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    Bull crap. People have posted literal murders on social media and the companies are not held liable. They’re only doing this because Democrats have control now. It’s clear as day.
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    Colts were lucky they got the ball back.....that was a fumble if i ever saw one! No one touched the colts player until his knee was off the ground
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    I think Jungle may have died. I hope i’m wrong, but his profile hasn’t been active on here, or Reddit, since the summer.
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    Someone call all those GM's that voted Beane as the best GM this year. Let them hear this !! The travesty !! Take his award away right now ! End sarcasm
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    Agree. Moss perplexes me. He steamrolls fools catching passes out of the backfield. I think he’s pretty damn good as a receiving back. But as a runner? Meh. Not fast. No moves. And he’s getting dropped early. Motor is just slow. Again...I think he’s better catching passes out of the backfield. But my god that one sweep to the left in the red zone early in the game? Looks like he’s running in quick sand. Im excited to see Antonio Williams. I have a feeling he’s going to prove me right.
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    At least you got Trump out of office. That can be your silver lining as you lose more of your freedoms.
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    Agreed. As weird as this sounds, I almost want to get it out of the way so that I can enjoy the other games and relax. I love watching the Bills but assume I'll be a ball of nerves Saturday AM. This year isn't like the year we played Jacksonville, where McCoy was hurt and Taylor was averaging like 140 YPG, so watching the playoff game was a novelty. They can do it THIS year.
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    Will there be (covid-free) hookers and pizza? I’M IN!
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    I submit we are a much better team than the one that lost to KC and TEN and had close calls against NYJ and NE. Also remember we are a miracle hail mary away from 14-2.
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    Balls: everyone except McD No McD does not get a goat but damn I wanted 63 and it was there for the taking.
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    Lol lol lol What is Anthony WIlliams supposed to do ?? .... hey kid you got your one shot all year long. But please don't score on the poor gay sharks. You'll hurt their feelings. Same for you Barkley. Just throw it short. We scored more in the 2nd half with our backups than with the starters. If you can't stop a team filled with backups you don't deserve to complain about jack shit.
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    PS, put Allen & Diggs into a bubble. Like a giant hamster wheel.
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    A little Buffalo hate is a good thing. I love it
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    Bump! This guy has quite the set of nuts on him and I'm quite jealous of his bravado.
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    We’re still 11-3 and division champs without Lawson.
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    That was a fun as hell play, but there have been two plays that stand out in my mind as better. Zimmer stripping the ball from Cam Newton. That play changed the path of our season and New England's for good. I mean we all knew what the Pats would do when they got the ball back late in the game. I mean we had all seen it a thousand times before. Brady, Cassel, Cam, doesn't matter, its just what the Pats do. They toy with us. They let us think we will win for 57 or 58 minutes and then they march down the field and win the game as time expires. So there was Cam, and he was having a great drive, and so yeah Cam is gonna run for a fresh set of downs and Justin Zimmer knocks the ball away and the Bills win. Then Tauron Johnson with the pick six v the Steelers on Sunday Night football. Allen is cold, the Steelers lead 7-3, and it looks like its gonna be one of those ugly grind it out wins the Steelers almost always win. Johnson's pick six changed the momentum in that game.
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    Assuming they stay or get healthy from tonights COVID exposure event, they need to shelf that play for a couple weeks and spring it in the playoffs.
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    Pats fans are talking way too much shit on NFL memes right now. I don't know about Miami yet, but we need to beat the living shit out of the Cheaties. Fuck them, fuck their fans, fuck the media's masturbation of them, we need to bring the pain for 60 minutes and eliminate them once and for all.
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    Totally disagree about the rest last year. You don’t jump out to a lead like we had in the first half because you rested the week before. If the rest was the issue we would have come out flat. The issue was and maybe up to this game I would have said still is, we take our foot off the pedal when we have the lead. This just came to despite my previous call for resting guys, I don’t want to play KC in round two so the only way to guarantee that, if KC is in fact the #1, is not be below the #3 seed.
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    https://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/30532083/stefon-diggs-buffalo-miracle-man Good Read
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    Hey good for him, I'm awarding him +5 virtue points! He's still far into the negatives due to his history of cheating though.
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    Parler booted off of Android and IOS.
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    I provided this forum with the truth, free of identity politics and other additives that blur reality. This is something I rarely do, but since you're my Comrade I felt that you needed to know.
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    Skanky Comma-La waits not so patiently in the wings. Fweedom!!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry man. I have always loved your posts. But after today, i'm a bit done with it. Trump supporters are a serious national security threat. I don't know what kind of state of mind you must be in to be a fan of this guy. It boggles the mind. I mean, what is it? Do you have some fear of black or latino people? Did you really hate science and math in high school? Do you just love being told what you want to hear even if it is utter BS? I mean... What else could it possibly be? I'm disappointed. Blown away. In utter disbelief. (not that you'd care after this day's series of exchanges) Its like i said, this message board is fucking nuts. Bonkers. Lit (who has plenty of his own issues) should just change it to the Trumpalorange.com. It would be a much more appropriate name for this once great website. In the words of your idol, this website is "sad".
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    Doesn't matter who she was supporting. She died in support of a false prophet. A fraud. A man that only the stupidest among us would ever consider supporting. She died because of Donald Trump. Period. End of sentence.
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    Sorry we knocked your Dolphins out.
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    I'm sure you guys wanted Tim Tindale to start over Thurman Thomas when he ran all over a demoralized Dolphins team in the Bills last playoff win.
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    Hes definitely an option going forward but this thread is a gross overreaction. He had 1 nice run before the Tua turnover party started and basically deflated the defense. He had some nice runs but the holes were so big me you and your sister could have scored. I like his size and straight ahead running for short yardage but some of you go overboard On your reactions. Sit back now that the alcohol has worn off anf the excitement of the game has passed and watch it again like I am now. He's not taking anyone's job anytime soon.
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    I do find it more enjoyable that the Bills FINALLY began hitting the BIG play that broke games open...which I bitched about for weeks. Noticed the difference Instead of hanging on for dear life we are now DESTROYING motherfuckers. And that's because of the home run hitters. Pick 6s and punt returns are difference between good and GREAT.
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    Well, I guess you never have to post again. Say no more
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    Lawson was a fine player but you can't keep them all. 18 QB hits is nice though.
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    Wow. Everyone is certainly feeling it. I think they will win but I'm just still to scarred to predict them to crush anyone.
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    Our greatest living President; helping the American people right up until his last minute in office.
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    Its the Jim Marshall Effect, albeit on a more limited scale. Yeah, Jim Marshall was key component of the Vikings Purple People Eaters in the 1970s, started every game for almost 20 years and yet no Hall of Fame for him because everyone remembers one bonehead play he made in his second or third season in the league against San Fransisco. Honestly, the HOF and the Probowl are both popularity contests. White and Edmunds have been resurgent as of late, but yeah Cole and Poyer are more deserving of being named to the Probowl than Edmunds.
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    She's one of the few left that speaks any sense.
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    Garbage. Those cocksuckers in the House and Senate should have all their assets frozen and be forced to live on $600.
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    Is he always dancing or is he always dancing on the oppositions logo for away games? That’s a difference. Sorry, it’s an asshole move if he purposely dances on the opposition logo because the only intent is to provoke
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    What gets me, is where is the backlash on espn or anywhere for that matter? Can you imagine the backlash had someone said something like this about Lamar Jackson? They'd be called racist, have a bunch of whiners on twitter calling for the job and ESPN would give in and fire him.
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    Schobel was the definition of loser-time sacks. We would be down 28-6 in the 4th and he would get 2 sacks that meant nothing.
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    Shit like that pisses me off. I’m pretty sure there are no Nazis on this board, so if he is calling all voters of Trump Nazis then he needs to come out and say it.
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