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    Nick Wright voted for Biden. What else would you know?
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    That gesture cost him $250K. Wow.
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    Just remember what we did with the 2 picks we got for Teller. 5th was used in the Diggs trade & 6th was used to draft Tyler Bass. With all the lousy kickers in the league, Bass might just have been worth getting rid of Teller. Look at the Chargers. Everyone thinks Staley is being so brave going for it on 4th down all the time, but if he had a kicker that he trusted he might play a little more conventionally. There's no way he's ever going to play for a FG with his crappy kicker. Against the Chiefs at the time some people were criticizing him for scoring a TD instead of running out the clock & kicking a field goal (on a windy day) with no time in a tied game. He knew how bad his kicker is, but there are no good kickers out there to replace Vizcaino. So he went for the TD because he has a kicker he can't trust. That decision was justified when his kicker missed the extra point-his 2nd in the game. Since then he missed 2 more this past week. Let's be thankful McDermott can call on Bass-O-Matic & not some bum like Vizcaino.
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    What a panty ass world we live in today. Everyone is so offended and lives are ruined over name calling(everyone on here is guilty of it). Meanwhile really sick individuals are praised and glorified. Divorce rates are through the rough because men would rather be diva bitches than having a backbone. Woman have no respect for you. I have to look at my WW2 vet grandfather, who has two Purple Hearts, to see what tough, honorable and better human beings actually looked like back in the day. They definitely are a rare breed these days.
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    Hahaha! I was a at a local dive bar and a bunch of bro dudes came in and started talking shit to a dude who looked like Brian Cushing in high heals and a dress. One of the best knock outs I've seen.
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    Not in any context. There are certain contexts in which you can say the word "fag", although it isn't common in the US. But that's not the argument. You are shifting the goal posts. This is clear as day intended to be derogatory language. You're not going to follow this up with, fag means bundle of sticks are you? LoL If I sent an email at my job using this language I'd be fired on the spot. This is not about "cancel culture". This is about accountability. If you want things like racism, homophobia, etc., to go away, hold these people accountable for their actions. If racist and homophobic remarks aren't a big deal to you, then you have chosen the side or bigotry. It's that simple. People need to be anti- racist and anti-homophobic because just being not racist and not homophobic is clearly not working.
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    Wtf does the word homophobic mean. Dumbest term ever invented. Scared of homos?
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    Talking to my friend who is a die hard Chiefs fan Sorenson has been horrible all year.
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    Great Memories there....
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    No, it's a real one I caught at Walmart trying to buy crickets!
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    that must be from V.
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    Better check his emails
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    My 90s guys are Dave Lapham and Ron Garney.
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    It’s not about what you do or did anymore, it’s about what you say or said.
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    Nice self report. I dont advocate for lynchings. That's what the right does.
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    The scary part is that if you read Peter Daszak's official paper that he submitted to DARPA for EcoHealth funding he admits that they have hundreds of variants. Of course it was under the guise of trying to find a cure for bat viruses that had never transmitted to humans but now we know exactly what they were doing. At this point they could release another variant and reset this mask, lockdown, and vaccinate shit all over again in perpetuity. You can read the whole document here.
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    The holding calls were bad. The calls did not go both ways equally, That's for sure.
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    It depends on your standard of officiating. I hold referees to a higher standards. If you and your crew generally make the right calls, get few supported complaints from the teams the following week, and don't negatively affect the out come of the game - You're a good referee and should go to sleep knowing you've done your job. But to be a great referee, you need to work Buffalo Bills games and make calls in the Buffalo Bills favor. To truly self-actualize as a referee you need to work a Buffalo Bills playoff game and swing the outcome in the Buffalo Bills favor.
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    Sure. The internet is full of it. Doesn't mean when your friend calls you gay you can't address it right then and there. At least people who are not cowardly would be able to do that. A true patriot would stand up against bigotry.
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    Who cares.....All i know im picking big time on Denver over LV! Freebee......
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    That's true. I've seen dudes in dresses beat the fuck out of people like you, all while wearing a pair of stilettos. Beware of the silent majority :-)
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    If he said it about or to a gay man I would agree that he is a bigot. I also don’t believe that Gruden thinks the commish is an actual vagina. I agree you would be fired but he wasn’t employed by the nfl at the time. I guess you and I have hung with completely different crowds, which is strange because we listen to the same music and the same sports, but never have I thought that when a friend said “hey that’s gay as hell” or something of that sort, that they hate homosexuals. Geez, if that’s the case they need to get rid of South Park and half the other shows, movies, comedians. Eddie Murphy should be cast out of the country.
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    You're the morality police now? If only we could all be as virtuous as you! LOL
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    We live in an Orwellian world. Everyone needs to admit that they have done or said something that was offensive. If they dug up every email everyone ever posted, in todays world they could fire anybody. That includes Goodall. I am sure Shula, Ditka, Lombardi, Jimmy Johnson, etc…etc… etc…. Have done or said something that could have “offended” somebody. Electronic surveillance is a big reason politicians “stay in line” these days. Big brother has enough goods on everyone to destroy them.
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    I believe in this team, I really do. We shall see but making the Playoffs is not impossible. Go Sabres
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    Poor Nathan Petermen, there goes his job
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    Twitter: A law firm was paid to investigate Washington Football Team. We didn’t see a single email from Dan Snyder and never a written report. Yet all of Gruden’s emails come out from an investigation he was even not the subject of. Strange until you remember that OWNERS run the league. https://t.co/HJyMt2SGPB
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    We gotta extend this guy after this year. He's such a huge upgrade over Brown - I was not expecting that at all.
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    I hope they enjoy admiring that Lamar Hunt Trophy, because they won't have it at the end of this year.
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    Good. Maybe they'll start winning again.
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    Probably somebody he pissed off recently. Who the hell hangs onto their emails that long?
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    Saw it live…dude thought this was going to be picked off… NOT
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    LOL Sorenson. I wouldn't be surprised if he was paid to fix the game. He was that bad last night.
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    Allen was on fire last night throwing those dimes in a monsoon
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    Lol I saw that post you made on there saying that….got them all riled up😂
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    Except the Bills defense.
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    That pass to Enter Sandman. Allen is amazing.
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    That's usually good enough for you "followers of science". LOL
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    Reptilian and Republican both begin with the letter R. What a coincidence.
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    dont care about the charts. It's the explanation of what is a hold. Grabbing a jersey inside the shoulder pads is not holding.
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