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    And some people wonder why you might need a gun. Fucking pieces of shit.
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    My pleasure. I do my best to be a good steward of MAGA info.
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    I loved Biden walking on stage with the ol' mask on. So predictable. Just a prop.
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    https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/coyotes-dawg-liberals-unfamiliar-with-term-mock-trump-for-using-coyote-to-describe-smugglers-at-border I'd bet anything Hip and Frawk reacted similarly🤣😂
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    Well, that tweet got nuked. Good job covering up for Joe30330, Twitler. https://twitter.com/WarRoomPandemic/status/1319652462966591488
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    Cracking? Hunter...is that you?🤔🤣
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    Mostly I ignore him but sometimes I get triggered. lol
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    Sounds like utopia! Tell us your plan Woodtality51!
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    VOTE Donald Trump 2020. Don't turn this country over to a bunch of kooks. Bottom line.
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    ‘Trump does what he says’: Muslims abandon Biden, back president President Trump, whose Middle East plan is winning support from Arab nations, is gaining strong support from Muslim leaders and their followers who believe that the Democrats haven't delivered on years of promises, according to a new survey of Islamic leaders. In a shocking turnaround, 61.48% of the 109 Muslim leaders who “represent two million voters” plan to vote for Trump. That is a slight edge over their 2012 vote for Barack Obama. The survey of the leaders was done by the Washington correspondent for Aksam Gazetesi, a Turkish news site. It suggested that the Muslim leaders' support for former Vice President Joe Biden was 30.27%. Those results represent a dramatic flip of the Muslim vote, which for years has sided with the Democrats. Aksam's Washington correspondent Yavuz Atalay shared his results with Secrets and said, “It’s about the trustworthy. Obama, Clinton said good words, but they did not do what they said. Biden is doing same things. Good words but no action. Trump does what he says.” For example, the poll asked the leaders for their reaction when Biden used the Arabic phrase for “God willing.” Just 10% thought Biden was sincere. Atalay wrote, “According to 109 opinion leaders representing approximately 2 million Muslim voters in the states participating in the study, the new candidate Joe Biden could not break the distrust of the Muslim voters who traditionally voted for Democrats, which started with Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but rather strengthened it. The voting address of the Muslim electorate seems to be in favor of Republican President Donald Trump.” The informal poll echoes one of several Middle East countries that showed support for Trump’s Middle East plan, including 79% of Saudi Arabia.
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    If you're still considering a vote for Harris-Biden I have a free gift for you. Just PM me your address!
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    I saw that. What an asshole. Yet ANOTHER reason to vote for Donald Trump. Fuck Biden and the dems/libs.
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    If this is all true, Congress should apologize for impeaching the President.
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    @Woody thanks for taking the time to post these links. I'm pretty busy throughout the day and its nice to be able to pop in here and catch up on these videos.
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    Maybe payback. I don’t know their history together. Maybe Biden never invited him for a nude swim in front of the female secret service.
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    Hey! I like memes! At least they throw some humor into the nastiness!😎😎
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    Looks like Christie lost weight
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    I’m just wondering why now? What’s his motivation at this obviously important time? Conscience? Yeah, right. something is motivating him........
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    Yeah, him and his family work for China
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    He always comes through when he says he has the goods.
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    The brilliance of Hip and Frawk Memes is their greatest form of attack The difference between them and children are negligible
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    I would not underestimate Steve Bannon. Just sayin'. LOL
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    Look, if Pennsylvania and Ohio vote Biden, it’s their funeral.
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    What did it say in 2016?🤣😂
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    Joe is AGAIN trying to pass all this off as "Russian disinformation". Unbelievable. Joe simply should have come clean. Too late for that now. He has said definitively he has no knowledge of any of this and he made no money. We shall see.
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    Keep trying and failing, bud🤣😂 The consensus is China Joe got dismantled lastnight, and he got caught on lies that have been proven by video footage. It's cute how you come running to the defense of a man that has never gave a damn about you...only himself and his family. Actually, it's fucking pathetic and shows how much of a tool you are, but this board already knew that, so no loss there.
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    Another swing and a miss from our resident moron Keep up the good work, champ!
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    no i honestly dont remember i think most of us can recognize actual threatening verbal behavior when they see it. lets make that the standard
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    They should at least make the offer of a 2nd, they likely won't and talk about how much money is already invested in the DL. I'd be okay with giving up a first too
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    yeah, i gotta admit, i dont see how that content points to both sides. its seems pretty heavily if not exclusively criticizing the GOP i agree with it, just saying
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    the point is to get you to do it bc a) its only fair to point people to your source so they can go read it and get the total context of your quote 3) its a message board courtesy to everyone else, b) you have the page open RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. it takes literally two seconds and three clicks to post an address. thus, this exercise is to train you to become a considerate and rules following poster
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    I was thinking the same thing. Desperate. Juvenile. LOL They hate that laptop!!!
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    MODS...please help! I'm getting bullied on da internets! 🤣😂
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    please provide a link to these statements so we can go read the whole thing to get proper context
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    Both sides, huh? Where are the dems mentioned? You make no sense. Sorry, ace.
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    Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. @NikolovScience This is quite interesting: A World Bank web page featuring results from an app they've developed called "World Integrated Trade Solution" shows that #COVID19 Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus was traded back in 2018! https://wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade/en/country/ALL/year/2018/tradeflow/Exports/partner/WLD/nomen/h5/product/902780… How is this possible? 12:08 PM · Sep 5, 2020·Twitter Web App Somebody knew something.
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    I’m gonna laugh my ass off when you get banned. For one thing you’re not being here will make this board drastically more intelligent. Your very presence here actually dumbs this place down.
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