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    This team isn’t great. No chance at SB. I mean even convincing me playoffs is gonna be hard. Truth is; 1. Wasted draft picks. Rosseau is a project. Maybe he works out. Maybe. Our second round pick the last two years has been DE. One was inactive and other I didn’t know if he played cause he didn’t make a difference. 2. RB. How we did not trade up for Harris is still mind boggling. 4 teams in a row have now shown the league. Stack secondary cause they can’t run. What’s crazy is even with a defense playing that package they know Singletary can’t beat them! Yet we have 3 DEs who were drafted instead and none make a difference or even close to it. 3. O-line has regressed terribly. Needs a massive make over this off season to add to list of other major needs. Anytime we face a decent front four/pass rush… we are screwed. 4. CB. Huge problem since we have 1 capable NFL starter in White and personally I think he’s overrated. This might be the first round pick next year. It’s that bad. Bills better be checking free agent market for corners cause what we have now ain’t gonna cut it. 5. Josh Allen. Hasn’t looked good since week 17 vs Miami. Let’s be honest. Last year IMO was his ceiling. I mean with that crazy contract we are stuck with him but man he is terrible in big games. Overthrowing is a massive problem. If he hits Sanders which most nfl qbs would have… bills prob win that game. 6. Sorry guys but this team is flawed and better to accept a long season now then watching with false hope. They will lose to Miami 100% this weekend. Hope I’m wrong.
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    I get it , I think everyone on this board gets it, but bro, you are fucking broken record. I'm not happy at all with the team in general right now. That was a Shit show we watched Sunday afternoon. A rookie DE was supposed to take over the game? Rousseau did not play like an all pro in first game? I don't understand why Basham didn't play especially with Star not playing. Frazier was playing pussy ball and it worked in the 1st half, IMO the issue has always been and still is in game adjustments. Lastly Daboll quite possibly called the worst game as Bills OC. oLine got their junk pushed in, Allen wasn't getting help and regressed. Wrs weren't getting separation and had several drops. I think not having Allen working with starting Offense in preseason games hurt us the most. I'm done!
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    All you need to do is watch the press conferences and see that his mic gets turned off. Source doesn’t matter. See it for yourself. s
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    Top US Gen. Mark Milley thought then-President Donald Trump's mental state deteriorated after the 2020 election, according to a new book. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election," authors Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post write in their forthcoming book, "Peril," set for release on September 21. The Post and CNN obtained early copies of the book and published excerpts of Milley's reported reaction to Trump's behavior in the wake of the presidential election that Trump falsely claimed was stolen from him. In the days after the January 6 riot, Milley believed that Trump was "all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies" and feared that the president would "go rogue," per the book. The Post and CNN obtained early copies of the book and published excerpts of Milley's reported reaction to Trump's behavior in the wake of the presidential election that Trump falsely claimed was stolen from him. In the days after the January 6 riot, Milley believed that Trump was "all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies" and feared that the president would "go rogue," per the book.
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    After that tough loss I figure it's time to look ahead to week 2 against Miami. Many times playing Miami in Miami can be a disadvantage weather wise, but considering the weather in Buffalo has been close to 80 all week, I don't see it being too big of a factor, the high for day in Miami is expected to be 87. So not that big of difference, field wise it should be hotter, but I don't think it'll be a factor. Negatives for this game, Miami has been thinking about this one since the schedule came out. They were a win against the Bills away from the post season and they got trounced by a team that had nothing to play for. They've had to deal with that for the last 8 months. That's huge motivation for this game. Another one, they at least on paper, ha e a better O-line than Pitt, coupled with a RB that unlike Harris, gets involved in the pass game. Harris didn't have a reception last week and Gaskin had 5. They have one of the better CB groups in the league. Howard and Jones are a very good duo, and the guy they drafted last year in the first should be a good nickel. Positives for Buffalo - Unlike Pitt, Miami doesn't have a top pass rusher, not even close to either Watt or Heyward. So hopefully the line can give Allen more time. By blitzing, which they should do to get some kind of pressure, it should give some one on one matchups which the Bills should be able to take advantage of. Allen shines against Miami, he seems to always do well against them. Mac Jones had a really good game Sunday, despite Miami's secondary, so Allen shouldn't have an issue. Tua, he has his moments but I'm still not impressed and the Bills should be able to get some turnovers. Overall, I think it's a tougher matchup than it has been the last few years. I think Miami will come out and play on emotions during the first half and won't be surprised if they have the lead going into half. Emotions wear off and the Bills get a couple turnovers from Tua to take the win. Bills - 27 Phins - 20
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    Yes. I would then begin to dread that we could be one of those teams that were great one year followed by being terrible the next year…thus yet again, making for another mind blowing chapter that is the book of shit that is the Bills.
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    It's alright guys, we're going to be righting the ship this Sunday. We're big mad now.
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    You’d think so? But if statue Big Ben played relatively clean Sunday I can’t imagine what Mahomes will do to us. We have no Myles Garrett or a Clowney. They’re going to fuck us up again.
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    Punting experts were quick to point out that what Haack did was something high school and college punters do….which is not good if you are in the NFL… I will still die on the hill that directional punting is far superior than power punting. But right now I’d say BOTH Haack and Bojo are fucking garbage.
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    Goats go first since we lost Sean McDermott. Outcoached. Insanely bad decisions on the 4th downs. Going for it on 4th and 8 ??? .... not going for it on 4th and 3 and 1 in the first half ?? And then allowing that inexplicable play call on 4th and inches. The game changed right there. Way to be unprepared for a game. Special Teams. Not so special aside form McKenzie and Bass. Hauck nearly got tackled. That's how bad that was. Josh Allen. Awful game, jittery, inaccurate. OL. Pathetic. Probably the worst unit on Sunday. Allowed pressure on almost every play despite hardly ever facing a blitz. Honorable mention to Dawkins who was abused by whoever he faced on almost every down. 2nd half D. Kinda feel bad putting these guys here after they pitched a shutout in the 1st half. But the game is 4 quarters long and they allowed Pitt to score on every possession in the 2nd half. Daboll. Became obsessed with passing and never adjusted despite the OL's struggles and the heavy zones Josh was facing under pressure. The 4th and inches call will live in infamy for ages. Refs. The weekly goat for another pathetic game from the worst refs in sports. The PI on Wallace was tacky, don't get me started on the White int that got called back. 2 huge calls. Did anyone see the roughing the passer in the Miami game ?? ... These guys are just awful Balls Singletary. Ran with a purpose when given the chance but Daboll never cared for it. He was pass obsessed despite the obvious troubles we were having. Bass. Made all his kicks. Isiah. Looked fantastic on return duties. Its just one game so lets not get carried away. For all we know this is what this team needed after an entire offseason reading/hearing everyone already putting them in the convo for Super Bowl winners. A humble pie if you will. With that said. Daboll, Allen and McD should be worried and occupied with what appears to be the solution to Josh Allen. Pitt and last year Kansas and Bmore all did the same. Heavy zones and pressure with as little people as possible and Josh has struggled. It needs to be addressed.
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    Yep, this game is a must win. The Bills should strive to win all of their conference and division games.
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    Seditious, treasonous federal employees caused COVID. They purposely hid Fauci's gain-of-function experimentation. The Aquarian would have stopped it cold. #THERESISTANCE, my ass. You also need to apologize for killing people in Afghanistan and causing COVID.
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    Bills are going to lose to Miami. Miami will not continue to suck against Allen. The must win will be the WTF football team on game 3. If we lose there, then we can truly say What The Fuck?!?!?
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    Mental midget - not to mention the fact he's only 5'7". Midget in that respect too. LOL
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    Can't agree with a week 2 game being a must win. It is however as close to it as possible. Its not like its a game vs the NFC. You obviously can't fall behind a division rival 2.5 games. But its not like they are gonna steam roll everybody the rest of the year. And we do play them again, at home. Sooooo. They are an improved Miami team. But not a playoff caliber team IMO. That's what makes more noise to me. This is a team we always take care of. Even when Josh wasn't Josh he's had their number. We have to win these games if we really pretend to fly with the big boys. I do agree with Sean that if we lose this pay will burn
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    He's a blind midget retard. What do you expect?
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    I didn't think Rousseau played that bad...but watching Monday night, Oweh seemed to be all over the place, the guy went one pick after we took Rousseau, might be kicking themselves on that one
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    We certainly have to attach the caveat, "if true", but even so, Milley, as the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council is outside the chain of command of military forces in his advisory role and does not fall in line with control of nuclear weapons or direct orders to the armed forces. There are too many unanswered questions and of course consider the source; the Washed Up Post and Boob Woodward, the leftist and exaggerator to the max. Milley has to be heard from and come clean. He's a damned wind sock that has no place in general officer rank. He has shown that long before this latest blockbuster story; and at this point it is only a story. I still find it mind-blowing that Pea Brain Pelosi thinks she is in charge of Washington and Milley does too apparently. Ralph Nadar was right. Washington DC was hijacked from the American people; a long time ago. There is too much piling on of bad events as of late.
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    @PhillysGayest once again you use the word homo, further enforcing the fact that you actually are one but Flynn did not get trouble for a phone call, his problems came from lying to the FBI and Donald Trump tried to dig up dirt on a political opponent. Completely different than warning a fellow super power that a complete braving lunatic sitting in the White House was on the brink I'm starting a war that would probably devastate the entire planet, not that you would care because you're too fucking stupid to care but facts are facts
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    Sean is right, it’s basically a must win. Honestly, I think that’s part of the reason McD was so pissed about last weeks loss. I’ve never seen him so testy during a press conference. If we lose in Miami, we are 0-2, and 2 games behind Miami and probably KC. 0-2 means you can lose 3 more games the rest of the year MAX. We still have to play KC, Bucs, Titans, Saints, Miami (again), and Colts … just to name a few. Assuming we get out of that gauntlet at least 3-3 in those 6 games, it means we can’t lose another game the rest of the year.
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    He played for the Sabres during the glory years of the seventies and early '80s. The article I posted does a good job of explaining who he was, BTW
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    To be 0-2 and 2 back of a team that just beat us and would be 2-0 in the division, with 2 games still to go against the Jets, its the closest thing to a must win entering week 2 as you could get.
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    HipKat - Missing 411 is from David Paulides. There are two Missing 411 Dvds that you need to see that I think you would like. I definitely believe in the existence of Aliens. We are not alone. LIBills - i'm quite fine, thank you. Nothing wrong with being a believer in paranormal things.
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    Sack said: You can die from a car crash and if your corpse has a positive PCR test you get counted as a COVID death. I'll let Dr. Ezike from Illinois explain it to you. That's been debunked. It's a RW talking point Flawed Report Fuels Erroneous Claims About COVID-19 Death Toll - FactCheck.org
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    Soaring through the roof: Vaccine deaths skyrocket. https://www.wnd.com/2021/09/soaring-roof-vaccine-deaths-skyrocket/ Now que the leftist douche bag sheep to say this far right source is wrong as always.
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    Man I miss the days when we played the 3-4 with Bruce Smith, Ted Washington, and Phil Hansen. What a DL that was! Wish we had em now.
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    If you plan to see a Bills game in Buffalo, you’ll need to get vaccinated. The Bills and Erie County announced today that all fans over 12 must be vaccinated to attend Bills home games. The stadium is owned by the county and operated by the Bills. For the Bills’ September 26 and October 3 [more] View the full article
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    Whether it's true or not get this ass pony out of there. Clearly he's an incompetent Woketard.
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    That’s a huge game vs a team we’ll be battling for playoff position. I can’t help feeling we just kissed home field goodbye.
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    He does have a point on the defensive line. The Bills have there last two first and there last two second round picks playing on d-line. Big money free agents. And what have they got? Week in and week out? Nothing? And on the o-line Cody Ford is a bust. The interior run blocking is horrible. This team is 100% Josh Allen. If he’s having an off day, might as well pack it up and go home.
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    Sorry, I don't credit their defense. Yes they are good but that's not why the Bills lost They lost for the exact reason that Josh told us, he wasn't taking what the defense was giving them. He overlooked the underneath routes and tried to play Hero ball and go for the longer spashy touchdowns It's clear as day: he allowed himself to get brainwashed by all the preseason hype, all the people that said he was a lock for the MVP, the massive contract that made him the highest-paid player ever. It fucked with his head big time. He tried to go out there and look like the very best quarterback that ever played in the league, instead of being one of the smartest quarterbacks that ever played in the league I told you before, Josh Allen can't handle situations he hasn't been in before, whatever that difference is. This time it was being the way over hyped favorite to make the Super Bowl, with Josh leading the way as mvp, making more bread than anybody else in the league. He's still a young guy and even though he was saying the right things it's blatantly super Crystal Clear obvious that he allowed his brain to get washed from all the accolades that he hadn't earned yet It was like some huge muscly dude with all kinds of skull tattoos bitch slapping him in the face over and over again, but Josh just kept saying no I'm Josh Allen, I can hit that dude running between three Defenders way down field and ignore Cole Beasley wide open for an easy 8 yards. And then when he did try to throw intermediate passes, he reverted to Josh the heroes all-arm throwing motion, too. If he had played like he did last year, they would have had a touchdown and 3 to 4 chunk plays of at least 15 or many more yards. That could have easily changed the trajectory of that whole game But he didn't cuz it never happened. Nice throw to Gabe for the touchdown but we don't know if that was just one of his total arm throws that just happened to end up right on target, cuz the rest of the game he certainly didn't seem to be exhibiting the mechanics that he did last year I hope it hurts him real bad to think about it this week. I hope it haunts him enough to drive him to remember what got him success last year and go back to that. Dink and dunk if that's what they are giving you, and wait for somebody to Break Free on a broken coverage. Set your feet and throw with your hips leading the way, just like last year
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    josh forgot what got him to what he was last year he reverted to 'hero josh', he wasnt taking what the defense gave him, he was going for the highlight reel plays he literally lost his mind from last year i hope the spanking they took, courtesy mainly of josh, will jolt him back to last years programming
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    Saving fast food for the next day is the same thing as saving Chinese food for the next day. The shit just doesn't work.
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    Nothing like a week one overreaction. Lots of teams that looked like shit in week one went on to win the SB. As shitty as the Bills looked, they execute one fucking play that was easily executable, the game is very different. They thought they could just show up and beat Pittsburgh, but it didn't work out that way. If the game Miami isn't a complete 180, I will be shocked and I might let out my wrath if they spit the bit against the Dolphins.
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    I got off the road right around the time that George took over so I'm not had a chance to listen to it very often but on the Patriots planet message board, there are a couple of long discussions. One about Bigfoot which is really active and another about whether we are alone or not, which I started it has been active and there are some mentions of art and the radio show in both of those. I'll link them if you're interested in reading them. https://www.patriotsplanet.net/BB/threads/do-you-believe-in-bigfoot.68510/ https://www.patriotsplanet.net/BB/threads/the-newest-definitive-are-we-alone-collective-debate.70023/ I thought about bringing these topics up here but this message board is infested with ignorant little children so I decided it would not be a good idea
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    There's a documentary that I watched recently, I'll look for it when I get home and post it which is exactly about what you're speaking of here. It focuses on people who have disappeared in areas where there are high numbers of Bigfoot sightings. I'm not trying to say whether Bigfoot is real or not but this was some really compelling stuff. Btw, during the 15 years that I was a truck driver, I listen to Coast to Coast when art Bell still hosted it every single night. It was the best thing on radio.
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    I don't think Daboll can adjust to a more run oriented, shorter approach. If there was a game where Allen needed to take what the defense was giving him, yesterday was it. They had the ball at the 24 yard to start the game, and went 3 and out because they refused to just move the chains. I didn't want Daboll here from the start, and I haven't changed my mind.
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    Yup. People act like we annihilated Pitt last year. We didn't. It was a similar game. What happened was that Diggs went OFF in the 2nd half and that saved the day. But it was a struggle as well. We won 26-15. Yesterday was 23-16. Last year we got the game changing play on the Taron Johnson pick six. This year it was them with the blocked punt. Very similar games.
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    So what you're saying is.. unless govt stamps it's approval. Unless govt tells you to believe something, it's a lie,right? Where in the fuck do you think fascism and tyrany comes from/ how it starts? You blithering idiot puppet sheep. Seriously,you can't be real. You just contradict every thing and use the same fucking emoji over and over
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    Lol you stupid fuck.. Fact check .org is nothing but censorship to Anything that doesn't obey govt.
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    Since I also don't live in California it also doesn't affect me but just out of curiosity, what's different about California under a Democratic governor that wasn't the case under a Republican governor?
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    You're an idiot. Everyone look at his above post. This is how stupid people are. ############## This cooperation and collusion is not even remotely possible in this world. This behavior is the opposite of what keeps politicians in office. Virtually none of of them would do this. ##################### This is how stupid the common man is now. Meanwhile all of history proves him wrong.
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