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    This at least is something we can perhaps agree on. I hope countries go back to securing their borders and worrying about taking care of their own people and not importing the people and problems of other nations. Also, the mad rush to travel to everywhere and overrun cities like Venice with tourists and add to air pollution needs to be stopped. The one good thing to come of the virus is that there are thousands of fewer airplanes flying and the cruise ships, which pollute heavily as well, have more or less stopped sailing. Merkel even now refuses to close the borders of Germany. God forbid her obsession with the free and open flow of goods and people be checked.
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    My thoughts are that people like you are the reason hundreds of thousands of people may die. If only the trumpers could just infect themselves.
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    i hate to say this, but i think its more your general negativity than any real ability to see through them. the latter seems like it would be close to impossible i mean, you do get credit for being at least partially right, potentially confirmed right in the future depending on if they change anything now, but i maintain that you could not have made an accurate determination like that from the start. that was a guess and its way more luck than skill. that applies for most everybody
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    Wow. I like Diggs. A lot. I like this move. A bit hard to swallow after seeing Hopkins go for a 2nd rounder, but hey, I’ll take it. Diggs can be a true #1.
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    This isn't over by a long shot. Virus vectors can piggyback on each other; think of successive waves in a rolling tide. It doesn't end with this. We'll still have to deal with: 1) Dos Equis 2) Modelo 3) Pacifico 4) Victoria 5) Barrelito
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    Last season was soooo weird in regards to the deep throws. I've never in my 25+ years of watching football seen anyone be so incredibly bad at it. Unreal. Like some guy who's never played football before was doing it. .... yet like Sean says. In 2018 he was pretty good at it. WTF ?? I hope he gets it back this year. With Smoke and Diggs ?? ....you better be able to hit on those.
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    "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." —Jonathan Swift
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    Like i've said to you many times before, why dont you mosey on down to the ER and volunteer to help out, without any PPE? Then head back to your world and see who wants anything to do with you. Git-r-done jethro, times a-wastin'.
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    Snagbagpc is back in a forced labor camp in Vietnam Nam. But he was able to sneak this message out: “I am so extremely handsome to be part of your wonderous site as it is carefully expanding into new horizons and adventure! Please keep on this path so the obstacles do not become urgent. SJ post is delightful and I’m filled with serious geesebump when I read. Please keep him so the message can come forth and be fruitful”. im guessing that’s an upvote.
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    Always amused by people that have short sighted views. Let's see the big corporations like Boeing employ thousands of people. They also buy materials from 100's if not 1000's of other companies. The materials have to be shipped, which involves truck drivers and other logistic ways to bring materials to places. So not only does Boeing employ thousands but they also provide a buyer for other business. So let's just watch this billion dollar company file chapter 11. How many thousand of employees get laid off? I am sure French owned company Airbus would enjoy grabbing up the market share. More French get jobs while Americans go jobless. Now don't get me wrong, big corporations that are cash flush do not need help. They don't need the CEO's to give them selves raises etc. This happened in some instances during the Obama stimulus. However, it is more important to keep the cow alive that provides milk to everyone that, kill the cow to feed everyone once.
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    I see a lot of people on facebook clamoring to thank "Big Government" for taking care of everyone. "What would we do without big government! Take that you idiots who believe in liberty!" All I can do is shake my head. Big Government created this mess and now you're thanking them because they are throwing you a crumb or two? That's like thanking a robber who steals everything you own but leaves you enough to buy lunch. What a swell guy!
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    i am kinda mad but i love your for caring enough to do it thanks for all your well wishes. this is the most brutally difficult time of my life and it looks like the cavalry are busy working corona virus security
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    Wow you really are just a steaming pile of shit Your words are beyond useless.
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    Yes, there are wide variety of ways to not win the AFC East. Just think of the last 20 years and use your imagination.
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    Hell yes bring back Obama. He can lift the travel bans and bring us more corona virus. Woohoo!!
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    Wow this thread took a dark turn. yet I’m not shocked.
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    I like people who are unafraid, stand up for what they believe in and can be counted on to take the road less traveled. And yeah, SJ does just that. So, if I wearing a cap, I would tip it.
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    I personally loves Shannon Bream. She has good content AND gives me a woody. As for Fauci, the more I learn about his background the more I question his motivations here. Like this for instance in 2016:
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    Tucker Carlson and formerly Shepard Smith were the only people on Fox I can/could stand. Not sure if this part touched on it, but Fox does deserve some blame as well. But there were tons of other media sources on both sides saying that this wasn't going to be a big issue. All the shitty democrat media sources (buzzfeed, washingtonpost) all called the initial travel ban on china xenophobic and that we should just continue to live normally yada yada, then shit hit the fan. Would have hit the fan even harder if we continued to let people travel here from China
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    It’s coming from new debt, which the Fed is trying to generate a source for by purchasing back all the old debt with the current tax base and then going to leave everything else un(der)funded, until the new debt comes in and refunds everything they just robbed from. The problem is it’s essentially “fake money” that will ultimately sink the country into a true depression, IF we assume the money market actually is real, if it is, we are going down, if it’s all bullshit, life will go on pretty normally.
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    lolll, im just saying anybody that's still trying to attach negativity to tattoos/piercings is a fucking loser
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    Your TDS is embarassing. Enjoy Trump as YOUR PRESIDENT through 2024.
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    Well then, that's a problem. And I can promise you that. Our political system sucks, and the two party system is their to keep us divided. They are actors portraying politicians. Sorry, misunderstood. I know you wouldn't support Trump. But what I said above, holds true.
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    I see na Meme with Ozzy that said like,"Fuck, I could have TOLD you eating a bat was no good for you"
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    Bill Belichick also cheated a lot, he only got caught a couple of times, so imagine how many times he cheated and didn't get caught?
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    The best argument I’ve heard yet: you have 100 skittles. 3 will kill you. do you eat any of the skittles? Just stay the fuck home...protect each other and God willing, you won’t transmit this to someone you love. You wouldn’t be so happy if it was your parents, your spouse or your kids that was one of the 3%.
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    Post more, let’s hear what you have to say ! Everyone here are interesting.😎
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    I got so far in the dark web, they asked me if I could back out a little so they could finish decorating
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    What a Carolina guy? That seems out of character for Beane.
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    I likes me a good conspiracy theory but i dont quite get what the lie is and who is perpetrating it and what good does that person get out of a worldwide phenomenon and how did they get 150+ countries to join in. I am not about to read 5 pages of sackman and afroduche banter
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    You never answered me when I asked about your leader, how come you’re not bitching about this turd?
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    I can't wait til a month from now when Bowman is knocking on doors begging for a slice of bread and getting a 12 gauge in his face. I wonder how much lol'ing he'll be doing then.
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    Number 2 in the NFL in contested balls percentage and over 17 yards a catch. That's high number one stats right there. And good usage numbers when they THROW HIM THE BALL. Chill out out bro it's a good move and exactly what we needed for a playmaker. For 1 to continue to run the ball by putting pressure on the defense with his big play ability and 2 to improve our non existent screen game which he also excels at.
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    isnt this the second or third year in a row you bitched about the bills being inactive shortly after the starting gun, only to have beaner embark on a smart buying spree that drastically upgraded the team? its ryanhog day
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    We will finally find out if Bill Belichick can win with out Tom Brady. Belichick was a terrible head coach in Cleveland. He also didn't cheat as much as he did in New England so I'm sure that played a role in his winning games.
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    Hmm I don't know about this one. Not that I don't like Addison. But its roughly the same money it would've taken to keep either Lawson or Phillips who are both younger than Mario.
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    Buffalo has a talented 26 year old WR under contract for 4 years.
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    Just making sure I wasn't the only one. I thought somebody might have snuck Anti-Hipkat protection onto my computer.
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    Prove those numbers real/true. There's no way in hell you could.
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    Groove for a few years was the funniest thing on the planet. When I started buying Groo it was on Pacific Comics and I had to go to Empire Comics in Rochester to get it, or maybe another store near the House of Guitars. When Marvel picked it up it became more available and they changed nothing.
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    Yup, they'd be drafting new articles of impeachment as we speak. Of course, Obama could have been legitimately impeached several times but since he was always working for the bureaucrats that was never going to happen.
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    I mean the origins of it basically is a real-life umbrella corp in a real life version of raccoon city.
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    Yeah that's great. I can plug some suspect numbers into a calculator too. Coronavirus mortality rate 1 percent or less: US Credit: CC0 Public Domain A top US health official on Thursday said the overall mortality rate for the novel coronavirus was estimated at one percent or less, lower than previously thought, basing the new figure on a high number of unreported cases. It came after President Donald Trump was criticized for saying he believed the World Health Organization's reported death rate of 3.4 percent to be "false," based on a "hunch." Trump was invoking the fact the WHO figure is based on reported cases only, and as such the true lethality of the disease may only be understood better over time—a point on which health experts agree. "The best estimates now of the overall mortality rate for COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.1 percent and one percent," Admiral Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary of health said at a news briefing. "That's lower than you heard probably in many reports, why is this? Number one is because many people don't get sick and don't get tested—this reflects the overseas experience—so probably for every case, there are at least two or three cases that are not in that denominator. "It certainly could be higher than normal flu, it probably is, but it's not likely in the range of two to three percent." The seasonal flu mortality rate is 0.1 to 0.15 percent, said Giroir. Trump put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the US coronavirus response last week, amid complaints the administration had been slow to prepare for its spread. Trump himself has been criticized for seeming to low-ball the risk, and his comments to Fox News appearing to dismiss WHO data raised eyebrows including in his own Republican Party. "I listen to the scientists when it comes to the numbers, and I would encourage the president if he's going to report things to make sure that the science is behind what he's saying," Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters. There have been 11 reported deaths in the US and about 150 cases in at least 14 states with Texas reporting its first on Thursday. A cruise ship with 21 people who have symptoms was being held off the coast of San Francisco as California, the US state with the highest number of cases, declared a state of emergency. Thousands of people are traveling aboard the Grand Princess, the same cruise ship on which California's first victim was thought to have contracted the virus. The Grand Princess belongs to Princess Cruises, the company that operated the coronavirus-stricken ship held off Japan last month on which more than 700 people tested positive. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-03-coronavirus-mortality-percent.html
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