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    After going through that and seeing other Chief fans on social media…they all seriously think their D has no chance. It’s that bad. But again, I heard the same shit twice last year. I can almost guarantee their D will play lights out. Why? Because we can’t have nice things that’s why. Conversely they all think their offense is gonna put up 50 on us and of course win.
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    Chiefs coming down from that pedestal Sunday night. 2 & 3 baby, last place AFC West!
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    Let's go Brandon! Hundreds of Michigan Trump supporters displaying flags and signs lined up along the roadway to greet Joe Biden’s motorcade during a visit to promote his $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” spending bill. The massive crowd waited for hours Tuesday in Howell, Michigan to jeer Biden on his way to tour the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324 training facility and give remarks about his massive spending package. This video shows Biden’s motorcade driving through the protesters: The scene from Biden’s point of view highlights that the crowd could not easily be ignored, as hundreds lined the streets with tents, chairs and pickup trucks. Many of the more prominent flags and signs displayed messages like, ‘Cheaters Got Caught,’ ‘Fuck Biden’ and ‘Trump 2024.’ “I wish he’d stay out of this state and leave us alone,” one Michigander told ABC 7. Biden was even booed as soon as he began his speech! But he totally won 81 million votes, the most of any president in U.S. history, Biden reminded the audience in reference to the “Fuck Joe Biden” signs. LINK
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    Saw that this morning. The Drew Rosenhaus makes numbers look a little funny (and that's what you just did) bit had me in stitches.
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    You don't have to be humble, do you not read your daily posts?
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    He really should take a one year contact in Buffalo to help get us a championship. it is the right thing to do for the team that drafted him.
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    Now that he is out of money he has no friends
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    Trust me guys he got 81 million votes while losing almost all of the Bellwether counties.
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    Resident Pessimist at his Best
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    Chiefs 29 Bills 27 Bass Pro miss costs us game and new punter allows another blocked punt for TD.
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    Twitter a "whistleblower" that's pushing for more censorship is getting support from mainstream media, can the script get anymore obvious
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    Sitting in Spain (Barcelona). 80% Vaccination rate, high use of masks in situations that people are in close proximity and looks like a buy in from close to all the population here. Life is very close to normal and people are respectful of wearing a mask and just going about their daily business.
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    It's poison for us all...not just our kids. If we could all reach that conclusion and take steps to get away from it, we would all be happier and maybe even somewhat united.
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    Good! No one not double vaxxed should be allowed to attend. The Black Plague .... errr ... Covid is an existential threat ... Like Global Warning. That's why Poloncarz should ban any owners of sports teams from having said ownership if they themselves own assets that contribute to the other existential threat Global Warming .... I mean ... Cooling (I'm showing my age) ... I mean Climate Change (That's the ticket) ... wait a second ... Could that be the reason the Pegula's have gone along with the Vaccine mandate so that nobody notices their other business interests and how they cause polar bears to fall of the sky and die or something, something.
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    Or vs the Chiefs in general. IIRC we scored first in the championship game last January and still got whoopped.
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    LOL, yeah right. Gilmore only does what's right for himself.
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    Funny as our backup qb played more than normal due to the blowouts.
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    Regardless, you're still taking what I said and twisting it around to fit your own narrative. Not having antibodies doesn't mean you're going to die so trying to say that 36% of the people who had covid are going to die is utterly ridiculous. By the way, the rate of people getting vaccinated has gone up and the numbers have gone down 30% since the last Spike reached its peak. Coincidence? I think not
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    So you're saying all of these reports are fake while a Pfizer scientist admitted on camera that they're studying heart issues in youths getting vaccinated? It must be nice to see the world through Stevie Wonder's eyes.
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    His method of completely shutting it down and being a cancer when he wants a new contract is effective, I'll give him that.
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    I don't know where you got that from, I said the article I posted cited that 36% of people who got covid did not develop antibodies. How do you get that means they died? Btw, I have to go look for it but if I remember correctly The source was the AMA
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    Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports Rousseau quiet, Brown starts and Basham gets a sack The Buffalo Bills handily won their matchup this past Sunday against a hapless Houston Texans team 40-0. Thanks to a strong defensive effort, as well as an overmatched rookie quarterback, the team recorded their second shutout of the season. The offense was easily able to move in the ball—both passing and rushing—but bogged down a couple times in the red zone early in the game. The game was also notable in how much time on the field several of the rookies received. More about how each rookie performed against Houston below. DE Gregory Rousseau More a function of how much the coaches consider him a “starter” on defense, Rousseau only played 18 snaps against the Texans. This is due to the game’s status as a blowout. However, the rookie very clearly struggled in comparison to his defensive linemates, thanks to the presence of Laremy Tunsil at left tackle. The veteran stonewalled the rookie on most pass rushing snaps, although Rousseau held his ground in the run game on most snaps. DE Carlos Basham Jr. Both active and in his Buffalo Bills debut, Basham out-snapped Rousseau on the day while coming away with a sack. The sack was mostly the result of hustle and Star Lotulelei flushing David Mills. Basham was noticeably sluggish in his burst off the line, and his bull rush was usually not enough to threaten tackles. There is a reason he’s been inactive for most games. OT Spencer Brown Brown made his season debut as a starter, in replacing Daryl Williams at right tackle. The rookie third rounder acquitted himself well, with a few signature blocks in the run game—including executing a key reach block that sprung Singletary for nine yards in the second quarter—and more than held his own in the passing game. Brown’s smooth feet and movement skills are clearly evident, although he had some breakdowns in hand usage. It mostly didn’t matter because Josh Allen was able to get the ball out so quickly. An impressive first showing for Brown. OT Tommy Doyle Like his fellow classmates, Doyle saw some playing time as well, with nine whole snaps. Stiffer in comparison to Brown, the rookie displayed some good strength at the point of attack on several run attempts. WR Marquez Stevenson Stevenson was still listed on IR with a head injury, despite this week being the first that he could be activated. It will be worth seeing how long this continues. S Damar Hamlin The rookie safety was both active this week and saw the field on defense due to the game’s status as a blowout. In his 13 defensive snaps, he did manage to record a very pretty deep pass breakup that was perfectly timed. He also saw some action on special teams. OG Jack Anderson On September 21, the Eagles signed Anderson to their 53-man roster and off of the Bills’ practice squad. View the full article
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    More fun fact…everyone plays the Chiefs close…except the Bills. Their biggest margins of victory? Both times against the Bills. Think of all the shit teams that played the Chiefs better than the Bills. Again….what the FUCK?
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    It would be more hilarious if Chargers come to Buffalo in January and it will be a balmy 60 degrees. And remember the Chargers did beat the Steelers in an AFCCG. Pittsburgh was heavily favored at home in an AFCCG back in the early 90's.
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    #fakenews and more vaccine misinformation from the range's tween meme poster.
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    The people that make that dumb argument always seem to forget that Chicago and both NYC teams sell out consistently.
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    My sister and I after a meal at Sambos!!
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    seandelevan, in going through the posts did you also notice Chiefs fans are not very knowledgeable politically like we are here on the RANGE?
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    If Allen does go 0-3 against KC, he’s still my man.
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    Couldn't they have found a smarter man?
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    The only unvaccinated people I really care about anymore people who cannot get it because of medical reasons. I'm just sick of all the false information and it comes from both sides but the anti-vaxxers are the worst because they completely ignore, intentionally, how the vaccines even work
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    I saw a Charger fan in E Aurora once....
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    Its a shame too because they seem to be heading in the right direction. Herbert looks better every week and their new coach seems to at least have a clue. Isn't it the same with the Dolphins though ?? .... Every time we play there it seems like half the stadium is Billsmafia. They also never sell out a game. Like ever.
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    If the league was going to move the Raiders and Chargers then they should have had the Raiders join the Rams in LA and let the Chargers go to Vegas. JMHO. Raiders have a fanbase in LA, the Chargers don't.
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    He really just needs to shut up and play. He made his stance clear.
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    Not to mention the fact that this tweet shows that he is being willfully ignorant about why people need to be vaccinated and who it is that Is being protected
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    Maybe if the NFL would put an original team in LA and keep them there they could build a fan base instead of being gifted teams that are 2nd hand.
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    There are a lot of Raider fans when the team was in Los Angeles.
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    I'm calling this with science - good science. 1) The Jacksonville Jaguars knocked Buffalo out of the Playoffs in the 2017 - 2018 season. What happened to them in the 2018 - 2019 season? 2) The Houston Texans knocked Buffalo out of the Playoffs in the 2019 - 2020 season. What happened to them in the 2020 - 2021 season? 3) The Kansas City Chiefs knocked Buffalo out of the Playoffs in the 2020 - 2021 season. God, too, will punish them. I expect the smiting to start at Arrowhead (RACIST NAME) Stadium 10 Oct 2021.
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    Rofl. You are cheering bills players no matter their decisions? So you would cheer for Kapernick if he would have been signed by the Bills? Lol … hypocrit
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    A smart man would stop talking about it. Need I say more ?
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    The issue is that the fans aren't Booing him. He's mistaking cheers for Bees... for Boos. It's not a reaction of a professional athlete that's hyper focused on his game. It worries me that he's going back down this path, almost looking for a twitter scrap over it while the majority of people have accepted his choice and moved on. I don't want issues in the locker room this season and this issue with Beasley keeps bubbling back to the surface and it seems like he's the one blowing bubbles.
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    Maybe people should give up on the vaccine shaming? You think? He has solid points that get backed up by science that isn't tied to vested interests everyday. (See the politics section for a taste.) I think people should just cheer him for being a Bills player and lay off the political stunts but that's just me. I'm cheering the players whatever their decision is.
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    Unless McD completely changes his conservative approaches to defending the Chiefs we don't have a shot in this game. Best we can hope for is not to be humiliated. Agreed with whoever said Allen will come out trying to prove haters wrong and will undoubtedly be overhyped and go into hero ball mode and end up costing us. I would love nothing more than to beat those dudes. But they got their mojo back dropping 40+ and will be at home on a nationally televised game. We don't stand a chance.
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    What a homo lol. Left-Wing insurrectionists, but the assholes that did Jan 6th were NOT insurrectionists>> ok.....
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