule insignificant group that has zero power in this country but does make a nice boogeyman for the media. The article lies and said he was part of the "fine people" referred to in his post-Charlottesville speech demonstrating their subtle techniques to make the connection between the President and these groups. He said, "Hail Trump," so what? You could easily find a dozen or so Leftist extreme groups that support your favorite Democrat.
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    ... your hero and mine, StraightJ??? He must be silently lurking in the background, gathering all the forum knowledge he can so he doesn't have to keep asking "How Do I.....? OR he hasn't figured out that his old link to the Site comes up Not Found, now
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    Brown is WIDE open on a slant and Josh throws it 3 yard behind him. For fuck sake, his accuracy is NEVER going to get better. Ever. It’s not going to change.
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    I am THE expert on SARCASM , many awards...You are not very good at Counter sarcasm . Its an art form
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    I hope it's more than just me making negative threads if we lost to the 2nd worst team in the NFL.
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    Antonio Brown is bat shit crazy. He has some serious mental healthy issues. Yes he is a good player but is not worth the trouble. This is not including his outstanding lawsuits and the sexual assault allegations against him. He is locker room cancer and I want no part of him. I would rather Buffalo go after Josh Gordon when New England releases him.
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    The fact of the matter is, good QB’s shred defenses when they blitz. For most of Brady’s career, his QB rating was highest when he was under pressure. Bad QB’s get worse under pressure. You do the math...
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    I wonder if Lit would've posted this if WGR were singing the Bills praises ? What's that ? No ? He wouldn't have ? .... No shit Sherlock.
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    If his number was 12, he would have been fined 2012$
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    I figured maybe $500... He can afford it. He should do it every game-winning drive at New Era... see if they are consistent with the fine amount...
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    sorry, i dont agree this one man is ruining america. the damage hes doing to our country is massive. hes a piece of shit and the country is following his lead his supporters are vile enablers that need to be called out. what other topic have i ever done this with before? none. but thats how important this is once we get this piece of shit out, then we can talk about reconciliation. but right now, fuck you people who support this guy like hes some kind of fucking king. its absurd and its shameful
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    Holy fuck you’re StraightJ 2.0. Please don’t instantly hate me like you-know-who does if you criticize him. I just like jumping on you conspiracy guys. Everything is a fucking conspiracy. You know what else was a conspiracy? Judas betraying Jesus. Oh wait, did that happen?
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    That performance yesterday as worthy of Nathan Peterman. But of course you know who thinks Darnold is sooo much better than Allen.
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    This is the stupidest “take” there is. This would be a valid argument IF our current starting wide receivers were not getting open. But they ARE getting open. Roberts was WIDE the fuck open when Allen overthrew him by 5 yards. Beasley was WIDE the fuck open when Allen didn’t even throw to him. Guys are getting open. The problem is the person that is in charge of throwing the ball is either: A) Not Seeing Them or B) Overthrowing them Foster does not have any magic ability to make Josh accurate on long passes. Guys are open. Beasley is slamming his helmet on the sideline because he’s so wide open FFS, this is the laziest of lazy takes.
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    You have become the Mike Francesca of this board. Complete and utter nonsense. Hang it up bud. Eventhough Josh has missed a few long balls, and had a few ill timed picks. He's made more clutch throws in tight windows this season alone, than tyrod has in his whole career. That man never used the middle of the field. All Josh does is keep the chains moving when the game is on the line. You could head to the showers and call it a game if Tyrod was behind.
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    Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images It’s different when it’s you rather than another team Whatever Buffalo Bills fans thought being 5-1 would feel like, it doesn’t feel exactly like that. It’s less savory than expected. No one knew at the beginning of the 2019 season that the AFC would be such a top- and bottom-heavy conference. Only four AFC teams currently sit within one game in either direction of .500. That feels odd, although it may not be (I’m not digging through the record books to find previous years’ Week 7 standings). The point is it’s hard to know who you are in comparison of those around you if they’re all bad. The Fitzpatrick Fish The Miami Dolphins found some serious life with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. The previously dominant Bills defense was pushed around in the run game and Levi Wallace was taken advantage of in the passing game. An offense that was expected to be tepid at best was frustratingly effective and went into the fourth quarter with a 14-9 lead. It would have likely been even worse if Tre’Davious White didn’t come up with an exceptional interception to stop the Dolphins’ 10-minute opening drive of the second half. Why did Miami move the ball so much better than we expected? Why was their run game so effective? Why did Ryan Fitzpatrick have a better day against this team than Tom Brady did three weeks ago? These are the questions that stain the minds of Bills fans as they reflect on another fourth-quarter comeback where the Bills put up 22 unanswered points to walk away with a win on Sunday. So what are the Bills? 5-1 is great; it’s literally damn-near perfect. No one wants to give any of the wins back. But the issue is that in previous years when Bills fans would look at another team with a record similar to 5-1, they’d almost certainly be thought of as a “good” team. But now when looking in the mirror to see that same record, it’s harder to feel like that title really sticks to this team. The offense can move the ball but struggles to finish in the end zone. The defense was great until today when they suddenly seemed mortal (or worse) against the worst talent they’ve faced all year. Josh Allen has made progress, but there’s so much more needed. So what are the Bills? Well, as Bill Parcells would say, “you are what your record says you are.” Somehow it doesn’t feel so simple for the Bills. Partially that’s because their opponents to date have been a combined 12-26. How good are you when you’ve beaten teams with a combined record of 6-26 and lost to a team that is 6-0? Perhaps even more importantly, how good are you when you win and lose the way the Bills have? What will we learn next week? Ultimately the Bills came out flat and uninspired from their bye but still got the win. Now they move on to prepare for a far more formidable challenge in the Philadelphia Eagles next week. Each week, Bills fans find themselves saying “if we do _____ this week, then we’ll know if they’re good.” That week then comes and goes, the Bills accomplish some semblance of the requested thing from that game, and fans are still unable to commit to an opinion about the team. There is no end in sight for this cycle. The Bills haven’t been here often and all this mental muscle memory is being built within the fan base for the first time in nearly two decades. It’s safe to say it’s going to be a slow go of it until either the Wild Card is virtually clinched or the offense shows up in a way they haven’t yet in 2019. The opportunity for the latter will be there again this Sunday at New Era Field. And the Sunday after that. And so on. You can follow me on Twitter @NickBat and look for episodes of “The Nick & Nolan Show” podcast on the Buffalo Rumblings podcast network. View the full article
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    No i do not....taking about Tyrod Taylor is a waste of my time and i do not revisit our shitty past QB and try to make an arguement on how good they would be if we still kept them..LOL!!---get over it he's gone and he stunk here----you wanna talk about past QB's maybe fitzy than --Taylor stunk in the 2 games he played for cleveland and if god forbid something happens to Rivers he will no doubt continue to stink there.....Your delusional and overly fucking obsessed.....get a grip man i know you hate our QB but holy crap this thread??.....
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    I actually agree with this. Weeks one and two he looked better than this despite the dumb picks. He looked more accurate and decisive. Right now he looks off. Something happens in the 4th quarter that he turns it on. And that's fucking amazing. But we can't go on forward like that. We need more consistency.
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    Allen played good in the 2nd half, and was fine in the first half. I don't understand why this is the game you "get off the train" lol 10/11 112 yards, 2TDs in the 2nd half. From what I remember, both Beasley and Knox had 1st half drops, Knox's was good for 20 yards to take us inside the 10. Who's the bar here? Who's the stick everyone is measuring Allen to on a weekly basis? Lit likes to compare Allen to pretty much any QB after any good play they make, but then is silent after any bad play they make. Lamar Jackson was 9/20 today. Rosen is benched, Baker has been awful this year, Darnold is probably the best looking QB out of the class so far in terms of actual QB play, but he still sails and telegraphs his INTs too. Remember when everyone was crowning Daniel Jones after his 1st start? I certainly remember lit clamoring for Allen to have a game like he did, and was saying that Daniel Jones is "instantly good". Well, Daniel Jones has been bad ever since his tampa game in week 3. His numbers. 60% comp pct 4 TDs 7INTs 3 Fumbles (2 lost). This game was on the defense looking like they were mailing it in. Tre came up with 2 clutch plays, aside from that this defense looked below average, and gave up 4 drives of 70, 60, 71, and 59 yards. 3 of those resulted in TDs, the third was stifled by the Tre INT. Nobody has done that to this defense this year. I don't have the numbers, but our time of possession was awful because of it. The first time we got the ball in the 2nd half was with 5 min left in the 3rd. Hopefully this is the wake up call this team needed. If anything, Allen bailed this team out this week with his 2nd half.
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    It is quite possibly the reason and also very alarming if true
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    it IS about christians and their irrational belief that an all-powerful god would give a fuck about who people masterbate with why in the world would an omnipotent being give two shits about that kind of minutiae? oh yeah, because the bible is the literal word of god, right? so then why arent christians stoning people to death in the middle of the town for adultery? i guess we get to pick and choose what is the word of god and what isnt ritual and superstition. not to mention brain washing and bigotry. theres a ton of good in christianity, but too many christians are fucked in the head. the fact that most of them support trump is mind blowingly hypocritical and thoroughly shameful
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    Oh, and if you could make shouts way longer than a limit of 300 characters that would be great
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    Richie Cunningham!
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