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    i think the core reason why josh and much of the rest of the team sucked today was because despite opie and the vets telling them a hundred times a day we aint won nuthin yet, the non-stop coverage of the bills the last few weeks as if its impossible they wont make the sb with josh as mvp fucked with their heads the margin for winning and sustained success at this level is so tiny that if you arent hungry and desperate when you stop on the field, youre probably going to lose. this wasnt the jags they were playing, this was the team that went, what, 10-0 to start last year. but you couldnt watch tv, pick up a mag, or read a newpaper/web article about sports without seeing pictures of josh and digs. it felt like half of all nfl stories told the last week were how the bills were sb favs and josh was mvp fav despite opie and the bean and the vets that had been there telling them they better not take pitts lightly, i think they did. i think all the attention seeped into their ear like a burrowing insect and sucked out that part of their brain that made them remember how hard they had to work and how laser focused they had to be they didnt forget how to play and win football games. they forgot all the sacrifice it took to get there. i hope that pain burns in their heart when they are up at 4am tomorrow trying to figure out how they could look like such a steaming pile of shit against an over the hill qb and an oline started 2 rookies and 2 FA's they had that game in the bag if they just didnt keep shooting themselves in the dick
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    That bald headed moron still has not learned from his pussified coaching against the Chiefs in last year's AFC title game
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    Yeah it’s paid by the government… You think big pharma created a conspiracy, then got the government to pay for it?
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    I have one I keep in my pocket.
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    It's like CBA pointing out to Sack that the shit he posts trying to debunk the vaccines actually show how effective they are, when they make accusations that they're the ones who are guilty of them
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    This is the exact scenario of not being invited to a birthday party and then being "fine i wasn't gonna go to your birthday party anyways" lmao. They are boycotting you already. Probably a good idea with the Jets game, NJ will probably follow suit. I hope I'm ok for the Titans game...
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    Yes! While Biden is a street fighter who demolished the likes of Corn Pop!!!!!! LOL
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    Somebody in this universe has to be laughing at this. Imagine being vaccinated against a disease and persecuting the unvaccinated because you're afraid they might transmit it to you. Sounds like a prank or a joke. I wish people would wake up.
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    Lieutenant Greg served under General Milley...and when I say under, I mean under his bozack cause he's a flaming faggott. If you ever were military, you were the type that real soldiers laughed at and bullied. Probably why you got your discharge...you couldn't hack it with the men there and were forced out like a bitch.
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    The people are being scammed Imagine willingly accepting booster shot after booster shot for a virus on par with all the other viruses throughout the history of mankind. Big Pharma and Big Gov are laughing all the way to the bank...plus they get your obedience and also get to watch you villainize those that choose to have freedom of choice. We are moving backwards as a species
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    Sorry, I don't credit their defense. Yes they are good but that's not why the Bills lost They lost for the exact reason that Josh told us, he wasn't taking what the defense was giving them. He overlooked the underneath routes and tried to play Hero ball and go for the longer spashy touchdowns It's clear as day: he allowed himself to get brainwashed by all the preseason hype, all the people that said he was a lock for the MVP, the massive contract that made him the highest-paid player ever. It fucked with his head big time. He tried to go out there and look like the very best quarterback that ever played in the league, instead of being one of the smartest quarterbacks that ever played in the league I told you before, Josh Allen can't handle situations he hasn't been in before, whatever that difference is. This time it was being the way over hyped favorite to make the Super Bowl, with Josh leading the way as mvp, making more bread than anybody else in the league. He's still a young guy and even though he was saying the right things it's blatantly super Crystal Clear obvious that he allowed his brain to get washed from all the accolades that he hadn't earned yet It was like some huge muscly dude with all kinds of skull tattoos bitch slapping him in the face over and over again, but Josh just kept saying no I'm Josh Allen, I can hit that dude running between three Defenders way down field and ignore Cole Beasley wide open for an easy 8 yards. And then when he did try to throw intermediate passes, he reverted to Josh the heroes all-arm throwing motion, too. If he had played like he did last year, they would have had a touchdown and 3 to 4 chunk plays of at least 15 or many more yards. That could have easily changed the trajectory of that whole game But he didn't cuz it never happened. Nice throw to Gabe for the touchdown but we don't know if that was just one of his total arm throws that just happened to end up right on target, cuz the rest of the game he certainly didn't seem to be exhibiting the mechanics that he did last year I hope it hurts him real bad to think about it this week. I hope it haunts him enough to drive him to remember what got him success last year and go back to that. Dink and dunk if that's what they are giving you, and wait for somebody to Break Free on a broken coverage. Set your feet and throw with your hips leading the way, just like last year
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    Ahh yes. Here we are. So if I watch a video of the Pentagon getting blown up, but at no point do I see anything that resembles a Boeing 757, and then I watch a couple BBC reporters talking at length about the collapse of building 7, a full 20 minutes before the building collapses, and while the building is still in tact behind the reporter, I ask questions because something seems a bit odd. Yet instead of getting answers to the questions (which, I admit, leads me to disbelieve most of what I'm told) I, like many others, am automatically lumped into a singular category of so called whacked out conspiracy theorists who believe in anything and everything. I would rather somebody just answer the questions. But it seems easier to simply pigeon hole people like me and hurl insults.
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    Fuck Tom Brady......that is all.
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    i have bad feelings about every game…. thanks Super Bowl XXV
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    Bojo is great for distance but going off what we knew of him in Buffalo, inconsistent generally with pinning a team inside the 20/10 yard line. If we were punting from midfield, it was going into the endzone. He's just not an ideal punter for our offense this year. I suspect most of our punts will occur between the 40s, You want a punter who you can feel more confident in placing the ball. Haack has a better track record of that than Bojorquez.
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    Things must be great in Bills land if some of the masses are down to complaining about a fuckin punter. My how the worm has turned.
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    Sounds like somebody who is too big of a pussy to ever put on a uniform
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    Top US Gen. Mark Milley thought then-President Donald Trump's mental state deteriorated after the 2020 election, according to a new book. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election," authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post write in their forthcoming book, "Peril," set for release on September 21. The Post and CNN obtained early copies of the book and published excerpts of Milley's reported reaction to Trump's behavior in the wake of the presidential election that Trump falsely claimed was stolen from him. In the days after the January 6 riot, Milley believed that Trump was "all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies" and feared that the president would "go rogue," per the book. The Post and CNN obtained early copies of the book and published excerpts of Milley's reported reaction to Trump's behavior in the wake of the presidential election that Trump falsely claimed was stolen from him. In the days after the January 6 riot, Milley believed that Trump was "all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies" and feared that the president would "go rogue," per the book.
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    Thats exactly what i am dreading but like yourself and so many others we been fucking programmed now that "bills just do bills things" over the last 2-3 decades that i hope last season wasnt just a fucking tease....I dont blame it all on JA....i will admit im not sold on the staff entirely...thought i was but ooops.....reverting back to the bullshit of playing just not to lose....MORE BALLS ARE REQUIRED!!
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    All of his critics will bring up those 3 games yes. Yesterday was big fucking fat check on their tally sheet for proving them right. I dunno. I was watching that Browns game and was jealous. Twice now they’ve gone into Arrowhead and hung with the Chiefs in entertaining fashion. No one on this site would be shocked if the Bills went into KC and got godsmacked…again…and yes I’m calling for them to get embarrassed…again.
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    Yes it most certainly does......1 wrong pick and you will be ridiculed, blasted, shamed, told to go FY at every turn and be made fun of at every opportunity that presents itself......welcome to the Range where most here seem to forget to take their meds when posting......except for me of course...i have no reputation anyways!
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    After rightfully killing these animals, they should burn their worthless bodies and use them to fill up the pot holes on the streets. At least they'll be useful after their shitty lives are ended.
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    Instead of worrying about a man who isn’t president anymore and his so called “cultists”……. worry about the mother fuckin potato brain Bi-dumb, who is a first class fuck up idiot, who has the entire world at risk and laughing at the United States of America. Meanwhile, terrorists are planning their next plot to do serious damage to the USA and your homeland because of the impotent Bi-dumb administration. And you, like the rest of the leftist peabrains on this board, are still obsessed about Trump. Give me a fuckin break.
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    I went to high school with the guy who did that political cartoon. Steve Kelley.
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    How many of the "unvaccinated" are considered that because they aren't 14 days out from the 2nd dose? Here's something else to consider. Tired of the lies. 99 percent? The Surgeon General’s statement that 99.5 percent of coronavirus deaths are in the unvaccinated materialized out of thin air and dodgy data. It turns out it’s based on math by a couple of Associated Press reporters that involved some crude calculations – the kind done on a bar napkin – looking at reported deaths from COVID in the month of May and some number, perhaps from a CDC report on the number of COVID deaths in the fully vaccinated, which was “about” 150. Since the AP report didn’t source their data, it’s a guessing game to figure out how they came to this factoid that has since been repeated by every leftist media chain and Biden administrator. The reporters did update their story to correct the number of hospital admissions for coronavirus from 853,000 to 107,000, and the percentage of hospitalized people who had been vaccinated to 1.1%, not 0.1%. Since coronavirus cases in the vaccinated are seriously underreported and so are vaccine side-effects and deaths, the 99% number is simply not real. The CDC stopped counting COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated The trouble is, a lot of vaccinated people in the U.S. – tens of thousands of them – are getting COVID after their 94% effective shots. By April 30, the CDC reported that there were 10,262 COVID “breakthrough” cases among those who had been fully vaccinated at least two weeks earlier. They didn’t include those who had received only one shot or count those who had the second shot five or 10 days earlier. And they knew this was “likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons.” But rather than try to determine the real numbers, the CDC announced that they were no longer going to count cases of the coronavirus in the vaccinated if they didn’t wind up hospitalized or dead. How convenient. By April 30, 160 vaccinated people had died of COVID. A few days later, the CDC updated the data to say that 535 fully vaccinated people had died of the infection. As of July 12, 5,492 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection were hospitalized, including 1,063 who died. If the CDC knew that more than 10,000 fully vaccinated people were COVID-positive by the end of April and that was a serious underestimate of the real numbers, and now they have stopped counting so they have no idea how many vaccinated people are infected, how can they now say that it’s the unvaccinated who are spreading disease? Post-mortem in vaccinated COVID-19 victim We know from the first – and apparently only – post-mortem study of a fully vaccinated person who died of COVID that he had a robust COVID antibody response – the measure of vaccine success. But he was dead. He had detectable levels of viral mRNA in every organ tested and had what appeared to be a transmissible infection. So how can the CDC blame the unvaccinated for spreading COVID when the science says the vaccinated can be infected and transmit infection? In countries that do count the data, it’s the vaccinated who are dying disproportionately The CDC stopped counting a critical pandemic parameter, but other countries did not. The U.K. data on “variants of concern” reveals that there were 92 deaths of unvaccinated people compared to 163 among the vaccinated (most of them fully vaccinated). These mortality figures are miniscule in a country of 66 million people. But if you’re talking vaccine success, when you compare rates of deaths between the two groups from their case numbers, it’s the vaccinated who come out worse off – with odds of death nearly nine times higher than the unvaccinated. In Israel, it was reported June 29 that the vaccine was failing and most new cases of COVID were in the vaccinated. Roughly 60% of the patients in serious conditions had been vaccinated and, according to Hebrew University researchers advising the government, around 90% of newly infected people over the age of 50 are fully vaccinated. If in countries like Israel, with higher vaccination rates than most of the world, it is the vaccinated who are infected, and the vaccinated can get and spread disease, then it’s time to stop the “filthy unvaccinated” propaganda and let people make their own medical choices free of coercion.
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    Klaus and the WEF have been around for decades. They've always been low key and you wouldn't know anything about them unless you did your own sleuthing. Around 2017 they started getting more outspoken and more eager to push their agenda. They have a website that is loaded with information about unimaginable stuff that you won't hear about unless you visit the site. They also work hand in hand with the Bilderberg group, which I'm sure you've heard of. They're a big spiderweb of rich, powerful, globalist nutjobs. But back to WEF, you definitely should check them out. They talk about all kinds of crazy shit. I fire up one of their videos now and then. The other day I watched their video about Cyborgs and how we're going to become an "Internet of Humans" by interfacing our brains with a computer network. I laughed when I first started watching, but these guys are serious.
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    Could it be 'Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing' confusion?
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    And these are the people who send our kids to war?
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    Just buried a second cousin today. Died from covid pneumonia after being on a ventilator for 2 weeks and in a coma. He was unvaccinated. I'm glad this is all fake and it hasnt affected you at all. You'll get what's coming to you though. Can't wait.
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    They can’t move past this. Trump’s deal was to withdraw from Afghanistan. Which polls show the majority of Americans were in favor of getting out of Afghanistan. The deal said nothing about leaving Americans and weapons behind. The sloppy withdrawal is on Biden. Then next post here comes Frawk and friends “but, Trump’s deal.” Ugh
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    Awesome, when was the last time a Buffalo player got an advertisement gig like this? It's been awhile. My favorite commercial is still this one.
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    Thanks Dr. HipKat. LOL. A doctor without so much as an undergraduate degree. Imagine that. LOL
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    Great, more distractions. I’ll fucking punch a hole in a wall if this nonsense costs the Bills a game or even worse the season. Fucking embarrassing.
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    This is why I keep you on ignore because all I have to do is read your fucking thread titles super reminded of how much of a fucking idiot you are.
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    This is your best defense against the virus. You will also protect others by wearing this.
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    people freaking out over the Fields hit Yeah i kinda loved that one....dumb ass kid said last week the game moves too slow for him....well than....
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    These MAGA-Republicans are sheep. They liked to try and insinuated that they think the themselves but in reality, they're robots. Their handlers throw a hot topic out their and they jump all over it. Every few days till a week, it's something else that almost always easily debunked, but like robots, they have no ability to operate outside of their programming.
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