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    @PhillysGayest, hey man, thanks for tagging me those two times. I was starting to get a little nervous that my reputation wasn't skyrocketing anymore but I'm glad to see you're back on board.
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    It's better than 39%!! Lol And it's higher than the last guys was most of the time that he was in office
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    Thanks god I don't take this shit nearly as seriously as I did in the 90's. I'm still rooting for Buffalo, but whatever happens.....happens. Life goes on regardless. LOL
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    The Bills are getting a little too much hype for my liking. Everyone is forgetting a little too much that Pittsburgh started 11-0 last year. Just has a feeling of one of those games where we'll be hearing an announcer say something in the 4th quarter like, "Look out, NFL! The new generation of this league is getting all the attention, but Big Ben and the Steelers are still a FORMIDABLE contender!"
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    As a matter of fact, the more stupid it is the more likely they are to believe it
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    The Economist is the Globohomos' magazine of choice. You know Biden is in trouble when he starts tanking on their platform.
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    Rasmussen says 46% and since sack of shit usually goes with Rasmussen then I'm going to go with that one too
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    Or he's using Google which is suppressing this story like a mofo.
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    Definately a tough first game. Jets or Fish would've been ideal to start us off on the right track. But I do think we are the better team and being at home with a full stadium should do wonders for the team. I thin we take them. Close game early and we pull ahead towards the end.
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    So McDermott will be taping team practices, hand signals, deflating balls, stealing playbooks, and getting heavy favoritism from the refs?
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    no conspiracy theory is too stupid for you people. my god it must be difficult to go through life thinking you have no control over your world, that the govt and countless secret cabals are making life what it is.
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    Part of the reason why I said people need to just talk to their own doctors and stop following TV personalities
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    Yet according to them, they aren't accepted and life is hell....imagine them saying that after visiting any other country in the world
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    Covid vaccines work everywhere they are taken. vaccine still works to prevent severe disease and death even in immunosuppressed. All vaccines have trouble with immunosuppressed individuals. That does not make the Covid vaccines a failure as you so desperately hope for. mutations take hold and proliferate when they have a human or animal reservoir. The unvaxxed are that reservoir. Flu vaccine is very effective. Would be much more effective if people would get it. Only about 50% take it.
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    Important Note: The whole 2020 NFL season was a non-event for a lot of teams because of COVID problems. And the fans weren't in attendance. Not too unlike a strike season. Using what happened last year to extrapolate to this year is a dumb idea. But, publishers gotta sell what they publish, I guess.
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    Going to CA to campaign for a recall that is already stolen. That's as Sloppy Joe as it gets.
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    Yikes those are big losses if they end their seasons
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    This man is godam fool. A liar, a fake
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    am leaving politics out of this Covid debate#### ############# You stupid fucking lying fool. This nothing but political. All the fucking sites you posted are at the feet of Gates funding and govt funding. You worship govt.. that's why this is happening
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    Nah, I think you're feeling uneasy because you're so used to the media shitting on the Bills week after week, year after year. The Bills are now a safe bet for the "experts" to rest their hats on. Get used to the hype.
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    Meat called you "let". Disrespectful. Does this mean big changes around here? I sure hope not. If so, I shall adapt and remain a cherished poster.
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    Lmao. That was funny. Ive lost track of all the people saying we’re going to the Super Bowl.
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    Not true. The biggest non-vaccinated groups hold PHDs educationally and racially Blacks and Latinos are avoiding the jab. Ball Gag wrong again! Don't ask for a link because this was already posted here, go search for it on the board.
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    Camps for the unvacinated. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/shielding-approach-humanitarian.html
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    I don't know man, I work in a lot of low-income neighborhoods and tbh, I would say there's a majority that don't know how to use the internet. Maybe instead of seeking the outrage, you should see the fact that he's exposing a real problem. The fact that many people in low income neighborhoods are not connected and don't know how to get connected.
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    You go with whatever fits the puppet masters agenda/narrative because that's what sheep do. FACTS are Joke Biden has ZERO political capital, and it's not gonna improve. I'm sure this upsets you being the staunch Republican you claim to be LoL
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    Buffalo 56 - Steelers - 0 Joe Biden's approval rating- 15%.
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    And now for your Biden moment of zen courtesy of Walt Disney World.
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    Ive been a fan over 40 years so I always expect the worst! But if you look at last year after the Fail Marray thy really rallied so losses can sometimes be helpful.
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    I think the Bills win but it will be close.....27-24.
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    Then you don't know how to use a search engine. I even attached the file Ball Gag.
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    Fauci should be on death row. That little fuckin Napoleon caused this whole fuckin thing by signing off on the funding for that Wuhan lab.
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    The Bills beat Bilichick in the AFC championship, then beat Brady in the Super Bowl? Sounds like Florio has been spying on a lot of Bills fan’s wet dreams. Not mine. I want no part of them in the playoffs. I want Belichick to be the first coach to go 0-17 and be fired and I want Brady benched after he breaks Peterman’s record for most interceptions in a half. Then cut. Then banned from the game, when the NFL finds out, not only did he cheat in every game for 20 years, he was also molesting farm animals. But, I hold no personal grudge to either one. just hope both die long painful deaths.
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    Love it. But Florio is clueless. Always has. Pats in the conference game ?? lol lol .... they won't even make the post season. He also has the Saints in the playoffs. My dude, have you seen Jameis Winston play NFL football ??
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    Another pointless response that make no sense. You're just a good govt slave
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    Uhhhh... none of that happened under Trump. Exalting the Nation/State over the individual is a Communist thing and the racial thing doesn't jibe either since Trump did a lot for the black community and had his Platinum Plan ready to go with $500B incentives for them as well as designating ANTIFA and KKK as terrorist organizations and making Juneteenth an official holiday. As far as a centralized autocratic government, once again, a Democrat communist thing - look at them now trying to subvert states like Florida that won't go along with their COVID mandates. Severe economic and social regimentation? More Communism. If anything Trump boosted the economy by dropping cumbersome regulations and slashing taxes. Forcible suppression of the opposition? Trump didn't lock up protestors from ANTIFA and BLM with no due process like Biden did with the January 6th people and beared an unbelievable amount of propaganda from the MSM. A true dictator would have shut the opposition media down kind of like what's happening to Democrat donors Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Do you even understand anything about the ABCs of politics?
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    I need one of these places in my area! Come to think of it...I don't really see or hear from any Biden supporters LOL Only in this looney bin forum
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    As soon as you said ineffective and experimental, you failed
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    No shit Sherlock. For the 1,000th time, the vaccine does not prevent you from catching or carrying the covid-19 virus. It prevents you from dying, going to the hospital or even feeling any type of severe symptoms in most cases. This is a broken fucking record that you need to get through your thick fucking skull because what you're spreading is retarded.
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    exactly what i just said in another forum. something like Bills 31-17 btw - youre the only mod now, vic. you should be around more often to try to keep the flamers in check if you want to save the board. id advise trying to keep politics out of the sb, but unless let backs you on that youre going to have to be on a continuous loop with that. good luck, bro
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    Npr is another govt run organization you fool. All sides are wrong. How many Fucking times have I told you red vs blue is theatre. You're taking bait and picking sides. You're doing exactly what they want. You're trying too hard. Now you're wrong again. I haven't quoted one single right wing anything you idiot. I'm the one that told you all govt doesn't care about you.
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    You're right...it is difficult. Alot easier to be a stupid sheep that believes that the government cares about them and isn't corrupt AF. But one of us is right, and the other lives a total lie.
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    its all fake. damn ur gullible
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    Attached for your perusal. 173K+ lost votes and 96K+ ghost votes. Executive Summary 11/3/2020 Election Results: Primary Findings Two primary categories of ineligible ballots and election mishandling, encompassing hundreds of thousands of votes, render the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County uncertifiable. An estimated 173,104 votes are missing or lost, as reported to our volunteers who went door to door verifying registration and voting information for thousands of residents. These are American citizens living in Maricopa County who cast a vote, primarily by mail, in the election and yet there is no record of their vote with the county and it was not counted in the reported vote totals for the election. Additionally an estimated 96,389 mail-in votes were cast under the names of registered voters who were either unknown to the residents of the registration address or who were verified as having moved away prior to October 2020. Other irregularities were uncovered during the canvass at a smaller scale, including votes cast by mail from vacant lots, votes recorded from residents who had not actually voted, etc. These results are a travesty to our democracy and our voting rights. In addition to impacted local races, such as Maricopa County Board of Supervisors District 1, decided by 403 votes, key statewide race margins are well within the numbers shown above. The Presidential race was decided by 10,457 votes statewide, and the U.S. Senate election was decided by 78,886 votes statewide. I have a solution for the ghost vote problem. Maricopa-County-Canvass-Report-Final-090821.pdf
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