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    If Taiwan Jones catches the pass in the endzone wide open in the pats game 1st quarter we already would have had the record
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    Saints just lost their best player. Bills need fo put Allen & Diggs into a bubble, and buy them both autoblows. No visitors. No woman. No fun. NOW.
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    He hit Jones in the gut.....I didn’t think they were trying too hard, it was there for the taking.
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    God works in mysterious ways.....🤮 or, shit happens and we don’t have all the facts to understand why👍
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    i wonder if his family is comforted that at the relatively young age of 41 he died from a virus with less than 1% death rate
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    If he was a DE I would be more worried. But DT do a lot of things that go unnoticed on a stat sheet and the defensive staff seems to think he's playing well. Too soon to count the chickens
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    I bought a lot of Tron and Ripple a few years ago. Hoping it would duplicate what Bitcoin was doing. Big mistake. Should have stuck with more Bitcoin.
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    No he became a facist later, thats because it's the same thing. It's just militarized socialism, it was more effective implementing a dictator that's why Hitler and him loved it. Hitler found no use for the Global Socialism like found in Russia until Mussolini Nationalized it. Everyone can put a spin on it. Liberals like to say it's a right thing because of the pro military stance(which isn't a right thing it's a Republican thing btw) but the truth is anytime you ask for more government it's a leftist principle. You need to redistribute your wealth from rich folks to get a dictator. That was exactly Hitlers plan with the rich Jews. To not acknowledge this very black and white truth is anti historical indeed.
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    Study up on Mussolini the founder, a life long socialist that was the editor of a socialist paper before he became a dictator
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    If he continues to be just a decent starter, maybe not a "bust" but certainly underperformed based for his draft position. (If you get a starter out of your 1st round pick, it is not a total bust). PS Not to defend the pick but draft picks are somewhat of a crap shoot. Although I did want Quinnen Williams...who ended up not being an option. I also liked Chris Lindstrom, Boston College. Of course Beane wasn't think Oline in the 1st round....
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    Obviously you don't know what a facist is...it's starts with raising taxes and adding regulations. Then follow that up with government run education, healthcare and Media proproganda. The only part that makes Trump anywhere close to Facist is Pro Miliary agenda but you have to support socialism first and none of these other things he supports. So epic fail here
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    At less than 1/10 of the stadium capacity, I would think it would sell out fast. Also I heard that ticket sales went by highest seniority of season ticket holders and the ones who got the tickets were 25-30 year holders or longer. That’s totally fair. That should also mean that there’ll only be Bills fans in the stands.
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    I would bet this was done by right wingers. No one on the left says "we want everything". It sounds like every right winger's strawman.
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    Whoa! Didn’t see THAT coming!!
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    When you get an isolation order from the county health department it comes with the following statement at the end. I admit I was curious as to just where they would put somebody. I guess I still am curious. WARNING FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS ORDER MAY SUBJECT YOU TO FURTHER ACTION BY THE PUBLIC HEALTH COMMISSIONER, INCLUDING INVOLUNTARY DETENTION IN AN APPROPRIATE FACILITY OTHER THAN THE ONE SPECIFIED ABOVE, OR SUCH OTHER ACTION AS THE COMMISSIONER MAY DEEM NECESSARY TO PROTECT THE HEALTH OF OTHERS.
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    As long as they aren’t ms-13 gangbangers, I’m good. Because racism......
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    Cuomo for Dictator.
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    I thought you just rocked the coolness 24/7 😎😂
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    I thought you were just channeling you're inner Pete Townshend
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    he did he corrected me lol
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    It's odd ,sure. And I'm glad he didn't get me the Kicker named Gay lol. But that's what's cool about it.. I have a niners jersey..the player was a australian rugby player who was RB for one season and hardly played lol . Anyone can get a Goff or Brady jersey.. We've talked about kickers and punters. That's why he got that.
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    You guys are ATTEMPTING...to cover your collective asses. Nothing more. Biden does well?? You'll be here CONSTANTLY attempting to take some kind of credit. Don't kid a kidder, punchy.
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    That's what they ALWAYS ROOT FOR.
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    Also throw in the fact that the "numbers" are completely fucked so as to make them worse than reality.
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    Oh yes. Hip will need to take his medicine when appropriate. Love the way he's already distancing himself from Senile Joe. Classic. Also not going to work. As far as I'm concerned, Senile Joe and Hip are joined at the..........HIP. Get it????? LOL
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    “Bills expected to sign Stills” has been flying around for 72 hours and nothing...sadly I think we’ve seen this quote every year since 2013.
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    Bills are better off without His communist ass
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    I've seen guys like Joe B. saying he's playing well. He's playing out of position is what I've understood...he's not able to play the 3-tech all the time b/c nobody on our team can play the nose. Is what it is. He's the only 1st rounder they've picked that hasn't made a probowl...it happens.
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    Bills almost beat the Ravens even with an MVP Lamar Jackson last season. We now have an improved, high scoring offense this year. I'm not worried facing the Ravens in the playoffs.
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    I'm still waiting if he has regressed from year one. It hasn't happened yet and I hope it will never will.
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