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    Says the guy still swearing there was Russian collusion after it was disproved twice
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    The chat box on the side is going crazy. All pro-Trump. A lot of energy for a guy down double digits with no hope for victory.
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    If you're still considering a vote for Harris-Biden I have a free gift for you. Just PM me your address!
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    President Truman in 1949......... "Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook."
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    I'll take the swamp over that corrupt POS that's been ripping this country in half for the last four years. You people cheer for the destruction of America, not the one you think Biden will cause, the one we've been that your side cheers for. And you think YOU'RE the righteous one. Fucking ignorant. The fuck went so wrong in your lives you turned on America? Seems like most of you made a pretty good life while it was "so bad".THat's how fucking dumb you all are. Be different if you were all scraping to get by, but I don't see anyone here complaining about paying their bills and I bet you paid them just fine long before Trump.
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    You are debating a moron Nuke. Quit while you are ahead.
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    I’m not to far from you, I can swing by. you will recognize my truck.
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    It's the fake news that gets to me. It's like he has selective memory when making points. He would be a good politician.
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    This is why I believe that there is a large group of hidden Trump supporters. Who wants to put a target on you or your family when there are wack jobs out there like this that would stalk you?
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    I can tell you what side wins this battle if it comes to it. Part of me kinda hopes it does...
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    Week 7. Jets coming to town. We need this. And we need to win convincingly. What do you guys have ? I think we win. I think we don't get a beat down take no prisoners beat down. But we do get a some what comfortable win. Bills 31 Jets 13 Allen gets back on the right side of history and throws for 3 scores. Roberts takes one to the house and a field goal from our "kicker"
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    He had 10 sacks last year. I think that’s more than anyone had on the Bills last year. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m going by memory. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/10/23/giants-trade-markus-golden-to-cardinals/
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    So funny that the person who is actually the kook (HipKat) hasn't a clue. Best of luck, kook. Excelsior! LOL
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    I wouldn't sell out my country for the sake of paying my bills, therefore your argument is invalid.
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    Do I need to say for the time that I think Trump is going to win ore are you just going to keep pretending I didn't?
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    Trump is a gifted speaker. And at the other end of the spectrum.
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    Joe = Pay to Play. Guy is no saint, so he should not be claiming otherwise. Never make definitive statements like that, Joe. Wait and see. Unfortunately, it may make no difference in 2020. Sad. Want to improve your situation in this world? Vote Trump. I could be wrong, but I'm not.
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    I have never predicted a Trump victory, but we had all better hope he wins. That goes for all of us. This "defeat Trump at all costs" mentality will fuck us all in the long run. No doubt about it. If it comes to that, I'll be here to remind you. Worry not.
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    Biden is a shell of the man he was even four years ago. Obvious to anyone actually looking. He's a Trojan Horse. If he becomes President, this country will be set back for decades to come.
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    It’s not fucking football game, ffs. MAGATS.....smh
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    You mean proved twice....takes a hell of a lot of venom to outright deny facts.
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    No One Tells You About Polls that Project a Big Win for Trump Most election polls include a question that pollsters rarely talk about: whom do you expect to win. Yet, the answer to this question is more accurate than any other election forecasting tool. By a lot. Finding the answers to this question is tricky. You have to get hold of the raw datasets and do the math yourself. Pollsters do not publish expectation data. The most recent analysis of expectation data comes from early October, around the first debate. Are you ready for it? As of October 3, 56 percent of likely voters expected President Trump to win reelection, and only 40 percent expected Biden to win, according to Gallup, via Western Journal. Most people expect Trump to win despite polls showing Biden in the lead. And this split is not unusual. The Science Behind the Numbers Back in 2012, researchers could still publish their findings without fear of being canceled. Two researchers, Justin Wolfers of the University of Michigan and David Rothschild of Microsoft Statistical Research, published a paper on the accuracy of polling’s expectation question. Here’s a summary of their findings: Our primary dataset consists of all the state-level electoral presidential college races from 1952 to 2008, where both the intention and expectation questions are asked. In the 77 cases in which the intention and expectation question predict different candidates, the expectation question picks the winner 60 times, while the intention question only picked the winner 17 times. That is, 78% of the time that these two approaches disagree, the expectation data was correct. What’s more, expectation data is more accurate than voter intention data in predicting the margin of victory: We find that relying on voters’ expectations rather than their intentions yield substantial and statistically significant increases in forecasting accuracy. An optimally-weighted average puts over 90% weight on the expectations-based forecasts. Once one knows the results of a poll of voters’ expectations, there is very little additional information left in the usual polls of voting intentions. Our findings remain robust to correcting for an array of known biases in voter intentions data. The science is settled: voter expectation is a better predictor of outcomes than voter intent. Expectations Have Been Rock Solid Since July Despite fluctuations in polls of voter intent, polls of election expectations have been remarkably consistent since at least July. Fifty-six percent of respondents expect President Trump to win, and only 40 percent expect Biden to win. This consistency seems particularly important this year. According to Gallup, President Trump came into 2020 with a 49 percent approval rating, the highest of his presidency. By July, his favorability was down to 38 percent due to the economic effects of Coronavirus. Even when Trump’s popularity was at its lowest level, 56 percent of voters expected Trump to be re-elected. Why Is Voter Expectation More Accurate than Voter Intent? Researchers believe three factors make expectation polls more accurate than polls of voter intent. The expectation question increases the sample size by a factor of 5. When I ask you how you intend to vote, I learn the intentions of precisely one person. But when I ask you whom you expect to win, you mentally “poll” at least five of your closest friends, the yard signs and bumper stickers you see, and the relative frequency with which you hear the competing candidates’ names. Your brain does this factoring in milliseconds and reports the results. “Trump,” you say. You can more accurately predict which of your friends and relatives will vote than the best voter turnout models. Did you know that the Gallup organization invented the election polling system? Did you know that Gallup quit doing election polls decades ago? Did you know Gallup quit doing election polls because it was too hard to figure out who is likely vote and who is not? Likely-voter modeling is still the weakest link in the process. But people know their close associates well. I know several vocal Biden supporters who are unlikely to vote. Two of them are not even registered. They have Biden stickers on their cars. They had Hillary stickers four years ago. And they readily admit they’ve never registered to vote. That’s the kind of information that pollsters can’t discern. Expectations breed outcomes because late-deciding voters vote for the candidate they expect to win, not the candidate they prefer. To a degree, expectations can be self-fulfilling prophecies. Some politically motivated polling firms try to manipulate the vote through a cognitive bias known as the Bandwagon Effect or Social Proof. This bias, simply stated, says that, free to do anything, most people will do what they see other people doing. There’s a lot of science to back this up. This is why Democrat pollsters try to convince you that the Democrat is going to win. Trump has a 78 Percent Chance of Winning Based on the expected outcome theory of elections, Donald Trump has a 78 percent chance of winning. We can reach this conclusion because, when voter intent and voter expectation polls disagree, the voter expectation poll wins 78 percent of the time. We can also predict Trump’s margin of victory in the popular vote at something around 55 percent.
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    I was just gonna say lit said...
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    Ask whoever made that shitty website. I looked for myself and I wasn't in there. I've donated several times.
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    10-14 point wins are not games I would classify as “destroying” someone. I’m talking what Miami did to the Niners. What the Titans did to us. 20-30 point beat downs....and that’s what SHOULD happen to the Jets. Even our win vs Washington last year was close until late into the game...and that team was fucking garbage. That’s what McDermott still does....get a two score lead and then it’s time to milk clock and play D. But it’s not happening this year. They tried it against Miami, LA, And Vegas and almost lost.
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    Wait we can get Quinnen Williams for our 2021 2nd round pick (hopefully that is a late 2nd). Or we can keep our 2nd round pick and draft another Zay Jones, Cyrus Kouandjio, Reggie Ragland, Cody Ford or AJ Epenesa? Hmmm. PS We all agree the Bills need help on the DLine, so Dalvin Tomlinson, Quinnen Williams, Carlos Dunlap, Linval Joseph....we should inquire about each of them.
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    Trading for an established player - You know what you are getting. Quite frankly it is a good strategy at times. While the Draft is a crap shoot. Consider 2nd round picks like Cyrus Kouandjio, Zay Jones, Reggie Ragland, Cody Ford or AJ Epenesa. And that is the 2nd round. It is even more of a crap shoot with later rounds. Trade a 3rd round pick for Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, Giants plus their 6th or 7th round pick. You get a proven player, in exchange for taking on the risk of losing him to Free Agency. But the Culture in Buffalo is strong, so re-signing Tomlinson is doable.
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    I knew as soon as Trump baited him into the oil comment, it would be a big deal. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/23/biden-oil-pennsylvania-texas-432043
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    If Pennsylvania and Ohio go Biden, they deserve what they’re go to get. An economy that is in the tank.
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    More fake news from Sean. "Plus when was the last time a McDermott led Bills team destroyed a team they were suppose to destroy? Kyle Williams last game vs Miami? Man fuck this shit." = Well no, it was last season vs Dolphins 31-21, Washington 24-9 Dolphins 37-20 or Broncos 20-3 . Take your pick. How soon he forgets these things happen. "So far the Bills are showing everyone the mental midgets they are." - Sean conveniently forgets how they came back to beat Rams after giving up lead. I am sure there will be some excuse like the Rams are not good. McVay is not good. Bills got lucky. It will be anything to deflect from what actually happened.
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    That he is. Posture should be everyone's main concern when picking a President. LOL. I wonder if he likes the way Biden shuffle-walks these days?
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    These people are pieces of shit. Fuck them. What goes around comes around.
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    That's what happens when the MSM subconsciously programs you for almost 4 years.
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    That’s crazy. The snowflakes are becoming psychotic. We’re seeing some of that on this board.
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    I'm not happy with not doing anything to fix the defense.
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    They want a one party system. That is exactly what will happen if they achieve their goal
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    Send them to Siberia. I’m feeling more and more that there is group of American that would love to take away my voice and right to vote if it’s not what they want
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    Lmao, Steve Bannon! Did he tweet that from prison?
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