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    Oh yeah Hip it's totally crazy. We should all turn on a dime, declare an emergency and vote for Joe30330 as soon as possible because he's such an innocent angel and is very deserving of our support. Forget about China, the Ukraine, Kazakstan, etc..etc.. We'll just look the other way. There's no way Joe30330 could possibly get blackmailed. And after he gets elected we can all live happily ever after in a socialist/authoritarian fantasy world. That sounds great. Yeah Hip, I owe Joe30330 an apology he's just such a great guy and I should have never talked any trash about him. Fuck our freedom of speech, 2nd amendment, freedom of religion, free market and everything else that made this country great. We don't need any of that. High taxes, $15 minimum wage, socialized medicine and the elimination of our fossil fuels industry is all we need! And I love Big Tech. I always wondered what the Soviet Union would have been like had they had their own Big Tech and now we get to see it in real life. The public is being deprived of information that they need to know, especially before an election. It's all so wonderful. I can't wait to hang out with you in the breadline. We can play hacky-sack and share stories with the illegal immigrants about the good old times and how awesome America used to be.
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    The issue wasn't that the Tians had positive cases. It was the team having secret practices and then complaining that the media treated them unfairly about it. Also, 1 case is a little different than fucking THIRTY
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    I think that’s a huge part of it.
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    Not having Smoke is KILLING this offense.
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    There you go, Hip. Knocking my chess pieces over again.
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    Bit if a difference catching it by just catching it, another is breaking protocol the way the Titans did.
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    NFL should punish the Bills for getting the Covid. You ask why? Because it's the Bills.
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    You sold out the minute you embraced Trump
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    ... McD is tempted to take a timeout before a big play. Every damn time (hyperbole) it doesn’t work out. 3rd and 1. Your offense has been gashing the defense play after play after play. You havent punted all day. The defenses hands is on their hips. Why the (bleep) would you call a timeout, give the defense a breather, and a moment to think about what play to call? Just go up to the line and run the damn plays that have been gashing them all the way down the field. Cant stand when he takes those timeouts before big plays.
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    What do you guys think? Was nice to see a Bills DB not drop a pic. Seems like he was everywhere. Does he earn an active roster spot? I liked what I saw.
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    Here are a few others: The Jets had 4 yards of offense in the 2nd half. The Jets had the ball for just 6:33 in the 2nd half.
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    Fuck he did good. And our kicker got his work in. Could have had 8 fg. Made 6 I think. Epenza good at lb area. Nice job pass rush. The d cause josh was mediocre. That was a dirty legal hit by our S.
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    He's not a bust 1 He is still hurting from the shoulder 2 The D Line is not doing it's job!
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    the last thing i'm coming away with from this game is the defense is fixed. How many penalties did we have inside their 30? Had to have been 50+ yards of penalties...+ 1 illegal formation that took a TD off the board.
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    I’ve been saying that since his rookie year. I could see the Bills using him like Bennett. Let him use his athleticism outside. His football instincts aren’t good enough at MLB.
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    And it’s a division game - sometimes they are close / ugly.
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    Dont forget we're making Gore look world class RB today...
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    I’m not going to argue that. Glad we didn’t extend Beane yet.
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    <Insert Beane draft pick here> is a bust.....
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    You have got to be kidding. LOL. Republicans are soooooo known for voter intimidation. LOL. Give us all a fucking break. Absurd.
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    Put his dumb ass in jail!!!!!!!
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    Nah, it's Trump people that are standing in front of polling places, armed and menacing
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    In their foreshadowed defense, practically half the team is out today lol.
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    They all got their jobs because their father OWNED a company. Like millions of other kids that father’s owned companies.Not because their father was VP and pulling some pulling some backroom deal for favors. Apples to apples.
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    This should concern everyone regardless the outcome. This POS clearly wants to implement his deep state agenda NOW and not a minute later. They probably bought Biden long ago to do whatever the hell they want. One thing I can promise is that if America falls, it will be with tens of millions of us fighting like nothing they've ever seen. Hip and his buddies can live in the FEMA camp until they decide they have no value and are exterminated. Pray for a different outcome
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    He was part of the first wave of modern athletic TEs that are legit threats. Started woth Tony G then Gates, Graham, Kelce witten etc. he was a throwback to OG Kellen Winslow, because the Te position moved from catchers to blockers in the 80s abd 90s. don’t get me wrong, gates was amazing and is an all time great.
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    I hope a Duke plays and has a massive day...make McBeane look dumb for wasting a pick on Knox.
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    And yet this Sniffer could be driving the Clown Car of the United States if he wins the election. World leaders are still PRAYING he wins the election. 🤮
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    So funny that the person who is actually the kook (HipKat) hasn't a clue. Best of luck, kook. Excelsior! LOL
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    Once again, all on Trump. SMH. Takes more than one to tango. Tump = evil incarnate. LOL. You people are so fucked up. This hate for Trump is SIMPLY SICK. Bottom line. The haters have big time issues/problems. Rubber room issues.
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    It’s not fucking football game, ffs. MAGATS.....smh
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    Kind of like you then.....
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    I’m not to far from you, I can swing by. you will recognize my truck.
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    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Yes. The evil hate Trump and Graham and throw millions at efforts to defeat them. Your point if you even have one??? You support a senile Trojan Horse with bad dementia. You should be so proud. LOL. I think your little story is pretty much bullshit too. A lot of that going around in election season.
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    Beanie needs to throw the fans a new toy even if it's from a thrift store .
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    I won't be sticking around either. But the sad thing is, once the US folds the rest of the world will fall in line and there will be no place else to go.
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