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    The Build the Dome remark is more sarcasm but the root of sarcasm is truth. All bad weather does is equalize the playing field for QBs against Allen, not for him. Bad Weather favors teams that can run and stop the run. That sounds like the Ravens an awful lot more than the Bills.
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    Nick Wright has to be just about the dumbest sports commentator out there. The Don Lemonhead of sports . A rabid SJW. According to him, Kapernick(sic) and Lebron are perfect specimens of humanity. If Allen was to win the SB with a magnificent performance, the jackass still wouldn't admit that he was wrong. By the way, as far as I can discern, the dick never played any sports himself.
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    Love this. The hammer is being laid down on the traitor. Other than stupid #MAGATs filling his coffers, his business interests are going to be nil. Wonderful.
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    Imagine having to hit the road for this game? Again...this is why we played for the 2nd seed.
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    Agree. Moss perplexes me. He steamrolls fools catching passes out of the backfield. I think he’s pretty damn good as a receiving back. But as a runner? Meh. Not fast. No moves. And he’s getting dropped early. Motor is just slow. Again...I think he’s better catching passes out of the backfield. But my god that one sweep to the left in the red zone early in the game? Looks like he’s running in quick sand. Im excited to see Antonio Williams. I have a feeling he’s going to prove me right.
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    Bills get a night time prime-time game for the divisional round. 😱
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    When comedy was comedy. That show was way ahead of its time.
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    WHAT THE FUCK? Instead of preparing for the Ravens our coordinators are preparing for interviews. FUCK THAT!
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    LOL. I'm more than confident you tower over the lowly direbills. He doesn't seem to like me for some odd reason.
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    Do you even know what a fascist is? Maybe you should read Mussolini. That was a true fascist. One of his favorite things to do was to incite his followers to destroy government buildings. Now who do we know that's done that recently? Donald Trump is the closest thing to a fascist that we've ever had in this country. Fact!
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    Texans are a mess - looking at Jim Caldwell too.
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    He saved United Srates manufacturing and the economy. He also broke the two- party hegemony of our political system. Oh and he's the only President after Reagan to keep us out of foreign globalist proxy wars. Glad to educate you. Now go wait for your stimulus check and do that which the government tells you. Serf. Another Mind Property for FanBack.
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    Even though he does not understand, you can rest assured that he 100% supports it. The most vile kind.
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    A fire extinguisher is a point of use device to contain and put out small fires; even if not 100% effective it can be helpful in limiting damage until professional firefighting help arrives. Flags are used as standards or symbols representing countries, states/provinces, movements or organizations. They can be used to mark a property boundary, identify the conmon cause of a group of people, or simply function as a decorative device. Mobs are groups of people that spontaneously gather together; this can be for criminal purposes, to protest a perceived or real injustice, or simply arise from a large public event where the organizational structure deteriorates. Glad to help.
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    even the donation processing companies are starting to refuse accepting his donations appropriate considering hes a traitor to democracy
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    better than reading disgusting insane lying ramblings
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    still trying to figure out how to fill out the Butthurt Complaint form
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    stop quoting sackbrain. hes finally been promoted to my ignore list with the rest of the mindless donophant drones and i dont want to see his inane psycho lies anymore. what a dramatic fall down the rabbit hole for a once decent poster this software is supposed to filter replies out for ignored posters but it doesnt work, dammit. i encourage a mass ignoring of his lying content. dont feed the trolls
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    Nightime in Buffalo...bone chilling!
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    It sucks seeing all the good rb's that we were looking at in the draft doing so well on other teams like KC, the Colts, the Rams and Washington. I'm not overly concerned about the rb position in our offense though. We have prioties and a top notch rb wouldnt be used enough in our offense, unless a new offensive coordinator screws with things, which he better not do.
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    Wouldn't it be nice to get a free fumble touchdown the first play of the game? lol
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    I doubt they even watched the games. The violence and masculinity of football is too much to bear.
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    Taking good jobs and half your assets when they don't like you anymore?
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    If putting out the truth makes me sick then call me Patient Zero.
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    I want to see Browns vs. Bills AFC Championship game. I'm a huge Baker Mayfield fan this week.
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    I like Phillip Lindsay, just seems to fit, might not cost much either...if not him, maybe call the G-Men, offer a 2nd and Singletary for Barkley, might be enough to do it, since he's injured a lot, but when healthy is a top 5 HB. Same kind of deal with a DE. I actually see them using their 1st round pick to try and trade for one. Hunter from Minnesota fits the scheme and there's a history with the two GM's. If not him, the Bears may look to trade Mack, though that would likely require him re-doing his deal.
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    Yeah it will be interesting to see if he's an upgrade over Moss.
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    why we talk like injuns?
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    Lamar and that offense would be a shell of itself in a snowstorm
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    No doubt. We saw Miami Tannehill today. Got pressured with man bump n run and couldn’t find the open guy. Titans offense is very shaky when their run game isn’t setting up the play action pass
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    HAHAHAHAHA! Thats sooooo good!
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    But this year will be tough finding affordable free agents who could produce big-time... especially if we pay Allen big $$$$$$$$... Milano... Star... others...
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    I think it is inevitable! They will point to Epenesa and say "...we needed a higher draft spot to get a good DL, it's not Eppy's fault--he was a SECOND ROUNDER, NOT A FIRST! But if we use a 1st the results could be so much better!" haha
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    He must have that disease Michael Jackson got that turned him white as a ghost!
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    No evidence of that. The video going around is not him and shows a cop taking some shots with a crutch or flagpole with a helmet on which is hardly enough to cause death. Another bogus narrative from the left.
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    Well then you miss out on a cheap rookie contract for 4-5 years. Anyway you slice it..I would say the difference between the Bills and Chiefs is their effective DE play. That's about it
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    Lol. This thread has 4 post by Sean and 4 post by people other than Sean and 3 of the 4 say the same thing. People read the first post and that’s it.
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    sorry it took so long to get to this, i didnt notice it until now you couldnt delete it because it was an uploaded image (the dog). next time just try clicking on your signature box where you want the image then dragging the image from another site into that spot. that usually works for me i deleted the uploaded image and the dog disappeared. i hope thats the one you wanted gone. idk if you could have deleted that yourself or not, it may not have even shown to you that it was an uploaded image, idk this software has some quirks. its better than the old software but i find it hard to work with sometimes
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    I think Jungle may have died. I hope i’m wrong, but his profile hasn’t been active on here, or Reddit, since the summer.
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    The POTUS continues to yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater. This is not a free speech argument. We found that out this past week.
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