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    It's like CBA pointing out to Sack that the shit he posts trying to debunk the vaccines actually show how effective they are, when they make accusations that they're the ones who are guilty of them
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    First off YOU use the gay tag, because YOU are the faggot. Calling anyone else a faggot just points how deep you are in denial. Just hit me up for dick pics. I know you want one. Maybe I'll be nice and give you 2. Second, gayboy, the charts ARE the data. Try getting your head out of your ass long enough to actually look at them, asshole.
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    lol so you're using a whataboutism to blame Biden for a drone strike that was authorized by Military commanders. OK, makes sense. MAGA's get dumber and dumber every day, making shit up to try and make an unwinnable argument So, Nuke, let's see you use that same whatboutism for the stock market that you specifically cheered about often when Trump was president, hypocrite
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    They finally gave up the routers.
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    He said, "the bucks stops here; with me." So, okay you kept and brought in a bunch of buffoons in the NSA, State, and the Pentagon so, yeah the buck stops with Joe and his puppet handlers at the WH. I'm sure is response was, "do what?, when thy ran it (insert any topic here) by him. 5 minutes later the puppet handlers said, "he said yes, for the record".
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    Short Attention span
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    The fact he thinks is a true forensic audit is funny enough, but I made the mistake of looking to see his reply to me and not surprising, the douchebag thinks I'm panicking?? @PhillysGayest, look, you no character, brain dead piece of shit. Morons like you who only know happiness by making sure the other side is unhappy are a blight on this planet. I should pray to whatever God allowed a fucktard like you to even exist that you get caught in a drive-by, but that won't happen because I'm pretty sure you're not only old as fuck, I doubt you ever leave your crusty little tenement dwelling. Why would I panic when I said that even if they try and pass off some bullshit about the results, it won't change anything?? If anyone should be panicking, it's you and your other idiot peers on here for looking like the complete retards that you are when NOTHING HAPPENS! Or better off, do panic, slash your fucking wrists in frustration and check out, which will have an immediate positive impact on the planet.
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    This is the exact scenario of not being invited to a birthday party and then being "fine i wasn't gonna go to your birthday party anyways" lmao. They are boycotting you already. Probably a good idea with the Jets game, NJ will probably follow suit. I hope I'm ok for the Titans game...
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    Levi Wallace is toast. Forget what the Tweeter is telling you to look at. Look at the BOTTOM of the screen and check out the terrible coverage…
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    It's also a crime to force vaccinations upon people. It's called the Nuremberg code.
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    I thought that too. That was no the play for him to try and loft it in there. Gun it Josh.
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    Bills bounce back with an easy win 35=10
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    Why are you so butthurt, son!? Little things like rep emojis getting under your skin? LOL Imagine claiming this place means more to others than yourself while creating a sock acct to combat those reps that are completely warranted BTW. You're a fraud on top of being a pathetic loser sheep.
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    My biggest concern is what they did with the routers in the 9 months they've been stashing them. All of that stuff should be open to inspection to ensure election integrity. This isn't some 3rd world country.
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    I understand that if you bake a cake for a gay wedding you will not need to show any immunization proof.
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    You noticed that too? Trump was responsible for everything. Even the deaths in China. Biden is responsible for nothing, even innocent deaths caused by his military. Liberal hypocrites.
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    he looks like an electric football player piece before the electricity is turned on.
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    On his watch. You fucks CONSTANTLY said that regarding Trump. Same "rules" apply now. Sorry. Turnabout is fair play. Blood on Biden's hands.
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    HipKat claims that he used to be a Republican. He's a liar.
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    Is that anything like Texas allowing bounties to turn in anyone who assists in someone getting an abortion??? Those bounties they like, apparently
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    The drought fried my brain. Sometimes I find myself back in that "keep your expectations low" mindset.
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    Doesn't surprise me one bit. Biden has always been the real racist, and Dems have kept them poor, stupid, and living in ghettos where they are set up for failure. Remember the BLM movement and all the talk about racism? That shit was a tactic used during the campaign leading up to the election, and it's now practically an afterthought. They never have and never will truly care about anyone except their donors and fellow elites. If you support them, you do so knowing that they will toss you to the curb whenever they decide you have no use. Stupid motherfuckers that keep corrupt crooks in power is what you are
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    They're too stupid to realize that THEY are the actual cultists.
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    This might be the most poorly executed game in McDermott's tenure. Talk about playing while sleepwalking.
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    what's fucking ironic is that the restaurants will now be encouraged/mandated to serve only the people that likely were trying to keep them shut down for the last 18 months. While not being able to serve the people that were fighting to keep them open Here in LA county it looks like the vaccination proof will start October 1st, however as of now it is not law for places to follow it.
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    says the guy in a cult. send us a memo when any of these fantasies have real world results.
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    Here's a guy that will never come to terms with anything that goes against what he's been programmed to believe. What a dope
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    Awesome, when can we apply this "public health burden" rule to druggies, fatties, alcoholics, and people who smoke 3 packs a day?
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    You need to come to terms with the results of the 2020 election. Oh wait, you're part of the 59% of cultists.
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    You can get EJ Gaines cheap
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    Common Lit. You've posted these types of threads the past 2 years. I'm sure you can find missed plays on every game for every QB in the league. Don't nitpick. For all we know Allen wasn't looking at Sanders because his progression had him looking elsewhere by that point. I know he played like hot garbage on sunday but this is more you with your occasional anti Josh tirade than anything else.
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    The biggest cult is the TDS crowd you belong to
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