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    Seriously. Im completely fine playing 16 games a year at 1pm.
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    I saw this post on another group. It’s not mine, I didn’t write it, but he/she makes some very good points. “You can't name me one signature win in 4 years. He hasn't beaten the Pats, sucked on primetime, and only beat the Steelers because the QB was named "Duck." The Tennessee Titans have adopted their coaches attitude: Tough, resilient, aggressive, and don't back down from ANYBODY. Our Bills have adopted their HC attitude: Timid, soft, and conservative with no aggression. Sean McDermott was supposed to be a defensive guru yet, his defense is the worst I've seen in years. A couple of other things: 1. The fake snap count to draw opposing team Offside DOESN'T WORK. It's soft. It's conservative. It's stupid. We let them rest for 5 minutes to just completely blow up the next play then proceeded to punt. That cost us huge. 2. I want somebody to be responsible for using this much capital into the defensive side of the ball through draft picks and free agents yet, we still SUCK. It's not acceptable and somebody needs to take ownership. Make no mistake, this team is soft and can't compete with the big boys. We choked twice on primetime and will be lucky to win the East. The Patriots will shred this team. We as fans deserve to be pissed because we have suffered to damn long to support this crap.”
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    This is true, sadly. I honestly believe he's compromised and is a threat to our national security. We must put our faith in GOD and trust his plan...even if it doesn't make sense to you or me.
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    cUz HaRrISoN pHiLiPs wAs DraFted bY dA bIlLs yeah and sucks jordan Philips played with a fucking chip on his shoulder. I miss his trash talk and the edge he brought too.
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    Yea I can see that, and I like our chances on a 2pt due to Allens running ability.
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    When I was younger, I loved going to bills games in the snow and the cold in the rain because I was young and stupid. Now that I’m older and if I ever move back to Buffalo and have the possibility of getting season tickets again, it would be highly dependent on them having a dome
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    I’m sorry. Is this crazy? It was even brought up on WGR this morning. Maybe not a new RB but better production out of the ones we have. I’m still not sure why some of you praise Motor like he’s the second coming of Thurman Thomas or something but the dude needs to take notes. It has been mentioned several times that Edwards-Helaire would actually break runs wide when there were no holes while motor would keep plowing straight through. He also missed some holes. There were many times he could have busted a run to the outside but didn’t. Don’t get me started on Moss. Why not Yeldon? And don’t give me the cHiefS haVe a BetTer oFfensice LiNe dA us bullshit. THEY WERE DOWN 3 STARTERS! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING! And some of you wondered why the chiefs picked a RB in the first round...when they needed so much help on defense...well you got your answer last night.
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    I think a lot of that was by design. They held them to 26 points. That’s all you can ask for from your defense against the best offense in the NFL. Only ONE (1) team in their the Chiefs last 13 games have kept them under 26 points. One... in 13b They scored 26 on the Patriots defense too. I believe McD purposefully put a small line on the field and let the Chiefs do some damage in the running game, because that takes the ball out of Mahomes hands and also slows the game down: And as far as points go... it worked.
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    1) The Bass miss. Instead of making your rookie kicker run out there with the play clock ticking down and attempt to rush a 52 yard kick to tie the game, a wise coach calls a timeout there. You had 2 left. Call a timeout, let the rookie calmly walk out onto the field. Maybe even try a test kick. Then calmly, with plenty of time and no rushing, kick the damn field goal. This is basic smart coaching. 2) You score a TD to pull within 7 in the 4th quarter. You have two choices: a) Kick the extra point and make it a 6 point game. ANY score by the Chiefs makes it a 9 point, two-score game and that ends it. b) Go for two. If you get it, even if the Chiefs get a field goal, you still have a shot as it’s just an 8 point game. The choice is OBVIOUS! You go for two. It makes no damn sense to kick the extra point.
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    The RB we drafted is literally running for 2 yards per carry as well.
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    The run blocking is not good. Leveon Bell might not have helped. The best RB historically without run blocking? LaDainian Tomlinson. From 2001 to 2005 he was touched or hit behind the LOS almost every play.
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    Yep, I would agree with that as well. Got to outscore teams in todays NFL. The talent around Allen can't get much better. He has to be better. If we can't run, teams will stay in cover 2 and he is going to have to dink and dunk underneath. Go beat a good team.
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    Bingo. I think the Fins are gonna start shitting the bed now....and then watch them throw Fitz back in.
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    I prefer Sunday at 1 PM, and prime time games to root against all the other teams and players I hate and/or am jealous of.
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    Yeah agreed, Sunday @ 10am my time, over with by 2pm and I can get on with my life. No sitting around nervous all day at work. Except that ASS WHOOPING we gave Dallas last year was great.
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    I'm surprised that more folks from the industry aren't speaking out.
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    You guys need to cheer up. Benching Fitz is the best thing Flores can do for us Bills fans.
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    I guess Toobin will be absent for the erection... I mean election coverage!
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    God this thread is full of closeted homos who think sitting out doors a few extra hours makes you a man. bunch of fags
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    Yes ! Agreed on both. But the 2nd one was more egregious IMO. Was he asked about it after the game ? Genuinely curios as to what he said ? Did he even realize it ? First one was bad but Bass misses that one even with 5 time outs and 10 practice kicks. The guy sucks.
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    We lost yesterday because our offense sucked ass. Running backs sucked, running into lineman's butts. Line sucked blocking. And Allen reverted to 2018-2019 cant pinpoint his target to save his life, giving away TDs by over or under throwing people.
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    I hope thats not true, because that would be incredibly dumb. We paid Mario Addison over $10 mil/year and he is playing about 35% of our plays.
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    It's so hard to say. Allen, while he didn't make any crippling mistakes in that game last night with regards to turnovers or sacks, simply could not figure out how to move the ball. And part of that is on Daboll. They're getting nothing from the run game and John Brown clearly seems hurt. The TE position is also non-existent. They'd better come up with something because everyone is going to copy what has been done to them the last two weeks. I'm really focused on the next two weeks. Two wins there is huge. We'd be 4-0 in the division and 2 games up on the Patriots at the halfway point of the season. Then regroup and go from there. Honestly, the Patriots game is THE game. I can totally see us getting "big-brothered" like the Steelers just did to the Browns.
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    I don't think it's Allen they've figured out, I think it's the anemic O-Line they've figured out and how easily they can be out-muscled. 2 weeks in a row, we've lost the Line of Scrimmage from the start. Allen has had very little protection in both games, unlike the first 4, he had a lot of time to throw. What IS on Allen is his head. He seems to fall apart when he makes the first mistake. the INT last week. The entire first drive, this week.
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    Jeffy “tubesteak” Toobin can room with Matty “bend her over the desk” Lauer and Anthony “weener” Weiner. Then they can all zoom with the King, Billy “cigar aficionado” Clinton. 3,2,1.....grab ‘em by the pussy”.............
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    Simple people.....if we had a top 5 defence like we did last season with our offence we win simple......we have bottom league D now....why on earth i really dont know for the huge difference now....so there it is.......This fucking team its always a mis balance between the two...every fucking year! No balance at all.....We complain of a better offence & QB play and we get it..but our defence now goes to complete shit.....ya we cant have good things....
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    It's disconcerting that he always seems overmatched against good coaches. And his squads seem to come out flat all the time. They kinda looked like they couldn't have given less of a shit each of the last two games.
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    Which Super Bowl did Houston play in? Or Detroit? Domes are an abomination, and I would question the masculinity of any fan who wanted his team to play in one. Stop being a pussy.
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    You Trump people, it’s sad watching you all spiral down deeper and deeper into your delusions. Deeper and deeper into your unsubstantiated fear. Deeper and deeper into your baseless accusations and your conspiracy theories. You people are fucking lost. I don’t know what it is, do you watch too much TV or something? The mass brainwashing and the cloud of confusion that you people choose to immerse yourselves in, I can only hope the light goes on one day and y’all look back at this time and realize just how fucked up you’ve been. What triggered all of this? Was it the black president? Was it the birth certificate thing? Was it Benghazi? That doesn’t even make sense. But it seems like that’s where the conspiracies began. Countless investigations couldn’t find anything. Joe Biden and the guy from the Ukraine. Your cherry picked one conversation and try to create this entire conspiracy around it even though it was the bond over and over, you refuse to except the explanation. You buy into every single conspiracy that points at the left as if it’s the gospel truth. But countless “conspiracy“ that surround your president, investigations and multiple investigations they all have the same findings that implicate your president. He’s failed policies, his lies, his failure to protect you and me and the rest of the people of this country and then him admitting it, multiple times on tape, and you can’t even think about the possibility that any of those could be true. How do you not see how fucked up that is? I mean talk about not seeing the forest through the trees. It’s frighteningly uncanny the way you people intentionally keep your eyes close to the truth and then try to create a truth where there is none. Keep believing all those lies and keep falling for all that misdirection. You Trump people are making fucking fools out of yourselves. It’s embarrassing, really. If Joe Biden wins this election, I’m gonna sit back with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bag of ice and I am going to watch all of your heads explode and I’m gonna enjoy every fucking minute of it.
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    Yep and I think it's fair game to start questioning Brandon Beane too. His drafting has been atrocious thus far.
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    Let’s take a look at the Bills offense tonight: passes bouncing off face masks Allen throwing into the ground Allen heaving it into the stands 1 yard runs here, 1 yard runs there probably the Bills best weapon tonight? PI calls on Diggs! Wow so exciting! fuck this shit.
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    ...and thats on the coaching staff....
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    It’s going to start looking bad on McDermott and Frazier if our defense keeps playing poorly. Our offense should be complimenting them, not bailing them out
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    Do you mean where all the rich people live? How come you keep talking shit about Biden and possibly raising taxes and that plan only being on people who make over, What, 1/2 a million a year? But you never say anything about the minuscule tax cuts the middle class got that expire, ironically, after the election which will result in a definite tax increase for the middle and lower classes? How was it you guys always seem to avoid that conversation?
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    We need someone big & strong enough to take Star Lotulelei's place. AND call up Lorenzo Alexander
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    This makes sense and Aikman pointed it out a few times. Going to have to take the short stuff and be patient. Josh has not always been patient though.
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    When he wins the MVP you were the first to call it..........after 4 games this year :)
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    This game is on the offense. 17 points is not enough. There's no use even talking about anything else. You want to beat the Chiefs? Then score like 27 points or lets just move on with our lives.
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    I don’t think so - the difference has been those teams are more physical than we are . Pure and simple - were built fast and soft - Chiefs and Titans are physical .
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    Yeah I’ve resigned to the fact our defense will never stop anyone. what I’m fucking PISSED about? the first time our offense touched the ball in the 3rd quarter we go three and out....one of those plays a weak ass run up the gut for 1. Weak ass shit! fuck this team
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    lol we play in the worst weather run the league and We are soft. Every dome team in the league has made a super bowl since we last won a playoff game get fucked retard
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    That said, we may get to lose another wildcard game.
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    Stupid redneck hick found
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    Domes are the quickest way to make your team soft as fuck. You're not going to the Super Bowl with a dome team unless you get home field advantage.
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    Domes are for pussy germaphobes
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