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    Seriously. Im completely fine playing 16 games a year at 1pm.
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    Just did my weekly film and study and goodness gracious. How big does Singletary and Moss need the holes to be? First Example - Singletary has two choices. Follow his lead blocker and Pro-Bowl center Mitch Morse into a hole where he only has to beat one person (the safety), or cut back into an area where he has no lead blocker and there is an array of Chiefs. What does he do? He cuts back and is immediately tackled. Second Example - Where is the damn burst? You seriously can't hit this hole and take it to the house, or at least get 20+ yards? Until I saw this play, I forgot that Singletary ran a 4.7 40-yard dash at the combine. To put that into perspective, Josh Allen ran a 4.76. Third Example - This one is on Diggs. The O-Line has everyone blocked. They're doing their job. However, Diggs gets schooled and his defender makes the tackle. Fourth Example - Another play where he has a choice of two huge holes. Option 1 sends him him into the middle of the defense, where there is 3 Chiefs d-linemen and a safety bearing down. If any of them shed their block, play over. With Option 2 you have to beat one safety and you take it to the house. Singletary chooses Option 1 and is tackled after 2 yards. Fifth Example - This is Zach Moss, who apparently has the burst of a turtle. Tackled after a couple yards. Sixth Example - In this play, he has the entire right side of the field open, but decides to hesitate and bury his head into the linemen instead of bouncing it out. This clip is animated gif and it's pretty large, so you may need to give your browser a moment or two to display it. PS - On the flea flicker, Josh had Diggs open. Angle that anywhere accurately towards the corner and he walks in for the TD.
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    Biden at one of his undecided voter Rallies.
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    Why ? I mean he's good depth right ? If a message needs to be sent they should fire someone on defense.
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    So Frawk is happy that people that are suffering aren't getting help because "oRanGE mAn BaD" The Democrat party is one of unity and decency 🤣😂
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    HipKat Resists? A guy who supports the swamp and adheres to MSNBC is the resistance!?!?! Bwahahahah. You're killing me. Keep shitting on my thread, Hip. This is gold.
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    Don't know why they try to jam a square peg into a round hole with Singletary. Why are they running him up the middle when it's been shown endlessly that he's most effective on the outside and on screens? He needs a few yards to pull off his hitch move, which is very effective in space.
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    I think a lot of that was by design. They held them to 26 points. That’s all you can ask for from your defense against the best offense in the NFL. Only ONE (1) team in their the Chiefs last 13 games have kept them under 26 points. One... in 13b They scored 26 on the Patriots defense too. I believe McD purposefully put a small line on the field and let the Chiefs do some damage in the running game, because that takes the ball out of Mahomes hands and also slows the game down: And as far as points go... it worked.
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    from this it showing allen looking the entire way and he has to move a bit from pressure to launch, must have been why the throw was late. diggs did a great job collapsing his body to guarantee if he makes that catch his knees are down in the field of play. Just missed it. I think there’s way worse plays to be critical of this game lol
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    Wow, China hates Trump? I like him even more now!
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    The 2nd example. Mitch Morse is pulling (don't you see him?) and he would take care of that LB. Not to mention, a RB needs to make a guy miss now and then. It's not all about getting wide open lanes to the endzone.
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    Of course its not all him. But he is certainly not helping. He is missing big holes and he is also making poor choices on small holes.
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    I said this on another site when someone said, bottom line we're still 4-2. I said just over a week ago we were 4-0. Losing is such a tradition in Buffalo, fans don't care if the Bills are great, as long as they're not in last place. Complacency runs rampant among Bills fans. There's nothing wrong with wanting your team to be great and still playing in late January. The last 2 weeks have shown me, not much has changed in Buffalo. Some fans want it all, while a majority are willing to accept mediocrity.
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    I agree with Vic. EG the Second example. There is a LB closer to the yellow marked area. He is quicker there than singletary ... although that does not mean Singletary is not to blame. It a just too one sided as usual from Lit ... Allen is inaccurate, everything else on Offense is great ... Daboll sucks and holds everybody on offense back Russ Brandon sucks and is the reason the Oline does not block well ... etc etc etc not wrong ... but hyperboled (if this is a word)
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    I can see that. You don't cut Q and keep Winters for no good reason.
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    Pack it in. It would be the kiss of death.
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    Not trying to disagree. But some of those holes could've closed half a second after the stills. Honestly I don't know. I don't have the time to do a full game analysis. We have to rely on your word. You love shitting on this team at the smallest of chance so I'm not buying it. At least not completely. To me its both. I can certainly believe that Singletary is missing holes just as much as I've seen him get hit behind the LOS and our line opening exactly cero holes. McD going after Bell is just good sense. Singletary or not Bell is a baller and teams should always be on the look out for players.
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    he is not reading his blocking right, on several plays he has taken the wrong hole, The blocking is not always perfect but he is missing holes and taking the wrong ones.
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    I thought we were going to see more Yeldon last Monday?? Guess not..
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    They could compare that to Lawson, which I understand. They want to compare deals and positions, then it's Phillips and Butler, and Phillips is by far the better player and they paid Butler close to what Phillips got. Makes no sense to use the money excuse when it comes to Phillips.
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    So what happens if BIlls lose to the Jets 10 - 9?
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    Yeah...because the career politicians like Biden give a damn about you. Dumb as dumb can be
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    So you're saying you watch MSNBC, once again. It would be nice if Trump could lay on his ass in the basement and let the crooked media do his work for him. Trump doesn't have those luxuries like Joe30330 does. Knock yourself out!
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    Lit is partly correct, the bills played heavy coverage because the passing attack of KC is very good. However, it shows our front four are not good enough to get the job done. They were getting blown off the line. We need to upgrade the DT position....Oliver maybe decent on pass rushing but he is not able to hold against the double team. He is extremely susceptible to draws as well. If they were going to play heavy pass defense...should of put fat DT's to stop the run. As for Offense, well Spain, Felciano and now Ford are out. I think our Guards are a big reason our run game has died!
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    Well, I think the offense if fine. Weather always plays a factor in the passing game, but I think the Offense is fine. Defense on the other hand, is a major problem. If you cannot stop the run, you are a bad team. I think either Star, Shaq or Jordan was much more valuable than we thought. If it is Star, well he is hopefully back next year...but if the run defense was anchored by Jordan or Star then we are in trouble. Depth at LB position is also a major issue. Edmunds is great, but without Milano we are exposed to TE's and the Run defense is not the same. With the Jets sucking, maybe we should try to trade for Q Williams. Our first round pick this year is not going to be great, and the Jets already sold their star running back. Q Williams is a pretty stout DT that can stop the run. Not sure if the Jets would trade him for a first round pick...but they are pretty dumb of late. Might as well try!
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    Sign someone? Trade for someone? Anything at all?
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    Biden doesn't have rallies, so no, they wouldn't be coming from rallies. Something about that social distancing thing and stuff...
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    man ya'll took this one tough lol...I posted this about 30 sec after he sailed his first pass 5 yards over the head of his guy cause of the rain
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    Not to excuse Singletary because he's obviously part of the problem but its more OL if you ask me. Moss can't run either and Yeldon aside from the garbage time pay last week hasn't been opening any eyes. The runners are getting hit after 1 yard, sometimes even behind the LOS. Hos many times did you see Edwards Hellaire or whatever get hit for the 1st time after 5 or more yards ?? It happened all day long. The very few times Singletary has gotten some blocking I still see him bouncing of guys and breaking tackles. Problem is he rarely gets out of the backfield unscathed.
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    Yes. Wrote the same thing on the balls and goats thread. This team can't play on prime time. Take me back to the noon games on sunday where nobody gives a fuck about us. Please. I regret ever complaining about not getting enough national games.
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    I don’t have the answers, but you have to start somewhere and our drafting hasn’t been amazing. So I have no problem spending a draft pick on a proven player over a pick that might turn out to be good, or not good.
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    Any suggestions? I said in a previous thread we should go after a MLB that can actually tackle and move Edmonds to rush specialist like he was supposed to be coming out of college. Plenty of bad teams with good MLBs which come at a lower cost than rush specialist.
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    Yup, he's looking good. That makes me wonder if the Bills know what they're doing when it comes to developing the younger guys. Guys who have their shit together before they get here (Tre White/Gabriel Davis) are thriving while other guys seem to flounder.
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    I made the analogy that Marvin Lewis is Sean’s ceiling in one of my rant threads during the game
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    We held KC to 26 points. Holy hell score 28. It isnt like we are not capable of that.
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    The run blocking is not good. Leveon Bell might not have helped. The best RB historically without run blocking? LaDainian Tomlinson. From 2001 to 2005 he was touched or hit behind the LOS almost every play.
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    Got to beat the Pats or its welcome to the past 20 years.
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    You guys need to cheer up. Benching Fitz is the best thing Flores can do for us Bills fans.
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    Seattle's defense is almost as bad as ours. That game is winnable if the offense from weeks 1-4 is back. And Arizona is hard to figure out. They look great 1 week and then like the Cardinals of old the next. Again, if Allen and the offense shows up, I'd expect a win. If this team is for real, 3-1 is a must, 4-0 should be the goal.
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    You're kidding yourself if you think the defense played fine. Andy Reid did not even attempt to unleash his weapons as he realized they were in complete control. KC's passing offense wasn't even used. If the game would have ever been in question Mahommes would have marched them right down the field. Additionally what was up with the 2 unsportsman like penalties against our prized D players Poyer & White, no discipline. The way our D is playing Miami deserves to win the division, at least they play with heart compared to Buffalo's lackadaisical D.
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