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    Pegula’s said they’re looking for a new sponsor. How about this - change it back to the Ralph. His body was still warm when you stripped his legacy from the stadium you greedy asses. https://buffalonews.com/news/new-era-name-to-be-dropped-from-bills-stadium/article_d2117992-c6c6-11ea-9ea8-0fada25c9c73.html
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    The white people escalated that unnecessarily. Apologize and move on. That being said, why were they arrested? It’s illegal to pull out your legal gun now?
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    Check out this douche. Forget the Feds. Somebody is going to hire mob guys to go in with baseball bats. Think Jimmy Hoffa union riots.
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    How does that skank get that Brillo pad to stay on her head every day?
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    well, back when slavery was widespread in america is was an evil racist paradise, so to speak but the massive point here is that it is not that way now and hasnt been for at least forty years organizations like BLM want to push that agenda to retain power. that makes it a political movement, and a political movement is usually based on lies. we certainly see that within BLM that is 90% lies the mental diseases within blackness are our biggest social problem today. personal responsibility is the opposite of the BLM narrative thank god that both celebs and regular black folks are speaking up in ever increasing numbers that BLM doesnt speak for them. the bad part of BLM is a scourge upon america, and especially black america. thank heavens we are starting to wake up to that and sadly i agree, the universities are one of the prime sources peddling this bullshit. just look what they did the berkeley
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    They look like unlicensed Chinese crap. I got a laugh out of the straw hat, though. That must be a "throwback" to the Jauron days.
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    Fanatics Just because New Era has taken their name off the Buffalo Bills’ stadium doesn’t mean they are taking their hats off the players inside. New Era is still the official cap of the NFL and they’ve released their 2020 training camp hats. There are four options below including a fitted hat, an adjustable hat, a flat-brim snapback, and for the first time I can remember there is a wide brim straw hat available. Since these are designed for those long summer practice days, the straw hat makes a ton of sense. The caps come in royal blue and feature the “TRAINING” patch on the side. The “BILLS” lettering on the front is two-toned with a diagonal stripe and the Bills’ logo on the back of the hat. The straw hat option features the team logo on the front and the “TRAINING” patch is on the back. Click the links in the images below to order yours today. Fanatics 39THIRTY Flex Hat for $36 Fanatics 9FORTY Adjustable Hat for $35 Fanatics 9FIFTY Snapback Adjustable Hat for $37 Fanatics Bills Official Straw Hat for $40 View the full article
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    yeah youre right it would take einstein and freud together to diagnose an anger disorder from a man who threatens violence over the internet because of some stupid thing some other guy said oye pretty soon youll have a month without this shit site drawing your attention to really think that one through. and it doesnt take nostradamus to see it coming
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    lol I think it's funny for any Trump supporter to point out any potential Russian connection on the left with ALL of the cases of Trump sucking Putin's tit, not to mention allowing him to pay bounty money for dead Americans. But that will be y'alls cross to bear one day, not mine
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    Chuckles Schumer = most despicable man alive. Fact.
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    The Bolsheviks. Don’t look now, but they are doing everything in their power (and not) to keep control
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    Agree, more distractions. When they don’t want the controlled to see what’s really going on behind the curtain, they throw non stories in our general direction, hoping we will take the bait and run with them so that they can continue pulling the wool over our eyes. But anyway, why shouldn’t executives be able to sexually abuse female staff members? They’re executives for cripes sake. Why else would they become an executive? Okay Jungle, you’re up ...
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    Uh yeah except musicians, billionaires, and celebrities of all colors and political ideologies engage in the same shit. I'm no fan of Snyder and his mismanagement of his team but the simple thing to do is fire those guys, bring in some sexual harassment consultant group, and move on.
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    Nice, if there's one thing we know about civil rights organizations is that they're almost always started and run by Commies. If I were Miller I'd wear a badge of honor from that but it's no surprise that a Bernie supporter would jump on this story. The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility After years of smearing good people with false charges of bigotry, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has finally been held to account. A former Islamic radical named Maajid Nawaz sued the center for including him in its bogus “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists,” and this week the SPLC agreed to pay him a $3.375 million settlement and issued a public apology. The SPLC is a once-storied organization that did important work filing civil rights lawsuits against the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. But it has become a caricature of itself, labeling virtually anyone who does not fall in line with its left-wing ideology an “extremist” or “hate group.” Nawaz is a case in point. Since abandoning Islamic radicalism, he has advised three British prime ministers and created the Quilliam Foundation, to fight extremism. He is not anti-Muslim. He is a Muslim and has argued that “Islam is a religion of peace.” So how did he end up in the SPLC’s pseudo-guide to anti-Muslim bigots? His crime, apparently, is that he has become a leading critic of the radical Islamist ideology he once embraced. Thanks to his courage, the SPLC has been forced to pay a multimillion-dollar penalty and acknowledge in a statement that it was “wrong” and that Nawaz has “made valuable and important contributions to public discourse, including by promoting pluralism and condemning both anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamist extremism.”
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    How are any of these players even alive? My God, they should be picking out burial suits and caskets.
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    the first stage is admitting it. and you definitely need to
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    LOL. Take your head out of your ass. The air's fresher.
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    Larry Hogan has never liked Trump, so there's that; however, he has proven himself a capable administrator. One should take his criticism seriously. A few points: 1) The test kits he had ordered were incomplete; they did not have the reactive agent nor enough cotton swabs. This was an understandable mistake by Hogan, but his blaming the federal government is dishonest at best. It's complete foolishness to believe he impounded the test kits so the federal government would not steal them. But he has to rely on crossover support in Maryland. Insulting the Aquarian goes a long way with Totalitarian Socialist Myrmidons 2) Many of the governors wanted a federal response; they didn't want to take the heat for shutting their states down. But an overarching federal response is not appropriate nor would it be tolerated. This would have made no difference. States in the midwest would be quarantined like the states that caught the first wave., reopened and caught it again anyway. 3) The federal government took every measure afforded to them to stop infiltration from outside our borders. I would like to thank Hipkat fcir giving me this platform to correct the record.
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    That's definitely 90s-style comic book art. My favorites to come out of the 90s were Dave Lapham and Ron Garney. All storytelling - little flash. There was an issue of Captain America (Ron Garney) where they didn't print the script for two pages. No one noticed, they thought it was intended that way. I think this is it:
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    RB ratings are there...man, Nick Chubb is good. I had to look up his stats to see why he was rated a 92. Funny that he went in the second round and is rated ahead of the 2nd overall pick Barkley. Silly to take RBs high. Just fucking silly.
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