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    So if he can figure out a way to get fans into the stadium, does he stop being an asshole?
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    Wouldn't it be cool if the Bills beat the Bucs in the Superbowl in Tampa and erased all the bad karma of wide right and the ownage of Brady/Gronk in the same game???? Oh they also beat Billicheat along the way because the taping was too hard to do in an empty stadium. We also would beat Pitt with our 3rd string players before the playoffs. It surely wont ever happen, but I'm throwing this out there now in case somehow it did. Thanks, B
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    He put me on ignore and I couldn't be any happier that I don't have to get responses from that "person".
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    I’m surprised he believes the fires are real
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    Also let's not forget that Joe Biden eulogized Robert Byrd (KKK exalted cyclops), Strom Thurmond (Dixiecrat segregationist), and George Wallace (Governor of Alabama, segregationist). And Trump is the racist? https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4454847/vice-president-biden-eulogizes-senator-byrd
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    Lose? lol Fascman isn't even in the same ball park.
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    In before "HeY! DiSs IzInT BiLlZ tAwK!"
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    I was not impressed with Trump's answer though because he gave meat to the Leftists over the Proud Boys comment. He should have simply said: "Chris, I've denounced white supremacists a few times already and recently designated the KKK as a terrorist group. The violence we're seeing in these cities is largely due to extreme Leftist groups so I'm not sure why you're trying to cover for them by placing the blame on a small, insignificant portion of extremists who aren't even funded by big monied interests."
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    He doesn't know. His arguments just keep morphing as we go along. Everytime I nail him on a point he changes the topic as if the previous one doesn't exist anymore. Then 3 days later he'll cite some conspiracy website or another study he thinks supports his arguments.
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    lol, he said it's in the courts?? It's not in the courts. An audit is not a court proceeding, nor are there subpoenas for documents
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    hmm... i was never on the collusion train...so..nice try
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    Holy fuck. parkland is a false flag? wow. this is the garbage you read and post here? sounds like we agree that there needs to be police reform. Its so predictable, but I love the irony that police brutality is only when it happens to people on the right. typical misogynist. wow.
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    seeing the photo pisses me off
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    Moss has not looked like crap. Looking forward to the day we have both healthy and use them both on the same day
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    I think our defense lost its toughness since Shaq and Phillips left. Would you consider bringing in Earl Thomas on a cap friendly deal? He can still blitz the QB and help stop the run. We need some violent players too many Chior boys on this defense right now.
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    Shhh. The adults are talking.
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    I agree. Sad. Even sadder that many buy into all the lies. What goes around comes around.
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    @Meathead you know he is gaslighting.
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    He's done it plenty of times, the media just keeps asking because they hope he'll slip up. They're like the naughty kid who keeps asking his parents if he's going to get something for Christmas.
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    It's obvious and this is why everyone should be voting out the left. Deep state and the swamp is the Democratic party.
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    Well there you go. Excellent.
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    In your excitement to prove trump a racist, you made a mistake. Admit it and move on. We all do it.
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    And now to blow up @f8ta1ity54's excitement over the Proud Boys false equivalency we have an interview with the chairman of the Proud Boys himself.
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    The POTUS blew it. If he followed the format he agreed to, he would have had plenty of time to articulate his position and offer rebuttal. His "Loudest man in the room" approach was not what was appropriate for this debate.
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    My post above is an illustration on how to convey a political viewpoint without emotion or vitriole.
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    Yes, I agree. A big mistake by Trump I know he wanted to put the spotlight on ANTIFA, but, the white supremacist was easily dismissed by pointing out designating the KKK a terrorist group. Like you said. Then ask when was the KKK even relevant? ANTIFA is a current issue. Diffuse and the segue into the point you want to make.
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    THIS ^ The part of the story that matters the most and that the MAGAT's avoid talking about
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    A) you're right, he should and does use every possible legal means to reduce his tax liability. everyone should do so. remains to be seen whether he did everything legally. 2) We know plenty about his tax situation because the NYT just published about 40,000 words reporting on it. If it were fake news, fatfuck could sue them and then we'd all get to see the documents in the discovery stage of the trial. I recommend you hold your breathe waiting for president crime spree to sue them over that story. just like he did when they published the story about how he fraudulently obtained his money from his father. wait, he never sued over that story. that may be a clue there for ya jethro. iii) you are missing the main point. regardless whether the IRS gets the $100MM back from him, the point is that fatfuck is a singularly shitty business man who destroys cash like a exterminator chasing cockroaches. He is $400MM+ in debt on assets that cannot be refinanced to repay the loans. He's fucked. and youve been duped into thinking the guy is some sort of business wizard. he is the opposite. he is a character playing a rich guy on tv.
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    That would have been nice, but that was a 2 vs 1 debate we watched tonight. Trump wasn't going to let Chris and Joe30330 control the conversation.
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    Nobody won tonight, IMO. Trump was off the rails and wouldn't answer the white supremacy question properly or even the final question which might have hurt him. Joe30330 played it safe and gave generic answers whenever he could without getting interrupted. Sadly, he didn't answer the supreme court question and backtracked on the manifesto which might have upset the far left demo of his base. He needs to work on his body language, too. Whenever Trump would trash him he would look down at his feet. A sign of shame and guilt.
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    Glad to hear yo are OK!
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    First of all, eat a dick. Second, since there is less socioemotional problems with African Americans because their parents prepare them for the "far-reaching" racism/discrimination by "authority figures" that the paper explicitly says exists, this somehow means no system racism? This paper does not imply that african americans "look for biases in society which means their frame of reference will incline them to see any slight as a matter of racism above any other cause." Other races are less prepared for racism, and this somehow disproves systemic bias? So the paper proves that blacks have learned to cope with discrimination and racism better because they are trained by parents. The same people who have dealt with discrimination for generations. How exactly does this disprove systemic racism? I''d also like to point out that 10% of the data used in this study comes from other countries.
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    Some of us need to chill. Everyone is at the edge of their shit lately. We all have on thing we agree on so focus on that. Amazing shit is happening for once in 24 years.
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    Balls: The offense for winning the Game Allen for balling out Diggs for being the man Oline overall Shorty Beasley Slippery Singletary Refs for calling the interference Goats Bills D for the choke Coverage/Tacking Refs looking for a close game Me for running out of beer
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    Meanwhile Jackson proves again that he's just a running back who throws.
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    @jpp it was obviously illegal contact while the ball was in the air, which makes it by definition PI. The "interception" was horseshit.
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    that was one of those 'how can he look at slow mo replays and call that an interception'? kroft clearly touched it first, brings it in, the db gloms on, and they both go to the ground. by the eye that looks like no worse than a tie for kroft, and ties always go to the receiver. if we were to call picks this way, every other catch would be a pck bc dbs would just wrap their hands around the ball. it doesnt even matter if the db manages to get more surface area of the ball. if kroft still has it secure, its his catch. case closed. another example of 'i dont know what the fuck the ref could have seen to not make that offensive reception'
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    And there’s another one. How do they deflect from Donald Trump and his criminal empire? They make things up about Hunter Biden. Oh my God, his dad got him a job. Like that never happened before. I wonder how many people on this message board got a better job because they knew somebody? Was there any criminal activity with that job that Hunter got? No. There was no criminal activity. Was there any criminal activity with Joe Biden in the Ukraine? No. There was no criminal activity. But, what is the criminal activity with Donald Trump in the Ukraine? Yes! And that’s why he was impeached. I mean, they keep trying to play this card about how Hunter Biden wasn’t qualified for the job that he got. Let me ask a question. Was Ivanka qualified for her job in the White House? What exactly are the qualifications for Mr. Secretary of everything, Jared Kushner? The more I deal with Trump supporters the more I understand why the very best demographic that he is polling in is an educated white men
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    He is being sued by the IRS for 72.9 million because he plays by the rules? Are you really this stupid or will you just defend him no matter what? Or is it both? I did complain about biden messing with social security. I brought it up when it was him vs bernie. See i actually have integrity and consistency. You trumpers don't.
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    Inflating property values and lying about losses to screw the banks and the goverment is not legal.
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    Is there something wrong with wanting clarification on potentially loaded questions?
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