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    Big fucking shock there. It was all crickets when leftist thugs were burning down every major democratic shithole city in this country, but boy are they all springing into their hypocrisy when righty thugs bombard DC. I just tell them to get the fuck out of my face with your bullshit and just call a spade a spade when BOTH sides do it.
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    Will there be (covid-free) hookers and pizza? I’M IN!
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    Skanky Comma-La waits not so patiently in the wings. Fweedom!!!!!!!!!
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    I will give you the truth. In the top photo the police are defending against an attack that was staged by the government. In the bottom photo the government was defending itself from an attack that they had no say over. Long live the CCP and American friends in government.
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    No - a worldwide reminder. The people have true power, not government.
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    Sorry man. I have always loved your posts. But after today, i'm a bit done with it. Trump supporters are a serious national security threat. I don't know what kind of state of mind you must be in to be a fan of this guy. It boggles the mind. I mean, what is it? Do you have some fear of black or latino people? Did you really hate science and math in high school? Do you just love being told what you want to hear even if it is utter BS? I mean... What else could it possibly be? I'm disappointed. Blown away. In utter disbelief. (not that you'd care after this day's series of exchanges) Its like i said, this message board is fucking nuts. Bonkers. Lit (who has plenty of his own issues) should just change it to the Trumpalorange.com. It would be a much more appropriate name for this once great website. In the words of your idol, this website is "sad".
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    This is the post of a poor excuse of an American citizen, I've just collected another mind property.
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    Some wood shampoos were definitely in order. I do not support the knuckleheads who went way too far. I condemn them for sure. Better?
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    Doesn't matter who she was supporting. She died in support of a false prophet. A fraud. A man that only the stupidest among us would ever consider supporting. She died because of Donald Trump. Period. End of sentence.
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    gladly as ive repeated many times, its all about a PERMANENT universal health care system with total control, joe can undo the republican intentional sabotage of the ACA, fix whatever else needs fixing, and restore it to the functional, affordable system it was before the republicans started tearing it down vital piece by vital piece if they act quick enough, and it should be their top priority besides covid, they can get it cemented into the american way of life so that any more shenanigans by republicans will infuriate the electorate and punish them in elections. game over once that happens, im hoping one of the chambers goes back to the republicans so that we have better checks and balances but ill tell ya, the republicans have been so disgusting this term (since obama was elected, actually) that i wouldnt mind if the dems held control for joes first full term. the republican party has lost their way and turned evil. perhaps four years in the desert will bring them back to having some sense of conscience and responsibility to all americans, not just the fat cats and hucksters ive said this so many times before you should know it by heart. but i understand youre grieving the loss of your fuhrer so youre not thinking straight. maybe youll feel better if you lean your head forward a little so i can collect your tears and store them in this tanker truck
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    Hey remember when Leftists took over a building during the Kavanaugh hearings and they were heroes?
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    Calling him anything other than "Dear Leader" POTUS soon may be a thoughtcrime that will get you banished to the gulag comrade.
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    Are you making a veiled reference to me? None of that is true and you know it. You must be a very unhappy soul. It shows.
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    What you just witnessed was one of the cleanest and fairest elections in world hisory. I am very excited to see what Ossoff and Warnock can do for the CCP.
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    When you're trying to storm the Capitol where many of our elected officials are holed up and terrified of an angry mob? You're damn right that's a death sentence.
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    EXCELLENT POST. Dems AND Repubs need to be shit-canned.
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    You're a pussy. No make that a Nazi. My ass you're ready. Please. You think you're always right and those who disagree with you should be jailed. I saw people occupying the Capitol. We saw no looting or violence. These totalitarian socialist swamp creatures in the government will let cities burn and prevent people from defending themselves. When it happens in their backyard, it becomes a concern. I guess they found out that certain angry people will not burn their own neighborhoods down. They will come to the swamp. Go sit. Like a bitch and wait for the government's instructions. You were never an American citizen.
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    It was still Pontillo’s when I last lived there. First pizza I ever had in my life and by far the best. I look forward to having it every time I come back to visit.
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    Well, certainly, it's time for both parties to take hard looks at themselves. The Democratic Party being what it is is exactly what gave us the past 4+ years of garbage. I like Biden, somewhat, but not completely. The fact that he and Clinton were the "best" candidates they had led to this nonsense. And no one goes without blame. Each party has moved to pander towards their fringe, radical voices because 30-40 years of "moderates" (both parties) produced gridlock. As long as there are lobbyists and political action committees in Washington DC nothing is going to change.
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    It was YOUR fucking people who are responsible for her death, you fucking piece of shit.
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    Well, I mean, he's a Patriots fan. What did you expect? He's kind of used to cheating and then denying that it ever happened.
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    Go for it. I don't give an eff. Like i said, this place is an insane asylum. Enjoy your Trump forum.
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    signing off. zeig heil my dumber than fuck friends.
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    Why even talk to these people? Why even post on this forum? It's literally an insane asylum. The people that post here are (not all, but by and large) fucking morons. What's the point?
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    I only use this one. I mean, they are absolutely ANAL on perfection and fastidiousness
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    LOL. You're on a crack head roll! Please continue.
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    Maybe he is pissed off that Josh Allen might actually break all his records and bring home the big trophy on an occasion or two.
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    He has acted accordingly to his MSM programming and may even rival HipCunt in unbridled and misguided rage.
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    LOL. "Or something". I'm proudly hetero. I'll pass on Don Lemon and "friend".
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    Thatbowflaxseed is going easy on them because they're fighting the globalist takeover. Like Hipkat said we should execute them all.
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    You’re downplaying this unacceptable behavior, TBB. No wood shampoos for these lawbreakers? Don’t look now, your bias is showing, BIGLY!
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    Probably. That’s what fucktards do. She’s as much a martyr as the lawless fucking idiots that behave badly with the cops. Which is to say, she isn’t.
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    I present you with ~Jimkelly's I'm LeAbInG! Greatest Hits~ .
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    He's appears to be looking at the receiver, but not necessarily where he's throwing to. Nice!
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    ONE. PLAY. FROM. 14. AND. 2.
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    Balls: everyone except McD No McD does not get a goat but damn I wanted 63 and it was there for the taking.
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    The dumbest members are not just the loudest. They are the most numerous. We both know it. I know you meathead. You're not this. But also don't try to bull shit the bull shitter.
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    You would love it. You're so fucking stupid. So fucking embedded into the cult of personality, that you don't even realize you're a traitor to your own country. You disgust me. If there's a civil war, i'll be on the other side. Fuck you Sack man. You're either too stupid to be redeemed, or you're a POS. What the hell do i care which one it is? You're an enemy of the state in my opinion. A traitor. Go move to Moscow. You'll love it there. You can get exactly the kind of leader you want and leave us the fuck alone. FUCK YOU!
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    So much good football talk to be had. I'm just so very sad. My friends. My neighbors. My in-laws, family members. Good members of my favorite Bills site. They're in the cult of personality. And it really bothers me. There's no going back. So many otherwise smart people are so fucked in the head... I can't get over it.
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    Ignore features are for wimps IMO. When a particular community becomes intolerable, you don't ignore the majority of the community. You just leave it. But that's not even the truth. In truth, this community left me. Whatever, i guess i'm back now so whatever. But i'm back for war. Trump should be assassinated by a US General. He should, at minimum, resign. Fuck that traitor and everyone that supports him. Go get your GEDs you GD trailer trash morons. I didn't like the 2000 election either. But storming the goddamn capital? Take that shit to Guatemalla where it belongs or GTFO.
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    Yep https://www.journalism.org/2014/10/21/political-polarization-media-habits/
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    Yes we have a great record at 13-3 but I'm just not completely sold on this team. Go back and look at the schedule. How many impressive wins do we really have? We've played a lot of shit teams TBH. I'm exciting about being the 2 seed in the playoffs just not buying the hype like everyone else.
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