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    This is terrible news for the nation - the Republicans leading intellect has been infected by a hoax.
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    that 'patriot way' crap annoyed the fuck out of me it was so obvious the goat was the lynchpin of the whole thing. the keys were that he took that sweetheart deal to save the cheaters big dollars so they could stock the team with more talent. belicheat used that to get veteran backups to take less money for the chance at an easy ring, and as blackmail against his own players that if they didnt take the team friendly offer they were given at extension time, he shipped them off to some crappy team to intimidate the rest of the players to taking what was offered. that was a massive advantage now with the goat gone, all of those advantages evaporate. he will have no leverage now so fas wont be likely to be bullied into taking less than market. he wont get a qb willing to take a lot less bc they wont have the massive endorsement deals the goat had. now he has to be a real hc and gm, and hes shown over and over again that he cant draft for shit and his players only put up with him bc they wanted the chance at the easy ring. hes an excellent dc but thats not nearly enough when youve got all the rest on your plate he and kraft have been on the outs ever since bill wanted to trade brady and go with jimmy g and kraft overruled him. thats why he traded jimmy g for peanuts, to spite kraft. if this fa rebuild doesnt work, and it probably wont unless they get lucky and find a good qb somewhere, its quite possible another 6-10 season could get him fired. i would LOVE that
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    Well, you're still here participating in your own Sarah Palin shit-thread so you must care more than the average TDS sufferer.
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    For years I have been so tired of Patriots fans saying it was their "system" and it wasn't Brady. Okay then, let's hope they flounder in 2021 significantly. I would love that.
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    Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports For the first time since February 23, the Sabres are back in the win column. Score: Sabres 6 | Flyers 1 Shots: PHI 32 | BUF 27 Sabres Goals: Sam Reinhart (13), Curtis Lazar (5), Steven Fogarty (1), Casey Mittelstadt (2), Brandon Montour (3, 4) Flyers Goals: Ivan Provorov (6) Observation 1 | The 1 in 1-18. The Buffalo Sabres have done the damn thing. The final horn sounded and the Sabres found themselves with more goals than their opponent. In the old days, we would refer to that as a victory. Hard to believe that this record-tying streak for most consecutive losses in NHL history has come to an end but what a relief. A win certainly does not change much for Buffalo at this point of the season, but maybe it can lift some spirits and the Sabres can start another streak next game - a winning streak. Observation 2 | Hey Look Ma, I Made It While the Buffalo Sabres flexed their newly-found offensive muscles against the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night, forward Steven Fogarty found himself having quite a night. Coming into Wednesday night, Fogarty had played in 21 NHL games and had only tallied one assist. Fogarty ended up having a career-best evening, tallying two points against the Flyers in 10:58 time on ice. Among the two points was Fogarty’s first career NHL goal. Observation 3 | Bryson’s Shining Jacob Bryson shined bright tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers. Bryson tallied two assists and a +4 in team-leading 22:31 time on ice. While plus / minus is a much maligned statistic, Bryson’s fancy stats happen to look just as good. The pairing of Bryson and Ristolainen posted a game-best 71.74% expected goals for. Bryson himself posted a 73.98% expected goals for. Not all games will be this strong for the rookie defenseman but we continue to see Bryson grow, while the Sabres continue to search for their long-term identity. View the full article
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    I like the signing. He has starting experience and he's cheap. Of course I don't want to see him regularly on the field but if in a pinch I'm glad we have someone who has done it before.
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    Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images A look at the line’s latest addition The Buffalo Bills added offensive tackle Bobby Hart to the team, much to the dismay of fans. I know, I know. He’s not a former Carolina Panthers player. If it’s any consolation he’s at least coming from a franchise named after a large cat. The general buzz has not been positive but let’s take a look. Play 1 Before I had a chance to fire up the ol’ laptop I had already seen a pretty bad play from Bobby Hart making the rounds on social media. Sadly, many were running with it as if it told the whole story. If this play was the only one you looked at it’d be a wildly different picture. Play 2 For every player it’s absurdly easy to cherry pick plays to suit a narrative and, being candid, it bothered me a bit that so many were quick to jump on Hart. On both these first plays there’s no doubt he was successful against a pretty tough defensive front. Play 3 I mean, %$!&! There he is pushing T.J. Watt out of the picture. Getting to actual analysis, on Play 1, great hand placement and solid technique lead to a victory. On Play 2 I like his tenacity and knowing what he can and can’t get away with grabbing. For this play he keeps loose enough to turn with Watt and keep his part of the pocket intact. Play 4 And on this one he starts off looking like he’s running the play “as is.” There’s a problem quickly developing and Hart recognizes it, adjusts to the situation and helps buy his quarterback some time. Play 5 There are some things to like about Hart, but he’s not a human highlight reel. In fact, you’ll definitely find enough negative plays to create a lowlight reel if you’re so inclined. One issue that does creep up periodically is his overall lack of push and on occasion, like we see here, the opposite of push. He’s too high in his stance and the angle of attack is one he doesn’t seem prepared for either. Footwork and stance lapses seemed to be the culprit most of the time. Play 6 Here’s a similar issue with the angle causing a problem for Hart. He doesn’t maintain the block and the result is apparent. Play 7 I don’t like to end on bad notes so here he is using a single leg takedown to put Watt on the ground. This play probably sold him for head coach Sean McDermott. Summary If I wanted to I could show you highlight after highlight and tell you he’ll be competing with Darryl Williams for the right tackle spot. But I don’t want to do that because I don’t believe that’s true. I did set out to be fair to Bobby Hart though. This is a depth signing and everyone knows it. And Bobby Hart is a typical depth signing who carries low risk for a team with established starters locked up. You’d rather he doesn’t end up starting but that’s essentially the deal whether it’s Hart or someone else. View the full article
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    I also had made it a point to only put the sock accounts on ignore but with these two idiots, you get to a point where you realize it's just a lot less stressful if they no longer exist in your world. They both argue just to argue. And I'm done arguing with people who refuse to acknowledge facts so that they can keep the argument going. I thought the most difficult part would be avoiding clicking on the posts that were hidden just to see what they were saying, but it's actually pretty simple to just pretend they don't exist so unless somebody like you quotes something one of them says I won't miss not seeing their shitty takes
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    i agree mostly, that its cowardly to block users. I only make exceptions for parody accounts (eg CCP) and idiots that continually put up retardedly long posts (jungle). You, my friend, come close for how often you annoyingly quote (FOR NO GOOD REASON) long-ass post. Stop that, dummy!
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    Nah, he's gonna miss us. He's a sucker for punishment.
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    Officer there is fly on your shoulder! Let me get ride of it with this pepper spray.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/media/brit-hume-politifact-joe-biden-senile-false Brit Hume has some thoughts about PolitiFact. LOL
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    Meanwhile Biden is giving money to the jackasses who covered it up (WHO and CDC), not penalizing the nation who started it (China), and I'm sure those labs and doctors involved (Lord Fauci) will continue on their work creating new viruses to infect us with. It's all Trump's fault though!
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    @Woody, that's a hilarious meme but I have friends and family of various political leanings willing to subject themselves to a global lab experiment just so they can travel on vacation or go to the local restaurants unmolested. They are THAT beaten down by over a year of the open air prison. I don't think the vaccines work as well as advertised otherwise Fauci would be so confident that he'd tell everyone who got the shot to dump their masks.
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    Mercedes Schlapp melts down after Fox News guest calls her a 'grifter' Mercedes Schlapp, host of the Conservative Political Action Conference, became angry on Tuesday after a Fox News guest called her a "grifter." During a discussion on Fox News, Schlapp objected to the idea of "vaccine passports"... Schlapp accused Democrats of having an "illogical mentality" because they oppose voter ID requirements. But liberal podcast host Chris Hahn pointed out that the idea of vaccine credentials is being driven by the private sector. "But Republicans, like everything else they've done during this horrible crisis we've been through are pushing these conspiracy theories that the government is trying to control you, which is causing some of their followers not to get vaccinated," Hahn explained. "People like Tucker Carlson, like Jim Jordan, like Mercedes right here, right now casting doubt on the fact that -- or trying to convince people that the government is somehow watching you, that is very irresponsible." "It is time for conservatives in this country to acknowledge that we have a crisis and start joining the fight to end it and stop spreading lies about what's going on in this country," he added. "It is devastating this country and blood is on the hand of the former guy and others who support him." Schlapp went ballistic. "You're not going to call Tucker Carlson a conspiracy theorist!" she shouted. "That is wrong. That is what democrats do." "He is and you are," Hahn shot back. "I'm not going to put up with this!" Schlapp exclaimed. "I stand for freedom. I stand for the freedom of the American people." "No you don't," Hahn insisted. "You're a grifter. This is ridiculous." At that point, Fox News host Gillian Turner instructed her guests to stop "the name calling." "But I'm not going to allow Chris -- he does this all the time -- to call me, to call Tucker Carlson a liar," Schlapp objected. "We don't do name calling," Turner agreed. "We have every right to make this decision!" Schlapp ranted. "We are a country that has a constitution."
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    The rubber has to hit the road to confirm the design.
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    Think through it logically. We got to the AFC Championship game with a stud QB. Miami went 10-6 with Tua hot-garbage Tagavoila at QB and Fitz playing relief pitcher. That is very hard to do without a good team. If Allen was in Miami, does anyone here doubt that they would have won 2 or 3 more games? Because that would have made them 12-4 or 13-3 ... which is what we were. They also have FIVE first rounders in the next 3 years, as well as FOUR second rounders. Miami is in a great spot, and instead of getting better, we just kinda stayed the same.
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    Except for the whole getting to the AFC championship game and looking like one of the top 3 or 4 teams in the league
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    Do the Fins have enough picks to trade for Watson now?
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    Really, don't fool yourself into thinking that just because I post news stories on here that I give a fuck. Before Donald trump, Sarah Palin was the biggest joke in politics. The only thing he did was make her the second biggest joke in politics
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    I gotta admit, I forgot how nice it can be having Tweedle SackofShit and Tweedle Bowdumb on ignore. I won't miss not watching them get triggered by this post
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