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    You still like to say your conservative, you espouse the “good” of socialism. Will you finally admit that you’re just a leftist. @direbillsyoure right, I was talking about Brett Kavanaugh, thanks for catching that for me. So then, you do agree that they made up bullshit about Brett Kavanaugh?
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    McCoy is just propping up his team mate. He knows in his heart that Nate Peterdude was the best.
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    I’m of the opinion that Obama was far more corrupt than Trump and since Biden was his VP, I consider him complicit in that corruption. Biden has a long history of using his political influence to enrich his family and his friends as well. Trump, on the other hand was already rich before taking office. Money is the means by which Washington controls the politicians and since Trump doesn’t need the money, he can’t be controlled. Since Trump couldn’t be leashed they decided to smear him. In much the same way, they manufactured bullshit allegations against Neil Gorsuch. And as for the press, they’ve been an arm of the Democratic Party for 40-50 years. At least ever since they were able to bring down Nixon and then realized the scope of the power they could wield. Trump is just the first “republican” willing to call the press out for what they really are, and that is, part of the corruption of Washington. The press has shirked their constitutional duty and have chosen a side. And it isn’t the side of the American people.
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    its amazing how many otherwise intelligent people think its a reasonable idea to shoot for the legs hell, you can shoot a guy three or four times in the torso and have him still draw his gun and kill you then you see something like this which should nail it down forever@HipKat but you watch, somebody in the future will say the same dumbass thing. its like the lives of law enforcement dont matter. "shoot him in the legs and if he can still kill you, oh well. at least the criminal will be caught. cops are disposable"
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    It's become quite clear that BLM supporters and the organization itself are PIECES OF SHIT. Fact.
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    You come on this site every so often to spew your bile. Suck my dick, asswipe.
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    Looks like they can dance, too.
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    Progressives have always been about progress. Did you ever think to what they’re progressing towards? Socialism and totalitarianism, this has always been their endgame. The masses are just sheep to be hearded. Socialism, in the end is only for the masses, not for the Socialists. All you’ll have is more poverty, more misery, and you’ll still have a rich and privileged ruling class. As for the masses, they have the same opportunity to succeed as everyone else. If they can’t do what’s necessary to better than themselves, why should I give a shit about them?
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    Hipkat you need to condemn Dame Bigot Harris first. Then we may listen to you. Educate yourself. I long for a contrarian learned mind.
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    If an article is anti-Trump, HipKat is ALL IN. LOL
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    Madden should sign him up in their virtue signaling department
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    How about I just vote to change my country? DUMBASS.
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    Probably just relegatted to the PS....Colts keeping just 2 QB's on the 53....Kelly is not going to beat out Bissett.....
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    Euthanasia has untapped possibilities.
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    The George and Billy Martin feuds were awesome.🤣
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    Andrew Cuomo is murdering someone's Nana as we speak - and you're obsessing about this?
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    If George was still alive he would have fired Boone after the game.
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    I’d tell that big black water buffalo to shove her racism, along with that horrible weave, right up her black hippo ass.
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    "Cuomo the Killer". The man has blood on his hands......
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    And mentally weak as they come.
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    There are larger crimes than those of which the Aquarian is accused. All accusations will be proven untrue of course. For starters - you must denounce Andrew Cuomo's murdering of the elderly.
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    It's not perfect, and there are some things that leave me still skeptical about justice on the way...this I agree with.. Their main points though all seem legit. It's stating that it's being dealt with and that everything is under control where I have some doubts, but we'll see.
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    So he makes a typo and is labeled a fool? I think it can be “established” that you are a cunt and a fuckhead. Fuck off, “fool”
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    It’s easier than getting on a treadmill and eating salad I guess, you non-human you🤓
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    What the fuck did I just read? Somebody who is not only justifying but celebrating being fucking fat?? I swear, I hate this world more and more every day
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    This idiot wants to argue when he does not even have the facts correct. Neil Gorsuch? I think the fool wanted to write Brett Kavanaugh. So not only is he an idiot but as we have established, also a liar. I guess his 2 degrees are not really helping him much. He says he is not super rich or racist or uneducated. It seems clear he is lying on at least 2 fronts. I don't know if he is super rich but I know why he supports Trump. It is because of his other 2 lies.
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    The Bills gladly gave cornerback Tre'Davious White a four-year, $70 million extension with $55 million guaranteed over the weekend. “You want to talk about earning it, he’s done it since the day he walked in here,” General Manager Brandon Beane said. It makes White the highest-paid player at his position. For now. Someone someday soon [more] View the full article
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    Wouldda couldda shouldda... Let's stick with what actually happened instead of making up pretend scenarios. You're the one that's on the bullshit with your hypothetical scenarios and your apparent lust for a ghetto thug getting as close to executed by the police as possible without actually dying. And like i said, what's the end result?? Cop's not working. Kenosha is in flames and a hood rat just got rich and famous. But I'M the one that's full of shit...
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    When you are a criminal you are putting your life in jeopardy, why? because cops are trained to survive so they can go home to their families.
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    stop trying to change your dumb statements history of course its impossible a guy with a killing knife could spin around and slash a guys throat. you just saw a guy shot several times get up, dodge multiple points of fire, only to end up with a knife at a cops throat. wtf more evidence do you need that most of the shit you said about that blake situation was grossly ignorant bullshit? its all been explained to you very VERY clearly, yet you continue to want the cops to do seriously stupid things that will put their lives in mortal danger just stfu with that THREE cops bullshit. people like you are why the cops are standing around doing nothing while people kill each other in the streets. you say dumb fuck stuff for poor poor violent felon rapists out on warrants, but you cant find one ounce of understanding of the impossible situations cops are put it dont even bother responding. just issue your mea culpa and we'll be done with your inane proposals of what the cops should have done. youve disgusted me enough with how you handled this situation. you and millions of others, fucking this cops thing up royally. its like you WANT to get that fat piece of shit reelected
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    He’s probably like ‘Josh who?’ I bet shady thought of his time on the Bills as a prison sentence.
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    Maybe he was too busy getting us our “beautiful healthcare“
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    The point is to understand why. Why do you people give him a pass on everything? Why are you people in capable of seeing all the negatives when it comes to trump? What causes you to turn a blind eye to everything that the rest of us can see plain as the noses on our faces. But lies. The corruption. The worst staff and cabinet possibly in the history of this countryBut lies. The corruption. The worst staff and cabinet possibly in the history of this country. All the appointees that have conflicts of interest with their positions. All of the vacant seats. The lack of experience of most of the temporary appointees. The effect that this presidency has had and this country and our relationship with the world. The division. The destructive policies. What the fuck is it that makes it so difficult for his supporters to see the truth about him? The people who hate Trump I like Roddy Piper’s character in They Live when he puts the sunglasses on and he can see the truth. You people that support him are like everybody else in that movie that were completely blind to the truth
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    They should have had a social worker there to provide soothing comfort to the suspect. Could have defused the entire situation.
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    For almost 4 years they've been inflicting maximum pain on us through their propaganda wing, the MSM, because the American people didn't pick the candidate they wanted. The lesson is - if you fail to pick our guy again it'll be another 4 more years of this shit!
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    I would agree with that. The town of Fairport and the town of Pittsford are beautiful. Eastview mall in Victor is way better than the Galleria. It's funny, Rochester is more east to west and I never thought twice about driving from Fairport to Greece but since Buffalo in more north to south, it seems like driving from OP to Clarence takes forever.
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    I’m not in favor of bailing out the US mail. Some company will be happy to do that job. Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex... someone. Why spend more of our tax dollars on that sinking ship?
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    They're definitely recruiting from the bottom of the genetic pool which makes sense because once their usefulness is over so are they and no one will miss them.
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    That guy was running AT the officer brandishing his weapon to strike. Not walking away with his back turned to THREE officers.
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    Rochester’s suburbs are definitely more affluent than Buffalo’s. Pittsford, Fairport, Perinton, etc are genuinely nice. Buffalo’s suburbs are just straight rundown for the most part. Even OP is nothing special.
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    They murdered another African American. It is what they do.
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    No, you need to check your history. If you recite 'Trump is our greatest living president' 100 times I may forgive you.
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    This is 180 degrees from actual reality. Trump has enabled his family and his peers to amass a hell of a lot of wealth off of this term. Something Republicans always cry about is 6 figure politicians leaving office as multi-millionaires. Trump might have come in with money, but his family will leave with much more. Ivanka and her clothing lines and copyrights in China - of all places. Trump Hotel. Trump golf courses. It goes on and on. PLus, he gives his fucking kids - who had ZERO experience high level jobs in the administration. He bullies the Intel Dept to give Jarrod his clearance - they they were not going to approve. He fils other cabinet positions with yes men who know nothing about the jobs they were given or were given jobs that play right into their own personal, financial wheel-house. Like making the Sect of State a guy who ran the largest energy company and had been trying to get a deal with Russia for 12 years. Or a guy into the EPA who doesn't even know what the fuck the EPA does. I'll bypass Russia - for now, which, even though you and simple-minded miscreants lie Bowman,LI Loser and Sack with react with Charles Manson cultists in his court room-like reactions. There is so much corruption with Trump I could fill a dozen posts on here to the brim. And Biden?? lol... a fucking toddler in comparison. Philosophically and politically, the Left is progress for the masses and the Right is progress for the privileged at the expense of the masses. You are and impediment to progress
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    And there's that that manipulation based on fear that the Right loves to employ. Socialism!!! Except they always omit the fact that we already live in a quasi-Socialist platform. But it's not really about Socialism, itself, that your side fears. It's the thought that someone's coming to take whatever from you. Your money, your land, your guns.. It's the fear that someone is going to get to live off someone else's labor. (Don't politicians do that now, since WE pay their over bloated salaries?). And what are the aspects of Socialism that your side uses to stump against the most?? Affordable education - because damn, it would be terrible if we had a more educated populace. Affordable health care. Because in the minds of you people, it's not a problem to pay more for Health Insurance every month than most people pay for housing. (My premiums are almost $1000.00 a month, I pay $725 for my house). And then still have to pay MORE for medical care. In some cases, 20% of major procedures. And thirdly, using tax money to care for the poor. Republicans love to see a fair amount of poor people so they have someone to scoff at while they pretend their rich. Republicans remind me of the IT guys I deal with who work at State Farm, here in Bloomington. They make less money than I do, but they buy $250,000 houses (Which is a hell of a lot of house here in Central, IL) in brand new subdivisions that they can barely afford just so they can pretend they're on the same financial scale as the higher income people from State Farm. BTW, you don't even know how Socialism works. Pros of Socialism Under socialism, workers are no longer exploited because they own the means of production. Profits are spread equitably among all workers according to their individual contributions. But the cooperative system also provides for those who can't work. It meets their basic needs for the good of the whole society. The system eliminates poverty. It provides equal access to health care and education. No one is discriminated against. Everyone works at what one is best at and what one enjoys. If society needs jobs to be done that no one wants, it offers higher compensation to make it worthwhile for people to take them. Natural resources are preserved for the good of the whole. The downsides are why there'll never be a completely Socialist society in America. As a result, socialism doesn't reward people for being entrepreneurial. It struggles to be as innovative as a capitalistic society. A third disadvantage is that the government has a lot of power. This works as long as it represents the wishes of the people. But government leaders can abuse this position and claim power for themselves. (Which they do now) Hell, we can't even get people to wear a fucking mask in the midst of a pandemic.
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    I've said that I've always leaned more to the right but this current climate makes it harder and harder to stay aligned with the Right. It's almost as difficult to align to the left. There's commitment to party and commitment to logic. It's illogical to support a man who is guilty of everything I've posted over and over about. A Biden presidency is a chance at going back to normal, where the Government does it's thing, we do ours and not have the White House shoved down our throats on a daily basis. I'll stick with logic, thank you.
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