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    As always, MAGATs ignore the latest reality so they can yet again grab their ankles for the guy that got kicked to the curb. The point of the "acquittal" was to get the lickspittle Rs on the record supporting a seditious traitor. Let's see what a legitimate judicial review will do to x-pres crime spree in his role as the insurrection's facilitator in chief.
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    I put a 100 in at the same time. 👍 I also put a 100 in year and half ago when it was 3800 that worked out well.
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    Why are you insulting marbles and dumb people? What did they ever do to you?
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    Says the guy who lives in south Fl lol
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    AGTC has made me quite a bit the last two days, SENS has too, both are expected to reach around $20 a share, AGTC I bought at little over $4 and SENS same, AGTC is around $8 right now and SENS is around $5
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    The salary cap should not be a big problem if the Buffalo Bills somehow were able to talk J.J. Watt into joining the AFC East champions. The bigger challenge, of course, would be winning the recruiting battle for the star defensive end. Watt, 31, was released by the Houston Texans on Friday. According to numerous media reports, a large group of teams is interested in the five-time, first-team All-Pro. Those reportedly include the Bills, Packers, Browns, Chiefs, Titans, Steelers, Colts, Niners and probably others. Watt is a native of Wisconsin, attended the University of Wisconsin and grew up rooting for the Packers. He has two brothers who play for the Steelers. The Bills are tight against the projected salary cap, with roughly $3.8 million in space, based on a cap of $185 million for 2021, according to Spotrac.com. But the cap level is a guess. It could rise or fall from that level, and won't be set until closer to the start of the 2021 league year on March 17. Like all teams, the Bills have many ways to create space. One is by reworking contracts to convert a player’s base salary for 2021 into bonus money, thereby spreading it over the remaining years of the contract. It’s just a question of how much money a team wants to push into future years. The Bills could save the following cap space in 2021 by restructuring players who have long-term deals: Tre’Davious White ($7.5 million), Stefon Diggs ($7.1 million), Dion Dawkins ($4.73 million), Mitch Morse ($3 million) and Jordan Poyer ($2.6 million). Releasing players would also create space. The big savings via that route include John Brown ($7.9 million) and Morse ($7.59 million). Money spent on Watt could make it harder for the Bills to retain linebacker Matt Milano or offensive linemen Daryl Williams and Jon Feliciano. Even without adding Watt, the Bills will likely need to restructure contracts to keep their own top free agents. Watt was owed $17.5 million by the Texans in 2021 and was playing on a deal that averaged $16.6 million a year. Watt might command a two-year deal worth roughly $12 million a year, Sportrac.com speculates. The structure could vary. A team could fit him into its cap with $7 million of space for 2021, for instance. A $12 million a year deal would equal what Indianapolis gave edge rusher Justin Houston two years ago. A lot of edge rushers are set to hit the free-agent market, which makes the value a little tougher to estimate. Among them are Tampa Bay’s Shaquil Barrett, Baltimore’s Matt Judon, Pittsburgh’s Bud DuPree, Tennessee’s Jadeveon Clowney, New Orleans' Trey Hendrickson and others. Watt has missed 32 games in the last five years, although he played all 16 games in 2020. He had five sacks. He missed eight games of the 2019 season due to a torn pectoral muscle, but he returned for the wild-card playoff game against the Bills. Watt was brilliant in that game, making a key sack of Josh Allen late in the first half and recording five other hurries on the quarterback.
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    Some folks just don't like Texas because it's fairly conservative and they went for Trump in 2020. That's actually what this thread is really about.
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    Best album ever, by the greatest band to walk the face of the earth, 'The Blizzard of Ozz'. I hear McConnell prefers 'The Ultimate Sin'.
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    Joe Biden's VP Kamala Harris claims that Joe Biden has KKK connections. She also thinks that Joe Biden criminally sexually abused women. If Republicans politically exploit what Kamala Harris thinks about Joe Biden regarding the KKK, then the Liberals/Democrats lose the black vote. At least a significant percentage of the black vote. But Republicans are just too stupid and lazy to take political advantage of this. I just don't understand Republicans.
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    I lived in West Texas in the early 90s. I liked Texas; had no issues. And although it would get down to 15 - 20 degrees, typically it would be in the 50s by noon. Their infrastructure is just not set up for prolonged extreme cold - nor do they have the storm drainage to handle heavy rains. Northern cities have to have them just to deal with melting snow.
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    I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with brown. I know he was injured and I should just leave it at that but I wonder if he is still effective in this offense
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    could also cut Addison, Butler, Jefferson, and redo others to get to 51 million cap available.(i dont think Bills would approach Diggs for a restructure as he will want market rate soon and Bills knew this when they traded for him)( they may do the long term market deal though at less savings then a restructure but savings non the less) so no 7 mill savings on Diggs restructure puts Bills at 44 mill or so. I would do all that to get Hendrickson, Shaq, and Watt. And maybe restructure Brown instead of release.
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    I just read they omitted the weatherizing options on the Windmills in TX. I can see that, I suppose, saving money for something they don't expect to happen. But Elon Musk said best" (The R stands for Reliability)
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    Are you really this dumb? lol j/k you really are. "made up of black people" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha they got like 2 black guys in the group so that makes them "made up of black people. fucking MAGATs. nothing is too delusional for them. Look at all the black guys in these photos!
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    There’s a lot of black folk in that pic, hope Hillary brought her hot sauce.
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    Yes, you Trump fucks are. That's the shared trait you all have - unyielding stupidity.
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    We all know his farts turn you on for the last 4 years. No one has been nearly as obsessed
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    How many deaths will Senile Joe Biden be responsible for? Thoughts? He's off to a piss poor start.
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    You wish retards. Wishful thinking makes zero of this true
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    Proud boys is made up of black people. Racist narrative failure on so many dumb levels.
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    I love how they're trying to make the multi-racial Proud Boys some kind of a thing while it's crickets on BLM and ANTIFA destruction. If any one thing is inspiring a riot or insurrection it's the Swamp itself.
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    That's the exact number of times I have scratched my balls.......... in one day. Us Guinea's tend to do that.
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    You Trump people just love to move the goal posts, don't you? The point was that you said Biden got more than 20 million votes more than Hillary did. That was the point. All that other shit you just posted first of all whatever I don't know about any of that because I've looked at any of that because Joe Biden is not my fucking man crush, dumbass. the only thing I cared about was Donald Trump losing the election and he fucking lost. And you people haven't stopped crying about it since.
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    Live look at JERKoffs er Fanback's latest xray
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    If trump would have listened to people instead of golfing things might be different .
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    he's a lickspittle that ball washes a guy that called his wife ugly. cuck.
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    Yup, that's it. If they didn't have those windmills and solar panels, everything would be fine.
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