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    Seriously. Im completely fine playing 16 games a year at 1pm.
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    Not to mention the “whataboutism” and deflection that they claim to hate when anyone else does it......
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    Still waiting for you to prove something dipshit
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    If we can only get rid of the coach and GM we can go back to losing to bad teams as well. Then we won't feel bad about losing to the good teams.
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    Nope, Borat is legit. I hope he runs as the Democratic Candidate in 2024. Exposing Rudy has caused me to change my vote to Joe30330 since his poor behavior is now justified.
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    I think a lot of that was by design. They held them to 26 points. That’s all you can ask for from your defense against the best offense in the NFL. Only ONE (1) team in their the Chiefs last 13 games have kept them under 26 points. One... in 13b They scored 26 on the Patriots defense too. I believe McD purposefully put a small line on the field and let the Chiefs do some damage in the running game, because that takes the ball out of Mahomes hands and also slows the game down: And as far as points go... it worked.
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    Just did my weekly film and study and goodness gracious. How big does Singletary and Moss need the holes to be? First Example - Singletary has two choices. Follow his lead blocker and Pro-Bowl center Mitch Morse into a hole where he only has to beat one person (the safety), or cut back into an area where he has no lead blocker and there is an array of Chiefs. What does he do? He cuts back and is immediately tackled. Second Example - Where is the damn burst? You seriously can't hit this hole and take it to the house, or at least get 20+ yards? Until I saw this play, I forgot that Singletary ran a 4.7 40-yard dash at the combine. To put that into perspective, Josh Allen ran a 4.76. Third Example - This one is on Diggs. The O-Line has everyone blocked. They're doing their job. However, Diggs gets schooled and his defender makes the tackle. Fourth Example - Another play where he has a choice of two huge holes. Option 1 sends him him into the middle of the defense, where there is 3 Chiefs d-linemen and a safety bearing down. If any of them shed their block, play over. With Option 2 you have to beat one safety and you take it to the house. Singletary chooses Option 1 and is tackled after 2 yards. Fifth Example - This is Zach Moss, who apparently has the burst of a turtle. Tackled after a couple yards. Sixth Example - In this play, he has the entire right side of the field open, but decides to hesitate and bury his head into the linemen instead of bouncing it out. This clip is animated gif and it's pretty large, so you may need to give your browser a moment or two to display it. PS - On the flea flicker, Josh had Diggs open. Angle that anywhere accurately towards the corner and he walks in for the TD.
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    the point is to get you to do it bc a) its only fair to point people to your source so they can go read it and get the total context of your quote 3) its a message board courtesy to everyone else, b) you have the page open RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. it takes literally two seconds and three clicks to post an address. thus, this exercise is to train you to become a considerate and rules following poster
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    Uh oh. Is it the 24 year old Giuliani raped?
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    That is literally about the size of it.
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    This is what I'm saying. Let go of your emotions, pumpkin. Focus on what the man has been able to accomplish under relentless attacks that weren't even legitimate instead of acting like a scorned woman🤣
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    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/president-trump-plans-to-bring-hunter-biden-associate-tony-bobulinski-as-guest-to-debate.amp?__twitter_impression=true Special guest coming to tonight's debate with Trump!
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    Remember, to the TDS sufferers, every story that puts Trump in a negative light....... GOOD and every story that puts Trump in a positive life.........BAD. Mr. Bow, if you remember this lesson, you should be fine in life.
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    I would tend to agree, but you have to admit that the Dallas Thanksgiving day game was fun to watch last season.
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    delusional. I am all for fatfuk making his closing argument a rerun from 2016 with a solid dose of crying like a child cause everyone is mean to him..... Fatfuk: suburban women puhleeeassse like me. SW: No. Fatfuk:
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    And I said Kaepernick was simply a pawn of the Globalist Marxist Hegemony. This is all about taking the United States down a peg or two. I was not wrong.
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    This has what to do with the Biden criminal laptop??????????????????????
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    They can keep denying and trying to sweep this under the rug, but its simply gonna make them look worse the longer they do this. It's out, and the people will see and hear it. Biden can only pretend it's a smear and not legit because his denial would be proven as false which is why he hasn't done it. Joe Biden is a fraud and is also a corrupt career swamp creature that sold out his country and position in our government to other countries to enrich himself and his family. A vote for him is a vote against America, period
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    its not going to work either. what a hapless loser the president is, same script, different year. this tired old rerun is about to be cancelled. Just a reminder, here is the guy leading this investigation
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    A real fare-thee-well for Biden, are you? Your arguments are ridiculous. Maybe you could entertainment with an study paper on a hypothetical argument: Would Hellen Keller rather be blind or deaf if given the opportunity., Or maybe you could convince that brussel sprouts taste fantastic while grits are terrible. Your arguments are ridiculous.
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    Joe Biden and Hunter are the pedos This is clearly a weak attempt at discrediting Rudi cause he brought real info out (see Joe and Hunter). It's been debunked unlike China/Russia/Ukraine Joe, but Frawk clearly doesn't know or care.
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    So Biden is out and about on a daily basis with no "lids"??? Hip is out of touch with reality. LOL
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    LOL. Your guys infatuation with Hunter Biden is laughable. Hunter Biden is running for president but go ahead keep focusing on him in the meantime I see Joe Biden out making speeches and traveling almost daily. That whole hiding in the basement thing? Yeah August called and they want their stupid story back. Meanwhile, stupid redneck hillbillies are bumping uglies all over the country on a daily basis in the traveling Donald Trump COVID-19 parties, while the rest of us roll our eyes at the latest stupidity. Do you know what Joe Biden hasn’t done? He hasn’t been infected with coronavirus or spread it around his inner circle like somebody else running for president. Fucking guy couldn’t even protect himself or the people working in the White House.
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    I don’t see anywhere that said she was a minor other then Borat saying something. As long as she wasn’t , who cares. It’s no different than Clinton/ Monica. And nobody cared then. And Rudy isn’t President
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    You'd be insane to chastise this GM/HC tandem. Have you forgotten the 15 years before them?
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    I would like to thank the inspiration of a 1,000 landlords for allowing me to own Frawk's mind with the previous post. Don't break your keyboard, big guy.
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    Is this a 'bot? Just sayin' as the man has no thoughts of his own. I'm hoping he is a real person; I have been victorious in every exchange. This man is in great need of my Voter Coaching Services.
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    If they just can't run, they could just dink and dunk down the field. 4 yard pass or run - no real difference. Pats lived of this type of offense for years.
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    Pretty simple. The Bills needed a roster spot to keep Justin Zimmer on the 53 man. And the Beaner probably found no trade partners for Spain because of his big salary, so they had to release him. PS We do need to release another player to make room for Feliciano. So look for someone to "have an injury" and be sent to IR to make room. Or, someone like Darryl Johnson if they drop a DLineman, or maybe a back of the roster LBer like Tyler Matakevich
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    Well mcdermott's DL, his bread and butter, it's become an unmentionable in the league.
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    You know what Biden does have?? About 115 million more dollars than Trump. ALL these people going to Trump rallies and no donations?? Huh! That seems weird. They say they really want him to win again but they can't ante up a few pesos so he can,m you know, afford to campaign and stuff? What do ya know about that?
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    Throw was late although that might've been due to the fact that Allen was escaping some pressure. Not really sure if he had a chance to unload before. That's a tough catch but one that Diggs needs to make.
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    No, I'm not. But 17 years of TOTAL DISFUNCTION is hard to overcome. No coach wanted to come here, McDermott did. So much has changed, but not enough. If every fan was as good as FanBack, the collective unconscious would propel this team to countless undefeated seasons. The Bills would be so good they might pursue a World Series title or NBA Championship for a challenge. Josh knocking LeBron on his ass might be fun. I bet Beasley would steal a few bases. But the other fans do not measure up. Sadly, none of you can. And THAT is what holds back the Buffalo Bills.
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    Many of Pres. Trump's allies on Wall Street have abandoned his bid for reelection. The finance execs who backed his 2016 campaign and inaugural have gone silent in their contributions in the final two weeks of the election. so sad. ***lol
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    Reporter tries to cover with her BS. Oh well, on to the next Biden - Harris rally.
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    The Bills were playing garbage time prevent defense the whole game. They didn't care about the yardage piling up and basically allowed them to slowly move the ball downfield and ultimately score. McD was hoping for them to make some mistakes along the way and chew up the game clock. I don't like this plan at all. We really needed to mix things up a bit more and get pressure on Mahomes when he tried to pass.
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    I’ve been saying for a year or so Edmunds should be kicked outside and used like the Super Bowl Bills used Bennett. Just let him use his athleticism. It seems like a old two down run “thumper” could be found pretty cheap. It’s the best place to start. It still doesn’t solve the fact you have a ton of your cap tied up in D-line and your getting nothing in return.
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    3-1 Team gets it's shit together and more importantly its injured players
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    Is this what we are settling for? Perennial 1st round of playoff losses? Never being able to beat good teams?
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    Well it’s been apparent that the reason the defense was so good was from free agent signings....I’ll give Beane credit for that...but his drafts...WHAT.THE.FUCK? Allen....jury still out...was bad...then good...now bad again Edmunds....hot garbage Phillips....hot garbage Ford.....hot garbage Knox.....hot garbage Motor......showed promise last year...now looks like hot garbage Moss.....hot garbage Davis.....has promise Epenesea....hot garbage Bass.....hot garbage Oliver.....hot garbage T. Johnson.....hot garbage W. Teller....oops gone...now looks to be good.
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    I just think you get yourself worked up over things that ae really not there. I don't like to lose either but I don't go into the game expecting it. Sure it could happen but hey, lets get better. The McDermott sucks, Bean sucks, 3 and out coming up, here comes a disaster thinking probably makes you feel even worse.
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    Simple people.....if we had a top 5 defence like we did last season with our offence we win simple......we have bottom league D now....why on earth i really dont know for the huge difference now....so there it is.......This fucking team its always a mis balance between the two...every fucking year! No balance at all.....We complain of a better offence & QB play and we get it..but our defence now goes to complete shit.....ya we cant have good things....
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    This makes absolutely no sense 🤣 WTF is this suppose to insinuate here? As if the candidates had any say over the topics? Well...I'm sure Joe had input and probably knew the questions, but certainly not the president. Meanwhile...China Joe revelations keep surfacing and you and your buddies are crickets. Anyone that ignores sourced information like this that's been verified isn't interested in what's best for America, plain and simple. This is I'll buy into what fits my views, and if not then it's nothing, fake, etc. They shoved the Russia story and impeachment down our throats for years, and it turned out to be bogus...Dems couldn't care less. There is no unity or decency on the left. It's hate, division, deceifulness, and lies...basically anything to win at all costs. America better brace itself for some dark times ahead because I don't see either side coming together after the election. There's too much bad blood, and both sides think the other is racist and hateful
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