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    This is all such a huge waste of time and money. Russia collusion didn't stick, so now it's on to Ukraine as a last ditch effort to prevent trump from being a candidate in 2020, because the Democrats have no viable candidates. It's not so much his indescrestions as it is sour grapes and the complete shellshock that he became POTUS. If the left tried to do anything besides trying to impeach Trump over the last 3 years maybe they would have a shot. Quit whining and do something productive
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    Yep. They should have consulted Lit first, though.......
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    Dude is a masochist, and a number of us seemed to have figured it long ago. Science has proven every emotion creates an electrochemical response that you can get addicted to, whether you like them or not. And once addicted, your subconscious can work in ways you arent aware of to create more of the emotion you're addicted to. I think Sean might be seriously miserable if he were forced to be happy, and it's not necessarily his fault.
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    Tables have been smashed
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    Totally moronic statements dude. You speak for yourself only. You don't know shit LOL Stay bitter, cynical and angry. Your choice. See how that plays out for ya
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    Apparently, Donald also seems to be under the impression that whoever invented the wheel needs protecting as well. Whoever he was died even longer ago than Edison, as in maybe tens of thousands of years ago during the time of the caveman. (This of course includes Raquel Welch, the Flintstones, etc.) That's just a hell of an intellect that Donald possesses. I think I've been completely wrong about him all this time and now believe he should be appointed dictator for life.
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    it looks blindingly obvious if what this guy did is ok then wheres the fucking line? whats not ok? i though shooting someone in times square was a metaphor we're already way over the line as it is if we care about being a conscious society. hes a feeding leach of a person as he keeps his country destroying agenda up. but i guess thats a different debate. this is just part of his being a jerk who should not be followed of course we have enough evidence and testimony. way more than enough. but hes got the most powerful chair in the room and hes going to wring every exploit he can out of it. the gop will pull whatever strings they conjured and pull off the win truth: war is going to become the easiest option for him to buy the election. hes already demonstrated his concern for lives is when its convenient to him. its one of the things i hate so much about him. its such a douche way to act at life. serious consequences to your kharma, i would hope the logic of conviction is easy. the laws exists and he clearly violated them. unfortunately, i expect the political maneuvering to give it to don, the worst possible result more violation of the country. i would just give up on people ever listening for a while. you hope something changes in the future to get people to rise up against him. he leaves a highly destructive path in his wake gotta admit. it sucks. and it definitely hurts you. as a citizen. you choose it, you deserve it. i guess
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    Josh played in his 29th game today. He will be a 3 year veteran in just a few short months. Yet, against a bottom 10 defense, he threw 52%. Maybe we just need to accept that this is who he is, and hope that on an individual game basis that his running skills and playmaker nature overcomes his lack of accuracy. I don’t know. Just feeling so defeated. This was a Texans defense that Drew Lock shredded - 81% for 300+ yards and 3 TD’s.
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    I personally was flying supplies to Puerto Rico, they had Hangars and Hangars full of supplies. The problem was drivers didn't want to drive the supplies unless they were paid up front. Neighbors weren't helping neighbors like we say in Texas. It had nothing to do with Trump being a racist like the media made it out to be. It was such BS.
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    Sounds like we need to draft CB in 1st. This plus SF going to bowl with running game and defense will have Sean on suicide watch for at least 9 months. Stay away from sharp objects Sean.
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    Which ones has he not kept? You libs are like sheep just follow and believe lib unconfirmed statements
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    Cost of living is going up because of a certain thing everybody in the know likes to call a fiat currency And it's going up everywhere, as well as incredibly fast. In fact, this is something everyone should know about, be concerned about and understand how it works. Funny how the lamestream media doesn't seem to focus on this ... Just maybe, they are a bought and paid for media ...
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    Yeah, the advanced science of 1969.... Don't you have something from 1974, too?
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    I'm a big Shenault guy, it gets McKenzie off the field and likely off the team too. Running screens and jet sweeps with Shenault is far more lethal. I'm scared Eagles at 21st overall could take our WR we target though, so it's possible the Bills might look to trade up a few spots (no higher than 16-17, as they already know what they'd likely have to give up considering they did a similar deal for Edmunds). I'm hoping Eagles go CB though
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    I like Vince Vaughn's movies he seems like a good guy. He had a conversation with Trump and shake his hand, it doesn't mean he supports Trump and Trumps policies. Vince Vaughn is apparently a libertarian, and libertarian can be left or right leaning. I would lose respect for anyone that supports a president that want to use divide and conquer policies to tear people apart instead of bringing people together. Trump is the same person that used illegal polish immigrants to build the trump towers, that refused renting to blacks in the 1980's, that separated baby's from there mother's, that wanted to ban Muslims from the US twice, that refereed to Mexicans as rapist, murderers and drug dealers and lies a minimum of 10 times a day. It seems like republicans support Trump because he is from their team despite Trump being a piece of shit as human being, Trump being self serving and trying to use politician office to his own gain and Trump being even dumber than George W Bush. BTW I didn't like Hillary Clinton, thought the Democratic party made a huge mistake not nominating Bernie Sanders. I don't think anyone career should be over or they should be "cancelled" for supporting Trump, but I would lose respect for a Trump supporter. Trump supporters are gullible for buying the bullshit that a snake oil sales man is selling. Trump is a career con man.
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    I heard the French preemptively surrendered to Iran last week.
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    What money? You mean the money that was stolen from them many years ago and finally was given back? So murder isn't enough for necons, they also want to lie and steal? I thought that's what they accused the flaming types of doing? Iran can't even sell oil to it's own allies because of the US trying to push them into war like they did with Japan. It's sickening, and I wish people would throw out their TVs and stay off of establishment websites and start seeking out the stuff they keep from you, not the garbage they count on you to repeat like the obedient parrots like Frawk. I'm not about to put up with warmongering. I took some time away from this site, but I suppose I can unload if you servants of Satan really want me too. WWJD? Certainly not this crap.
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    Beautiful letter. But I'll be at the airport throwing snowballs at them if they don't win their playoff game next year.
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    Horrible. Still devastated.
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    1. Was money sent in for these prizes? If not, I am not sure if the courts will want to get involved in an internet spat 2. Lit, just send the gifts to these people. Its bad PR if you don't, and besides sending the prizes clears the air so folks can fight over whose fault is it that Allen is not yet a HOF QB.
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    Ahh the brilliant false dichotomy argument. You can be anti war and still be pro military. Being anti war doesnt make you pro terrorist. Holy shit you're stupid.
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    "If I win I may never see my property -- I may never see these places again," Trump said at an August 2016 campaign event. "But because I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go golfing, believe me. Believe me. Believe me, folks."
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    https://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/34181/we-ride-with-josh-bills-teammates-gush-about-qb-after-playoff-loss Sorry I'm not buying what Lit and Sean say. I'll go with his teammates.
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    Duke doesn’t play defense therefor McDefense couldn’t give two shits. Daboll: Coach we should activate Duke this week. McD: who? Daboll: the big tall dude who plays WR McD: huh? Oh? Can he play DE? Daboll: umm wha? No...but we McD: leave me alone. I’m scouting DE prospects for next year.
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    He ticked me off all game, his bread and butter defense not only allowed 22 points in the 2nd half and OT they also allowed two 2 point conversions. Also, why in OT did we not run the ball once we were beyond the 50? They do realize they were tied right? Got so ticked, be different if Singletary wasn't running so we'll.
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    Depends. Trying many places could get you a beating, but using it in San Francisco might get you a happy ending.
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    Sean, it's this thing we call CONFIRMATION BIAS. I suppose I can try to imagine you seeing ONLY those very negative tweets and posting them randomly, but if I was forced to bet, I might guess otherwise, knowing your nature. :) Weird seeing Lit being relatively decent compared to average in the Shoutbox. I think he's seriously trying to be a better member, and even dropkicked CBennett who was trolling harder than either of you even at your worse. I get that everyone is entitltled to feel differently, but many I wonder how far they are entitled to carry out the tantrums. I guess we're kind of lucky it's not a family board and you can curse non stop without any concern. Anyhow, that was one of the most exciting Bills games I have EVER seen, playoff or otherwise, The comeback was EXTREMELY improbable, and that "terrible game" may have easily been an OT win if not for that semi rate type of blindside block called on Cody Ford or any number of singular plays late in the game. I can't force you dude, but there is plenty to be proud of in addition to whatever else, if you can notice it. I like this team.
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    Lets go easy here thinking that its a good thing that some of the Texans starters are injured, the Bills have a history of getting beat by second stringers who we never heard of before. One would think that it would be a positive however not always the case with this team, guys on the bench make their name against us and spark their careers. With that being said lets win this game!
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    if you posted this AND twenty five other threads every week and twice on gameday criticizing every minutiae issue with the team, then yeah. and you would have earned it i told you before, just tone it way the fuck down on frequency. pick your moments when you just cant stand it. we all do that. but we all dont spam the forum with bulk negativity
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    If Cam Newton didn't play like crap and a pussy, our current HC would have had a ring.
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    Why not? I’m taking all my shit with me, fuck the kids........
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    After the service, I pulled him off to the side and I told him that I was sorry I hadn't been there in so long. I went on; "I don't know what is happening but something is stirring in me and it's painful All my life, I have walked in very dark places. All my life I have wandered in darkness and when I was at the deepest part of the darkest pit I had ever been in. When I was at the lowest point of my life, God revealed himself to me. I know my non-believer friends scoff at this, and that's OK. I hope they have the same experience one day. God led me out of that pit and he chose You to be the one who opened the door and it changed my life. It opened my eyes, most of all, and my heart. Four years later, I walked away, believing that God was real but not understanding why I was still living in dark places. I was confused and felt like I didn't belong where I was at that time and that I was alone. It was by sheer coincidence, or almighty will, that I tagged you in the first post in years that I had made concerning my faith. And it was that tag that allowed me to learn that you were retiring, today. It was with emotions running deep, that God again revealed to me today, here, that I will always find myself in lonely, dark places. That's the journey that was forged out for me. Maybe that's my penance for embracing darkness for so many years. God reminded me that he is my light in the darkness. And I love him for it. And I will always love and be grateful to you for opening the door that day." And then I left and here I am.
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    They're quick to point out the countries that have it, but not how well it's working.
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    I will say this ... if he were on the: cowboys eagles pats steelers giants packers he would be considered all pro and an “early HOF candidate” as well as on commercials, his own apparel line etc etc. and he knows it! Thats why you enjoy him while you can cuz he’s outta here soon.
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    I think he is Barkley, in disguise, as much as he loves the guy. Or his agent....
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    You have to be able to score on the PATS to win point blank and I’m not talking 17 pts either. 25 is the min no matter how bad the pats offense is
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    Pats will lose to TEN.... Be honest...we have 1 win tops.....anything else is gravy. I honestly won’t care as long as we beat HOU.... ...and the Pats are knocked out!
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    6 catches for 108 yards....nice. Pity he’ll be on the bench next week and not on the roster next year. Watch out when Beasley and Foster are dropping passes next week or when they get out muscled on plays next week.
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    The scenario would have been either we'd be playing NE or Baltimore in round 2. The scenario we now have is we'd be playing either Chiefs or Baltimore in round 2. Personally I'd rather the scenario that the Pats lose in wildcard weekend over anything lol Let's beat Houston then worry about where the cards land
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    He and TJ Yeldon add a different dynamic to our offense, we would explode.
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    Always “ the look at where it’s coming from bullshit”. Please if you would refute what is said, instead of where it was said. Thanks.
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