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    I mean, who in their right mind doesn't? This anti-police bullshit needs to stop NOW. How can anyone vote democrat when they back this shit or stay "silent" about it? Thoughts?
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    fuck you and your passes you two are just left wing shills. f7⅜ accuses me of bias when he refuses unbiased award winning researchers just because their data doesnt match his narrative. Hip even has the tiny balls to criticize me for posting videos of a former COP who is now building a huge internet presence because his videos are so popular from telling the truth about america sucking the balls of black thugs who did horrible things and got killed resisting being held accountable for their crimes, all because we are addicted to virtue signaling regarding blackness have YOU ever volunteered in the ghetto to help people read, to build business plans, to stay off drugs? have YOU visited at least 30 random black churches in multiple cities, gone to their bible studies, and attended their musical revivals? have YOU ever joined the NAACP and the Urban League to get to know the black leaders in your community? have YOU ever served on the Rochester mayor's Racial Harmony board TWICE? have YOU ever been married to a black woman? have YOU read at least 75 books from various political backgrounds on topics related to black/white issues? i AM the expert here. not you. you hate that but its the truth and im shoving it right up your tight little asses with my fist right now you two are the enemies of logic and reason, law and order, and open minded debate on this topic. ive already got f⅓ on ignore, which i adore, and Hip you are one cunt hair away from joining him. the only reason youre not is once in a while you post something interesting, but im not going to miss you much if you insist on playing the lowball game like youre doing now. i dont need your shit and i remain utterly confidence in my knowledge and analysis. how long before you join him in the etherworld is up to you
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    I am enjoying the high rankings, but the upcoming schedule is tough and the over-reaction media will drag us down just like the over inflated us.... But i may save these rankings. Buy Low and sell High baby,
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    Stay on your path, Meathead! Some of the posters here have ZERO knowledge or thinking ability. These times we are living in right now are like nothing we've seen before. It's most important to stay on the path of truth and real knowledge when the goal of those in power is to misinform, divide, and to hide the truth from the people. It's all coming to a head very soon...just keep your wits about you and you'll be alright.
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    I agree with two separate forums. People that wanted to come here to talk about Ginsburg would have known where to find the thread
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    i find it hilarious you have the balls to come to my thread and criticize my knowledge about race issues, and we both know you mean specifically about black folks, when you are so thoroughly and comically wrong about everything you said here the cops did not go into the wrong apartment, they were there for her boyfriend and indirectly breonna herself. they had enough evidence to go after him, but they were also looking for evidence to implicate her bc it was virtually impossible she didnt know what was going on. they announced and knocked, then broke the door down. breonnas loving boyfriend shoved her in front of the cops so he could retrieve his gun and take a shot at the cops, while lovingly allowing her to take the return fire 11 of 12 eye-witnesses said the cops did NOT announce themselves, but one said they definitely did - which is about what you would expect in a predominantly black apartment house that crack is sold out of. we all know, and if we didnt we did after michael brown, that blacks force each other to lie about the police. fortunately theres always that one or two honorable persons (usually the church goers) that tells the truth despite the direct threats to your life if you dont lie to the police the OJ comparison is hilariously stupid bottom line is breonna taylor knew exactly what was going on and was part of it. if you had any man balls you would go and spend some time in that thread that now i am VERY glad i made on this topic instead of including in this bullshit show
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    You know that as a fact? Or because he said so? Listen, these no-knock warrants need to be looked into, but the fact remains, they are allowed, it was signed off on, and the cops were following the procedures. He fired a shot at them, and they fired back. Hey! Maybe she’d still be alive if her boyfriends choice of profession were, oh, idk, maybe a dog catcher, or garbage man, or lawyer, or bricklayer, or bus driver, or doctor, or plumber, or yada, yada, yada....
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    Its gonna be tough. Funny thing is i just he is not sought after in Fantasy leagues. I just picked him up in fact.
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    And looks fucking good. And by weapons I mean one man...Diggs. there were at least three throws to Diggs...that if they were to anyone else....would have been picked off or batted down. In mid throw I was yelling “wHaT tHe fUcK aRe U DOinG!!?” Because they were throws in tight coverage. Only for Diggs *gasp* to.make.a.play! fuck yeah! For how many years have we seen other teams throw to their weapons and these dudes MAKE PLAYS! while our guys, if lucky, just catch it...annnnnd that’s about it. now if Allen has a decent tight end? Christ. But nope, we needed Harrison Phillips and Ed Oliver instead. Dudes whose names haven’t been really called at all this season. But I digress.....
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    From a Team view and i want to keep my job view, I understand why Mcdermott would keep trying to drafting defensive studs like Oliver and Philips. Until Allen shows he is the guy over a long period of time, the defense will keep th eBills in games. I suspect if Allen shows he knows and can use the talent McD will feel more comfortable relyingon the offense to produce.
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    you realize that they just recently outlawed the no-knock warrants, that a commander was there to make sure they followed the protocol, and that ALL those officers jobs were on the line if it was found that they didnt 11 crack house negros said they didnt hear any announcement, but one said they definitely did. knowing everything i explained about the dysfunctional snitching sub-culture that exists in blackness, who are you going to believe i think brother tatum said they had body cams on. i didnt ever find out if they picked it up there, but you would think that would have come out by now. i was pretty tired when i was listening to that so i might have to go back and spend some time on it. theres a lot of stuff there, though so it might take me a minute
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    What he posted in complete horseshit. Fact. Road apples.
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    But HipKat is tactful and has a good attitude
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    You stupid fucking idiot. For the tenth time, these mail-in ballots ARE NOT the same thing as absentee ballots. Ignoramus. The rest of your post is complete horseshit. Do you believe EVERYTHING you hear/read??? Dummy.
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    Tre White Goalie Academy
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    I guess I missed the part where you said it might be fake. Let's review- Another poster shared a meme that looks just like a tweet from 2016. I said, "What a beautiful fake tweet meme." And the you said, "Except that's not fake." Now where I went to school we would dissect your sentence, which is a direct response to my sentence, to mean- 1 - Except - Conjunction -used before a statement that forms an exception to one just made. 2 - that - Pronoun - referring to a specific thing (subject) previously mentioned, known, or understood. In this case, seeing as how my sentence was the only thing you quoted, we'll go out on a limb and suggest you were referring to the "fake meme" portion of my sentence. 3 - (i)'s not fake. - this would be referred to as the - predicate (the part of a sentence or clause containing a verb and stating something about the subject). These 3 parts of your sentence mean, in plain English, that you are declaring an exception to my response (that the meme was a fake tweet), by stating that "it" (the meme) is not fake. You followed that statement by saying, "Not exactly" and sharing a link that also clearly says the meme was a fake tweet. I'm still looking for where you said the meme might be fake. Can't find it. Yeah, Trump said the same thing a lot of others did. I think everybody knows that. And I never said he didn't. However, when I see something that is clearly fake, and I call it fake, then you tell me it's not fake, while including a link that also says it is fake, then qualify that response by saying you said it might be fake, even though you didn't, I can't help but feel violated (offended even) by your twisting of my words meaning. If you want to point out what Trump said in the past, have at it. If I see something that's fake, and I call it fake, don't tell me it's not fake and include a link that also says it's fake, then try to backtrack your statement but at the same time strut your stuff like you won some sort of argument. Thank you.
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    Merril "FACTOR TROLL" Hoge
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    Yup. And I'm the biased one for citing peer reviewed studies lol Fucking insanity dude.
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    Travis “gotta make me some keeds” Henry
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    I don't care if he likes you or not. There is no call for somebody to get shot simply because they disagree with you. But that person is a low class scumbag for even suggesting it.
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    BrokenHip just wished that another member get shot in the face. Kick his fucking fat ass off this site. What a piece of shit that asshole is.
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    I understand what you're saying, but you're actually much better off with Trump's reelection. Just my opinion.
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    I said the meme you shared was a fake tweet. So does your link. Thank you.
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    Nobody has the balls. Someone is going to have to take one for the team eventually. Herschel Walker would be a good one, but he's not connected to the democrats' arm of the media. Yeah I know, and I'm tired of it. She's another shitbag who has been made out to look like a sweetheart for the sake of capturing hearts and minds. That seems to be the name of the game for this leftist homo movement.
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    You forget... Hip is part of the REEEEEEEsistance!
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    id like to be the first to despise having to congratulate President Criminal Enterprise Shit Pile on his reelection liberalism has lost its fucking mind BLM. LeBron James. our perpetually lying click based "journalism". Antifa. Marianne Williamson. Berkeley. NAACP. Virtue signalling addicted white enablers. The Democratic party. YOU PEOPLE did this. not russia, this time. not a hubris entitlement drunk bitch of a former secretary of state making a string of stupid ass mistakes. it was YOU PEOPLE you are driving the majority of people to vote for this flaming asshole criminal AGAIN simply because you keep lying your ass off about cops and black people in four years you will look back at the smouldering ruins of whats left of our country and realize your mistake. you are too far gone to see it now. so congratulations you mother fucking piece of vile evil sewer sludge
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    Well you’re right about one thing and that’s that any discussions about Donald Trump policies are BS because he has no policies other than to keep Americans divided and to keep the right believing that the left are the enemy. Because that’s what it’s all about. People on the right are convinced that people on the left want to bring full-blown communism and socialism man God only knows what else to this country and they are led to believe Democrats are the enemy. That’s Donald Trump’s biggest crime is to take advantage of that misguided belief and use it to drive a wedge further and further between both sides
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    It's a manufactured meme designed to look like a real tweet that never happened. In other words, it's a fake tweet meme.
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    lol what? I post nearly every day. And my avatar AND signature are both Allen. What a weird take.
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    You left out labeling me as a FACTOR BACK
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    That' not me. I'm just not into the whole Aleister Crowley thing where you create various aliases and quote them. That's like confirmation bias via multiple personality disorder. In fact when I first bought the the Blizzard of Ozz album, I conflated Mr. Crowley with Mr. McFeely of Mr. Rogers. Also, I don't dislike Merril Hoge, but the whole 'Factorback' schtick was tiresome.
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    Ya got to beat the best to be the best. Bring it on.
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    Woman Driver Crashes Car While Flipping the Bird at Trump Supporters
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    Okay, let’s get the obvious one outa the way: O.J. “Cut throat” Simpson
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    Well the Browns are certainly innovative. Some draft experts say a team should draft a QB every year. Well the Browns have done one better-they sign a new head coach every year. If you're a head coaching candidate and the Browns call just say "No hablo Ingles" and hang up the phone.
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    I wish somebody would barge into your house and shoot you in the face. The world would be such a better place with you no longer in it. just think of all the time and energy your mom would save no longer having to do your laundry
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    But how can I offer an apology if you have me on ignore?? lol OK, Meat, I'm going to do this; I'll apologize for calling you a racist. I'll apologize for making generalizations and I'll stay away from your race related posts - mostly because I just don't agree with you. Whatever your experience is, mine is different. And no, I've never married a black woman but I have dated several - didn't know that, did you? I never joined the NCAA but I've lived and worked in and around the black community for the last 14 years. I've been on both sides, pointing the finger of frustration and disdain and one of empathy.
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    Are you fucking 12 years old? I didn’t say it’s not fake, I said not exactly meaning it’s not exactly fake. Because Trump did say that. It’s exactly what he said and he said it twice. The only thing that’s fake about it was the actual meme itself and I’m done with this conversation because talking to you fucking Trump lovers is an exercise in killing off brain cells
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    Right. Because 11 witnesses are wrong and one witness is right. Yeah, sounds very logical to me
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    We get it. Your feelings can't handle objective reality. Instead of denying reality just say how you really feel. In my thread on systemic racism, no one could counter my evidence or the methodology. They just discredited it the source. Now if you really believe that your life experience in whiteyville USA holds more weight than many large studies, your a fucking idiot. And I will look down at you. You are willfully stupid. Thats worse than just being uneducated.
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