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    New England isn't the threat, it's Miami. It's funny how everyone SLOBBED up NE's defense last year, literally saying it's the best ever. They played the same weak ass schedule we did + they were facing teams at times with the worst QB situation. Miami is the team to worry about. They're rolling the dice on Tua with Fitz on a hot streak, but we all know those streaks end. Despite Josh carving them up in Miami they have revamped that defense snd they can make some plays. Offensively they've got enough weapons to stay in games. Beating New England just puts the nail in the coffin for their chances as the 7th WC. My only worry is Josh comes on overhyped and missing throws. As long as he takes care of the ball this game shouldn't be close.
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    Guy hurt his shoulder, the D line is missing a space eater to allow LB to roam. Now with Star out (space eater), we are seeing how important that space eater really is. Bills need to trade for a DT or NT that can occupy the space eating role. If Q Williams can be had...I would start there, and also look at grabbing the Giants space eater. We need help on the D line as well as at DB. At least if you can stop the run you have the ability to drop 7 in coverage.
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    Not having Smoke is KILLING this offense.
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    Bass 18 Jets 10 If your rookie kicker was your only source of offense then you can stay. He’s a cocky shit for a kicker...did you see him taunting the Jets sidelines after making a kick? Loved it. Team needs swagger. Obviously he doesn’t give a flying fuck. That’s good.
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    At this point the Fins are our biggest threat. This week we have the Rams at Dolphins along with the Pats at Bills. Hopefully LA can do the Bills a favor along with the Bills taking care of business. 6-2 overall 4-0 in the division would be huge if the Bills get the win. If LA beats Miami then the Bills would be the only team in the division with a winning record.
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    Time to exorcise the demons. Pats are prime for the taking. Cam looks like garbage. Their D isn't stellar by means. We should. And let me say that again. Should win this one. Then again. We are the Bills, they are the Pats. Brady or not. They own us. As bad anyone has ever owned anyone before. Tell me if this sounds like something that you could see happening next week. Cam is shit. Enter the Bills defense. Cam goes nuts, reverts time and throws for 300+ with 3 scores. Pats D is garbage, our O is good so of course they shut us down and make Josh look like EJ Manuel. Pats win by 10+ Until proven otherwise. Pats over Bills. Easiest bet in sports. Prove me wrong Bills. I fucking want you too. I hate those pricks.
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    Balls. 2nd Half D. Completely shut down the Jets. 4 total yards I believe. Honorable mention to Jerry Hughes who was all over the place Allen. Effective day. Close to 70%, over 300 yards. Too bad he (along with everyone else) decided to take the day off once in the red zone. Beasley. Always open. So reliable. Roberts. Back to his usual ways. A weapon in the return game. Moss. Ran with effort DK Metcalf. Not Bills related but well deserving. Did you guys see him go Usain Bolt on that int ? .... Wow! Bass. You make 6 kicks you get a ball but ... Goats Bass. When you miss kicks from 45 and specially 37 yards you get a goat. I don't care what else you did First half D. Pathetic. In synch with the previous weeks. Red zone offense. Usually a strength yesterday it was awful. Just some bad play calling and execution Refs. BS pass interference call on Hyde that led to a touchdown for them. Has anyone seen the flag that nullified the Davis TD grab ? They showed nothing on the broadcast. And I know the Hyde hit late in the game was hard and looked strong. But it was 100% legit. He turned his head away, he hit with the shoulder and into the chest. What the fuck is he supposed to do ? Allow the grab ? Penalties. BS flags or not we still got called for I think 11 no nos. That's just terrible. Needs to be cleaned up
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    This New England game is the exact kind of game the Bills are known for loosing. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we laid an egg and lose. With that said, Miami is our biggest obstacle. New England lost way too much over the offseason. I never understood the love they were getting. Forget losing Brady, half their defense sat out with the Covid excuse. They were never contenders.
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    That guy is a dipshit/lost cause. Ignore him. He's nuts.
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    He's not a bust 1 He is still hurting from the shoulder 2 The D Line is not doing it's job!
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    fraiser was his HC his first 3 years into the league, he should be able to know if he can play within our defensive scheme
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    Biden is having his diaper changed right now.
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    Can you say “called it”?
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    Wow, your entire life is coulda, wouldnt it be nice. You must be a blast to hang around Hopefully you dont have kids
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    I got your point and completely agree.
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    Feels like we are in 1st place in the AFC East after 7 weeks, dont care who we played, how we beat them, what their record was. 1st place.
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    Not a bad idea, but I'm not some asshole who wants to mindlessly erase history and tradition.
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    JA is number four on the list with a 5-2 record. The other four in top five are 6-21-1. Meanwhile top five rushers are a combined 23-9. Did the NFL move back to a run to win league just as the Bills got a passing game?
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    I'm fine with the Bills sticking with Bass but if a proven, solid kicker becomes available I'd like to see the Bills go after him.
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    Correction. They WERE the threat. Tua is now starting. And they still have to play the Chiefs, Rams, Raiders, and Bills. They'll be lucky to finish 7-9.
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    He can’t remember who he is running against.
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    Go ahead, knock yourself out!
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    New England and Buffalo have a similar problem, all of a sudden neither team can score. Buffalo hast to get that high powered offense back on track. We need John Brown back.
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    ooooooh nooooo!! i thought "the genius" had a magical answer for every situation could it possibly be that his dumpy fat ass was just along for the GOAT ride that whole time? no way! he had the best record in that time so he must be the genius that made it happen a hur dee hur dee hur dee hurp yeah, cheating genius maybe
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    Never apologize for a win in the NFL and what you do 1 week rarely matters the next. If they trash the Pats next week nobody will care about anything that happened today except the W. It's a week to week league
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    I saw somewhere this morning...Twitter maybe....some guy bet $5000 for the Bills to score 30 points. and another $5K for the Bills to score 29 points. Ooops.
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    Numbers are numbers. And the numbers are not disputable. Five years of economic growth before Trump took over the presidency. Unemployment that went from almost 9% down to almost 4%. Trump did not lower the unemployment that much. Stock market always goes up. Every single president when he left office, the stock market was higher than when he came into office. Every single time. GDP not higher than it was under Obama and for a while it was lower than it was under Obama and was falling when coronavirus happened. Job creation, faster under Obama and more jobs created at a faster rate than under Trump, again, before coronavirus got here. So sorry that it doesn’t fit your need to proclaim Donald Trump the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the fucking planet. But facts are facts and the fact that your side keeps denying real facts is why everybody else fucking hates you people. I never hated New England Patriots fans when New England was the team I hated more than any other. I just hated the ones that acted like New England would never ever be a bad team again and that they would always be the best team in football or that they had always been the best team in football or anything similarly ridiculous. From Donald Trump down to his last supporter, your juvenile attitudes and blind denials of things that are true makes you some of the biggest pieces of shit probably in the history of this country, as a collective. Seriously, I predict he’ll win because people in this country are fucking ignorant. But if he doesn’t win every goddamn one of you can disappear off the fucking face of the earth and you won’t be missed by anybody other than your inner circle. The rest of us would be happy to see you traitors to your country go.
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    I'm fine with the read opiton, as long as it is NEVER on 3rd and 1. Josh does fuck up the read a lot, but that's not even the main issue. Josh is a fucking tank, run the fucking QB sweep and keep it moving. Fuck him reading the edge defender from a standstill. Dude is 6'5 240, use it when you need it.
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    No Smoke does suck, and limits some things, but not everything. Couple of things avout about today, not excuses just what ifs. Gabe's TD called back, Kroft turf monster and Zach Moss deciding there's no need to juke anybody and just TRUCK STICK the DB on that screen all could've been big play scores. Josh has to stop feeding Diggs early when he's double covered. After the first quarter for the most part he did. If teams are going to go heavy zone and roll coverage to Diggs, than Bease should keep feasting.
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    Stidham sucks, he has no choice but to send Cam out there.
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    No he won’t. I said something about the record high markets and record low unemployment, before Covid. And he said that was all Obama. Three years after Obama left office, everything good is carry over from Obama, everything bad is Trump. They bash Trump for catering to the rich and to Wall St., but any success Wall St. is having is all Obama. How brainwashed can you be? If the economy crashes after Biden takes over, it will all be because Trump left him such a mess. Even 4 years from now, yep, still Trump.
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    I’m done with Josh Norman. Put his ass on the practice squad.
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    That is true, but that is part of football. The Jets gave up: 36 to the Colts, 31 to the 49ers, 37 to the Broncos, and 30 to the Cardinals. We scored 18. We should have put up 30+
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    Because that’s not part of the process..... the process is 1975 Football.
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    Because the defense didn’t get gashed to end the game.
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    For some reason I don't feel as bad as I did about the Rams game.
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    There you go, Hip. Knocking my chess pieces over again.
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    You would figure a holocaust survivor would try to do something positive with all of that wealth, but here we are.
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    Him and Mini Mike sure do like wasting a lot of cash!
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    Well i said before as a joke....our PS players or the local high school team can beat this Jets team.....REALITY....lets see if it happens now......I still say we win in a FG fiesta....9-6 bills....
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    Every time you guys post some gaff that Joe Biden made, it just makes me want to go start posting all those videos of all the stupid things that Donald Trump said.
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    No no, you’ve got it all wrong see you it’s OK for the Republicans to be “deep state“ it’s just not OK for anybody else
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