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    They would have. It was too much of a blowout to “find” enough votes. NJ is close enough and they will find the votes.
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    New Virginia Governor Republican Glenn Youngkin. Way to go Virginia. Also in NJ as of this morning it was 50-50 with Murphy and Ciattarelli. Hopefully NJ turns red as well.
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    Stop playing dumb on here, you know exactly what it's teaching the kids so don't try to play coy getting us to explain it to you only for you to come back with some copy pasta bullshit you found on the internet. What is critical race theory (C.R.T.)? Critical race theory is a concept, once the domain of graduate schools, that some observers say is now influencing American K-12 curriculums. The theory argues that historical patterns of racism are ingrained in law and other modern institutions, and that the legacies of slavery, segregation and Jim Crow still create an uneven playing field for Black people and other people of color. The idea is that racism is not a matter of individual bigotry but is systemic in America. Recently critics have made C.R.T. a catchall target for opposition to equity efforts, affirmative action and “wokeness” in general.
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    These people are actively trying to erase history, and you post about how history is history, and should be told accurately LOL All races had slaves BTW...has anyone taught you or F8 that? Let me be the first. The progressive/socialist left is not interested in accurately portraying history at all...they wish to destroy it and start over with themselves being the authorities on who and what is acceptable in today's America. You couldn't hit a beach ball with a telephone pole as a bat. That's how big of a swing and miss you've been in this thread.
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    First it was JJ Watt then Zack Ertz and in reality Beane doesn't even own a phone
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    Just another black face of white supremacy Right, F8?
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    We all know that F8 and the other loons hate whitey.
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    wow. i cant believe he lied and said he got the shot when he didnt. well, yes i can, hes such a douche irl if there was any doubt about this being his last season in gb, there isnt any now. you cant let a guy stick around after a lie that exposes the entire team to a deadly infection. this shit storm is going to have some lightning
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    if by we you mean the delusional MAGATs then Im sure you believe it, cause you are all the dumbest fucks in this shithole. The proof that you have sex with farm animals is about to become public so stay tuned! its juuuuuuuust around the corner.
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    We have video of a mom in Virginia speaking out because her daughter came home and asked her if she was born evil because she is white, and you wanna pretend that CRT isn't racist? We can't even land on a starting point in this discussion, and all you ever do is go in circles when engaged, so I'll pass on that waste of time. There are many publications and articles on CRT. Parents are educated on what it is. Do you think they are all up in arms and rising up against Dems over a nothingburger? Maybe you do think that, but my money is on the parents being on target, rather than a well known socialist/communist internet range loon. All this from someone who has no children from what we can gather here.
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    You can't prove there wasn't voter fraud in virginia.
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    On the plus side it's good to see Republicans win elections while distancing themselves from Trump. What could be a positive but probably won't be is that this should be a referendum for Democrats to get off their asses and do something. The only election that you could possibly win by being anti Donald Trump was in November of 2020. That's over. You have to actually do something to keep winning elections and so far the Democrats have not done anything this year. So maybe this will be a wake-up call but I'm not holding my breath
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    I think it’s illegal to midget toss while in ball gag.
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    @PhillyFaggot, I know you can't read, because you probably have your neighbor's cock in your mouth, but no one said Trump didn't put tariffs on anything, moron. We said China didn't pay the fucking tariffs, dumbfuck.
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    'Merica! No one from BLM or ANTIFA ran for a seat? I guess not because the mayor of Seattle just flipped red too. At Least 8 Republicans Who Were At The Jan. 6 Rally Just Got Elected To Office At least eight Republicans who attended the Jan. 6 rally in Washington, D.C., that turned into a deadly insurrection were elected to office Tuesday. Three were elected to state legislatures, and five won positions at the local level. Although most have claimed they didn’t breach the U.S. Capitol on that day, all were participants in the demonstration leading up to the attack, standing alongside extremists to take part in the finale of a months-long anti-democratic campaign to falsely claim that then-President Donald Trump hadn’t really lost the 2020 election. Their victories on Tuesday are a possible sign of things to come: HuffPost previously identified at 57 state and local GOP officials who attended the Jan. 6 rally, many of whom will be up for reelection — and will likely keep office — next year. That these candidates enjoy the support of the wider Republican Party and are winning elections does not bode well for American democracy, showing that one of the country’s major political parties, despite some initial gestures at being horrified by the events of Jan. 6, is almost completely unrepentant over its role in fomenting the historic attack on the Capitol. Among the Jan. 6 attendees who won office on Tuesday were two Republicans reelected to the Virginia House of Delegates: Dave LaRock and John McGuire. Earlier this year LaRock, responding to criticism from a Black elected official about his role in the insurrection, said the official should focus on “the needs of the colored community.” (He later apologized for the comment.) McGuire won his seat despite his Democratic opponent unearthing a photo showing him standing near men in paramilitary gear confronting police on Jan. 6. McGuire had previously claimed he hadn’t heard of the violence at the U.S. Capitol until returning home. The news, he said, had “shocked and horrified” him. Marie March, a restaurant owner who bragged in a campaign advertisement about her attendance at the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally and who in a since-deleted Facebook post warned of a “coming Civil War” in which she would be willing to “fight and die” for both her “family” and “small businesses,” also won a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday. In city councils across the country, Jan. 6 rally attendee Natalie Jangula won a seat in Nampa, Idaho, and Christine Ead, who did not enter the Capitol building and later wrote a Facebook post falsely blaming the violence on “ANTIFA and other anarchists,” won a seat in Watchung, New Jersey. Charles Ausburger also won a seat on the town council of Mansfield, Connecticut, an official at the town clerk’s office confirmed to HuffPost. Ausburger didn’t have to campaign too hard though: There were only eight candidates for the nine-seat council. Susan Soloway, who helped organized a bus to transport Trump supporters to the Jan. 6 rally, won reelection to the Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Board of Directors. Soloway attended the rally and later posted on Facebook a selfie outside of the Capitol, which she later deleted. She claims not to have entered the building, and to have turned over footage she took at the riot to the FBI. In Braintree, Massachusetts, a former high school teacher who resigned his position after local activists sent a photo of him outside the Capitol on Jan. 6 to the FBI, won a seat on the local school committee. Matthew Lynch received the second most votes in the six-candidate race for three open school committee seats. He told Patch earlier this year that the FBI has visited him twice since Jan. 6, but did not elaborate on what occurred during those interviews. In his correspondence with Patch, he accused the activists of “slandering me as a domestic terrorist,” and called them a “digital Lynch mob.” It’s unclear if he breached the Capitol building. At least one race involving a Jan. 6 attendees is still undecided. Monica Manthey is still awaiting results in her race to join the Annapolis, Maryland, city council. “I’m not a crazy insurrectionist person,” Manthey, who attended the rally but claimed she didn’t enter the Capitol building on Jan. 6, insisted to HuffPost on Wednesday morning. Asked if the riot made her rethink her support of Trump, Manthey replied: “I never rethought my support.” Elsewhere across the country, at least five Jan. 6 attendees were defeated at the ballot box. In Virginia, two candidates — Maureen Brody and Phillp Hamilton — lost their bids to join the House of Delegates. Steve Lynch, who pushed debunked conspiracy theories that the siege of the Capitol was a false flag event carried out by leftists, lost his race for county executive in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Incumbent T.J. Onerlaw, who said he got “pretty darn close to where the door is” at the Capitol but was unaware until later that night that anyone had breached the building, was defeated in his quest for another term in the Mason, Ohio, city council. And Edward Durfee Jr., a member of the far-right militia the Oath Keepers, a group heavily implicated in the violence on Jan. 6, lost a race for a seat in the New Jersey General Assembly. Durfee, who previously told BuzzFeed News he did not storm the Capitol but was working as security for the Oath Keepers, currently heads up the Republican Party in Northvale, New Jersey.
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    Did he have any symptoms? If he didn't he shouldn't be taking a PCR test because the exalted Dr. Fauci said he himself didn't need to take one because he has no symptoms.
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    “Much of what are called ‘social problems’ consists of the fact that intellectuals have theories that do not fit the real world. From this they conclude that it is the real world which is wrong and needs changing.” ~ THOMAS SOWELL ^^^^^^^^this above is what I think of academia in general
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    She is talking about her personal experiences with the schools. But you clearly know better and are in a better position to speak on CRT being what exactly? Are you a parent? Have you been in a school where this was being taught? Have you done a written analysis or study of the teachings of CRT? You're a clown that has an opinion that sucks, that's it. Millions of parents and numerous scholars > message board commie and the socialist/progressive clown show
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    Are you hinting that you believe the white parents are racists and that only whites have been critical of CRT? Because if so, then you clearly have little to no knowledge on the subject. You probably don't either way FWIW. To me, it sounds like you have an issue with white people. Some of these low key bigots are easy to mark, and I think we did it again.
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    Yes this one was on my local news and made National news. Condi Rice also said she isn’t ok with crt because she doesn’t believe in making white people feel bad for being white.
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    your recollection is spotty on this topic. i have no problem with the standing buffalo, never did, so i have no skin in this game. im just telling you the facts of what happened i went to several games a year back then because my best friends dad had three season tix, two for the parents and one for the kid. whenever the mom didnt go i usually got the seat bc my friend wanted me to go, though of course the father often brought his friends instead. the dislike for the standing buffalo was vicious in the tailgate crowd, it was the main topic of conversation every game. you could see it growing more negative as time went on it finally reached a crescendo where almost every group in the tailgate was talking about it every game. im sure much of it was driven by six seasons of terrible teams and seven years of no playoffs. this was nothing compared to the losing we endured more recently, but those fans were spoiled after making the championship game three straight years and winning two titles. by the end people were lighting flags or pictures on fire and kicking helmets around the parking lot so they projected their frustration on the standing buffalo logo. youre right, people used to make fun of it all the time. they said it looks like hes sleeping, just like the team. no wonder this team has no success, their logo looks like its long dead and petrified. i heard the one about putting grass under it and a tree next to it. seemed like there was no end to how many ways the fans ridiculed that logo ralph didnt want to change the logo so he dragged his feet while the sentiment against it grew. fans were writing letters to the editor of the bflo news every week demanding it be changed. some threatened to give up their season tickets or stop going to games in protest. i thought that was silly but thats have fervent the dislike became finally ralph announced they would start looking into a new logo. fans were ecstatic and couldnt wait to see what it would look like. rumors abounded, people claimed they had the leaked logo, all of them ended up being wrong and youre right, when the logo finally was unveiled fans immediately disliked the blue streak. they talked about making petitions to remove it, though i dont recall that actually happening. eventually it grew on them and became a non-issue. and yes, preference for the larger image on the helmet was almost universal so i will repeat, the love bestowed on Standie was not shared by your pre-1974 brethren. quite the opposite. those are just facts. the only reason its popular now it due to peoples tendency to favor the good old days, even if they really weren't good old days at all. thats called nostalgia and thats what drives todays love of Standie
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    Always playing the race card. Try as you may to make it more, blacks are still only 13% of the American population. Based on MSM, TV, etc. you'd think it was 35% or more...
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    Yes! Hate matte. Hate it.
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    Fake test. Fake positive. He doesn't have crap. Just a way to sway bets for Sunday.
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    you havent proven shit, you never do. Youre so fucking dumb you make a bag of hammers look like a reunion of Nobel Prize winners. Fucking MAGAT.
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    No one on here knows what CRT is either. Even after I posted a thread about what it is and isn't. Its just willful ignorance and racism. It's the GQP platform.
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    I hope they stay away from the red uni's though.
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    it doesnt matter how many times you make factually incorrect statements, they dont become true with repetition. it just makes you look even more stupid, which I know, is tough to do. but you got it done so kudo to you brainless halfwit!
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    I'm not disappointed dummy. I actually dont give a shit one way or the other. I just like mocking MAGATs for the retarded sheep that they are.
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    It drove up costs on some goods, but it was putting pressure on China and they were paying more to us....so get lost, fuckboi There's a cost to playing hardball with a foreign superpower like China, but the benefit is that we eventually become a greater exporter vs importer...which makes America stronger. You need to learn how things work, kid. Go back to school and out of the trailer park
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    I dont have any evidence but I'm certain they cheated.
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    Are you blubbering/crying in your beer this morning??? LOL. Cry me a river.
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    This election was clearly stolen and fraudulent. Bring on the audits!
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    Wow, there's no line of Leftist Howard Zinn-ish bullshit you WON'T believe in. Jesus appeared as a modern day Syian looks like for future knowledge. Here's a picture of my favorite Syrian - Syrian Girl! Now run along my little son, daddy SackMan will educate you more when I feel like it.
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    new one is better. Maybe enlarging partly back to red helmet size.(the 15% reduction when they introduced the mullet makes it too small) and adding accent navy to show depth and 3d would be only thing i would do. Like Vikings did. Nice look now for them.
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    New one is okay. I just find the old one superior.
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    It's okay to be racist towards whites, so I don't see any reason why it wouldn't get the green light. I wouldn't mind seeing the Bills use something similar to these:
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    yeah that's the reason. I still remember JP Losman starting hot in those uni's and then Bills still losing the game to a crappy Jets team at home no less. And don't forget the MNF game debacle vs Cowboys and Romo and the McKelvin fumble game vs Pats......lol It is all because of the uniforms. They also lost virtually every big game when wearing the ugly blue pants so lets get this done. Where do i sign the petition?
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    8-0 if Charles Clay doesn't drop an easy ball in the end zone where Allen made a spectacular play just to get the ball off in that loss in 2018 down in Miami.
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    That's not what we said you imbecile. We said US consumers pay the tariff, not chinese suppliers. that was a really really shitty attempt to re-write the narrative. gawd you are fucking dumb.
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    Oh t hose lying Democrats!!
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    Who thw fuck cares about a stupid Virginia mom? How is this relevant to the questions I asked? What do you think you proved? Lmao I am starting the discussion with: WHAT IS CRT IN YOUR OWN WORDS? and WHAT IS RACIST ABOUT CRT? All those articles and publications on CRT and you cite NOTHING except you say you have a video of a dumb virginia mother. Fantastic. Yes I absolutely believe people are up in arms over a nothingburger, because you can't answer any of my questions without going off on an incoherent rant.
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    I have said several times on here that I DO NOT support what Robin DiAngelo does. It's corporate bullshit. Just because some moron says all white people are racist, that doesn't make it CRT.
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