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    I would be most surprised by drafting a QB in the first round ... :-)
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    I’ll fucking drop kick a puppy if we trade up to draft a fucking cornerback are you fucking kidding?
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    what a load of bullshit. but i bet his ratings go up. and he knows it, too this shows the power of ignorance and confirmation bias. the myth of systemic white oppression and police brutality against blacks has been busted. we have the data, we have more blacks acknowledging that every day yet this dick knows that he will get a bump in his ratings bc most people dont stay informed and go with the crowd, so if their friends are saying cops are hunting down innocent black men thats what they believe all this over two young gangstaholics. THUGS. i feel bad they were so young and FUCKING STUPID to make those CHOICES. why isnt the media talking about THAT cultural poison in our beloved blackness? ratings. why isnt maxine calling out gangsta niggas behavior in killing more people than ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED? racism cuomo should be fired and maxine should be arrested sadly, this is just the beginning of the left's craziness that the country will have to deal with for the next decade+. tragically, its going to get more black folks killed, including innocent bystanders and good cops assholes
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    He’s a fucking idiot of the highest order. If Tucker or Hannity said something like this piece of shit, it would be all over social media and a bunch of brainless zombies with nothing better to do would show up at Tucker and Hannity’s homes and harass the shit out of their families because that’s what idiots of this cancel culture do.
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    First of all, I've had that guy on ignore since the day he showed up here and never had an argument with him. Second of all it's not that big a deal. It's not like I'm trying to have all this great reputation, I just don't want to be in negative numbers. It's not a lot to fucking ask for it. It's not a lot to fucking want. And it's no problem because I'll just make my own God damn sock account and go and hit every fucking one of my posts until I get it back to where it was. If that dumb fucking do it, so can I and no, it was not nine in a few minutes I was at +215 in the morning when I came back I was at -241 and within about 10 minutes I was at -350 and I could go on my profile and see every time that he hit me with a negative rep. It only took him about 20 minutes to hit that many of my posts
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    It's a very reasonable policy. You want to go to a game? Get vaccinated. Simple.
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    I wear an entire box of masks now because Pharma Fauci told me so!
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    It’s simple. We didn’t have darn near every researcher in the world working on chicken pox and H1N1. This shows what can be done when mass amounts of intelligent people come together.
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    I'd love to add some speed to the wr's but they are going to have trouble getting on the field. With Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Davis and McKenzie wr is the deepest position on the team.
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    I agree. People have been encouraged not to comply with cops. It seems like 90% of incidents would not happen if the victim respected the cops authority and complied. Government, local police departments should put out infomercials about how to conduct yourself around cops. This should include how not to get shot. Black, white, yellow, this is how not to get shot. I still think that 90% of the public does not buy the narrative politicians, race inc.., and media are slinging about the cops.
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    He's a master useful idiot and a full fledged member of the BlueAnon conspiracy cult. The sad thing? He STILL hasn't learned his lesson and that's the definition of insanity or in this case TDS which is just a form of weaponized rage programmed into susceptible members of the populace by the media.
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    A statement on sanctions from the Treasury Department has revealed that Konstantin Kilimnik shared sensitive polling information with the Russian government. Kilimnik has long been accused of acting as a liaison between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, but Thursday’s press release goes much further with the implication of crimes than previous official charges.
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    My prediction is that we're going to see price spikes on the level of the George "Dumbass" Bush regime very shortly. I might buy stock in bologna companies since that's all we'll be able to afford to eat.
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    Since when did the Country Executive gain the power to violate Hippa, discriminate against the citizens of Erie county based on the status of getting an experimental emergency treatment that has a lot of unknowns. How long does immunity for this Experimental Treatment last? Is it proven to be safe for everyone? Last I checked Johnson and Johnson just had a pause as 8 people in Ohio were developing blood clots. Not saying I don't think people should evaluate for themselves if they need to get these experimental treatments, but they are not FDA approved as a vaccine and we still do not know everything about them.
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    All these things you are complaining about come from the side you vehemently defend and support. You were warned. Now you will suffer like all the other Americans. Pray we can reclaim this country after they do their worst to it and us
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    Just don't know what part of I don't watch mainstream news channels you aren't getting
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    Hip's CNN and MSNBC channels were out of service today so he learned something new.
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    Am I the only one who sees a really bizarre correlation between that graph and the topic at hand? Lol. Also, why in the hell is "bizarre spelled with two "r's" and one "z"?
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    You idiots Time magazine bragged about them stealing...err, I mean fortifying the election. And yet here we are dealing with the sheep's silly lines that don't even begin to explain what happened.
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    Still repeating nonsense. They were shut down on standing numerous times...not lack of evidence. There's many credible sources that have plenty of evidence...the courts simply decided to avoid taking it up. Why do you think voting laws are being put in place now like voter ID? Why did the PA secretary of state resign? Why is there a huge battle still in AZ where they are fighting a real audit? It was a complete fraud, and those that haven't come to realize it yet are simply sheep.
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    He hasn't been funny since he left The Man Show. I think that's been about 17 years or so.
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    same favorite emoticon as sack ...
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    all i did is warn your crazy redneck ass that i am prepared to protect myself if you show up to my home but im not talking to you anymore. im not opening any more of your ignored posts. you are a naturally stupid man who offers nothing to me or this board. i wish you would leave eventually you will threaten someone again. and as much as we have talked about this, i might just ban you for good if you do you are the kind of piece of shit person i grew up around. i know exactly what you are. im not wasting any more of my time with the filth that you are
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    Have a little respect, I mean I know you are a bitch but still ..
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    Maibee I shud right a buk abowt tha Bufalow Ranj?
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    The Hipster seems to be able to handle himself😎👍🤓
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    I’m pretty sure that it’s only physical threats and stalking. What else does he want you to report? only thing I know about is physical threats of violence, and stalking posts just to be a troll. It has nothing to do with your opinions and views. People use ignore for that.
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    No one thinks Floyd deserved to die and everyone thinks that Chauvin made a bad move with the knee maneuver, however, it's clear that his knee was not the cause of death. If I were in Chauvin's shoes I would have called paramedics right away and just handcuffed him face down since he refused to get in the police car because he was tripping balls on the verge of death. The whole incident is unfortunate but it was not a cold blooded murder as the media has portrayed it. Those are the hard facts.
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    Well get to it then. as droll of an insults as:
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    Minneapolis caused it's own death when it elected the idiots on the city council and the mayor. It's been down hill ever since. Paying out 27 million of tax payer money before a trial was completed when real facts could come out was like self mutilating one's self.
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    Right on all counts. People like Hip are huge part of the problem. Disgusting.
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    that 'patriot way' crap annoyed the fuck out of me it was so obvious the goat was the lynchpin of the whole thing. the keys were that he took that sweetheart deal to save the cheaters big dollars so they could stock the team with more talent. belicheat used that to get veteran backups to take less money for the chance at an easy ring, and as blackmail against his own players that if they didnt take the team friendly offer they were given at extension time, he shipped them off to some crappy team to intimidate the rest of the players to taking what was offered. that was a massive advantage now with the goat gone, all of those advantages evaporate. he will have no leverage now so fas wont be likely to be bullied into taking less than market. he wont get a qb willing to take a lot less bc they wont have the massive endorsement deals the goat had. now he has to be a real hc and gm, and hes shown over and over again that he cant draft for shit and his players only put up with him bc they wanted the chance at the easy ring. hes an excellent dc but thats not nearly enough when youve got all the rest on your plate he and kraft have been on the outs ever since bill wanted to trade brady and go with jimmy g and kraft overruled him. thats why he traded jimmy g for peanuts, to spite kraft. if this fa rebuild doesnt work, and it probably wont unless they get lucky and find a good qb somewhere, its quite possible another 6-10 season could get him fired. i would LOVE that
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    1. Josh owns the fish. Remember he's a Charles Clay drop from being undefeated vs them. 2. Tua blows. Worst arm talent I've seen in years. 3. A lot of picks do not mean a lot of stars. They can very easily blow it. And I'm sure they will 4. Brian Flores .... lol lol lol
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    now we know what brainwashed retards look like if we had members real photos as avatars on this board we already would just remember, you lost. your comrades are being rounded up and will end up in jail. so will your fuhrer you. lost.
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    There is a certain group of people who commit the VAST amount of crimes against the Asian community and I will give you one hint to guess the answer................. it ain't white supremacy.
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    The fact that they spent any amount of time going after Trubisky is just sad to me.
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    From his conversation, you would think that I watch a lot of tv but I try not to. If I find something I like, I binge watch it. I like documentaries. it's called television programming for a reason right?
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    Sure. Let’s start in her immediate neighborhood, and work out from there. Fucking idiot.
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    Never thought I'd see the day where it's mass public knowledge that one of our biggest agencies is completely corrupt and it's largely crickets from nearly everyone. This is why these people have shifted to implementing the most radical ideas and are working to abolish the constitution.
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    Hunter says he doesn't know, it could be his, but the receipt from the computer dropoff has the same signature that has appeared in every other Hunter Biden document. Is he lying when he says he doesn't know? Honestly, I think he's telling the truth however it's only because he was so fucking high on drugs that he really DOESN'T know that he dropped the laptop off there. Clearly it's his and for him to insinuate that since Giuliani was passed the info that it's suspect is totally hilarious. The laptop has fucking videos and documents of him on it! Who else's laptop would it have been?
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    But not as trashy as they were a couple of weeks ago
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    Hip, let us know the first time you start a negative Biden thread! LOL. Fun to cherry pick, isn't it? Prop up the senile old coot. His policies will create a ton of bad times. Will you be here to honestly discuss them? We all know you won't.
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    She must be undone and put to pasture asap. Demented ass cunt must be held to account for these events going back through her entire reign.
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    I have a feeling his southern experiences are rather minimal. The farthest north I've ever lived is Washington, DC. Have traveled all through NY, NJ, RI, MA, ME, NH, VT, etc. though.
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    This sock puppet account gets 1.5 out of 5 stars. The CCP one is better.
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